Top 8 Best Laser Level On The Market 2020

Are you finding the best laser level on the market to make your life easier? Are you trying to find laser levels that are highly accurate? Well, here you can find all that you need to about the laser levels!

Laser levels are very useful specially if you wish to make your projects perfect. Line lasers level objects both horizontally and vertically. You can put them on any place and you can see a perfectly straight line which will prove the accuracy of your work.

It will be extremely beneficial for you to find a good laser level. It can be helpful in your projects and in your job as well. A good laser level will give a hundred percent accurate results. Check the other articles if you want about the best plasma cutter, best laser cutter, and best whole house humidifiers.

Read the guide if you want a good laser level, where we have mentioned the topmost devices made out of good quality.

Best Laser Level On The Market Reviews

1. DEWALT DW089LG 360 Laser Line

best laser level on the market

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This DWo89LG 3 X 360Dewalt laser line can be used for many things such as for green cross lines that beam in all directions. This laser has an excellent feature known as the Green beam which shines 4 times brighter than any lasers out there. Green beams are easier to spot as compared to the red. Apart from this, it also comes with features such as water-resistant, along with a magnetic bracket for internal storage.

The Dewalt line laser is portable due to its small size and less weight. It is equipped with a 360 degrees laser so it is easier to complete the square and level jobs. When compared with red lasers, this Dewalt line laser offers dual indoor visibility. Red lasers have an indoor range of fifteen meters while green lasers have a range of 30 meters.

The Dewalt line laser is equipped with spherical coverage which makes it possible to complete the layout of the whole room. The pulse mode feature is full time and enables you to use this laser with a detector. This device is best used by carpenters and electricians. The IP65 rating of this Dewalt line laser makes sure that it has great resistance to water and dust. This Dewalt line laser is durable and efficient for prolonged use. If you wish to pursue the business to a greater level, then this Dewalt line laser will be the perfect choice for you.


  • IP65 certification
  • Green pointers which produce bright lines
  • 3 laser lines aid
  • Magnetic brackets which makes fixing easy
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Spherical coverage completes the layout of the entire room
  • A little expensive

2. Cross Line Laser

Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

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This laser is best suited for electricians and for people who want to get done with their work quickly. This compact line laser is equipped with a feature which enables auto adjustment and self level to four degrees from the main level. If the laser is not placed on the correct level, it indicates through a LED light to signal.

This compact line laser is best for window alignment, alignment of tiles and doors. It can be used in several projects. This compact self- leveling cross line laser was made so that one would not have to waste their precious time on finding the correct plumb line. This is one of the most accurate laser level units out there because of the self-leveling feature and some amazing features.

The use of the internal pendulum ensures that it is projected well and accurate on the plumb line. The pendulum is capable of adjusting the difference when it four degrees above the level. It only takes not even a minute to set the pendulum in the correct position. There is also the lock mode which is manual and which enables it to be fit only in those places where it is required by your job. The mounting clamp is adjustable and can be fixed on all kinds of surfaces thereby making it extremely easy to use.


  • Self- levelling feature
  • Right laser lines
  • Clamp is very easy to adjust
  • Accurate rate ¼ inches at a thirty feet range
  • 3 laser line modes: plumb, level and cross.
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Extremely accurate rate
  • Adjusting the pendulum might be time consuming

3. DEWALT DW089K Laser With 3 Beam Line

DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

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The self-levelling 3 beam line laser is one of the perfect lasers who offer great productivity specially on the areas mostly associated with construction. This a great advantage for advanced workers who wish to not waste their time. This laser can also be used to install doors and windows and some other tasks as well.

This Dewalt line laser is different from others as it offers the plumb line used for the intersection of ground, floors and on the walls. This is an added advantage for contractors in their construction business without the need for other lasers. This Dewalt 3 beam line laser offers great value for money and is also very reliable. It is made well, is sturdy, easy to use, and it might be a bit expensive than others but it is worth using.

It is also equipped with a mental roll cage which prevents it from all kinds of damages that are caused by dust, water, and shocks. The bracket and wall mount makes the installation of the ceiling easier. The accuracy level three millimeters within nine meters. The small knob in it makes it easy to adjust the layout lines. With the help of this, the entire work is completed in a quick span of time. This laser has the ability to make the work of construction to be easy and quick. There is no need for extra tools all thanks to this unit.


  • 3 beams along with 90 degrees layout
  • Great range of invisibility
  • Magnetic base for easy sticking to metal
  • Magnetic pivot makes easy to stick
  • Saves up time
  • Does not have a lock for laser
  • Expensive

4. PLS Laser PLS-60521 Laser Level Tool

PLS Laser PLS-60521 Laser Level Tool

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This is the best laser level tool and portable as well. It saves up a lot of time as compared with other instruments. This is an extremely simple solution and will make your life easy.This PSL is a plumb laser, square and level laser which is made for those who want to get done with their work quickly and accurately. It is known as the cheapest lasers but as the brightest lasers in the market.

This PSL saves up time and is a good value for money. It can work perfectly on even tough job sites. It is extremely reliable because of its durability, ease of use and due to its compact shape. It is also equipped with 2 bright laser lines. This PSL has less weight and so you can take it along with you easily where ever you want to.

You can save it from getting damaged because of the pouch that comes with it. It is also equipped with a laser detector which works great on exterior applications and has a long battery life for up to 30 hours. This PSL is known as the best lasers if you wish to complete your work in less amount of time. They offer excellent performance and you can use the PSL180 no matter you are a plumber or for any job where perhaps layouts are required.


  • Made in America
  • Bright plumb level lines
  • Can work up to 30 hours with AA batteries
  • Perfect for both horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely cheap laser
  • Might be a compromise on the quality

5. DEWALT DW083K 3-Beam Laser PointerDEWALT DW083K 3-Beam Laser Pointer

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The DW083k is a 3 beam laser that produces very bright lines and completes the work with extreme efficiency. The lines are so clear that you can finish your work without any error. This Dewalt DW083K is a high-quality laser that offers good value for money. This laser has a sturdy built and the IP54 certification enables further resistance. The DW083K laser is perfect for those who wish to improve their business levels. It enables one to complete their work without any errors. The IP54 rating protects it from any damage from dust. The magnetic pivot bracket makes it easy to put it on metal surfaces safely.

Normally lasers offer a range of fifty feet indoor visibility but the Dewalt DW083K offers a range of hundred feet. Due to its lightweight, it is extremely easy to carry anywhere you want to. It is a perfect use for carpenters and contractors.

The IP54 keeps the laser safe even if using it in bad weather. The magnetic base helps it to mount it on any metal surfaces. When out of four degrees, it also has the feature of self-adjusting it.


  • Built perfectly, portable
  • Magnetic Bracket Mounts
  • Bright Crossing Lines
  • Durable
  • Good value for money
  • The beam is very big

6. Bosch GLL 3-80 3 Plane Leveling Alignment Laser with Positioning Device

Bosch GLL 3-80 3 Plane Leveling Alignment Laser with Positioning Device

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The Bosch GLL 3-80 is one of the best lasers for level applications alignment and instead of using other tools. This laser helps the carpenters and others to quickly line up the level, square or plumb.The generation of three three hundred and sixty degree lines and cone mirror technology results in brighter laser lines. It has few moving parts and so it is a kind of sturdy option than some other lasers out there.

The Bosch laser covers the whole room because of the 360-degree lines, one horizontal and 2 vertical. The straight lines make across as soon as they intersect in order to secure the layout as quickly as possible. It is a very simple procedure. The transport lock is very secure and ensures that the pendulum is safe if the unit is not operating. This laser has little dimensions and is lightweight so it is easy to take it anywhere you go.

When switched off, it locks itself so all the accuracy is preserved within. When moving from a site to another, the lock fixes the pendulum. The 360 degrees planes can move together or independently. Just by pressing a button, this Bosch GLL 3-80 laser can help you to place cabinets, doors, shelves, and windows.


  • Self level technology
  • Brighter laser lines
  • Equipped with self level technology
  • Saves up time
  • Brightness might be an issue

 7. Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

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The Bosch self levelling cross line laser is the perfect laser for alignment. It is much more better than the other lasers out there in the market. It provides top features and a good quality build which ensures that there are no issues in the department of quality. The pendulum technology levels the unit and you can adjust it well.It is equipped with a mounting feature which is flexible which means that you can position it on your easiest position which suits you. This saves up time and hassle.

This laser can be used at any angle you want to and the lines can be locked due to the manual code. The tasks can be completed without any complication that is just by a single switch of operation. The shape is compact and the soft grip makes it easy to be carried anywhere. The laser lines can be locked accordingly as per the wants of the job. The pendulum is fixed in one place so you can carry it easily.

This laser line is for those people who wish to increase their productivity in order to get as much profit as they can from their business. This laser saves up your time and ensures accuracy and precision. There is no need to give time on leveling the unit because of the self-levelling feature with the pendulum.


  • Pendulum for self levelling
  • Manual modes ensure that you can make lines on any angle you want
  • Extremely easy to use due to less weight
  • Good value for money
  • Time saver
  • Misleading product information

8. STANLEY STHT77341 Cross Line Laser

STANLEY STHT77341 Cross Line Laser

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The Stanley cross line laser is one of the ideal tools to level applications. The self leveling features saves up your time as you don’t have to give time on every installation. The ninety degree line means you can get a line for multiple tasks. It is extremely easy to put it on any surface. It has good accuracy with bright lines within 50 feet.

The STANLEY cross line laser is the perfect one for the alignment and leveling applications. The projection of horizontal and vertical lines on surfaces makes it an ideal choice. The 90-degree line gives an added reference point which makes it easy to finish multiple tasks at the same time. The bracket and mounting feature enable you to mount it on many slots. The pendulum keeps the internal parts safe from damage because of the transportation shocks. The high accuracy makes it a great product. It is highly used by carpenters who want to save up their time.

The grips make it portable and it can also work continuously for 15 hours due to the good battery life. The tripod thread makes it possible to fix it with a great variety of tripods. It is overall very accurate and a choice of many.


  • Quick mounting System
  • Fifty feet range
  • Pendulum ensures the internal items safe
  • Grips to handle comfortably
  • Molded grips for control.
  • Pendulum prevents internal damage.
  • Laser might not work well.