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The best projector for android phones has been in the market for quite a while & they’re an incredible method to transform your smart gadget to a home cinema. These gadgets are outfitted for the clients in a hurry as these are conservative and for the most part, have exceptionally lightweight plans. They are particularly interesting for the individuals who utilize Android gadgets since they carry the framework joined to effortlessly get to your most loved applications. Even though numerous small-sized projectors are made in view of stimulation, they can likewise be profitable devices for showing presentations rapidly and all the more productively. You may likewise impressed by our content about The 6 Best Affordable Home Theater Projector and The 10 Best Portable Projector for Business.

The photo nature of this kind of little projector is not all that much, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a key feature. Maybe the key capacities are more regarding flexibility and transportability. Notwithstanding this declaration, you can regularly be amazed at the strong anticipating nature of a few of these gadgets, a feature that you might not anticipate on a gadget with such a size.

On the off chance that getting a proficient Android projector appears like an extraordinary plan for you then what you need to do is to first comprehend a couple of aspects so you may settle on a more educated choice when it’s an ideal opportunity to buy. You may have to assess the following key angles:

1. Brightness

With regard to the nature of the anticipated picture, brilliance is a fundamental factor to take into account. It makes a difference particularly for those circumstances when you wind up in an unconventional condition, similar to outside for instance. To have the capacity to make a crisp photo, a brilliant projector is an absolute necessity to have. More often than not, something close to at least 250 lumens ought to be a decent beginning because it can make pictures sufficiently brilliant to be seen in many situations. On the off chance that you intend to utilize the projector generally at home & incomplete murkiness, at that point shine isn’t such a basic viewpoint.

2. Resolution of Image

As this specifically influences the photo quality, it is essential to focus on a projector’s work in default determination. It changes from different units and it may be equivalent to the levels utilized for TV screens. Regardless of whether a few projectors have an inferior default determination, they can even now empower the survey of top-notch content like Blue-beam motion pictures. But do remember that this quality would still be lowered as the picture must be scaled back.

3. Distance of Throw

The projectors that have little throw proportions are fit for showing substantial pictures if they are near the surface on which you plan to extend on the image. Further models with bigger proportions for toss remove must be more distanced to give such a big show. Finding the perfect toss proportion can be somewhat troublesome yet the fundamental thought is its reliability upon how you need to utilize the projector & the span of room it is used in. In light of these perspectives, how about we investigate the best Android projectors available today in the market:

Best Projector For Android Phone


best projector for android phone

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Extraordinary compared to other Android projectors available in the market, is in actuality the Wowoto’s T8E on the grounds that it has the best highlights you could imagine with this price tag. It can extend HD motion pictures remotely and to project apps from Android or iOS devices. The convenient outline combined with the great brightness features of this projector makes it the ensured victor among the Android projectors in the market.

The brilliance of 2000 lumens is among the key features of the Wowoto’s projector. Contrasted with different projectors having similar cost, it conveys a sharper image even in conditions that are not extremely dull. With a local determination of 1280×800 pixels & provision for 1080p videos, this unit enables you to cast videos in strong quality and show it with a picture size of greatest 300 inches.

This model gives an extensive screen understanding & is extremely unwinding for the eyes of the user contrasted with a Television. It works with the 4.4 framework of Android which in spite of the fact that it is somewhat outdated, it’s as yet suitable for common applications like Netflix, YouTube, Miracast and numerous others. As far as availability, you have both the options of Wi-Fi receiver & a 4.0 Bluetooth to cast content without utilizing links.

There’s a cornerstone feature to physically change the picture & get a finer quality of the picture. For a touch of additional comfort, Wowoto has included an electric focus remote controller. You can utilize it to alter the spotlight however can also simply turn the projector off or on. If you want, you can easily work the projector utilizing its touch screen on top without relying on its remote controller.

This gadget can be utilized to watch motion pictures, and in general, make an engaging home framework. It is likewise extraordinary for individuals who go outdoors or for people that have to show business introductions keeping in mind its less weight and minimal outline. The cost might be viewed as the main hindrance, yet in the event that you set up every one of its highlights combined and investigate at the other available options, you would find it difficult to discover a better Android projector option.

Key Features:

  • WXGA 1280*800 Resolution
  • 300 inches Maximum Screen Size
  • 2000 lumens
  • Li-ion 7800mAH battery
  • 3D video support
  • Connectivity with IOS & Android
  • Remote Controller
  • Touch Screen
  • Higher Cost

Best Pocket Projector for Android

2. PocketPico’s Mobile Projector

PocketPico Mobile Projector

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On the off chance that finding a projector sufficiently little to fit your grip sounds perfect to you, at that point the PocketPico’s Mobile Projector would be a superb choice. This handheld model uses an independent 4.4 Android framework & it comes stacked with a decent choice of excitement & office applications including Dropbox, Google Drive, Netflix and HBO Now.

Among others, the key highlights of this device is clearly the extraordinarily little size. It’s lightweight to the point that it could fit anyplace, including your pocket. The PocketPico has concentrated on the quality of workmanship for the device and it appears as it is an exceptionally rich gadget.

Try not to be tricked by its little frame however, since this little contraption is additionally very smart. It’s stacked with fascinating capacities including some awesome network choices like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to remotely stream your most loved motion pictures and your vital introductions. It contains an HDMI port that is good with 1080p recordings and can interface gadgets like PCs or gaming consoles.

An aggregate 16 GBs built-in capacity speaks to some fair space to save content and appreciate consistent web browsing. As far as picture quality, you cannot generally expect remarkable outcomes given the projector’s small size. All things considered, it deals with a strong 500 lumens brightness & differentiation proportion of (2000:1), which is suitable for most situations providing they are not too splendid. The pixel ratio of 854×480 local determination isn’t exceptionally noteworthy however incredible at the size and cost. Because of vertical key revision, the PocketPico’s model will change the review point consequently to ensure a symmetrical show.

There’s a load of helpful applications introduced including Miracast and Airplay that are utilized for reflecting screen. PocketPico has included a bunch of embellishments for the model with a collapsing remote mouse, an HDMI link and an expandable tripod pivot. To achieve better transport, there is a delicate convey case provided in the bundle.

Considering everything regarding the PocketPico’s Projector for Mobile, the decision is by all accounts an exceedingly positive one. As far as sound is concerned which isn’t the most grounded purpose of the projector for Android, there’s some opening for betterment, yet all things considered, this is prescribed for the individuals who need to perform significant speculation into a projector that is minimized and adaptable.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Android devices & iPhone and
  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Brightness of 500 lumens
  • Bluetooth: 4.0, Wi-Fi: 2.4/5GHz
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 1080p HDMI Input compatible
  • Connectivity with IOS & Android
  • Tripod stand
  • Low sound quality

Best Mini Android Projector

3. Aodin’s Portable Android Mini Projector

Aodin Android Portable Mini Projector

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Android projector of Aodin’s is pressed with bunches of cool highlights at a sensible cost. It’s composed with a diminished estimated and it’s anything but difficult to convey anyplace since it fits pleasantly into your pocket. Just like different models of this rundown, it carries the Android 4.4.4 framework which is fair for utilizing applications like Netflix, YouTube, and others. How about we perceive how efficient this model is and for what reason did it wind up on this rundown.

The thin shape and the compact size of the Aodin’s projector are extraordinary angles about any projector of Android and it’s pleasant to get these in the version however the execution is the place this gadget truly sparkles. It accompanies a capable battery of lithium polymer that gives around 3 hrs of steady anticipating.

The anticipated picture is shockingly splendid and clear keeping in mind the small size. It might not be so brilliant as compared to the other more costly alternatives out there however it does perform well in dull situations. The colossal thing about this device is the fact that it can support resolutions of 1080p & it enables you to peruse even the littler content and this could be a basic thing for devices with Android platforms that have a ton of options with little content.

There are heaps of inherent applications present in this projector as Aodin provides a wide assortment for your benefit. Video streaming should be possible remotely utilizing Bluetooth abilities & Wi-Fi support. You may watch recordings, reflect your telephone or offer archives and different documents from any perfect gadgets like workstations, gaming consoles & tablets.

To play huge recordings you can utilize slot for microSD & the projector supports variations equaling 32 GB of limits. Aodin’s projector offers a smaller than expected tripod that looks somewhat shabby yet it performs its required activity. An HDMI link is incorporated and in addition an AC connector for driving the projector with any power source of 5V which may be suitable in the event that you end up in a circumstance where the device’s battery goes down.

Thinking about the whole thing regarding this projector for Android, it’s safe to state that this gadget is justified for the price it comes with. You get 02 color variations to look over, pink and black with numerous mind-boggling highlights thus it is exceptionally suggested for any individual who needs a projector that’s pocket-sized & intense.

Key Features:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compact and slim design
  • Image brightness of 300 lumen IOS
  • Eshare, Airplay & Miracast support
  • contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • 1080p HD supported resolution
  • Multi-color variation
  • AC power Source
  • Micro SD support
  • Lower picture quality

Best Mobile Projector For Android

4. WOWOTO’s H8 Projector

WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

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The more affordable sibling of the WOWTO’s T8E, the Wowoto’s H8 is yet another intriguing projector which accompanies an inherent Android framework and remote availability. The cost is comparative as well and this resembles a strong gadget, perfect for business anticipating needs and bidding entertainment. How about we see the capabilities of the classic Wowoto’s model.

It’s outfitted with a propelled 3D chip for the decoder and it underpins 1080p and Blu-ray 3D determination to improve your home auditorium encounter. The HD local determination is satisfactory for survey content along with fair picture quality & the 2000 lumens of brightness is radiant notwithstanding for situations that aren’t impeccably dim.

On the other hand, there’s a great deal to say in regard to this projector regarding connectivity features. The WOWOTO’s H8 bolsters Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to stream motion pictures remotely and it contains two USB ports, RJ45 ports, AV, HDMI, and MicroSD. Cell phone screen reflecting is possible because of the coordinated Miracast and Airplay applications. The Ushare application, that is created by Wowoto functions admirably as well. As should be obvious, there are numerous approaches to attach the projector with your most loved gadgets.

Reliability quality is likewise a key angle that is considered important by the manufacturer as confirm by the enduring life of the lamp. This model ought to persist something close to 7 years with standard use without replacing the lamp or perform any extraordinary upkeep.

The setup of this device is pretty simple as it accompanies the controller with a touch on top of the unit. The instinctive Android framework is anything but difficult to explore through. There’s also the alternative to interface a remote or a wired mouse via USB port or Bluetooth. In the bundle, you can locate some great accomplices to enhance your enjoyment and convenience. Accessories like the HDMI link and the remote can be exceptionally useful.

In case you’re searching for a projector for android that works perfectly just out of the case and conveys a fresh picture quality, at that point, the Wowoto’s H8 is a noteworthy little projector considering the cash you have to pay. It’s stacked with valuable highlights, is extremely compact and it truly conveys a remarkable performance for experiencing home theatre.

Key Features:

  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • 2000 Lumens
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Compact Design
  • Equipped with decoder chip of Mstar 3D
  • 1080p support and Blu-ray 3D
  • Longer lamp Life
  • Easy to set up
  • Issues with phone connectivity

5. iCODIS’s Mini Projector CB-400

iCODIS CB-400 Mini Projector

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With an effective mix for brightness with 3000 lumens and 1080p resolutions support, the CB-400 of iCODIS is a decent option for you to consider for buying Android projector. It’s been intended to ensure the most agreeable experience of viewing your most loved media on screen including videos, naats & qawaalis.

The iCODIS has a decreased size & it does not weigh excessively so it is easier to enjoy in your room or even on the go. The Android’s interface is extraordinary for monitoring the projector since you can get to different applications and stream recordings specifically through it. Use the provided remote controller & simply take a load off while you enjoy your most-loved substance on a huge screen and with the worthy quality.

Taking a gander at the specifications of the device you can unearth some intriguing goodies. The complexity proportion of 10000:1 and the 3000 lumens proposes a strong commitment to displaying showing splendid and clear pictures by the projector. With a native display resolution of 720p, the resolution for input is of 1080p at max. On account of cutting edge equipment, you can likewise appreciate 3D playback & the cornerstone amendment highlight is utilized to enjoy the top picture quality inevitably.

This model of iCODIS’s projector bids contains several ports for connectivity. You can associate your gadgets utilizing HDMI, VGA, Android TV ports and USB ports. There’s additionally the likelihood to associate shrewd gadgets through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A worked in battery with higher limit has been provided in this model that gives a decent playback time of two hours.

With a respectable photo quality & proposing some strong functionality at the cost, the CB-400 of iCODIS is a pretty good option for a home cinema experience of a higher level. The only issue that you may get with the iCODIS model is a little slacking of the menu that too is not frequent. It’s an extraordinary projector considering the cash and subsequently, it’s much prescribed for you.

Key Features:

  • Contrast ratio of 10000:1
  • Brightness of 3,000 Lumens
  • Android TV, HDMI, VGA and dual USB ports
  • Supports maximum streaming facilities
  • Battery of 10000 mAh
  • supports max 1080p res with 720p Native resolution
  • Supports 3D playback
  • Lower Cost
  • Occasional Menu lags

6. CAIWEI’s LED HD 200″ LCD Projector for Android

CAIWEI 200″ LCD LED HD Android Projector

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In the event that you request for an all the more fulfilling experience while viewing your most loved TV programs or motion pictures, the likes of CAIWEI’s projector for Android is an unquestionable requirement to have with you. This projector conveys extraordinary display performance, keener multimedia and has a better compatibility, however this package accompanies an entirely enormous cost. It truly appears as though it has incredible capabilities for an Android projector so we should examine its highlights all the more intently for you and check whether it merits purchasing.

Photo quality is the champion component of the CAIWEI’s projector. On account of a strong HD local determination with help for 1080 pixels, you may enjoy enhanced details with keener clearness. The 4200 lumens it has for brightness are the most elevated form this rundown & it would assist a great deal for brighter situations in spite of the fact that it is still prescribed to just utilize a projector like the one in a darker environment when you need to completely exploit its outcomes.

The CAIWEI’s projector contains a solid 4.4.4 Android framework with no issues of slacks or buffering. Easily playing Android amusements on an extensive screen certainly gives you a unique affair inside and out. You can not only use the device for regular streaming of the video content from various smart gadgets like tablets, laptops and Apple devices but you can also get your most loved applications from the Google Play store to enjoy with this gadget.

The most unique feature that this device offers is the additionally tremendous stereo sound with the 10W speaker that is rare to find on similar projectors. The sound quality is a lot better contrasted with the speakers since other small projectors however it’s as yet not adequate for any extensive audio requirements. You can simply interface an extended headset or speaker utilizing the great 3.5mm sound port of the device that can further fulfill your needs.

Modifying the anticipated picture is sufficiently straightforward with this item because of its 25x zoom level for adjusting the size of your as per your requirements of the anticipated region. You can get a more adaptable projection by the 360 degrees picture flipping highlight and the built-in ±15°keystone revision helps to keep the display in an up straight position.

Because of the simple set-up & an unmistakable quality of image, this CAIWEI’s projector for Android is a suitable option for you even on the off chance that you want to purchase a better gadget. A stunning home projector cinema in all respects, this device is much prescribed for the individuals who like adaptable and advantageous machines that carry out their activity in a befitting manner.

Key Features:

  • Brightness of 4200 Lumens
  • Wireless Android and iOS devices connection
  • projection size of 50” – 200”
  • 5000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • projection distance of 6.56’ – 19.68’
  • Enhanced brightness
  • Stereo Sound
  • Higher Costs

7. ERISAN’s Projector for Android 6.0

ERISAN Android 6.0 Projector

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A solid Android projector does not have to be too costly and ERISAN appears to concur with the idea. This model accompanies an android 6.0 framework which enables you to introduce your most loved applications. There are loads of stuffs to be amped up for in this projector including the numerous info interfaces, the versatility, and the general watching background.

Networking is among the most grounded feature of the ERISAN’s projector. It underpins remote associations with different cell phones (using HDMI Wi-Fi dongle) & tablets however it additionally acknowledges associations through AV-IN, USB, VGA, HDMI, Aux & the implicit SD card opening.

Regarding transportability, this gadget is little in measure and may be taken practically anyplace conveniently. It’s optimal for home excitement yet it can likewise give a great deal of fun when outdoors or for lawn melad evenings. Quality is fair at the cost, superior to you’d anticipate. For a true to life encounter, ERISAN incorporated a brilliant light with 2200 glowing proficiency and a satisfactory 2200:1 differentiation proportion.

The ERISAN has a throw distance of 3.5 to 16 feet that is a fair number and the gadget can make a fairly vast picture, from 34 to 180”. To get the best involvement, it’s prescribed to utilize a 7.8 feet lamp distance with an 80-inch picture. While the projector is sufficient for most dull conditions, it’s not by any means suggested for business introductions when the splendid lights are on.

Amongst the pre-introduced applications, you can find Kodi & YouTube to appreciate some quality motion pictures and recordings in the blink of an eye. Several media formats are supported however MKV format is not supported that might be a problem for a few. You will likely need an application to manage this format.

ERISAN has completed a great job with this projector for Android and considering everything that has been said in regards to it, the last decision is certainly positive. It’s cheap, accompanies decent availability highlights and an instinctive interface of latest Android 6.0 which enables you to transform the projector into a stimulation powerhouse. For such a little value, this does not make an excessive bargain as far as the general quality so it is advised.

Key Features:

  • Portable
  • 0 Android System
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Speaker
  • Ease of use
  • Micro-SD Card Slot ,USB, VGA, HDMI, AV-IN and Aux interfaces
  • Lower Cost
  • Pre-installed apps
  • MKV file format not supported
  • Not recommended for brighter outcast

8. EUG’s Wi-Fi Mini Projector for Android

EUG WiFi Android Mini Projector

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This smaller than expected projector for Android from EUG provides a great quality home theater encounter for those who have a limited budget. It’s ideal for appreciating a wide assortment of media content including sports, naats & Madani Muzakra. It has the Android KitKat framework & a better than average choice of implicit applications including Kodi and YouTube.

The outline of the projector is convenient however not as thin as contrasted with some of the more costly units available in the market. It is sufficiently smaller to spare some room at your house & is extremely easy to carry. It can extend your display with a 120 inches full size and it accompanies bolster for the front, back and roof projection. To give you a crispier picture, you can take a stab at utilizing the manual focal point center & the vertical cornerstone revision.

There’s Wi-Fi availability to remotely stream media from different smart gadgets or PCs. EUG has likewise fitted this package with a decent determination of I/O sources, for example, VGA, HDMI, AV, USB, and sound. The 5W speakers built in the device should deal with some essential needs of sound.

The picture quality is not too bad at the cost. Nothing marvelous, yet the EUG’s projector can manage a high determination of 1080p with no issues. There’s likewise bolster for different video designs such as MKV and MP4. Also, the difference proportion is pleasant & the brightness of 1500 lumens convey a splendid affair for general circumstances.

On account of the latest imaging through the diffuse reflection of the Bridgelux LED source of light consolidated in this projector, there is no strain on your eyes. The LED light has a dependable life and doesn’t expend excessively control (<60W), therefore it is an exceptionally sparing item. As this gadget gets an AVS fire-resistant shell, it’s sheltered to be used in all conditions.

Even with a lower cost, this EUG’s projector for Android is fit for conveying a satisfactory visual execution that may be sufficient for a great many people. It’s designed on account of dependability, for a longer life span and it’s anything but difficult to work. There are some models available that convey a greatly improved picture quality however at double the price of the EUG’s projector. In the event that you cannot afford to expend that much yet at the same time need to acquire an engaging experience of projection, then the EUG is perfect for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Support wired or wireless connection
  • 5W Dual speakers
  • Portable design
  • Android 4.4.4 OS
  • 1080P video Compatible
  • Slightly bigger size
  • Pre-installed apps
  • MKV file format not supported
  • Not recommended for brighter outcast