Top 7 Best Monitor Privacy Screens in 2020

Do you know the significance of the monitor’s screens privacy for the visual work? if yes, this article will be of great importance to you. Here is the best monitor privacy screens list.

Monitors are a very important tool for computers as it facilitates users with a visual representation.

It is of great importance and that’s why it should be protected from hackers and a relaxed mind is necessary while using it. In order to perform it, one must use its efficient screen filter which fits with the specification of your computer. These screen filters have many benefits that protect the monitor screen from damage and also offer a high level of user privacy. You can also check for The 8 Best Smartphone Camera Lens kit and The 8 Best Projector For Android Phone.

In order to make a good decision in the selection of monitor’s screen according to your requirements, you must read the specifications of different monitor screens for guidelines which will ensure that you have made the best selection. The things which must be considered are:

1. Shape of Monitor     

As the monitor’s screen saver comes in various sizes and shapes the selection of the best filter for monitor requires some homework but this work is not too difficult to be done. Before the selection of any filters, it is a very good choice to check the physical characteristics of the monitor. Computer monitors basically come in two shapes – widescreen and standard. Monitors with widescreen are wider than standard ones that’s why they are different. To check the ratio of the monitor is very important in the understanding of the monitor’s shape. 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 (standard monitors) are very common ratios.

2. Size of Monitor

After figuring out the exact shape, the next very important task is the measuring of the monitor’s size to choose the right filter for a monitor. The measuring unit used in inches and the size will be measured from one corner to the other diagonally. When you get into the market to purchase the screen filter you should know about the size of the corresponding monitor screen.

3. Frame of Monitor

There are many frames that offer very interesting design, these frames do not physically attach witch a monitor but as you fix that frame on the monitor it simply stays there. Due to this design, it becomes very easy to remove it when needed and it is very much for desktop computers as their monitors are individual.

There are many essential characteristics which the users must check before purchasing the filter for his or her monitor. There are various factors that must be considered like customer’s expenditure but if you’re interested to buy a new filter and wants an idea then you must check the following list of cost-effective products available in the market.

Best Monitor Privacy Screens Reviews

1. Widescreen Standard Monitors with 3M Filter

Best Monitor Privacy Screen

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This 3M Privacy Filter gives the best monitor privacy screen to many different monitors. This filter has a very thin film and also has many features to stop the visual hackers from hacking. This will be done in a very accurate manner if you utilize this filter for your computer. The price of this filter depends upon the size and the quality of the corresponding filter you want to buy.

With the powerful combination of optical science and ingenuity, the manufacturers highly focus to keep the privacy in any condition. It offers you the gold standard as no one can see your stuff without getting permission from you, so this is a very safe and sound product for you to use.

It provides the vivid shield to the users which are on the side, it prevents the visual information to be seen by the users outside the viewing angle of 60 degrees. The clear and crisped view will be displayed for the users who are sitting exactly in front of the screen as they will not be affected by it. The technology used by these filters is micro louver which speeds up the incredible thinness and which is equal to a single hair. There are thousands and thousands of micro-louvers in every single filter which can even be not detected by the human eye.

To attach this filter to the monitor screen, you must have to follow two options recommended by 3M. One is to use optically clear strips and the other is to use slide tabs which can easily be removed. It is very important to you that you must have enough information about the size of your monitor and the type of the screen along with all the monitors. There is a variety of sizes and types of filters available in the market so you will get the best filter without any difficulty

Due to the best quality and variety available in the market, these filters is a very good investment for the customers who are anxious about the prying eyes and who want peace related to privacy. Although it is not very cheap due to its reliability it is the best option for the users who want to buy privacy filters for their screen.


  • Universally compatible
  • Frameless, lightweight,blackand thin design
  • Effective privacy for side viewers
  • Includes Slide-Mount Tabs and Attachment Strips
  • Maintain the clarity of image and reduces reflections
  • Reversible matte side and filter glossy
  • Light in weight
  • High quality of image
  • Expensive

2. Screen Filter – Akamai Products

Akamai Office Products Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Monitors


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The Advance micro louver technology provides a good standard of privacy to you if you want to protect your screen from the surroundings or other people around you. Akamai Office Products provides great filters that keep your data not only confidential but also safe from the people from whom you want to save your screen.

Akamai Office Products provides superior protection from strangers who want to hack your personal or official information. Thanks to this special technology, this only allows that person who will be sitting right in front of the screen to see what is happening on the monitor screen because its viewing angle is limited.

Unlike many other filters available in the market, this filter uses films with eight layers that ensure a high level of privacy and it also has many other additional benefits. It protects the eyes from harmful Ultraviolet rays up to around 97% and in addition to this, it also minimizes the degree of blue light up to 70% by acting as a filter. It has calm and less stressful effects on the eyes while using it at night.

It is available in the market with two choices as matte and glossy. To minimize the extra glow, the matte sided filter is recommended for you. In addition to this feature, the special layer is also added by Akamai to protect it from scratches and dust due to this, this is a very reliable product one can use on the monitor. The installing process seems to be a bit difficult at the start but it comes with bonus adhesives and every screen filters have two non-identical attachment options which make this task easier.

The screen filter by Akamai Office is a flawless accessory for the monitors for those who have many curious eyes on their work in offices and other places. Due to the variety in size and reasonable price this filter is highly recommended for the customers.


  • Film of 8 layers
  • High privacy
  • Filters blue light up to 70% and approx 97% UV
  • Bonus adhesives
  • Reversible filter
  • High privacy
  • Size range is limited

3. Privacy Filter – Privox Products

Privox Privacy Screen Filter for Desktop Computers and Laptops

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If you are tired of hiding your screen from the people taking a sneak peek at your private information and confidential documents, then the best privacy filter by Privox is a very good solution for your problem. It is available in 15.6-inches in size that is a standard size for many standard models laptop.

It has a viewing angle of approximately 60-degree so anyone sitting out of this particular range will see the black screen as nothing is visible to him outside this range. As this filter is totally reversible it offers a matte and glossy side for you if you wanted to have an absolutely high rank of privacy. The glossy side is available for good privacy but a matte side is a good option if you prefer while using the monitor.

After installing the privacy filter Privox recommends the adjusting of the monitor’s screen to set the level of the light from the room. Sometimes you have to minimize the level of brightness when you are in the brighter room.

Advance micro-replication is the technology that is used in these filters which has films of 7 layers, which increases the confidentiality level. To provide a comfortable experience and the capacity to filter undesirable looks it helps to minimize the blue light’s transmission. Eye strain due to the LCD screen and UV rays are also protected by this filter. To protect this filter from dust and scratches this filter provided extra protection.

The filters by Privox works well in all aspects as it provides the best privacy and its size fits many standard-sized laptops and especially for the monitors. It is made up of polymer plastic which is very durable which will last enough time. This is a very good choice for you if you want to buy a good privacy filter at a reasonable price and it performs everything for which it is designed without any difficulty.


  • Minimizes the blue light
  • Protects the eyes from UV
  • Not much stressful for the eyes
  • Film of 7 layers
  • Advanced micro-replication technology
  • UV protection available
  • Expensive

4. Filter for Privacy – VINTEZ Premium

VINTEZ Premium Computer Privacy Screen Filter

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One of the other solid competitor available in the market is the screen filter by Vintez. It restricts the visibility to a certain area of the computer’s screen out of which nothing can be seen. It reduces eye exposure to blue light and UV and also provides anti-glare and anti-scratch technologies for protection.

Theft and visual hacking are serious affairs in the office where you are very sensitive to your information and documents. Due to this reason this premium filter is of great importance as it provides the best size to various standard models monitors and laptops and it is also very good in quality.

It opposes other cheap screen protectors; it was filmed with seven different layers that work simultaneously to ensure high effectiveness to keep your confidential data secure. Besides privacy, it also has some additional qualities. It is double as a screen filter and can protect eyes from UV up to approximately 65% from blue light.

Thanks to this reversible design, there are two sides of this filter glossy and matte for more privacy. It is up to you that which side you want to use glossy or matte, but if you want to use less glare then matte will be recommended for you. The installing of this filter is very easy it is available in two options of attachment to suit your choice. The first is adhesive strips which are optically clean and clear, the last option is slide mount tabs. These both are good enough to make installation and uninstall easy for the users.

Considering all of its above features, this screen filter is capable enough to handle all the privacy issues. It also has some additional protection features so that’s why this is definitely a very good investment for the users. This is a very good choice for you if you want to buy a good privacy filter at a reasonable price and it performs everything for which it is designed without any difficulty.


  • 7 different layered films
  • Superior quality
  • Easy to configure and install
  • Eye protector –65% from blue light and 96% UV filtered
  • Reversible filter
  • Easy to use
  • High quality of image
  • Expensive

5. Screen Privacy Filter by Devil Screen

PrivacyDevil Screen for Monitors Privacy Filter

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If you want to protect your screen from different angles and stop other people to check your works, then this is a good choice for you. This filter provides good enough privacy that protects your important data and information from hacking. This product has an attractive cost and also has some others nice features which reduce the visible area of the monitor’s screen.

This product is an ideal choice for both laptop and desktop screens, this product is designed for many privacy-related issues. Business travelers will surely appreciate these filters can protect the screen. There is a limited range within which you can see everything but outside that range, nothing can be seen. So this is a good effect which can be used in many different situations.

This product is designed in such a way that it fixes with any monitor screen of standard size, but different sizes are also available in the market. Before going into the market to buy this filter for your monitor one should have enough information about the size of your monitor screen. These filters have two sides glossy and matte one. If you want to use an anti-glare filter, then matte will be recommended to you but the glossy side has a high privacy effect.

The installation of this filter is not too difficult. As it has two options which can be reusable one is slide tabs and the other is double-sided strips. For the frameless screens, sticky attachment strips are highly recommended while those screens which have frames should have attached tabs on both sides which slide the filters to and fro easily.

If you want to protect your confidential data or you want to search a web without the interference of surrounding eyes this is the best option for you. It doesn’t have any fake trick to gain your attention this filter works exactly in the same way as advertised.  To get a reliable privacy filter in a short time you must proceed with the instructions carefully.


  • Thin design,Lightweight
  • Reversible filter
  • Slide Tabs and Double-Sided Attachment Strips are included
  • Effective ‘blackout’ effect
  • Ideal choice for both laptop and desktop screens
  • Reversible features
  • No protection for eyes

6. ViewSonic Protector Privacy Filter -Tech Armor

Tech Armor ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector

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This ViewSonic screen protector and the filter is available in the market in many different sizes. As it provides the best privacy to you from onlookers who affect your privacy in offices or in any other situation. Although this filter is a bit costly it provides the best privacy to the privacy-sensitive users with high quality.

This screen protector has the capacity to provide a clear view to the users who are sitting exactly near the monitor’s screen but it also blocks the visibility to the other people sitting on the sides. But this is not the only one feature in it. To minimize eye strains this product also adds a special feature that is the anti-glare coating which ensures eye safety and also helps to increase overall productivity.

If you get into the market to buy a new privacy screen filter for your monitor it is a very important factor that you must know about the size and shape of your monitor. To help the users to install this filter effortlessly and quickly the manufacturers have provided the few accessories. To install these filters there are two very simple steps.

The first step is to use adhesive tabs that are used to display sharp sides. This will help you to slide the filter over the screen. If your computer doesn’t have bezels, then you should use double-sided tape which will stick the filter directly on the screen.

Some key applications of this product are in government, education, healthcare, business, and in many other branches that need high-quality privacy.

It takes a while to fit on the new screen, but just in the initial stage after that, you get used to it and it offers a good experience. You are the only one who can see that what is shown on the monitor screen others could not see anything. This filter is the ideal solution for your problem, but its price it higher than other privacy filter screens.


  • Viewing angle of 60 degree
  • anti reflective and Antiglare surface
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Durable design
  • High compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • High compatibility
  • Expensive

7. Priva Privacy Filter – Fellowes

Fellowes PrivaScreen Privacy Filter


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To protect the computer screen from onlookers this Privacy Screen by Fellowes provides the best safety. This filter protects your confidential data and information from hackers by the feature which only allows you to watch on the screen which is displayed on the monitor others could not see it. Others just see the black screen on the monitor.

The installation process for these kinds of filters is a little bit difficult but this product is having improved tabs which will make the installation very easy. There are twelve double-sided adhesive strips and six adhesive tabs and also cleaning cloth to remove the debris and dust from the screen. For some more protection, these filters are designed to prevent fingerprints and scratches on the monitor’s screen.

Like some other designs of these filters, this filter also offers a very reversible design. This filter has two sides which can be changeable on the need. One is a matte side and the other is a glossy slide. The glossy side has a high range of privacy, but if you want to use a less-glared side then matte will be recommended. This matte side provides high compatibility for the touchscreen monitors and laptops.

There are some anti-reflective qualities on the filter’s surface which reduce eye strain that is due to the LCD screen. It makes a clear view to the users who are sitting exactly in the range of 30 degrees angle and the users who are sitting beyond this range will see the black screen.

Although this filter provides obviously a very high-quality of protection for the monitor screens the only one drawback of this filter is the price which is a bit higher than other screen privacy filters. Many less expensive privacy filters do the task which is an issue but if you get a good deal on this product, you won’t regret the purchase.


  • Protects screen from fingerprints and scratches
  • Simple to remove and install
  • Reversible design
  • Blackout privacy protection
  • Double-sided adhesive strips and Adhesive tabs are included
  • Works with touch-screen monitors and laptops
  • Reversible features
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive

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