Are you troubled with noise around you? Do you find it hard to manage your work because of the noise? Do you have any solution? Have you ever tried noise and light reducing curtains? then we have a list of best curtains for noise reduction.

We have a solution to your noise problem in the form of special curtains. See the list of noise and light reducing curtains to select the right curtains for you.

Noise is a distraction for numerous people. It may distract your sleep and increase annoyance. It may disturb you while meditation or ruin your lovely moments. In some cases, the noise can disturb the state of your mind. In this situation, you will need the best curtains to decrease noise and restrict light. Soundproofing can be a good option. If you are serious about this option, read this article to understand the science behind soundproofing your home.

Curtains to decrease noise may be a good option to block UV rays and light. These will help you to create a night effect. Many curtains come with an active layer of insulation to protect cold and heat flowing from outdoor. It allows you to save energy and enjoy a sound sleep.

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Check out some best curtains to reduce noise and choose one to compliment your style and needs.

Best Curtains For Noise Reduction Reviews

1. Room Darkening Deconovo Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtain Panel 42×63 Inch, Light Beige

best curtains for noise reduction

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The thermal insulated Deconovo room darkening curtains can guarantee a sound sleep at night. Nothing will disturb you, even light or noise and you will be able to get energy for your next day. These curtains can restrict noise and light coming into your living room or bedroom. You can get the ideal environment of your room for a sound sleep in a few seconds.

If you want to have a nap during strange hours, you can use these curtains. For instance, late sleepers or shift workers have to work in night hours. In the daytime, they may find it difficult to sleep because of the sunlight. These curtains can restrict light and sound to imitate the night environment. With these curtains, you can turn a day easily into the night. Students and parents can use these curtains to rest their bodies thoroughly. After working on the computer, you can give a suitable rest to the eyes by creating a blackout with these curtains.

You can buy these curtains in different colors to compliment your interior. You may shop for chocolate, brown, blue, beige, black, pink, etc.

The product offers a panel in each package, and you have to purchase extra packages to get extra panels. Every panel measures almost 42×84-inches.

With 100% high-quality polyester, the curtains guarantee easy to wash and long life. These can’t attract dust or moths that make these curtains safe for children. If you see the dust on curtains, put these curtains in the washing machine for cleaning.

Specification List:

  • Block light and create blackout in room
  • Block noise for a peaceful sleep
  • Available in different shades to match interior style
  • Convenient to install
  • Don’t grab bugs or dust
  • 100% polyester design
  • Convenient to wash in washing machine
  • One panel only in one package

2. Thermal Insulated YOJA Noise Reducing Drapes for Heat Blocking (1 Panel) 52-inch W x 84-inch L

Best Noise Reducing Curtains to Buy

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For a peaceful sleep, you can choose Yoja noise reducing and thermal insulated curtains. These may help you to block sunlight to imitate night and cancel noise to offer an environment free from noise. You can sleep comfortably to get sufficient energy for your next day. A sound sleep allows you to improve your physical and mental health.

Thermally insulated heat and light-blocking drapes can make your room dark like night. You can choose dark colors for 100% blackout. With bright colors, the blackout effects will be 85%. If you want complete peace in the bedroom, you should choose a dark color.

The curtains will block the way of noise and sunlight. The curtains can insulate windows and become a barrier to the indoor and outdoor temperature. It will keep the temperature of your room constant because the heat may not flow into the room.

Unlike cheap curtains, the curtains are designed with 100% polyester. Yoga curtains will not only add comfort to your life but increase the elegance of living rooms or bedrooms. It may work efficiently to decrease noise and light. The top-rated material can make this curtain a wonderful choice to reduce noise. These become a good heat insulator. You can easily wash and clean these curtains.

Compliment the decorations of your house with curtains of different colors. Every package comes with a panel and measures 52×84-inches. A standard window of the bedroom will need 2 or even more curtain panels for maximum coverage. These are convenient to install and you can get 8 grommets for each panel. These are necessary to hang curtains easily.

You will get comfort and security. They provide privacy while blocking the incoming noise and light. With these curtains, no one can disturb your privacy by peeping through windows or can’t listen to your talks in your bedroom.

Specification List:

  • Silky and soft
  • 100% polyester curtains
  • Wash and clean easily
  • Similar material is used on all sides
  • Noise cancellation
  • Blackout effects
  • Heat insulation
  • You have to buy extra panels

3. Blackout Curtains Dreamcity for Living room –Thermal Insulated, Solid Care and Darkening Curtains

 Best Dreamcity Blackout Curtains

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Dreamcity window can be the best curtains for your bedroom to create complete blackout with solid grommet linen. Thermal insulated curtains can restrict light and noise. These are good to block heat, light, and noise coming from your windows. Simply put thermal insulated curtains on windows and get ultimate privacy.

With a 100% insulation feature, you can turn your rooms into a private place. These curtains can help you to enjoy sound sleep by blocking noise and sunlight. The temperature of the room is easy to control with the help of these curtains. These curtains act as insulators. You can sleep comfortably in the room even in the daytime and have a feel like midnight. Learn the way to choose the right curtains by reading this article.

Unlike other curtains to reduce noise, these curtains come in one pair. If you get a package, you may get two panels of curtains in the package. Every panel measures almost 52×84-inches that is a typical size for the panel. For a standard window, you can buy one package only for your house. The product is available in purple color, but other colors are also available.

Dreamcity uses faux linen to design these fabrics and offer amazing texture and finish. The curtain is made with three woven layers for perfect insulation against light, noise, and heat. The skillful weaving successfully conceals all wrinkles. These are available with silver perforations to hang these curtains on windows easily. The curtains weigh only 4.5 pounds.

There is no need to iron these curtains. These are friendly for users so hang them on a curtain rod with grommets. You can’t hang Dreamcity curtains with one fitted track. Wash these curtains at home.

Specification List:

  • Sunlight, heat and noise cancellation
  • Improved quality
  • Hand weaved
  • Silver grommets for installation
  • Wrinkle free
  • One package has two panels
  • Can’t use a fitter rack

4. Bedroom Blackout Nicetown Curtains Panels –Thermal Insulated Window Treatment Solid Grommet Living Room

 Nicetown Bedroom Blackout Curtains

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Window treatment of Nicetown offers thermal insulation and solid curtains. You can create an ideal environment in your bedroom for a sound sleep at night. These curtains can decrease noise and sunlight to offer a climate without disturbance.

You can save energy after installing these curtains in the office or home. These can insulate your windows, block cold, and heat from outside and inside of your room. It allows you to manage the consistent temperature of your room and save money on energy. With these curtains, you can save almost 25% energy.

Curtains of Nicetown can change the environment of your room. A package comes with two curtains that are ready for installation. Every curtain measures almost 52×63-inches. They are suitable for standard windows, offer light, and noise cancellation between 85% and 99%. The curtains feature a triple-weave particular technology.

Install these curtains in your room and sleep peacefully. Your body will really enjoy sound sleep like REM sleep. In this phase, your body gets a chance to repair itself. A sound sleep allows you to get more energy in the morning and you are ready for a busy day. It is good for the improvement of your physical and mental health.

In an insulated room, you can improve the time of your sleep and relaxation. These special drapes are good to improve privacy and increase your leisure. They can create blackouts and block outside noise. You will feel relaxed after a sound sleep.

You can easily maintain and install these curtains. Wash them in your washing machine. These are available with durable silver grommets to install drapes in a few minutes. These are made of imported and 100% pure polyester.

Specification List:

  • Designed with top-rated polyester
  • Ensure optimum efficiency
  • Tripartite weave technology
  • Easy to install
  • Every package has 2 blackout panels
  • Panels measure 52×63-inches
  • Smart technology makes it easy to save almost 25% energy
  • You may need extra panels for larger windows

5. Thermal Insulated Best Blackout Home Fashion Curtains –Rod Pocket/Back Tab 52-inch W and 63-inch L

Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

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Home Fashion curtains are thermally insulated to create a blackout in your room. The panels are available in different sizes. You can get different dimensions, such as 52×96-inches, 52×84-inches, 52×72-inches, 52×54-inches, 52×63-inches. These sizes will ensure the perfect fitting of curtains on your windows. You can get great protection from light and noise.

Blackout curtains of home fashion come in one set of two panels. Cover two windows with insulated curtains to create a light-free and noise-free atmosphere. These curtains can block sound and night to make a perfect environment for a sound sleep. These insulated curtains can discourage the conductivity of heat. The heat may not flow from inside and outside so that you can save energy in winter and summer. They may allow you to save almost 25% energy.

With a top-rated polyester and 3-layer weaving technology, the curtains offer perfect insulation. The curtains block ultraviolet rays of the sun while insulation your bedroom for cold and heat.

While sleeping in the room with insulated Home Fashion blackout drapes, you can wake up happier and healthier. Your body gets a good time to repair itself while sleeping and the brain releases special happy hormones. All this is possible with a distraction-free sound sleep.

You can easily install these curtains because these are available with a rod pocket and back tab styles. The tiebacks may not come in the package. They are available in different sizes to easily find the best panel for your windows.

Specification List:

  • Exceptional insulation
  • Tested in laboratory
  • Block sound and light efficiently
  • Available in different measurements
  • Available with rod pocket and back tab for styling
  • Enjoy a sound sleep and improve your health
  • Can be expensive

6. Window Curtain Bedroom Blackout Panels –Grommets Aquazolax Drapes 42×84


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Blackout curtains of Aquazolaxare designed with 100% polyester. These curtains offer great insulation against cold and heat. The curtains can block sound and light perfectly to give you a peaceful room. They are available in different sizes to compliment the size of different windows.

These easy to use and install curtains come in a package of two panels. Unpack the packet and simply use grommets to hang curtains. You will get six grommets made of metal for every panel to ensure a wrinkle-free and perfect fit. These may look sophisticated and offer you the perfect private atmosphere of a bedroom.

With triple-layer interlace technology, these curtains are unique and have three different layers of weaving. The initial layer offers protection against UV rays of sun and light. The second layer offers protection against cold and the third layer can insulate against cold. With this combination of triple weave technology, these curtains offer amazing decoration and insulation.

After installing Aquazolax in the bedroom, it is easy to enjoy a sound sleep. You can enjoy good health in the distraction-free atmosphere. These curtains cane efficiently block noise and light while offering insulation. If you need ideal insulation, you can try dark colors than light colors.

100% polyester is used in the construction of Aquazolax’s curtains. These are available in solid colors and block sunlight. The sunrays are dangerous for your health because they may make your furniture fade over time.

You can be these curtains in your washing machine at your home. You should be in the machine with a gentle cycle to avoid damage to this fabric. Iron can be a good choice to remove wrinkles from curtains.

Specification List:

  • Light blocking
  • Energy saving
  • Let you enjoy a sound sleep
  • 100% UV rays blocking
  • Saves your furniture
  • Noise-cancellation for a silent atmosphere
  • Can be expensive

7. Toxic Free AMAZLINEN Grommet Top 52 W X 63 L Inch Blackout Curtains Kids

Amazlinen curtains

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If you want to do blackout in your room for children, you can choose Amazlinen curtains. With these curtains, you can change the settings of room for your children. They can enjoy a comfortable sleep without any noise and light interruption.

Curtains of Amazlinen are available in different colors so you can choose your favorite color as per the walls of the room. These are designed to have a similar color for both sides. These curtains have a soft and subtle sheet with a smooth texture and enhance the interior of your room. Blackout curtains of Amazlinenare designed with 100% polyester (toxic-free).

The curtains may measure 52×63-inches to fit a window of standard size in the children’s room. You will get eight eyelets to easily hang these curtains. All eyelets are made of bronze for a metallic look.

After installing these curtains, these can block 100% ultraviolet rays and 98% light. It means no blackout, but UV rays will be zero. These curtains will not allow these rays to come in your room and damage your skin. If you are worried about the sunlight in your room, you can choose dark curtains for efficient blocking of light and UV rays. These are free from toxic smell.

Curtains of Amazlinen are great for children. The curtains are free from chemical coatings and are eco-friendly. These are based on 100% polyester without other materials. The curtains are made of polyester material and it is a durable fabric. It is easy to clean and convenient to install.

Amazlinen can be difficult to install so you can remove them easily. Just wash them and slowly clean in your washing machine. Hang curtains back once drying them.

Specification List:

  • Insulate windows
  • Save energy
  • Retain actual shine
  • Block 100% rays of sun
  • Eco friendly
  • Convenient to wash
  • Free from toxic smell and chemical coating
  • Can’t do blackout 100%