Top 8 Best Affordable Graphing Calculators 2020

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Are you ready to enjoy the excellent variety of the best affordable graphing calculators? Yes? What are you waiting for! let’s have a look at a few of the best options of 2020.

To get good grades in mathematics graphic calculators are the best tool. This calculator helps a lot not only in math work but also displays graphics for better understanding. It is used in many subjects where calculations are very necessary.

It helps the teachers and students to solve their problems in a complex calculation. You can also look for the amazing spectrum of The 10 Best Whiteboard For Home and The 8 Best Electric Pencil Sharpener For Teachers.

This article will reduce your period of research work as it gives you the best features to provide calculations for money. Although these calculators are not very expensive but also it is very important for you to make the correct decision and buy a device that helps you not only in learning but also to gain knowledge. These calculators have various different features and also their price varies but the best thing common in all these calculators is that all of these are a very good investment. So this is the best choice for you to perform calculations.

Best Affordable Graphing Calculator Reviews

Best Graphing Calculator for College

1. Texas Instruments Graphic Calculator TI-84+ CE

best affordable graphing calculator

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Graphing calculators made by Texas Instruments TI-84 is the new version of TI-83 Plus which was very popular. It consists of different properties like more memory, high performance, a large display with good contrast and many more apps. So it is good in order to solve difficult math and science-related problems. This is such an inexpensive solution for many study-related tasks.

With the use of technology like Math Print in TI-84 that allows students to gain experience in more challenging tasks like complex equations and fractions by using specific notations. Through this, the printed form will be displayed on the screen which will be viewed by the students. This graphing calculator had gone through many tests and is approved by the Standard Testing Organization due to which it can be used in many entry tests schemes.

It is multiple functionality tools as it consists of an LCD display through which different equations and multiple graphs can be plotted. Due to the various apps included in this, we can not only get results of Conic Graphing but also Polynomial Root Equations and Easy Vernier Data. We can’t only view the graphs of equations but also its coordinates. These calculators also contain different functions that are helpful in statistics like data analysis, graphical and regression.

Different customers guide booklets and useful resources are also provided along with the calculator for lay users. So that they can learn the functionality and can use it in a proper way without any difficulty.

TI-84 has a very good potential to deal with the heavy workload without any problem and restriction for good learning and a better understanding of complex mathematical concepts. Those people who are using this application wouldn’t able to pass their exams if they weren’t using this during the exam. With such a low price and so many applications, this is the best choice for the users.


  • Equipped with 24K RAM/480KB ROM memory
  • Pre-loaded 12 apps are available
  • Examining up to approximately 10 functions
  • Technology of Math Print
  • Approved to be Used in entry tests in colleges to perform different calculation
  • Large memoryspace
  • multifunctional
  • Complicated features.

Best Cheap Graphing Calculator

2. Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator

Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator

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Casio fx-9750GII includes many applications in graphing calculators which has increased its value in the market. It can be connected via USB, good memory and remarkable AP features which are very helpful for the students. For money-conscious customers who don’t want to spend their money on a product like this, it is the preferable choice currently available in the market.

Considering some more features of this calculator, its hardware design is user-friendly. Keeping in mind all the requirements of the teachers as well as students in a classroom its hardware and software are made in such a way that they all can easily understand it. For better viewing, it has an LCD display with high-resolution. It helps a lot in plotting different graphs, statistical equations, and formulas that need to be displayed with high resolution.

Even in very complex situations CPU fx-9750GII is able to work. It consists of 62KB RAM which is efficient enough to cater to complex graphs and lengthy equations accurately. It may not offer the results like very expensive models but it is very reliable for general purpose use.

Through the use of USB data transfer on others, calculators are also possible. A software like Program Link allows this calculator to be directly connected to the PC which is purchasable. In entrance exams and tests held by different colleges, this calculator is permitted to be used.

Although this calculator can’t do everything but this graphing calculator is the best choice for solving problems. This calculator is also one of the best solutions in terms of money. Considering the CPU, features of the software, LCD with such a high resolution and above all a user-friendly interface this invention is one of the best inventions of modern technology for all users.


  • LCD display with high-resolution
  • 62KB RAM CPUwith high processing speed
  • Quick Bar Graphs & Pie Charts
  • File transfer through USB port
  • User-friendly software design
  • Statistics Features like AP
  • Feature to solve graph
  • High resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Large in size

Best Scientific Graphing Calculator

3. Prime Calculator v2 HP G8X92AA

HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphing Calculator

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If you wish to use modern technology in graphing calculators this HP Prime version 2 is the best choice available in the market. Due to the outstanding feature in this calculator not only keypad interference and the colored touch screen is enhanced but also the functionality of applications like assessment tools and intuitive math is improved. In order to perform complex work, a long-lasting rechargeable battery is also available in the complete package.

A Vast range of numerous applications is included in the small package introduced by HP. Along with different applications, users can also access Advanced Graphing, Dynamic Geometry, CAS. Dedicated buttons are also available to switch between different views like numerical, symbolic and graphical.

Coming to the design of this calculator it is very smart and due to the brushing of metal, it has a smooth surface. For protection from external influences, a sliding cover is also included by HP in the package. It has gone through many tests and has been approved by College Board to be utilized in various educational programs related to mathematics and also in examination programmer of IB diploma.

The services of HP in LA Prime version2 in terms are hardware is remarkable but the efficiency of the software is also outstanding. It has an integrated tool that is very impressive that includes equation writer and solve HP application. In addition, to solve variables it also stores equations like non-linear /linear equations.

G8X92AA LA Prime version2 by HP has the most technical abilities of graphics that can be easily purchased from the market. Through these calculators, one can easily pass difficult tests with the guarantee. The HP keypad is interfaced with a multi-touch screen (3.5 inches) which creates a good experience of calculations and other technical features through which the understanding of difficult subjects can be simplified to a very large extent.


  • Multi-touch screen of 3.5 inches diagonally
  • 256 MB flash memory, 32 MB Memory
  • HP Solver and Equation Writer
  • Applications like spreadsheet, Dynamic Geometry, Advanced Graphing and CAS
  • Functions that are programmable and RPN containing keystrokes
  • Large memory space
  • multi functional
  • Complicated programming required

Best Graphing Calculator for Calculus

4. TI-Inspire CX calculator Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator

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With many ingenious qualities and different teaching strategies, this calculator is an ideal choice for resolving complex math problems and also scientific subjects. The design of these calculators comes in very thin structure with the rechargeable battery and colored screen. All of these features are available in a very reasonable cost for all customers.

Adequate processes for math as well as for science from school to colleges and then to universities this is the best tool for learning. A very interesting quality in these calculators is made a connection between the real-world by bringing digital images. Users can easily visualize equations and graphs through their own photos for a better understanding that how concepts of science and math are related to the real world.

This calculator has integrated scientific and mathematics templates not only for students but also for teachers to enter equations and expressions to get enough knowledge about formulas and math symbols, just like written on a whiteboard or printed in books. Thanks to this unique invention in the field of chemistry now students can also be able to get familiarized with chemical equations and formulas.

A Navigational approach is a great approach used by these calculators. Easy to understand feature for the users to perform many functions is a drop-down menu. To save time and work with the customers, creating documents and also pages comfortably is the additional feature introduce in these calculators.

The good news for the users is that they can take it with them in the exam hall. High-stakes tests and different state exams accept it so you can it in your exams without any restriction. The rechargeable battery is equipped with these calculators with is a better choice than those alkaline batteries.

Among all the calculators around this is one of the leading calculators. Its performance is so sound and perfect that it performs every task that it should do. The calculated readings are shown on the screen and the arrangements of buttons are in a very good manner that one can easily handle it. If you want to use a reliable calculator, then this calculator is very strongly recommended.


  • Thin Structure
  • Colored Display Screen
  • Rechargeable/regeneratable Battery
  • Student Software TI-Inspire CX
  • Integrated mathematics patterning
  • 100 MB available memory
  • Large memory size
  • Fine structure
  • Battery doesn’t run longer

5. Casio fx-9860GII

Casio fx-9860GII Graphing Calculator

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First of all, all graphing calculators are not overly expensive. This Casio fx-9860GII has various fully loaded features which will not disturb your budget. The unit-to-unit cable and USB cable is there in these calculators for transfer of data. These calculators are also equipped with the clear display screen to display programs in a very simplified manner.

These Casio fx-9860GII calculators have an LCD screen used to display clear high-resolution graphs and formulas. To increase visibility during the study the backlight function is there to help you out. The icon-based drop-down menu system is also available which makes this calculator easy and comfortable to use, so this invention is very intuitive. Other than above mention reliable functionalities there are also other features like Natural Input, Natural Display, Dynamical Graphing, and other many built-in spreadsheet apps.

While considering its processing speed, it is not outstanding in that but it manages to perform fast enough to produce graphics and to execute complex equations quickly. To connect it to the PC, the USB cable is available in the package with a high data transfer rate and Program-Link software tools.

For a better understanding of the students, the software design of these Casio calculators is made user-friendly. This Cisco is the best learning tool because it helps to encourage a better understanding of various mathematical concepts and to check for the correct answer. Among all this is also the reason that is the most helpful tool for learning.

In the Math and Physics departments, this is the best choice for good understanding. This Casio fx-9860GII has plenty of features to help you with your homework. It won’t take much time to learn menu options and obtaining good results related to studies is guaranteed with the help of this tool. This is the best investment while considering all of its features.


  • 1500KB ROM’s Flash Memory
  • Icon-Based Drop Down Menu System
  • Backlight LCD
  • spreadsheet applications and Built-in Activities
  • USB ports
  • Table Display and Dual Graph
  • Large memory size
  • USB data transfer
  • Expensive

6. HP Prime

HP Prime Graphing Calculator

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This HP Prime is an outstanding choice for the users who want to use a graphing calculator with the reasonable budget. It gives very accurate calculations with better performance and its design is coated with elegant metal. To use it in different tests and in exam hall to perform various calculations and to verify answers this calculator is approved by College Board, so you can use it without any difficulty.

It has a pinch-to-zoom feature and color display screen which is controlled by using gestures. There are various features that are outside the framework of this review. It also has many additional applications like Advanced Graphing, Dynamic Geometry, and CAS. Switching between different views like numerical, symbolic and graphical table there are especially dedicated buttons.

While studying difficult subjects like physics or math HP understands the importance of the connection between the real-world. That’s why this calculator has an ability to use a personal image or to use from the included library as a background and perform various methods on it and then transfer to resize.

Connectivity Kit provides wireless connectivity Prime supports which creates the STEM ecosystem. Some Mobile Applications allow blended learning and they have similar features like calculators for switching among them. To increase the production, HP is equipped with a rechargeable battery and when there is a need to charge the calculator the connection between USB and PC should be made with standard AC plug.

As a learning tool for teachers as well as for students this device is extremely valuable because of its fast abilities of graphing, colored touch screen and various built-in applications for Statistics, Spreadsheet, and many others. If your choice is HP Prime, then it is very useful because its storage capacity is very large and has an RPN entry and rechargeable battery. It is one of the highly recommended choices for customers.


  • Slim design
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen
  • Advanced Graphing, Dynamic Geometry, and CAS
  • numerical, Symbolic and graphical table views
  • pinch-to-zoom and Gesture-based interface
  • Rechargeable/regeneratable battery
  • Advanced Graphing features
  • Fine structure
  • Battery doesn’t run longer

7. Colored Calculator FX-CG10 PRIZM by Casio

Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator

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The FX-CG10 is the revolutionary series Casio’s graphing calculators which have many innovative qualities. It is the best choice for those who are wishing to look colors on the screen. Besides this, it is also capable enough to solve complex problems easily. Its package includes a big keypad, different colored graphs, and different other interesting features.

On a very large scale, the Prizm’s keypad is very helpful to keep various inputs of variables and numbers it also works great to avoid errors. To distinguish between the multiple graph equations colored graphs are used for better analyses. A Colored feature is also added to this calculator though does not show perfect result this is a nice and innovative feature overall.

Many applications are added in this calculator but all eActivity is used on large scale. With the help of this application, you can check the results of your given input while using formulas and solving equations. This provides a connection using USB to link the calculator and PC and also to exchange data between them. The power is provided to this calculator is through the removable battery which can keep it in running condition for a long duration.

Using Casio’s intuitive is a pleasant experience for you due to its innovative features. It makes the complexity of problems minimized by giving better results for teachers and students in the classroom. The hardware, as well as software of this calculator, is not only innovative but also user-friendly which is a great step towards learning.

The FX-CG10 of Casio uses the same power as Inspire series from Texas Instruments but without a difficult interface. The price of this device is also balanced by this advanced device. This calculator is of great importance in the market due to innovative pre-loaded applications.


  • 7 inch colored LCD screen
  • Table Display and Dual Graph
  • Pre-Geometry apps
  • conditional formatting and Color-Link
  • “Picture Plot” Technology of Casio
  • Storage capacity of 16MB
  • Connections through USB
  • Large storage size
  • Complicated interface

Best Graphing Calculator for Engineers

8. TI-Inspire Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

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CX CAS TI-Inspire by Texas Instruments is a great investment for solving complex mathematical problems. To expand expressions for variable and to solve symbolic equations this calculator has the capacity to solve these problems very efficiently, from school to colleges and also in universities it is a very important tool for the students as well as teachers.

Like others this is the powerful calculator, you can not only perform various calculations but can also use math notations like formulas, expressions, and equations. For the geometry, users can not only explore figures but also construct certain animations. The plotting of graphs becomes very easy on this calculator. Users can explore many equations, animated points, and functions.

The application like Vernier Data Quest is very useful for creating a graphical hypothesis and to collect the results of experiments. For statistics and data, this calculator has the ability which can analyze and summarize many different types of methods like a bar, pie charts, box plots, and histograms.

Another useful feature of this calculator is that you cannot only enter steps and notes but also instructions on the screen. In this calculator, you can also perform different mathematical operations of your data for better visualization of plots. Different colored graphs are displayed on the screen for identification and for a better understanding of concepts for students.

If you want to use graphing calculators with better results this product from Texas Instruments is the best option for you. Only a few can meet its capacities when it is compared with other graphing calculators. Though the price of this calculator is a bit higher than other graphics calculators but considering its performance and quality this is the best investment.


  • Colored screen display
  • Rechargeable Battery of TI-Inspire
  • Graph and 3D rotation functionality
  • Vernier DataQuest Application
  • Different expressions are presented simultaneously
  • 3D graphics
  • Battery doesn’t run longer