Top 6 Best Heat Press Machine For Home Use 2020

Being a businessman, do you find this decision easy enough to choose the best heat press machine for your company? If not, don’t worry. Here is the amazing collection of Best Heat Press Machine For Home Use.

Because of the overwhelming costs of the press machines, everyone feels hesitant before purchasing them. But, for the individual who wants to do printing on the T-shirts or other stuff, he can make a decision to buy the one sooner or later. as the conventional irons are not sufficient for dealing with the bulk, it is better to buy a Heat Press Machine and saving your money and time. You can read other articles too about the 9 Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money.

Thus if you are having two minds about the sizing, kind and cost of the presses, no need to worry. Here is the fully prepared guide for you.

Best Heat Press Machine For Home Use Reviews

1. Fancierstudio Industrial Sublimation Heat Press for T-shirts

Best Heat Press Machine For Home Use

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One thing you need to handle is the suitable cost of the heat press. As a press is basically utilized for commercial purposes and this purpose gets depicted due to its cost. But, if you are searching for the versatile and cheap option, that can print on the multiple stuff like T-shirts and canvas bags, this best heat press machine provides great services.

The surface area of this press is 15 square feet. Being an idea to deal with every size of the product, the heating element is vaster and provides uniform heating. You can get the same level of heat from the whole surface of the press, which helps in pressing various products in a better manner.

Considering the range of temperature, the press can heat from 0 to 500 degrees in only 999 seconds. The range is usually not needed in its heating procedures and this thing gives an edge to the above-mentioned press.

It doesn’t need much info for operating this press. It contains 4 buttons. 2 of them are used for controlling the temperature while rest are used for time management. Along with this, the strong design of the press makes this press a sturdy contender that lasts for years. So, don’t worry about buying the new one, de design the next volume of T-shirts.


  • Surface Area of 15 square feet
  • Pressure controls available
  • Works on 110V and 1800 W
  • Temperature Range of 0 to 500 degrees
  • Time and Electronic Heat Control
  • Large surface area
  • Wide temperature range
  • Weight is little heavy

2. Fancierstudio Power Press Swing Away

Best Heat Press Machine

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This press is available at the price which looks very good and is an ideal press, if you are searching to purchase the novel machine without having breakage of bank. It is easy to use, and features the swing arm that is pushed out for ensuring the safest operation. No danger of user getting hurt during the process because of the sufficient space for working with this press.

It contains 4 buttons, so it’s easy to be operated for the new users. All you need for doing is press the setting option first and then adjust the temperature by using up-down keys. After this, push the time button for the setting. Once the press is done with the heating; a beep will be produced for notifying you. as the heating is happening, the top plates will get hot only and the lower one will stay at an average temperature. The range of temperature is 0 to 500 degrees for 0 to 999 seconds.

This press has a surface area of 9 x 12 and handles wid selection of products. Hats, blankets, flags, and shirts can be pressed easily in a uniform way. Along with this, the overall weight of the press is very less. Due to which, as compared to the other press machines, so that you can transport it easily from one spot to another. Thus, if you may be searching for buying the new inexpensive press, consider this one.


  • Surface Area of 9’’ x 12’’
  • Swing Away arm
  • Time Range of 0 to 999 seconds
  • Temperature Range of 0 to 500 degrees
  • Heat and time Controller
  • Large surface area
  • Wide temperature range
  • Less in weight
  • Risky to handle heat

3. Hotronix Fusion Press with Swing-Away built in USA

Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Swing-Away MADE IN USA Machine Built To Last

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For those users who have bought few press machines recently, they would certainly know about the brand named Hotronix. The company established in 80’s and became the biggest name of the heat press market. All the older products made by this company were so perfect, and the Fusion press is of no less.

For all the real dealers, who can pay for the large machines, this option is the best. The fusion press has the premium quality having dimensions of 16’’ x 20’’ with the swing-away arm. The list of its features is endless and this is what makes the press an ideal option for the ambitious customers.

With the surface area of the 16’’ x 20’’, the press operates in two means. One is swing away operation, where the top plate is on one side, fixing the garment at its place. As far as the draw mode of press is considered, it may include the pulling option of the lower plate of the press before you cover the garment. Keep in mind that both of the modes of the operations let you get the heat with free space and making the workplace safe from any kind of burns.

Furthermore, fusion press includes the touch screen of high quality which aids you in controlling a lot of programs like pressure, time, temperature range. You can easily store the time as well as temperature adjustments in the future. The machine has settings of 8 languages to be chosen and a twin timer that lets the user for programming the time duration of heating. Moreover, you can save your work by setting the password on the touch screen.

At last, the product comprises of lifetime guarantee for its heating element. Thus, after spending heavily on the product, you can comfortably use it as you want.


  • High quality Touch Screen
  • Swing away mode
  • Draw mode
  • Eight Languages settings
  • Sleep mode to save energy
  • Thread able Lower Plate
  • Large surface area
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Large surface area
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Light in weight
  • inexpensive

4. STAHLS HOTRONIX 16×20 Heat Press Auto-Open Clam

STAHLS HOTRONIX Auto-Open Clam 16×20 Heat Press

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Here is an ultimate option for you, the STAHLS auto open press. The measurements of this press are 16 x 20 which makes it good enough. It is very simple to be used and comes in a variety of the sizes.

Integrating the magnetic patented auto-opening feature, stops the press from being overdone. As the garment got pressed, the heat press is opened itself needing no additional efforts. This is an outstanding feature, as you don’t need to sit along with the machine during the heating operation.

Furthermore, the magnetic lockdown aids you in shutting down the upper platen without pressurizing a lot of force. Thus, even the full work has been done you won’t feel the pain in wrists, shoulders, and arms.

After this, the press has digital control for adjusting the time and temperature range. Initiating with temperature, just hit the setting for changing mode while for adjusting the temperature, use up-down buttons. For time settings, hit the setting for changing mode once again and adjust time as it is needed.  As this press is featured with the Twin timing tech, you can easily set second time using the mode option.

For pressure settings, the press has a knob present on the upper side of clam. If you are interested in alleviating the pressure, turn it in the clockwise direction and do the opposite for decreasing the pressure. Here is one option which you will admit after experiencing the settings is that the press is very user-friendly. For using the auto-opening features, use digital control as well as pressure knob, you don’t need for operating this machine verbally. The heating part of the press is covered with the layer of Teflon for making it easier to clean with no hassle.


  • Patented Auto opening Feature
  • Magnetic Lock Down
  • Heating element coated with Teflon
  • Two Timer
  • Pressure Controller
  • Digital Controller
  • Auto opening technology
  • Pressure and timing control.
  • Expensive

5. Power Press Industrial Digital T-Shirt Press Machine

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15″x15″

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This press is an ideal option for the low budget oriented users who want to spend less, but don’t wish for comprising on product’s quality. If can be regarded as the best press machine due to its low budget and simple operation. There is no hard science involved in the working of the machine.

This press machine is able to transfer the best artwork with no hesitation. The press is easier to be used without any fancy features that may annoy you.

The press has the heating element of the size of 15 square feet, where heat plates covered with the non-stick layer. This shows that the as the procedure of transference take space, it will not cause any damage to the garments. There are heating coils made in the heating elements at every point so that there will be uniform heating on the whole length of the garment.

The range of the temperature of the machine starts from 0 degrees and goes to 437 degrees. Whereas the range for time is amid 0 to 999 seconds and time as well as temperature, are controlled using digital control. You can set heating pressure with a knob, that is present on the backside of the press.

Talking about the operation of the press, you are required to open and close it with manual effort. The handling grips are well, so you can easily do this action continuously. For assisting the manual action, the overall weight of the press is quite low which is only 64 pounds. While using your hands, the less weight of the press makes this comfortable for the long run.

Thus as much of the users may have already found out by this moment that the design of this press is simple. But, this doesn’t cause any harm to the actual working nature of the product by any means.


  • Coated Heat Plat
  • Temperature Range of 0 to 437 degrees
  • Lightweight
  • time range of 0 to 999 seconds
  • Digital Control for time and Temperature
  • Manually Operated
  • Light in weight
  • Low price
  • Manual operation makes it a little hard to work on

6. Hix Swingman Heat Transfer 15 x 15 Press

Hix Swingman 15 x 15 Swinger Heat Transfer Press

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This device is quite safe to be used and thanks to the swing away option, it is easier to be operated. You just have to move the upper plate away from the body of press and put the garment on its heating element.

Talking about the range of temperature of the press, it is very flexible. Starting from 0 degrees, the highest temperature at which you can achieve is 400 degrees. Most of the product doesn’t touch this range and this feature makes Hix press quite unique. For being notified about the ending of the heating process, here is a light indicator present that blinks at the closure of operation.

This press is very versatile as per the applied pressure on the garments of different kinds of various sizes are concerned. It can be used for the license plates, T-shirts, mousepads as well as many other products with huge thickness of up to 1.5 inches. The overall size of the heating element of the press is 15’’ x 15’’ and you can press almost every kind of garment with the Hix heat press.


  • Swing-Away Heating system of the Platen
  • Pressure Control with the Full Range
  • Temperature Control with the Full Range from 0 to 400 degrees
  • Temperature Indication Light present on the press
  • Auto-function
  • Advance technology
  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Manual operation