Some time ago, Baccarat was an exclusive game reserved only for the upper class and royalty. One couldn’t just walk into a casino, sit at a table, and make an insignificant bet. Instead, you had to dress up and invest at least $100 per hand. Picture James Bond and you will understand what we are talking about.

Nevertheless, things have changed, and nowadays, you can enjoy this game with only a fraction of the investment. It is one of the biggest casino games, and here is a list of reasons why you should give it a go.

It is easy to play

One of the first reasons why this game is so popular is the fact that the rules are fairly simple. Yes, you can play it even if you have never walked into a casino before. The main goal is to reach a score of nine. The deal hands you two cards, and then you decide whether you want to get the third one or hold, depending on the sum of the two you have in your hands.

It is one of the rare games that require no strategies, or you can use a simple one. Basically, it is one of the games you can just enjoy without stressing too much about it, which cannot be said for other games with complex rules.

It is affordable

As already mentioned, players were required to bet large sums of money in the past, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can bet anywhere between $5 and $25. This variation is called mini baccarat, and seven players can sit at a single table. It is perfect for you if you are a novice and want to see how everything works. Obviously, on the other hand, there is big baccarat where bets are higher and up to 14 people can sit at a table. This variation can be more intimidating since you are required to invest more money, and you get to play with pros.

High odds of winning

Another reason why you should consider playing baccarat is that your chances of winning are quite high. The house edge is low, which is something that works in your favor. Generally speaking, you should always bet on the banker since the house edge is 1.06%. It would be really difficult to find a game in the entire casino with a lower house edge. When it comes to betting on the player, this number is 1.24%. Even though it is slightly higher than the previously mentioned one, it still provides you with a great chance of winning. If you want to stay on the safe side and not risk your investment, you should steer clear of the tie bet.

Strategy isn’t required

We already mentioned this, but let us elaborate on it. Even though the rules can appear to be a bit complex at first, it won’t take you long to understand what is happening. In a nutshell, it is a luck-based game. Many players want to enjoy the experience a casino can provide, and they don’t really care about the outcome. Obviously, they don’t want to bet a lot of money, which is why mini baccarat is perfect for them.

Sure, some people use certain systems and patterns to predict who will get the next round. For example, you can consider if someone is on the winning or losing strike and make your bet accordingly. However, there is no way of knowing if you have made the right choice until the game concludes. If you are one of those people who need a detailed plan of the game and need to know every step they have to make, you might want to consider playing something else.

Play it online

The biggest advantage of this game is that you can play it in any online casino besides the brick-and-mortar ones. Due to its popularity, it is widely played across numerous platforms, and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. There are additional benefits to this. First of all, the bets can be as low as $1. This is a great thing if you want to enjoy it just for the fun of it. You can even try a few rounds for free to see if it is appealing to you and decide whether it is worth your time and money. It goes without saying that this isn’t something you can do in a traditional establishment, which is why you should visit and take the opportunity to test it. In addition, online casinos offer significant bonuses. Naturally, these depend on the casino you choose and the amount of money you can invest. But hitting the jackpot is always a good thing, don’t you agree?

Enjoy the live baccarat


Do you remember when we said that it is widely accessible? Well, the fact that you can play the live game while not being physically present in a casino takes this statement to a whole new level. Nowadays, numerous online casinos provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the live game and make a bet via your laptop, smartphone, or any other device. You get to observe how the game develops, see the deal, and even communicate with them via a chat box. Playing live baccarat provides you with an entirely new experience, and it has boosted its overall popularity even more, especially since some people cannot visit traditional establishments.

Wrapping up

To sum up, there are some main reasons why baccarat is so popular nowadays. After reading this article and learning about all the benefits, this fact probably doesn’t seem so surprising. It is perfect both for novices and pro players. It can also be enjoyed by people who want to win and those who just want to have fun. Now, all that is left to do is plan your trip to the casino in your area or, on the other hand, find the best online platform that can provide you with a top-notch experience and benefits. It all comes down to your personal preference.