Top 8 Best Financial Calculators 2020

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Do you need the best financial calculator for CFA? Are you finding some new ways to experience the amazing calculations using the fastest calculators? Here’s how.

Purchasing the financial calculator will be a very good investment for you if you need to calculate some financial functions which can’t be handled by the regular calculator. Various important calculations like cash flow and investment values can be handled by this calculator.

It also performs other calculations including basic tax which are huge time taking calculations. You can also look for The 8 Best Affordable Graphing Calculators and The 8 Best Money Counter Machines.

No matter what is the reason for you to buy this financial calculator, here are some key aspects which you must be to learn to assess the market successfully and to make the best decision. Following are some major considerations:

1. Usage

If you are studying the subject of the introductory financial management in your degree, and if you want to go through the whole course thoroughly then buying the least expensive calculator from the market is a good idea. But if you want to get a more advance model then you are more likely finance professional or an undergraduate finance major. It depends upon the usage of the financial calculator by you in the future. Getting an advanced product is not only a very good choice because it has many advanced features but also it is more reliable and can be used for a long time.

2. Financial Certification Exams

If you are appearing in the financial certification exam like CPA or CFP, then you must know that there are some organizations that don’t allow using the calculator which is capable to store text. The CFA institute’s calculator policy accepts some financial calculators but the CFP Board of Standards only accepts the calculators which don’t have any alphabetic keys and have the IRR function.

3. Scientific/Graphing Features

If you want to purchase scientific or graphing functionality instead of the finance functionality you must look for the calculators which are specially created with those abilities. Sometimes the graphing functionalities of the calculators are not enough to use for the purpose of finance so you must stick only with the finance calculator.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the calculator then purchasing the right calculator is really not a very easy task for you, but the following list will help you out to make the correct decision. It not only reduces the research hours but also provides cost-effective calculators. This not only recommends for some particular user but is covers a wide spectrum of knowledge from beginners to professionals.

Best Financial Calculator For CFA

1. BA II+ Professional Calculator Texas Instruments

Best Financial Calculator for CFA


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An ideal option for statistics, accounting, advanced finance, other financial classes and entry-level subjects this financial calculator by the Texas Instruments is a very good choice overall.  It has many outstanding features and also be carried in the Chartered Financial Analyst exam without any difficulty.

This calculator is an ideal choice for different financial calculations like NFV, IRR, NPV, and MIRR for the cash-flow analysis. It is able to store approximately 32 uneven flows with the frequencies of a maximum of four-digits. The input can be changed to analyze the variations in the output.

There are the things in which this product is good at is amortization computations and time-value-of-money. It can make amortization schedules very easily and can solve large calculations quickly.

To calculate the values, you have to choose from the six methods then the remaining values can figure out.

If anyone wants to use this calculator in the financial exams, it will surely be accepted for GARP and CFA exams. The package from Texas provides a black pouch that helps to protect the calculator from external forces and also with a 2032a lithium battery along with the pouch.

In the end, this product from Texas Instruments which is not difficult to use. If you keep on pressing the button very fast, then the calculator might stop responding so you must have to adjust its speed for good performance. It is very nicely manufactured and has a switchable battery. It also gives financial equations very smoothly so this device is highly recommended for the financially related customers to make their work easy.


  • Approved for Chartered Financial Analyst exam
  • It can handle a modified internal rate and net future value.
  • Constructed of metal
  • Black protective pouch
  • Anti-slippery rubber feet
  • Fine construction
  • Anti-slip surface
  • High cost

Best Buy Financial Calculator

2. HP 10bII + Calculator NW239AA

Best Financial Calculator

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In the market of the financial calculators HP is very trusted brand and the best model of HP is 10bII+ which comes with a very attractive price in the market. With the help of this calculator, various calculations can be done including payments, cash flows and more. This is a very good choice for the finance and business needs

The key feature of this calculator is easy to use. To access statistical and financial features of this calculator it has special keys which make the switching easy. In addition to the previous features, this calculator has 10 extra financial and statistical functions.

To handle more complications related to statistical and business operations HP manufactured this model by considering its performance parameter. The answer has the accuracy of a maximum of 12 digits. This device is efficient enough that it gives a response in a few seconds even while performing difficult tasks. It is capable enough to store up to 22 digits in its memory for after use.

This calculator is not only for exam requirements but also for multiple finance and business courses. This device is very easy to use as it has a user-friendly keyboard layout and has few buttons to switch easily between different functions within it. It is also accepted on PSAT/NMSQT and SAT tests.

In addition to all these features, it has up to 170 functions with math and financial functions. This device by HP is very reliable as it saves time, it has also covered for its protection and pressing from different sources.

This calculator is not only easy to use but it also has a fast machine. This product is highly recommended for all the customers who want to do financial and complex calculations. It has batteries which makes it more reliable.


  • Can be utilized in CFP Exam
  • Calculates difficult queries.
  • Easily-accessible features
  • Calculates IRR, cash flows,TVM, and NPV
  • 2 CR2 batteries are required
  • Easy to use
  • Operated on batteries
  • Short battery life

Best HP Financial Calculator

3. Financial Calculator HP 12CP

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

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This HP 12CP calculator is very powerful for accounting,finance, real estate,business work, and economics. It is provided with Algebraic modes and RPN mode, enough memory which can handle approximately 400 steps and has maximum 130 built-in features. These calculators are specially designed for the financial purpose and high cost will not be considered if more performance is important.

This calculator is loaded with many customizing abilities like business, math and statistic functions. It has keystrokes to switch between different features and has memory to handle a maximum of 399 steps. This product is very user-friendly which can solve many problems at the fingertips.

The LCD screen has a 10-character display which nicely displays the result at every angle. With this product Bond price, cash flow and other stuff can be calculated. This product has IRR memory which accepts a maximum of eighty cash flows which is a very big achievement because 12C can only store only 20.

In addition to all these features, it has an additional feature of advanced editing such as a” Backspace” and” Undo” buttons. The backplate of metal is also there which a very nice addition to the desktop is. It can be used in different exams including CFP and Certification’s exams and also in the GARP FRM exam. An official page of this product is also available for the customers facing any difficulty related to this product.

This is the best tool for the business and finance-related work, this is a well-polished product that gains the attention of the customers who need more in addition to the financial calculators. This product is highly recommended for all the customers who want to do financial and complex calculations.


  • Versatile and Robust
  • Portable Design
  • Over 120 features for, business,finance,statistics and mathematics
  • Advanced editing functionality
  • Data entry through RPN
  • Maximum battery timing
  • Long battery life
  • Portable
  • Robust
  • Short battery life

Best Financial Calculator For Real Estate

4. 3405 Real Estate Industrial Finance Calculator

Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIX Finance Calculator

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This device is highly recommended for you if you want to do real estate financial calculations. This model has abilities which can calculate payment solutions, amortization, ARMs and rent versus purchase comparisons. It can perform almost all calculations that you could easily show to your clients.

Due to this calculator, you can calculate PITI payments, future values, and down payment. Sellers and buyers can get benefit from this product because they can create an outlook of financial calculations. This device performs a lot of calculations related to the purchasing price.

This calculator has many notable features that perform monthly and weekly calculations related to sales. This device can be used to complete taxes and there is also a built-in feature provided for expiration and closing dates. The triple zero buttons are also there to save keystrokes and time.

There is a pre-fitted place on the back of this calculator to store the user’s guide which is not uncomfortable. This calculator has 2 LR44 batteries and the lifetime of these batteries is good enough that it can stand up to approximately 800 hours. It has also automatic shut-off function due to which it can shut off itself after a few minutes of unused.

Considering all the above-mentioned features this calculator is highly recommended. This model is easy to operate and thoroughly enjoyable, it is a high-quality device available on the market. Its cost is also very reasonable.


  • Completes taxes for the PITI payments
  • Designed for professional’s real estate
  • Calculates balloon and amortization payments
  • Automatic down payment and sales price calculations
  • Slide cover for protection
  • LR44 batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Operated on batteries
  • Short battery life

5. 4-Line Display FC-200V  Casio Financial Calculator

Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator with 4-Line Display

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This Casio FC-200V is a remarkable choice for the users who want to purchase the less expensive product. This device is handy for the financial class as it is included with backup batteries and slide-on hardcover.

This calculator has a 4-line display screen and this product enables easy to change, input, correction, and confirmation of each function. In addition to these three digits, the comma-markers display is also available. Different exclusive modes can be accessible to execute the financial calculation.

Depreciation can be calculated by using different methods including sum-of-the-years, straight-line, declining balance and fixed percentage method. This calculator has some shortcut keys which stores values and settings of some parameters which can be applied for some specific computations and for future use. This not only increases efficiency but also makes the work easier due to repeated calculations.

The guide manual is also provided along with the calculator which explains the functions easily and also gives you the right formula to work with, which can be used in exams. This device is powered by solar, have backup batteries and also slide-on hardcover. This product is also less expensive.

Easy to configure and user-friendly than other models that are also expensive. The manual of this calculator is a bit lengthy which shows how simple this calculator really is, but there are also some tricks to understand its features in less time. Considering its price this is really a very reliable product.


  • The 4-line display screen
  • Cost, investment appraisal,margin and sell, and amortization
  • Flexible design
  • back-up batteries with solar power
  • Slide-on hardcover
  • Flexible outlook
  • High price

6. 3430 Qualifier + IIIFX Finance Calculator

Calculated Industries 3430 Qualifier Plus IIIFX Real Estate Finance Calculator

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Some very special financial calculators are specially made for real estate business specialists by some of the calculated industries. 3430 Qualifier Plus IIIFX is the best example which can easily calculate several IRR, cash flows and inter rate of return in addition of very simple calculations which are used in real estate financial problems.

It also helps you to estimate the blend of rates and financial payment problems. It can efficiently solve simple problems, calculating taxes, complex ARMs, balloon payments, and computer amortization. That is why it is highly recommended for beginners who wish to become pre-qualified.

It is specifically made for real estate finance professionals and it will surprise you by its functions at automatic sales prices. It is quite easy to use and figuring down payments. A date-math function is provided in the packaging in which complete details of closing and expiration dates are given. Moreover, it also contains a triple zero key which eases in keystrokes.

If you are a real estate financial manager or investor, then it is the best product which you must have on your table, so go for it without any hesitation.


  • Provided with malleable payment options.
  • Best for Commercial and investor Creditors
  • Projected tax savings.
  • Comprehensive Payment Resolutions, Including PITI
  • By comparison vs. easy rent.
  • High performance
  • High resolution screen
  • High cost

7. 3400 Pocket Master

 Calculated Industries 3400 Pocket Real Estate Master

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It is highly capable of finding solutions of numerous real estate financial problems efficiently and accurately. The best model is of Calculated Industries is 3400 Pocket Real Estate Master. With the passage of time it has become an essential part of toolbox of financial professionals. It has a competitive advantage over other models for being cheap and this is the reason any new agent or real estate finance trainee can easily initiate its business.

It can easily calculate different monthly payments.

The button is labeled in a very easy and understandable form of financial terms which aid in solving problems in limited or no time. It can deal with a different type of methods, amortization principals, leftover balances and total payments either yearly or even quarterly.

These calculated industries have plotted this device in a very compact form and light in weight along with very strong outer body material which ensures its safety. Its durability is defined in terms of suitable 360 degrees’ outer cover. One more exciting feature of this device is, it also works as a standard math calculator and many other prominent abilities that use date math functionality and point’s placement. The battery lifetime is very long and quite imposing for this device.

Due to this exceptional quality and features this device got various competitive advantages. It works fast and in a professional way.  Though it has one disadvantage as well which is, dust can be deposit on its screen but it’s not a big deal if you keep it carefully. In real it contains all those qualities which are shown in its advertisements, Pocket Real Estate Master must among your top choices while purchasing a financial calculator as it is most preferable and convenient in use.


  • Best for the use by sellers, real estate finance professionals and home buyers.
  • Calculates total payments and Instant Principal.
  • Long lifetime battery.
  • Remaining Balances.
  • Date math function
  • Low price
  • Standard maths calculator
  • Good for calculations of real estate transactions
  • Heavy weight
  • Battery not good

8. Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS

Texas Instruments BAIIPLUS

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Recently it is declaring the best type of financial calculator not only for students but also for a finance professional. It can aid you in measuring different investments applications, finances, and accounting methods.

Among his most prominent features is the capability of this model to measure amortization schedules and the time value of money calculations. It helps in making cash flow statements, Internal return rate and Net present value. It has made the possibility of altering inputs to modify variables. Moreover, it can store abrupt cash flows whose outcome is in the form of four digits.

Another most significant feature in this device which is introduced by Texas instruments has enhanced user facility to calculate terms very quickly and in a very useful way. It can also even differentiate percentages, breakeven points, and even profits. Furthermore, it uses actual/actual or 30/360 and two day-count methodology that can help you to measure maturity, bond price or yields accordingly. Just for the sake of the user’s convenience it also contains some other essentials like END and BGN payment methods and ten user memories.

In spite of all these complex calculations, it also supports some math functions which are apparently not much complex like natural logarithms, trigonometric calculations, and power-related problems. It has a protective outer covering that can resist shocks and more importantly it has Automatic Power Down which conserves its energy.

After a detailed analysis of its features and functions of Texas Instruments BAIIPlus. It is finally concluded that it is the best form of the financial calculator with very effective and low cost and price as well.


  • Helps in calculating internal rate of return, cash flow statement and its analysis and net present value.
  • Best for performing calculations related to statistics, finance, investment accounting, and economics.
  • Calculating depreciation methods via 4 different methods.
  • Driven display guides
  • Amortization schedules
  • Auto power down feature
  • Measuring Time Value of Money.
  • High performance
  • High cost

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