Tens of thousands of people relocate to London every year. There are thousands of families who choose to move from one area to another to be closer to work, school, or other amenities. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best and worst times to move a house and we are going to give you some tips that are specific to the London area. Keep on reading to find out about the trends as well as the most expensive and cheapest times to do this process in this city.

1. Most popular days to move


When it comes to moving a house in London there are days when it is better for you to move and there are days when it is going to be far more expensive. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the trends and what people tend to do when they are relocating their homes.

The statistics she has shown that people tend to move on Fridays. This is the most popular day of the week because it’s a day where they have finished everything throughout the week and they are ready to do the final steps of the relocation. It is said that if you are planning to follow this trend that you should be aware that the moving services are going to be booked.

Because of this you need to do your planning for moving in London on time and you need to be aware that the service you’re looking for may not be available for this day. If you are interested in doing this then it is better for you to contact a relocation service as soon as possible and see when their next available Friday is.

2. Most expensive days to move


Now let’s talk about your budget and see what is best for you when it comes to relocation. We already know how expensive moving is and we all want to try and keep things to the minimum when it comes to these services.

We already mentioned that Friday is the most popular day for moving but is it also the cheapest? Friday is not the most expensive but it’s also not the cheapest day so it’s somewhere in between and your cost is going to be on average.

If you don’t want to break your bank and if you want to stay in the lower range for these services then you should avoid moving on Tuesday. Some sources suggest that this day is maybe the best one for you because there is not going to be much traffic and you will be able to do the whole process with this but you may end up spending way more money on the process than you expected.

You may end up spending more than 40% of the money you would if you choose any other day but this all depends on your exact location in London, and where you plan on relocating.

3. Most popular season

There are different trends in every area of London when it comes to the most popular season and things may drastically differ depending on the type of relocation. Nevertheless, the research has shown that people tend to move a lot in the summer.

The reason why most choose to do their relocation process in the warmest season is that first and foremost the weather. We definitely don’t want to end up being extremely cold while we are trying to get from one place to another and we don’t want to risk our property getting damaged because of the rain.

Everyone wants to avoid any potential damage and they also want to avoid any delays. Know that with the right London moving company you are going to be able to avoid any issues that may come because of the weather and unpredicted situations and because of this you need to know who you are making a deal with.

If you want to go with already popular are relocating trends and if you want to continue doing what other people are then you should definitely choose somewhere as the season to relocate.

4. The most popular month to move

Now that you know what the most popular season is let’s see what the most popular month is. People tend to move from one place to another in the London area in August. The reason for this is because the weather in August tends to be good the chances of rain are far lower than in most of the other months and at the same time, you will not be subjected to the extreme heat that comes with the summer.

Some studies suggest that this month may also be the cheapest time for you to relocate and that since people are on vacation in this month a lot, the relocation services tend to be freer and they may even give you a discount for choosing them in this season and month.

Once again, this all depends on the service of your choosing so make sure you talk to the representative and see what they give you as analysis according to their specific company and what they can offer for you. Things may drastically differ depending on the area and if you are free and if you have some wiggle room then it is better to go with something that the professionals recommend and not just blindly follow trends.

5. Cheapest times to move


Finally, let’s talk about the cheapest times and what would be best for you depending on the budget you’re working with. As you already know there are many different factors that are going to add to the expense or lower the prices so make sure you do a in-depth analysis on this before you make any final decisions.

According to statistics the cheapest time to relocate in London is on the weekend, and if you choose to go with Sunday then you may save 30 to 50% more than you would on any other day.

When it comes to the months end the seasons, trans tend to change and if you choose to risk a bad weather then you may be able to save some cash.

If you choose to relocate to or in London, then it is best for you to talk to professionals and see what they recommend and what their professional opinion is when it comes to your specific case.