Best Choice
Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro 4.5-AMP Computer Vac/Blower
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Vacuum Handheld Cordless Automotive Lightweight Portable Rechargable Computer Cleaner
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Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro 4.5-AMP Computer Vac/Blower
Vacuum Handheld Cordless Automotive Lightweight Portable Rechargable Computer Cleaner
Honlibey New Cordless Mini Computer Vacuum, Portable Vacuum Cleaner Car Vacuum Dust Kit - Cleaning...
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Best Choice
Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro 4.5-AMP Computer Vac/Blower
Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro 4.5-AMP Computer Vac/Blower
Don't Miss
Vacuum Handheld Cordless Automotive Lightweight Portable Rechargable Computer Cleaner
Vacuum Handheld Cordless Automotive Lightweight Portable Rechargable Computer Cleaner
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Honlibey New Cordless Mini Computer Vacuum, Portable Vacuum Cleaner Car Vacuum Dust Kit - Cleaning...
Honlibey New Cordless Mini Computer Vacuum, Portable Vacuum Cleaner Car Vacuum Dust Kit - Cleaning...
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Do you have the best computer vacuums? Have you ever thought about purchasing a fantastic computer vacuum? Is it challenging to buy the best vacuums for the computer?

You will need a computer vacuum to clean dust from different components of a computer. If you want the best computer vacuum, you can consider the best products reviewed in this article.

Without any doubt, dust is the worst enemy for the peripherals and components of your computer. It is essential to clean dust regularly from the computer. Other than keeping your computer in ideal shape, you have to prevent germs from scattering from a keyboard. You can automate perfect airflow for electronic devices. Laptops and desktop computers need a portable vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning. These models allow you to increase the life of your devices. You may like our other articles about The 6 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner For The Money and The 11 Best Electric Cooler For Car.

Vacuum cleaners can generate a consistent and robust airflow to pick small debris and dust particles. These are safe to clean delicate electronic components and devices. These cleaners are suitable for multi-purpose use.

These devices may handle different equipment, such as vents, smartphones, and cameras. If you want serious cleaning of a computer, you have to choose a reliable vacuum cleaner. It may be challenging to select a vacuum cleaner so you must understand the features of computer vacuums. It will help you to compare the characteristics of devices and get the best unit worth your money.

Power and Type

The market has cordless and corded models that may differ in their ability. The corded models can be stronger, but these will be expensive and may not worth money for occasional users. For occasional use, you must prefer portable devices, such as cordless models can be ideal.


A few vacuum cleaners are available with extra brushes and nozzles. It may be an essential choice to remove dust efficiently from your laptop. Accessories help you to access tiny ports and gaps from electronic equipment. Without any particular nozzle, it can be challenging to ensure the cleaning of the finest particles of dust.


Moving with bulky units sounds uncomfortable so you must choose a handheld model. A portable vacuum cleaner must be simple to maneuver and use. If you are using a laptop, it is easy for you to carry small devices with you even without power outlets.

Cost of Laptop

The final considerable thing is budget. If your laptop or computer accumulates maximum dust from the environment, you must invest money in a good model for frequent cleaning. In numerous cases, a mini, cheap and portable vacuum cleaner will be sufficient.

All these points will help you to choose the best computer vacuums. If you want to save time, feel free to consider our list of best vacuums. We have reviewed a few models that have unusual features. These are reliable and cost-effective. You can choose one model as per your budget.

Best Computer Vacuum Cleaner

1. MDV-1BA Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro Vac/Blower for Computer

Best Computer Vacuum

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DataVac is a leading company to make special products for computer cleaning. The flagship of Metro Vacuum of DataVac Pro is good to remove dust, dirt from electronic, and office equipment. The vacuum is available at an affordable price for cleaning.

Laptops and computers are famous for the accumulation of tiny debris and dust particles. The debris can affect the performance of your device. With a straightforward design and great features, the vacuum cleaner is ideal to protect your electronics from harmful dust and dirt. This vacuum cleaner can efficiently remove debris.

Portability is an important feature of this machine. You can easily maneuver this vacuum to clean comfortably. The vacuum of DataVac Pro has 70 CFM and 12-volt performant motor to increase the convenience of users. It comes with a shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily.

If you want to clean your devices with a powerful machine, you must consider this model. This unit comes with lots of amazing accessories to remove dirt. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 19-inch stretchy hose to reach important components. The device has numerous attachments, such as one airbrush and a crevice tool with soft spikes to access difficult areas. For a professional job, this has a 4-piece integrated cleaning tool kit. When a paper waste sack becomes full, just throw this bag away and the kit contains extra bags to manage your work.

Designed with durable steel, the vacuum functions in a better way, such as one blower. It is constructed in the United States of America. These are ideal substitutes for particular canned air. The vacuum is environment-friendly and allows you to clean your laptop.

With its impressive blowing and vacuum capabilities, this machine features solid metal layout, generous accessories, and compactness. The DataVac Pro vacuum will be an ideal machine that offers a dependable cleaning solution.

Main Features:

  • Flexible 19-inch hose
  • Steel construction
  • Reliable substitute to canned air
  • CFM 70 and 120 volt
  • Convenient design and lightweight
  • Micro-cleaning 4-piece toolkit
  • May have limited accessories

2. ED500P DataVac Metro Vacuum Electric Duster 500-Watt

Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt Electric Duster

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Get ready to try the best vacuum of leading brand “Metro Vacuum” in the industry. These handheld vacuums need your attention because these cost-effective models allow you to get rid of dust particles. These particles can plague the components of computer to ensure smooth function of everything.

Considering the design of this model, the ED500P vacuum is an ideal addition to the DataVac line of Metro Vacuum. These are simple to use and compact in design as compared to different other models. The vacuum features 500-watt strong motor to decrease debris, dust, and dirt from sensitive equipment. With airflow 70 CFM, this model can work to increase the efficiency of your unit.

It is effective and safe than products with canned air. This vacuum is a cost-effective substitute and offered green solutions for cleaning. The package has an air-flare spout, air concentrator spout to get access to difficult areas and do an ideal cleaning job. The vacuum is available with one micro-cleaning toolkit.

The steel construction gives a dense feel and you can easily clean your electronic devices with confidence. The product is durable to last for a longer period. It may be a louder vacuum cleaner than expected, but it is not an issue as per its cleaning capabilities. The vacuum comes with one power cable and it works without batteries.

Considering the cleaning performance, this vacuum cleaner can be a good choice for you. The vacuum of Metro is ED500P may tackle cleaning tasks in a better way than different wireless devices. It is an expensive device with an assortment of spouts. The device is suitable for numerous applications other than cleaning from your computer. In the future, it may prove a valued investment because you may use it for different cleaning jobs. This device is highly recommended for its features and qualities.

Main Features:

  • Effective cleaning device than canned air
  • 500-watt motor
  • Air flow 70 CFM
  • Air pin-pointer, air-flare spout and air concentrator spout
  • Durable steel construction
  • May not clean all electric devices

Best Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

3. Mini USB Meco Vacuum Cleaner

Meco Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

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You can get portable size along with unique cleaning features with this vacuum. The Mini USB Meco vacuum can be a good solution to clean different components and peripherals of computer. It can remove debris and dust in a better way with magnets. This vacuum is available at an affordable price. You will really like the appearance of this vacuum. It can efficiency vacuum your laptop ports and keyboard.

With excellent suction power, you can get good results by cleaning keyboards, printers, phones, and other electronic devices. It comes with two nozzles of vacuum to reach tight spaces. With flat nozzles, the vacuum cleaner can easily deal with little spaces while each brush nozzle can inhale dry dust and ash. The vacuum cleaner comes with one filter system and a dust collector has a net so that you can easily wash this dust collector with water.

The vacuum cleaner is powered by USB so you can charge a USB port without an external source of power. It is considered an advantage, but some people can consider it as a disadvantage. With USB port, you will be free to use the vacuum cleaner. You have to make compromise over suction power that can’t be equal to a machine powered by an outlet. Still, this vacuum is powerful to manage a perfectly clean environment for your laptop and other electronic devices.

The device is portable with lots of features. It is easy to clean your crevices from the car with this vacuum. It is an excellent choice for small electronic items. This handy device makes cleaning easy for you. The noise level of the vacuum is acceptable, but you must expect noise from this type of device.

Overall, the Meco is a portable computer vacuum for multi-functioning. This tool can clean everything, such as mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. Considering its cost and suction power, it is a better choice as compared to comparable items. It will be a good choice to always keep your keyboard and other devices clean.

Main Features:

  • Multifunctional cleaner
  • Transportable handheld size
  • Two vacuum nozzles
  • USB powered
  • Efficient filter system
  • Suction power is not good as compared to wired devices

4. Mini Maid Fuller Handheld Vacuum

Fuller Mini Maid Handheld Vacuum

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You can get amazing vacuum power with this special vacuum cleaner. The Mini Maid Fuller handheld vacuum can be an ideal device to improve your cleaning abilities. You can clean different components and peripherals of computer along with keyboards. This vacuum is equally good to use in office or home.

This small vacuum will not disappoint you because it is available with great features. The model is equipped with a 600-watt strong motor and 15 ft. long cord. You can easily tackle cleaning tasks at a faster rate without any trouble. Compact design allows you to have a strong grip on this handle. The vacuum is lightweight to easily carry anywhere. It will become a faithful companion for you to clean your electronic items.

The mini handheld vacuum cleaner is a handy tool for lots of cleaning tasks. With supple add-on hose and 3 tools, you can complete every cleaning task without any trouble. It has one dust cup to accumulate dirt. This cap is easy to release to remove dirt. With washable filters, you can conveniently reuse the filters of this vacuum.

Handheld Mini Maid is a durable vacuum that lasts for a longer period. You may enjoy easy and reliable cleaning to suit your cleaning needs in each situation.

Ergonomic, performant and convenient Mini Maid is an ideal vacuum to deal with different cleaning tasks. It can be an ideal investment with amazing potential in the future. The vacuum is a handy tool and has lots of accessories for good results. This vacuum cleaner is an economical choice for anyone.

Main Features:

  • Flexible Hose
  • 600 watts motor
  • Three attachment tools
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 15-foot cord
  • Instant release cup to collect dust
  • Not for complicated areas

5. Mini Handheld Handyvac Vacuum

Handyvac Mini Handheld Vacuum


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The Handyvac is a reliable name in the industry for handheld mini vacuums. This battery-powered vacuum has 3 nozzles to cover a variety of special applications. It is manufactured with high-quality materials and can be used with convenience. You can get it at an affordable price and it may be an ideal product because you can balance its features with the cost.

The vacuum cleaner is recommended to clean your keyboard, but it is equally good for numerous other purposes. The vacuum cleaner is convenient to clean the components, peripherals of the computer. It works better than other equipment to remove dust and dirt. You can get convenient three nozzles and two are removable. With a brush nozzle, you can clean the dust from the surface. A flat spout helps you to clean hidden dust and eliminate granular debris with tube nozzle.

The vacuum is made of top-rated material so this device gives a smooth feel and comfort while its operations. This is a practical device to clearly see amazing craftsmanship. The device has dual air outlets and every side of the unit allows you to ensure rapid dispersion of heat.

The battery 2000 mAh may last for a longer period and you can charge it approximately for 4 hours that is a reasonable time. The filters of the mesh should be cleaned at least once in a month because the accumulation of dirt can affect the suction power.

Overall, this can be a great vacuum to do an amazing job without any trouble. You can conveniently remove particles of dirt from computer parts and keyboards. If you don’t want to deal with consistent dust and dirt, it can be a good choice.

Main Features:

  • Three nozzles for different applications
  • Multiple usage
  • Surface material ABS
  • 2000mAH battery
  • Instant charging almost 4 – 5 hours
  • Double air outlets on every side
  • May not work well for demanding cleaning jobs

6. Rechargeable Powered Evertop Handheld Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Evertop Rechargeable Powered Handheld Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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You will like cleaning with computer because this device is designed to clean dust of your computer and desktop. There is no need to worry about a duster or other manual tools. You can use this vacuum cleaner to keep your devices clean. The unit offers a special rechargeable battery to collect dust and ergonomic handle for your convenience.

The vacuum cleaner is good to clean the dust on the sofa, bedroom, electronic equipment, and car interior. This machine is lightweight and convenient to handle. You can carry it with you without any trouble because of its portable design. The model comes with a NiMH battery that you can recharge to power your device for a longer period.

With one crevice accessory, it has the ability to access difficult areas. It is good for the protection of sensitive surfaces. All dust and debris can be collected easily in a dust container that you can dispose of once you are finished with the cleaning. This container is good to manage cleaning in a hygienic manner.

The machine creates low noise so there is no need to worry about noise. The powerful suction is sufficient for cleaning tasks, but it may not work well for intense cleaning tasks. The suction power of this vacuum is less than a corded vacuum. This mini vacuum can increase convenience in your life. It may be an ideal investment, but lacks lots of good accessories. The Evertop doesn’t offer extra attachments, but still, it is a nice choice for multiple purposes.

Without any doubt, Evertop is a good vacuum cleaner that can help you to clean your computer. This device may make some noise, but it can save energy and allow you to clean devices quickly. It comes in two colors, such as blue and red. The device is recommended for keyboard cleaning and some domestic chores.

Main Features:

  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Wireless operation
  • Detachable dust container
  • Crevice nozzle fittings
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Not good demanding tasks

7. Cordless Mini Eleshroom Computer Vacuum

Eleshroom Cordless Mini Computer Vacuum

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If you need a suitable cordless computer vacuum, you can choose the best model of Elesh room. It is a capable device to clean dust particles from household items, computer and laptops. The vacuum operates on battery power and low in weight. With its lower weight, you can conveniently maneuver this vacuum without cables.

The vacuum comes with two nozzles to meet variable purposes, such as better cleaning. You may get a brush and cleaner nozzle. It will not only clean dust from the keyboard, laptop, and desktop but clean pet hair, breadcrumbs, and cigarette ash.

A rechargeable battery is generously sized and it has the capability of almost 2000 mAh. This lithium battery allows you to clean for a longer period without any recharge. The output power is 5W that is better than parallel models of USB vacuum. It can conveniently function for almost 1 hour without powering up.

With amazing suction power and advanced technology, you can expect the amazing performance of this vacuum cleaner. The unit features a brushless flow axial DC copper motor that is good to boast thick wire of copper along with one rotating shaft. It is a sensitive device to ensure maximum suction and great cleaning ability.

A handheld vacuum of Eleshroomis comfortable to use with its thermostability ABD for exterior construction. It feels durable and comes with double air vents on the side that is good to remove extra heat. The vacuum comes with a filter to accumulate dirt within a short period of time. It is essential to remove this filter after cleaning and wash it properly.

The Eleshroom vacuum cleaner is good for huge applications. This handy tool offers portable design and available at an attractive cost. It will be a solid purchase for everyone.

Main Features:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Two different nozzles
  • DC motor with advanced axial flow brushless copper
  • Lithium 2000mAh battery
  • Broad application
  • Convenient to maintain
  • Not for heavy use

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