Top 15 Best 3D Printer For ABS 2020

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Do you know what are 3D printers and how they have taken a toll over in this rapidly fast-changing world of technology? You will be amazed at how efficient, reliable and accurate they are. The article below will take you to a whole new level of understanding lots about the best 3D printer for ABS.

In present times technology is rapidly changing. The world of IT is continuously developing and one such admirable development is of 3D printers. The main objective of the 3D printer is to administer the computer-controlled processes of forging consecutive sheets of material to produce a 3 dimension result. This is the art of 3D printers. The concept of 3d printing is spreading like fire. The industry is booming and constant improvements have made it be accepted by the public.

Today this concept of 3d printing is becoming a trend as anybody can afford these devices. It can be taken up as a hobby as 3D printing has become reasonably priced. Now it’s just not confined to multinationals or just for production purposes in factories. The reformative task of bringing out this 3d technology to the masses was initiated by RepRap as a community service project. Its objective was that everyone should be able to reap the benefits of this wonderful technology. These printers have become more feasible as they can come within anyone’s means. Thus the use of them has become increasingly popular amongst professionals like technicians, inventors, educationalists as well as technology enthusiasts who have an eye for printing.

If 3D printing is your passion and you would like to have a go at this amazing technology first you have to decide the purpose you want to purchase the printer for. As these printers have specifications and features that fulfill limited needs, you need to identify the printer that will work for you. Secondly from amongst the numerous options you need to select the best deal.  Even though 3D printers might not cost you a lot but to find a printer that is a match for your investment and your pocket will require quite a lot of research. Think and make your decision wisely so that your investment is a fruitful one.

If you want the best value for your investment, this list helps you with your decisions as it includes the best fifteen 3D printers amongst all.  The list of choices presented to you can be long and might confuse you. To make your job easier have a go at these printers who top their best categories so that you strike a perfect balance between your spending and your purchase.

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Best 3D Printer For ABS Reviews

1. 3-D Printer Creator FlashForge

Best 3D Printer for ABS

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FlashForge after its first creation “Creator” came up with this beauty which is inexpensive yet is a 3-D printer with many capabilities. Its amazing features which produce excellent 3-D object make it a must-have in the printer market. It is more advanced and users with intermediate skills prefer this. It has a solid frame made of metal. The enclosed chassis gives it stability and makes it durable. It has a rod and FlashForge learning from its previous mistakes upgraded its chassis to a new metal one. So now it makes less noise and vibration are bare minimum and the heat is trapped in to make the print head’s precision perfect. This improvement adds a nice touch and gives it required stiffness as compared to past wooden chassis which had leaking of noise and heat. It also comes with an improved plate design so that failures are limited higher speed is achieved. The manufacturer has also attached rubber feet which gives it perfection and makes the printer strong so that further changes to of failures are reduced.

It has a professional and clean look due to its entirely black design and a smooth finish. The sleek and clear panel fills the front and the LED light inside which provides a clearer view of the printing during the process. Thus you can observe the work being done as the raw  PLA plastic is converted directly to an object, so the making of the object turns out to be an enlightening and interesting experience. This neat and pretty feature provides you with the real experience of what 3D printing is all about.

This FlashForge printer has a control interface presented on an LCD panel so that the user can observe the current operations’ state. It’s just under the panel combined with numerous buttons so that the user can easily manipulate. Before talking regarding the software of this printer let us have a peek at the manufacturing capabilities of this FlashForge printer. The huge size gives Creator Pro ample space to create many things for example replacement parts and prototypes. Its fabrication delivery system is attuned to the most used thermoplastics of the industry: the Polylactic acid, short-form PLA short form ABS.

The process of layering is accurate and clear-cut and the spools are loaded with materials that are then directed past dual-extruder with a speed of160 mm /second. The high-quality mechanism made of rods and guides and flat metal plate leads to deposits of 100-300 Micron thick. The steel, the plate, and the spool feed result in fast and effective removal of extra heat thus grant the printer the skill to create good objects in a short time.

Coming to the printer’s software which is multipurpose and well-matched with almost all the famous operating systems inclusive of Linux so that no problems arise as the majority of the public is covered. The MakerWare or Replicator G software realizes the operations. You can see the file types that are supported are STL and gcode. The SD card is there for connectivity and a USB cable can be used to do printing as well. Due to its print chamber efficiency and capacity for creativity, this Creator Pro by FlashForge makes its way up the top printers list. Given its affordable fair price and reliable and good quality, it’s an investment you won’t regret. Its user-friendliness makes it the choice for you if you are in search of a 3D printer that is efficient and also gives you value for your money.


  • Acrylic cover
  • The LED light and integrated LCD screen
  • Upgraded leveling system.
  • Versatile software
  • Professional makeover
  • FDM type printer
  • 2 extruder heads
  • heated platform available
  • connected through USB
  • Cost
  • The Metal Chassis is strong
  • After service Support
  • Tether-less Printing
  • Intermittent electrical problems
  • high maintenance
  • Constant Adjusting required
  • Requires Monitoring of Prints

Best 3D Printer for Beginners

2. Lulz Mini Printer

LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

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This 3-D printer is a good start for those who have just landed into the world of 3-D printing. It has the perfect skills to print exactly what you desire. Just install the right software and you are ready to print. No tweaking is required thus it’s not tedious and less time is consumed to give successful quality prints. The cost of this printer is also adequate compared to all the features available. This printer is also considered the most user-friendly 3-D printer that is currently available in the market. Now come have a peek at this mini printer. The Mini printer contains a black metal frame that is open with no need for open topsides or doors.

The sturdy construction and the complete design makes this printer industrial and simple. The extruder and bed assembly both are positioned on the moving beds. This is a design that functions for this type of printer as now tall objects can also be printed and no problems will be encountered. The USB port is along with the power button up are positioned in the front side. It does not provide an SD card space or physical controls so this 3-D printer must be attached to the PC all the time. This is a disadvantage but considering all the other features the deal still remains excellent.

One of the best points about LulzBot Mini is that it provides for a range of material to be used and not just only the common ones like PLS and ABS which are mostly used in printing. There also numerous options for your use like the latest polystyrene (HIPS) filament. Aleph, the manufacturers of Lulzbot recommends it precisely. By using the company’s website download software settings of other exotic filaments that the printer supports. Now to the most significant feature which is obviously the quality of the print and its reliability.

The features of This Mini printer are worth spending for. The correct settings can make a thickness of 0.5 mm. The end objects contain rich detail, smooth edges and a very clean look. Even though the layers can fairly come to notice but that is a normal thing to happen with 3-D printing and these layers are far less obvious than many printers in a similar price range. For an FDM printer, the speed is one of the highest of about 275 mm at a height of 0.18. The Mini is surely made for you if you want quick results and are impatient.

Keeping area in mind, as the name suggests, this machine well focuses more on objects of small size. If this is your preferred size than you are good to go. The small in size output may be a disadvantage for some people but the other features still make this Mini worth the money due to its other benefits like reliability, flawless quality and user-friendliness. The thing about the Mini is that it can work for a long time without any failures occurring and still give you good quality results.

The software is known as Cura, which is used is quite clear and allows a steady and reliable process. Inserting models is also easy in the logical interface. To edit and change details is also fairly easy. Even though this software might not be a 3D program. For using the complete settings you have to arrange the axis by adjusting your printer. The easy to use software has a good advantage for the makes this printer more useful for starters. Lastly, this printer is a nicely manufactured, beginner level printer and can be compared with other 3D printers due to its speed, power and print quality. The easy setup, maintenance, use and flexibility, and the ability to operate with an array and the no-nonsense style of mature printing makes this printer a one you should have. It comes up to your expectations.


  • FDM type printer
  • Can use ABS, Alloy 910, PLA, PVA, HIPS,  Bronze, Wood, Copper, UV luminescent filaments conductive PLA and ABS, Polyester (Tritan), Nylon, PETT, Polycarbonate, PETG
  • 1 extruder head
  • 275mm/sec printing speed
  • Heated platform
  • Good quality
  • Quick
  • Tall objects can be printed
  • Can work for long periods
  • User-friendly
  • Need to be attached to PC
  • Not for large objects

Best Cheap 3D Printer

3. Finder Printer

Flash Forge Finder 3D Printer

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It is considered one of the best printers for beginners. It has good stuff to present the users within a low price this is one of the most affordable 3D printers. The clear cut plug and play style of printing makes it a great pick for hobbyists, amateurs and printing enthusiasts and for those who have a knack for experimenting. The printer’s body is a square bow with smooth end edges. It has a neat and miniature design which is neither too complex nor flashy. Even though the frame has a plastic-like feel, it is quite sturdy to take the toll of all the experiments you undertake. Inserting and removing the bed doesn’t require much effort as it slides in and out like a tray.

An LCD panel is installed by the manufacturers for a spontaneous user interface so that the user can apply several different options for instance automatically leveling the bed, setting and unsetting the filament. This sets the best resolutions and helps in simplifying the attuning procedure and corrects all warping problems and problems which can arise.

Even though the printer doesn’t provide many options for material as it can only work with a single filament which is 2 mm. the good thing about this is that this makes it kid-friendly as it’s non-toxic in its entirety. Thus this also simplifies the procedure as the printer doesn’t need a heated bed to work on toxic material. It has a fairly average printing speed which is in a range of 40/200 mm. The best feature of the finder printer is that the combination of the brass nozzle and the thermal guide tube leads to a more effective and timely extrusion process. The noise levels are detected to be going low 50 dB, having no problematic issues for the user.

One of the fine things about the finder id that it can be connected by Wi-Fi as well as a USB which adds convenience for the users.  Thus you can operate your printer over local networks. Secondly, it has an onboard memory of 4 GB which gives enough space for transferring of file through a USB cable after which you can remove the connection with the PC. On the fact that deserves mentioning is that the Flash Print that comes with the printer is simple to operate as it is designed in such a manner to maximize accessibility.

The quality of printing is reliable and reasonable for the given price and comes within the budget of the user. This is an example of how FlashForge is trying to make 3-D printing simpler and easier so that users are successful in the first attempt. In the end, it could be said that the qualities and capabilities of finder look promising and is recommend for you if you want your investment to be worth it.


  • FDM type printer
  • PLA and ABS material
  • 1 extruder head
  • Slide-in plate
  • color touchscreen with icons
  • Sturdy construction
  • Non-heat able plate
  • Wi-Fi and flash drive connection
  • Stable prints
  • Home-friendly
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Quite and safe
  • poor board adhesion
  • issues with spillover
  • Limited software support.
  • Bed leveling problems

Best Expensive 3D Printer

4. M2 3D Printer

MakerGear M2 Desktop 3D Printer

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This printer is manufactured by an Ohio company known asMakerGear and was first made public in 2012. After that, the makers have made some significant changes and this M2 is the fifth model of its series that was revised. Quality is a thing that leads the printer to the top of the market. But this quality has its own price. The high standard requires a cost. So this printer is slightly expensive for those who are printing casually. But those users who require top-notch quality and want to build professional project; this is the right choice for them as this is the best that the industry currently provides. It is the best deal for them which should not be missed. Whenever you make a hefty investment you ensure that it is reliable and could be used for longer periods, frequently and can also give a standard nice quality that a demanding project requires constantly.

Now let us see whether M2 by MakerGear 3D Desktop Printer has these capabilities. It does have a strong metal frame and machine-made aluminum construction which leads to precise print quality. It could print layers that thinner than paper which itself is amazing quality. It can produce high-quality prints and there is no issue misalignments or the tweaking due to highly tolerant parts and a strong and sturdy frame. It s heated platform gives it the capability to print in both main filaments PLA and ABS. and the material is not just limited to them. Secondly, more variety of thermoplastics from Polycarbonate, Nylons, Flexibles, and others can be implemented in your project. It comprises of 10 x 8 x 8″ build envelope and can make noises sometimes as you may notice due to the open chassis…

Its design is such that it requires minimum maintenance, the printer carriage comprises of circulating bearings which help in creating consistent and precise linear motion. There are strong and accurate, rails and anodized aluminum is used to make axis mounts. It has a sturdy metal plate and stainless steel chutes. It is in itself a beautiful example of contemporary engineering. It doesn’t matter what the task it, this printer will keep creating amazing prints without failing.

It surpasses the speed of another printer with quite an ease due to its impressive sturdiness and stableness of the metal frame. It doesn’t matter how complex or of high quality the project, it always produces good results. Even though high Speed is necessary for a good 3D printer but high precision is also needed so that the digital design has accuracy. That’s why this printer provides the user precision but you are recommended precision of 0.1. the crispy details are achieved through the 0.35 size nozzle.

Now let’s look at the software of this printer so that you can completely rely on it. The MakerGear provides a procedural guide in its video which tutors you. It will help you through your starting projects. The open-source software is used to make it more versatile and flexible versatility but id professional uses feel dissatisfied they can use more advanced software like Simplify3D to make complete use of the printers.

This printer asks for a high price than the rest due to features. The extra cost is justified as this printer has excellent construction, operations that can be relied on and best printing. If these are your requirements then you are in good hands. You won’t regret your investment as your project will definitely make it worth the money you spend. This is an exceptional printer which is superior to all others and is specifically made to appeal to those who prefer the best.


  • FDM type printer
  • Nylon, ABS, PET, PLA, Flexibles and other material can be used
  • 1 extruder head
  • Heated platform
  • Connected through USB, Ethernet
  • 8″ x 10″ x 8″ Build Envelope
  • Machined Precision Hardware
  • Open Source Firmware
  • Well built
  • Fast
  • Larger volume
  • Solid frame
  • Better Resolution
  • Great support
  • 3rd party slicing software
  • Not very reliable for long jobs.
  • Can’t easily change filament
  • No screen
  • Expensive
  • Not intuitive
  • The leveling process is difficult
  • The printer shakes

5. LulzBot 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer

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Aleph, the manufactures of LulzBot aimed for the continuously expanding market by trying to create a machine that can close the gap among printer required by professionals and the more casual oriented printer for hobbyists and amateurs. Their products are developed in order to specifically help small businesses with potential for growth and different professionals and experts as well and have reached 6 generations. This highly productive and versatile TAZ 6 by LulzBot will work and get any project done with constant force and also be in line with industrial demands.

This printer might have made visual sacrifices by not being appealing in its looks but maximizes utility and the visuals contribute by operating efficiently and producing high-quality prints. One of the improvements in TAZ 6, as compared to the past models, is that automated features are added which leads to a more smooth printing process. It now has a bed leveling makes it easier to set up and calibrate the TAZ. The pad which is used to do the cleaning of the extruder to remove extra filament bits potentially that can destroy a model.

The large area of 280mm x 280mm provides space for projects. The space that TAZ gives is the largest one being provided in this price for the consumers that is a bid=g advantage. A wide array of materials is used with this printer like the common PLA and ABS and also filaments such as conductive Nylon, Alloy 910, polycarbonates, ABS and PLA and ABS, Nylon, Alloy 910 and Polycarbonates.

For the delivery of better quality and quick printing, a strong and sturdy frame is necessarily required to which has a strong bearing and axis. This is what exactly the lulz but has in its designs. The manufactures had this in mind when creating it if you try to describe its printer’s construction you could say that it is a constructed tank with a solid rocklike body whose sturdiness can impress any advanced user so it will necessarily mean that it has high-quality printing competence. So looking at the finished output Lulzbot gives very precise printouts even though it’s an FDM which is also very detailed. This object quality will definitely surprise you it has also had quite an admirable speed of about 200mm/second which is good as compared to competitors so it provides both quality and speed so basically one solution for all.

The best thing about TAZ is that it is reliable which is the basic requirement and in the end is the most vital thing and is the problem within most 3-D printers. If you want to evaluate reliability you have to keep two things in mind. First is to give high-quality output consistently and second us failure rate should be made minimum. The manufactures claim that LulzbitTAZ is the reliable 3-D printer for the customers and this was proved by the evidence that they use their own printers at the head office in Colorado every day.

This is indeed correct because in reality this machine can work all the time without any big problem and can give good quality as well. It would be true that it’s presently the best printer you can buy to make the best use of money enough money than this model is something that u shouldn’t miss as it can last long and is a lot better than its previous models as well as competitors in terms of reliability and ease so to the point this is the best in 3-D printers.


  • FDM type printer
  • PLA, ABS, HIPS, BRONZE, PVA, and much more material
  • 1 or 2 extruder heads
  • 200mm/sec printing speed
  • Heated platform
  • Connected through SD card
  • Self-leveling
  • An integrated power supply
  • Maximum temperatures of 300°C (572°F)
  • Modular tool head carriage design
  • Enables large prints, or many small prints at once
  • Tetherless printing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Bed adhesion
  • Auto-level feature takes a long time
  • Expensive

Best 3D Printer for the Money

6. Sindoh 3D Printer

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

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Sindob the Korean company and the manufacturer of this printer is a specialist in 2D printer since 1960. It grabbed attention when it entered the 3-D industry with this full of features and sleek model DP200 3DWOX. It was designed to be accessible and aiming for users who wanted to experience print like a 2-D but with 3-D features and outlook. When you first notice this printer you will find it like a piece of furniture which could be placed in a room due to its cool black display. It’s visually elegant and decent.

The enclosed framework maintains temperature levels and also helps to conduct the safe operation as all the parts that move are kept inside this also reduces noise and makes printing a more pleasing pronating endeavor. Even though it has a small area but all the other features make it a worthy purchase. A significant feature that is welcomed is the autoloading of the filament as changing it manually is quite a hassle and becomes a problem.

This printer makes it easy, you just have to put the cartridge inside and all your work is done by printer instead. It makes use of ABS and PLA filament and the automation of the leveling procedure has reduced any requirement for reading the manual adjustment. The perfect leveling of bed is an issue in many printers but not with the printer because the print bed is automated here. The heating of the platform further helps in printing and makes the work quick and effortless. Each and every setting leads to a smooth and precise print result that covers each and every detail which is very good for the users.

To enhance the features and help users a touch screen panel complements the meticulous features of the printer. This screen is designed so that controlling the printer becomes efficient. A preview of the image of the project is available. This is a feature that keeps you in charge of printing. The manufacturers have also placed an LED light for further monitoring in order for the user to see the process of printing on your phone or tablet. This turns out to be a very convenient feature as some projects can take a long time.  Aside from the pretty simple interface, the connectivity options might surprises you. This printer can work with the USB cable to PC or flash drive and even Ethernet and Wi-Fi can be used for projects to be done on the run.

The cost if the printer is not high as compared to the features it provides the user-friendliness and other abilities outweigh the price. This printer is remarkable and is perfect for enthusiasts whip want something more efficient and that goes with the flow. Sindoh is such a printer that fits for you if you want a device that is well balanced and you prefer efficiency quality and minimalistic design. Buy this and you will surely be impressed


  • PLA and ABS material
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Cable connectivity options
  • Window 7 or above
  • Internal camera for remote viewing
  • 5-Inch LCD screen
  • Standard VGA driver


  • Fully automated loading
  • Assisted bed leveling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optimized direction
  • Easy mode for amateurs
  • Both the model and the printer can be adjusted
  • The filament can get stuck
  • Connectivity issues

Best 3D Printer Kit

7.  RepRap Guru 3D Printer

DIY RepRap Guru Prusa I3 V2 3D Printer Kit

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This printer is a solution for those creative people who are an enthusiast and have printing as a hobby. This Prusa printer has fame spread throughout the world. The reasons for its fame are many. The first reason is that it is open source to the core as it is a RepRapprinter and who has the knowledge and determination can build printer within 600 which is a very reasonable price for a 3-D printer.

To build a printer and that too from the beginning and scratch is a tough job as a lot of parts are needed to be gathered and the cost will pile up. But thanks to Prusa I3 precisely makes building the printer easier and simpler you just have to assemble all the parts which are al provided to you and the guide is also present which is comprehensive. Now it depends on your understanding and you will be able to build the printer within days. This is especially good for newcomers and those who have a limited budget.

Further consideration should be paid to the fact that you gain direct knowledge about the parts function and what the printing mechanism really is. If you are a person who is keen on gaining knowledge and is passionate about learning engineering and the workings about the printer you will be thrilled as bringing a 3-D printer is just what awaits you. It will be the best use of time without costing you much. Those people who want to try 3-D technology without spending much are also welcome. The possibility of upgrading and altering s also available but even without it, you can get good prints. It’s not necessary but the options are present for you.

If you have the capabilities to take on the endeavor of building a printer from your own hands, this is definitely what you need this RepRap is the best DIY kit present in the market. It is especially prepared so that it is flawless and won’t require cutting, drilling, altering, or doing anything.  The best part is that the work has been done by the company. All the required wires and even the Heat Bed Solder which many kits do not provide is present in it. If you are still not sure about tinkering and building and it has gotten you worried don’t hesitate to use the internet it has all the information you need

There is not much to add as this affordable kit has it all. Even though it can be difficult to build for some people but with time its get easier and the user realizes that it’s imperfect. The parts are firm thus they hold together and give an overall learning and enjoyable experience. The failure chances are minimum and results are mostly excellent. It is a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by this kit as it gives you a lot while costing you less. It especially holds great potential for beginners and amateurs


  • FDM printer type
  • ABS and PLA material
  • Heated platform
  • USB connection
  • 1.75mm Direct Extruder
  • Heated Bed with Borosilicate Glass
  • Spool Holder 
  • Very cheap
  • Instructive and helpful guide
  • Print quality is good
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Takes time to set up

Best Budget 3D Printer

8. QIDI 3D Printer

QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer

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This Qidi desktop printer is much similar to the MakerBot replicator but the wide desktop printer is available at a lower price than this. It does not depend upon your usage, or whether you have lots of knowledge about this printer or not, it can easily satisfy your wants. The dual extruder is the best feature of this 3D printer. It is also made of a strong metal frame and is painted with paint technology which makes it strong during painting. When it is working on the printing with the filament, it gives a temperature for good results. The bed of the printer is heated and it has a good built. The plate of this 3D printer is made by using aluminum which prevents it from heating too much.

The printer is fully assembled which can save up a lot of time and for using it, either read the manual guide or check out youtube so you can learn the basics of it. After using it for quite some time, you will really get used to this printer. The printer gets the designs by either a PC or an SD card. The software which is required to be used along with this printer is the MakerBot replicator which you need to download after buying this printer. This software will work well with your system. This software is very easy to use and to comprehend and you will get to know how to use in a quick time. You can check this before you actually receive your shipment to check how your models are made.

If for instance, you feel that there is a problem with the qidi 3d printer, do not wait and contact the customer service immediately and they will reply to you quickly. Surprisingly, they are very helpful and tolerant and will surely help you. The following printer is the ideal one to use when you wish to use it for little business projects and at the same time, you do not want to pay a lot of money for it. The quality of the print is quite decent, the built of the printer itself is firm, solid plus the dual extruder feature adds to the efficiency of this printer. This printer is one of those which offer good value for the money. I think that the designs it produces are more of an industrial kind but I believe that people go for utility more than elegance and class.


  • Can work with the MakerBot software
  • Has a heated bed
  • Filament with a diameter of 1.75 millimeters
  • Can connect with USB cable and with SD card
  • Han resolution of 100 microns
  • Is made of PLA and ABS material
  • Has dual extruders
  • Very easy to use
  • Good customer service
  • Is made of good material
  • The print quality is good but not extremely good

9. Dremel 3D Printer

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

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This Dremel 3D printer is made by the American company Dremel which is quite established in this field. This printer can only print by using PLA but this is not bad what you are thinking, because apart from this, this printer has some amazing features and benefits which make it impossible for anyone or resist themselves not to check and buy this 3D printer. This idea builder printer is a printer that will work best for those who are amateurs and who are new in this field. This printer has the ability to produce good quality most efficient manner as it is possible. The plug experience makes it extremely easy to use. It is very easy to assemble and you can begin using it away as soon as you get it out.

When you start the printer for the very first time, you will be first welcomed by a very nice user along with a very easy and simple navigate touchscreen. That touch screen will help you how to exactly load and unload the filament. The line by line steps of how to start on with your printing is very simple and easy. Firstly, plug in your printer, then after that level up the platform, and then go for the installation of the filament. after that select the model which you want to. It can be any simpler than this. The best thing about this idea 3D printer is that it is already fed with lots on the SD card from pieces to function which can easily be printed before the installation of software.

This printer is extremely easy to use and that is one thing about it but what exactly are the structural designs? The image of the printer clearly tells that it is fully protected by panels on all sides and you can even remove them. It is also equipped with a window on the front of it which always remains closed because of the 2 magnets on it. Due to this, there is hardly any noise when the printer is working. More than this, there is also the top cover which does not let any noise come out. The LED lights of the printer make it extra attractive and appealing. The platform makes it easy for you to remove your design when it did quite easily. This machine is quite simple in the design, it is very easy to maintain and is extremely suitable as a 3D printer for use in the home.

The absence of a heated build platform should be a real cause of concern for you because this printer uses the filament is good for use in printing. The resolution of 100 microns means you do not have to face any issue regarding the quality of the print like some other printers. The printing speed is 150 millimeters per second which are quite fine because even using a printer that is extremely fast can deteriorate the quality of the print. This printer is extremely reliable and has rarely any chance of failures.

This printer is capable of dealing with any kind of problem if they arrive. For instance, if ever you are out of filaments during the printing process, you can just put another one and the machine does not stop but starts the work without going into unnecessary complications. This printer has some great abilities and it works better even more than your expectations and will make your decision of buying it quite easily.

This printer offers the best price for both those who are aware of 3D printing and for even those who are new in this field. You can get all the support that you need from this printer with the user and manual guides that come along with it. This printer has great accessibility and has the perfect budget so it is great for both home or professional use.


  • FDM printer type
  • Has one extruder head
  • Can be connected with SD card and USB
  • Is made of PLA material
  • Has the height of 100 microns
  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Does not involve any complications during use 
  • Quality of the print might deteriorate with time
  • Bad customer service

10. Replicator +

Makerbot Replicator+

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This 3D printer is for professional use and is an improvement of the old one in all noise level, speed and volume. If you wish to know if the MakerBot replicator is worth enough to be bought, then keep on reading the information mentioned below. Recently, MakerBot is hoping to fix some of their issues along with upgrading quite a lot of things in their printing technologies and they have been quite impressive. As compared to the previous one, this printer can print 30 percent faster and has a volume which is 25 percent more than its previous one.

In order to enhance its features more, MakerBot worked a lot on designing the gantry of the machine again and again along with the rails. The improvements are not very visible even after the bigger size of the printer. You can easily view your objects because of the open frame facility and then access the bed. As far as the looks are concerned, it is a huge relief to know that MakerBot has the same very cool and good design that is the grey plastic on top of the metal skeleton. Although the size of this printer is huge, due to its attractive design, it will look good anywhere where you place it.

Some of the good features of this amazing 3D printer are the extruder, which is responsible for delivering extraordinary performance by making the filament push out to make the print. Previously, there were some issues with the reliability of the print such it used to jam and then stop working but the latest one is promising and does not have any errors all thanks to the double testing which is done by the MakerBot and also due to the warranty.

The extruder is equipped with a sensor system that can be used to contact the windows, a smartphone app for Android or iPhone. If ever in case you are out of the filament, you can pause your work and just load a filament and it will start its work from there without having to scratch the print right there from the beginning. When we talk about filaments, this printer is only capable of working with PLA, and also with the strong PLA filament. This is an excellent choice and option for engineers and those who wish for added durability.

How good is the MakerBot replicator+ at handling the user? The LCD placed on the printer can help you to use and the dial button combinations make the controlling of this printer to be very easy and straightforward. The USB port can help you to get connected easily along with the Wifi, Ethernet connections which will help you to join local connections if you wish to get your print from Mac, mobile devices or Pcs. The camera installed in the printer lets you view your work being done while you can enjoy comfortably in your room. This printer makes use of the MakerBot software and then takes STL files and changes the models for the preparation stage of the printer. You can also find out more about this forum on how to change code into STL.

The quality of this printer is quite decent because of layers microns but it also depends upon the resolution which you are using as all the accuracy depends on it. This machine is faster than others means all the competitors out there. The little struggle might be to extract the done work from the bed and you might also have to remove bed along with it as well. The best thing about this printer is the quiet procedure of it making no noise while printing. In all, this MakerBot is a very strong printer in the market and the best in the replicator series. The price might be high but it is actually worth it because this printer is really reliable and convenient to use. The extruder plus the advanced technology makes this replicator + one of the top 3D printers just as the one which should not be missed.


  • FDM printer type
  • Made of PLA material
  • You cannot use a third party material
  • Comes with a heated platform
  • Can connect via USB and internet
  • Has a height of 100
  • No open source
  • Good quality printer
  • Excellent speed
  • Good design
  • Installed camera an added advantage
  • The size of it might be an issue
  • A bit expensive

11. Zortrax 3D Printer

Zortrax M200 Pro 3D Printer

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The market of 3D printer struggles to find such a printer that can be ideal for 3D printing, and can balance the design, ability to print, and if it is reliable. This printer was able to establish its name due to its superior quality printing along with bearing a flagship machine which is known as M200. This M200 gained popularity with the help of the Kickstarter campaign which ordered 5000 units to be made from it. Zootaxa is a promising 3D printer due to its great plugging properties and playing capabilities and the outstanding printing quality along with the great reliability of using this 3D printer. This printer has a similar design to the Ultimaker. The design of this printer is based upon the  X, Y direct head along with the build platform which is made vertically. The aluminum frame from which it is made is the feature which makes this 3D printer to be very different from others. The parts of the printer are made out of high quality so there is rarely any chance for failures. These are the reasons that this 3D printer is an extremely reliable printer.

The most amazing benefit of this 3D printer is it is easy to use if you are a newcomer in the field of printing it is not a problem because to operate this printer does not require any skills to run this printer. The settings related to the temperature and material do not involve any complications so you can start printing quality printing immediately. The assembly time is also relatively short and you can start using this printer within half an hour after unpacking it. The auto-leveling feature of the bed along with the M200 is featured by a system that is automatic to load and unload the filament. This printer works with the Z suite software and it is extremely easy to use for printing purposes.

I would now like to mention over here that Zortrax is much more compatible to work with their own filaments which means they have a controlled ecosystem and no other alternatives. This might be a huge drawback and a failure as well who want and like to experience new things this is not a very big issue because the company does keep on presenting new kinds of filaments from time to time. The industrial machines make the print quality to be very good and easy as well. This printer hardly ever fails to produce good quality prints due to the resolution of 25 microns and a high speed of 100 mm per second. This might not be too high but in the end with the final result of good quality print, and the excellent quality of the M200 for these problems.

Whenever you are looking around 3D which produces high-quality prints, is available at an affordable price and has all the good features, then Zortrax M200 is the one for you. There are not many printers like this in the market which are reliable, easy to use and produce high-quality prints. This printer is a good choice for experts.


  • FDM printers type
  • One extruder head
  • Connected with SD card and USB
  • Has a filament diameter of 1.75
  • Can be controlled by on printers
  • The printing speed of 100 mm per second
  • Has a minimum height of 90 microns
  • Has the maximum height of 400 microns
  • Has the build volume of 18.5 x 20 x 20 centimeters
  • Is made up of different materials such as HIPS, ULTRA and ABS
  • Has a heated platform
  • Has an open-source
  • Excellent quality prints
  • Good value for money
  • Perfect for both beginners and experts
  • The speed of the printer might be an issue

12. Flashforge 3d Printer

Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer

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This is the perfect printer for enthusiasts made by the Korean company flash forge who have been proven to be the best leaders in the printing market. Their latest innovation in the universe of printing is the introduction of the Dreamer and the dual extruder along with a good design, good price and a good build of the machine. The aluminum outline of this machine is made up of alloy and plastic and it has an enclosed design which gives it a look similar to that of a microwave. The construction of this printer is very firm and rigid and overall it seems to be a very good printing machine. It is made up of materials of PLA and ABS due to its ventilated panels and the lid on top can be removed so you can view your project. There are 12 LEDs in this printer from which you can view the different varieties of printing colors.

The plastic might deceive you but don’t be deceived as It is a very quality product. You might have preferred an exterior made of steel but given the price of this printer and the amazing interior of it, this was kind of justified. To set up a printer is extremely easy and involves just very simple steps. Immediately after you set this printer, you can begin using it. You will immediately find that this printer produces amazing prints due to the dreamer as compared to expensive 3d printers. The dual extruder feature makes the printer to do additional and extra material as a huge support. The dual extruder also allows you to print more than one object of different colors so that is a plus point for you if you wish to make your projects look better. The dreamer in this printer is a big feature and if you ever use a printer without the extruder you won’t even like it.

The use of different software in a printer can be quite a problem as you might face some problems with different software. The dreamer and flash print both the software are very easy and simple. To print, you just need to follow a few simple steps and you will be able to do the printing. For simple projects and for home-based projects you can also use the default setting which will enough. You can connect this printer from wifi, USB or with an SD card. The LCD touchscreen is also a good feature in this printer which can help you to select your options.


  • Printer type is FDM
  • Maximum height is of 500 microns
  • The filament has a diameter of 1.75
  • Can be connected with wifi, USB or SD card
  • Does not have an open-source
  • Can print up to 30 to 200 mm per second
  • Has a volume of 14 x 15 x 23 centimeters
  • Has a heated platform
  • Has dual extruders
  • Great quality print
  • Equipped with dual extruder feature
  • Has a lot of connectivity options
  • The plastic design might not attract every one

Best Small 3D Printer

13.  MakerBot 3D Printer

MakerBot Replicator Mini+ 3D Printer

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This is an improved and better version as compared to the previous version mini that was made to be managed for the size as compared to big replicator +. This printer is much faster, can handle bigger prints and is quieter and does not make any noise at all as compared to its previous ones. Due to its amazing features and reliability, the 3D printer deserves to be the good 3d printer out there. As compared to the previous printer, this one builds bigger in volume and can print bigger stuff for example 28 percent larger than the previous ones. The size is the same as the previous one so it is still portable and easy enough to carry it along wherever you go. The design of the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer is very sleek so it will look good in your office and at home as well. The filament in this printer has been improved, along with the gantry and the Z stage as well which makes the precision to be positive and increases the reliability of this 3D printer.

The plate build comes leveled up already and it simplifies the process and the grip prints do not allow curling and warping of the printer. When we speak of simplification regarding this printer, we will now see how well this printer handles the printing overall and how compatible it really is for the users. Makerbot 3D printer is easy to use, and when you take it out, it is already assembled. You just need to attach the extruder and fix the plate but that can be done with the help of the magnets that help it to stick it with the parts. You can also use the mobile app from which you can view how to do this setting. This app takes you in steps and teaches you how to do the printing without even connecting to the computer. There is one more amazing feature of this printer which is the remote ability which makes it easy for you to monitor your work from the camera even when you are away out for some work.

The feature makes it possible for you to handle the printer through the cloud in the mobile app. The filament makes the prints to be in perfect quality possible. The PLA can safely be used the same as material if you are not an experimenter who wishes to try out new stuff every time. The resolution makes the quality to be very good and the very flexible plate makes the model to be removed very easily. The extruder feature in this printer makes it very easy for you to do the printing. As compared to its predecessor, the noise level is 58 percent lower in this MakerBot replicator mini 3D printer but even then it is not suggested to keep it very near in your workplace. The printer and the testing system make it possible for the intense usage of this printer for long hours in the best way possible. The price of this price along with its reliability, it’s designing and functionality I would suggest this printer be used in little businesses and schools as well. This printer would be an ideal choice for those who wish to have a portable printer that has some good quality print and can use it easily.


  • Has a filament diameter of 1.75 millimeters
  • Can be connected with wi-fi and USB
  • Has the precision of 11 microns
  • Is made of PLA material
  • Equipped with grip surface
  • Has an extruder head
  • Has a height of 100 microns
  • Good quality prints
  • Very easy to use
  • Perfect for small businesses
  • The noise might still be of an issue
  • Not suited for big and complicated businesses

 14. Formlabs +1

Formlabs Form 1+

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The different thing about this printer is the difference in technology which is used for printing. This printer prints using the lasers and resin and it is made used by the SLA material which means no plastic is used in the layers when the model is made. Most of the printers are made by the printer type FDA but not this one. Although this sounds cooler and way efficient, what exactly it means when we talk of reliability, durability, and quality for one who is too enthusiastic for 3D printers. The best advantage of this form 1+ printer is the high precision quality and much better accuracy of the technology of SLA when you compare it with the other plastic machines of the printing industry. It is made by putting one later after another of resin and then added ultraviolet light, which will ultimately produce the best printing results and they will be smoother as compared to the other method. Even though FDM printers are quite affordable and have gained popularity as well, they still cannot beat the quality of the SLA machine for instance of the Form 1+ printer. This is enough of discussion to tell anyone to change themselves to this printer but before that, you must know the complete information related to this.

The first issue might be the area that is quite small that is 6.5 x 5 x 5 inches so you will not be able to print big models but it is the perfect one to print small models. Apart from the printing quality, there is nothing too exciting about the features of this printer. Before moving on to discussing something else, let’s talk about how is this printer at printing. This printer can reach out to thickness as small as 25 which is very small. The speed of this printer might be slower than the printers but that is quite okay because the extra stuff needs time to go further. The model after it is printed, the finished procedure might take a lot of time as compared to the other FDM printers. Although this may seem to be a big issue, it is not. All thanks to the  Formlabs, this will give with all the required stuff which also includes a very special kit which you can use for the finishing of your objects.

All tribute to the silent laser, this form 1+ does not make any noise as the mechanical moving front and back print head and printing platform which is known for making a lot of noise. The looks and design of the machine are quite normal but it looks attractive and it is portable as it just weighs about 28 lbs. the optics, electronic items, and the mechanics can be put in a grey colored container and just above it is the orange hood which is used to protect the printing platform. It is very simple and easy to set the printer. It also uses software known as Preform which is quite straightforward and easy which makes you print quickly along with offering an excellent experience. The form 1+ 3d printer is an excellent printer when we talk about printing quality but it is a little bit expensive and the operating costs of it are very high also. You should keep in mind that the resin tanks are quite expensive. Due to the excellent quality of this printer, you must keep in mind that it does involve a price. Although this printer does have its flaws if you keep in mind the excellent quality that it offers, nothing else will matter to you.


  • SLA and DLP printer types
  • Made of resin material
  • Has a height of 100 microns
  • Does not have an open source
  • Can be connected by USB
  • You cannot use 3rd party material
  • Has on printer controls
  • Amazing print quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable
  • Very expensive

15. Ultimaker 3D Printer

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

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Ultimakcdher is known as the best brand in the 3d printing business. This brand has shown significant improvements in its engineering efforts in order to meet the demands of the market. This Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer went a slow and steady process in order to meet its quality requirements. It has a sleek and attractive design and is ready to deliver industrial printing designs. This printer has the ability to deliver high quality finished models and can meet the expectations of the market. Although this printer is not cheap it has many features that let it classify to be a bit expensive. This machine is known for its stylish design and the white frame is very much similar to that as its previous model. The interior of this printer is surrounded by lights and the front is open while the sides are transparent. The print area is neither too big nor too small. The build platform is made of a sheet of glass, which is heated and which prevents its corners from warping or burning.

The shipment of the Ultimaker 3d printer comes fully packaged along with every tool that you require in its assembling. Its assembling is easy for both beginners as well as experts. The manual which comes along with it, mentions clear instructions that make a user very comfortable with this printer. There is a dial-in this printer which is crucial for handling some things like for instance leveling of the build plate or correcting the place of the extruder. The display which is on the front can also help in controlling. Cura software can be used in this printer and it is free as well. You can take care of all the important information and control all the details with this software. This printer gives you a lot of flexibility for the type of printing and the speed at which you want it to be. The connectivity might be an issue because this printer can only be connected by the SD card but this might not be a problem once you become used to it and a 4 GB card is also included.

The geared feeder makes this printer to be extra reliable and the switching of filaments can also be done with great ease. The open filament system makes it possible for you to use any material which you want to apart from the ABS or PLA. The quality and speed of printing are extremely amazing. It prints high-quality designs with a very smooth finishing. If you increase the speed, it will affect the quality of the print but that is upon you if you wish for the detailed nice result or you wish to wait a few more hours. The noise level is controlled but you need to be careful that kids do not touch the overheated extruder as it is an open-framed design. Due to the latest improvements, this Ultimaker printer has much more capability than its predecessors. This printer is the perfect choice for everyone. If it falls in your budget, then this sleeky design printer is the one you should take.


  • FDM printer type
  • Can connect with SD card
  • Has a heated platform
  • Has on printer controls
  • Has an extruder head
  • Made of ABS and PLA material
  • Has a height of 20 microns
  • Excellent quality print
  • Sleek design
  • Can only be connected to SD card
  • Expensive

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