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Are you feeling it difficult to convert your documents to soft copy? Do you think you are spending a lot to scan your files? Don’t worry! Get a complete guide about purchasing the best barcode scanner for inventory.

In modern times, the most advanced form of technology is being used in barcode scanners. Not only this, but this is also the easiest form of which is used in most of the business. The use of decoder bars and multiple cables is omitted now.

So it has widely enhanced its availability and uses in numerous places. One cannot even imagine; how much crowd is seen at the place of their sales or electronic market. Here is the complete description of The 8 Best Cash Register for Small Business and The 8 Best Money Counter Machines.

Various kinds of specialized features along with a variety in types of barcode scanners is seems to be remarkable. After proper research, some efficiently working and cost-effective barcode scanners are shortlisted in this article. It is highly significant to choose the best among different options more particularly for those who are new to such devices. The following list could help you out to save your time while buying scanners. Let’s take a brief look at the types of barcode scanners:

1. Connectivity

There must be a connection source between the barcode scanner and your desktop else it will not be able to exchange information to the software. Though corded scanners possess a strong historical background but yet it’s time to move to take over cable-connected computers. Nowadays, as cordless scanners are becoming more common so their costs are constantly decreasing.

However, the cordless scanners seem to be easier to use but yet there are many PROS for the corded scanners. Especially in case of a short budget, corded scanners are highly recommended by means of being cheaper than cordless units. Compatibility is another worth mentioning important advantage. For corded units, USB ports must be there and in terms of cordless units, you must have enabled Bluetooth device.

2. Ruggedness

Sometimes we have to use scanners in a very intense and rough kind of environment so the scanner must be durable enough to tolerate mistreatment. That’s why the surrounding or working condition is the most important aspect. For using scanners in such environments scanner must be bleak enough. It is preferred to be resistible so that it can save you money and time.

3. Scan speed

If we consider the scanning speeds then these barcode scanners perform most efficiently than others. In every type of environment, the performance is the most demanding feature and all you have to do is to consider the speed of the scanner. These features must not be ignored while evaluation. You must need to focus on your balance and needs to buy some powerful barcode scanners with outstanding quality.

Best Barcode Scanner For Inventory Reviews

1. TT-BS003 Barcode Scanner – TaoTronics

Best Barcode Scanner For Inventory

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One most important factor which helps in the efficient working of barcode scanner is classification and sub-classifications of enormous data. TaoTronics TT-BS003 declares as the best type of scanner available in the market. It will totally change your mind when you start working with it because of its most attractive features and cost.

This unit is quite handy and very efficient to perform work. Numerous applications can be available in hypermarkets and other shops. The actual worth of a barcode scanner is consists of its durability and other essential attributes which leads to the highest level of customization.

One of its outstanding features is; it does not require any prior installation which enhances its connivance while its use. You simply need to attach it to your laptop or computer and begin your scanning process via the scanner box. It can easily work with many types of barcodes which include, Code 11, UPC/EAN, MSI, Code 39, Coda bar and many more.

While defining its structural options, TaoTronics facilitates you with more than 180 disposal options that enable you to supplement suffix and prefix codes. You can also manipulate ending and beginning texts. Furthermore, it allows you to add specific or combinations of keyboard characters in scanning processes.

This scanner also supports some windows programs which include QuickBooks, Word, Excel, and Novell. And the most important point is its compatibility with Linux and Mac computers.

So it is deduced that TaoTronics TT-BS003 is the most steadfast and easily handled barcode scanner which allows you to grab and establish the data, very easily. It must be kept in mind that its alignment must not be too much aggravated. Its design depicts, its high level of compatibility, practicality and overall performance which shows its recommendation.


  • Novell, Quickbooks, Excel, and Word supported.
  • Simple connection with the USB port.
  • More than 180 pattern options.
  • Well-matched with a wide assortment of barcode types.
  • Linux, Works with Windows and Mac.
  • USB connectivity
  • High compatibility
  • Bad alignment

Best Wireless Barcode Scanner

2. NADAMOO Bur3003 Wireless Scanner

Best Barcode Scanner

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If you are searching for the best type of wireless barcode scanner then Nadamoo Bur3003 is the best form to choose. Its performance is appreciable either it is working inside or outside. It easily get connected with PC and performs the best scanning modes which contribute in forming and gathering.

It contains one very attractive feature which is; it can perform very well even at a distance of 433MHz. Not only this, but it also works efficiently up to 100 meters indoors and 400 meters outdoor and you need to think about the cables to connect.

Its installation method is quite easy. All you have to do is to put it in the USB port of your Linux, Windows or Mac computer and then it will be instantly renowned and then you can easily scan your document or file. It will not require any installation of drivers or to develop any complex setup. You simply have to open up your Excel spreadsheet or Word file and begin your scanning process. It acts like virtual keyboard input.

It is consists of two pairing models, more-to-one and one-to-one. In one-to-one, one scanner conveys the barcode information to one USB recipient. In the same zone, multi-units can also work efficiently without interfering. In the second mode, multiple scanners use to convey information to another USB recipient.

Other than these two models, some other models are also working for a startup. Among them, the trigger one helps in constant scanning without pressing any button. And in upload mode, the device uploads the barcode in the field. This mode is found to be for the purpose of scan and storage barcode data in the in-built store of the scanner. In this way, you can easily upload data in your device anytime, anywhere. The inner memory of the device carries almost 100,000 barcodes.

With the exciting features of Nadamoo Bur3003, it is proved that now the use of the scanner is very easy. You can get these cordless scanner models at a very suitable cost. This model is highly recommended when you are searching for high-quality scanners.


  • Almost one lac barcodes in storage modes while offline.
  • 433MHz Wireless Broadcast Technology
  • Prompt upload mode/storing mod.
  • 2 pairing modes.
  • Plug-and-play USB.
  • High pairing
  • High storage
  • Expensive

3. LS2208 Scanner

Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner With Cable and Stand

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Symbol LS2208 is the best answer for your barcode scanning. It is most suitable for the purpose of scanning of data rapidly and without any aggravation. It is a very light in weight and handy device which cannot be ignored as it leads to some other premium models.

This device is specifically designed on the basis of its reliability which ensures constant working throughout a day. It is among the most essential factor that compels you to buy this model because it helps to get rid of repair costs and interruption.

In its structure, its durability is the key feature that leads to its dependability. As it has original one board construction, a very sharp glass exit window which is highly resistant to scrapes. It also contains a frictionless liquid polymer scan component. This scanner is highly well-organized and efficient which can work 24/7 without any interruption.

Moreover, the scanning speed is quite inspiring that is 100 lines per second. The laser scanner has a wide working range which is nearly 17 inches long. These features depict a wide range of their practical implication, particularly for merchandizing. It has the ability to work continuously with precise scanning. Even it can enhance productivity, limit counter lines and improve customer facilities.

The multiple on-board edges have greatly enhanced the surety of the strong connection between the host system and scanner. It allows capturing high-density bar codes that are easily available in the selling market. Moreover, it supports almost 97 worldwide keyboards and performs very well in any country proximately from the box.

So it is concluded that Symbol LS2208 supports a wide range of barcodes. It gives very accurate and instant outcomes which will compel you to buy this model at any cost. It can be modified as per requirement.

If you are searching for such a barcode scanner that must-have high reliability and performance then this is the only option that will click in your mind instantly, no matter how much it will cost it is assured that it will pay off.


  • Convenient
  • 100 lines per second is the scanning speed.
  • 17 inches long contact distance on EAN and UPC barcodes.
  • Sole line scan pattern.
  • Least resolution: 20% least reflective difference.
  • Easy to use
  • High resolution
  • Expensive

Best USB Barcode Scanner

4. Honeywell MS7120 scanner with USB

Orbit Honeywell MS7120 Barcode Reader with USB

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Orbit Honeywell MS7120 has the most attractive features, among them the scanning speed is most appraisable. It is considered among the best barcode readers. Though its cost is a little bit high in the current market it has the highest demand due to its high profile scanning tasks. It suits those customers who possess higher budgets.

It contains laser light which is produced in multi directions (all directions) and not only this it can also work in a linear way and can easily work in single dimension barcodes and then decrypt them from multiple angles. This is a handheld device that is very easy to use and this is the most important feature for users. It also contains a stand along with a scanner that keeps it in a firm position. It has a small size which is easy to carry.

One of its exceptional qualities is its scanning speed which is 1120 scans per second. It is highly impressive and it makes it unique from the other types of scanners. For the purpose of transferring barcode data, it must be connected with your computer via USB cable. There are certain helpful patterns that aid in nonstop firmware updates in order to take advantage of modernizing, unique features.

In order to lodge the setup of various workstations, it can is most preferable and can be slanted up to 30 degrees. It is capable of producing 20 lines of light within 650 nanometers of 900 milliwatt laser. It has considerable compatibility with JavaPOS standards and OPOS which are used in POS systems.

In spite of its highlighted useful features like reliability and best performance, it has also some drawbacks which include boisterous. It can produce outstanding outcomes within no time. It works professionally with faultless outcomes which refer to its cost. If you are finding the best type of scanners then you must have to go for it with a considerable budget. It is highly recommended to get influential scanning abilities.


  • Best for stationary use.
  • 900 milliwatt laser, 650 nanometers.
  • Can slanted up to 30 degrees.
  • 20 lines of light in multi direction.
  • 1120 scan per second, scanning speed.
  • High speed
  • Danger of getting damage due to inclination

Best Barcode Scanner Android

5. SMARTOMI Wireless Scanner

SMARTOMI Wireless BarCode Scanner

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SMARTOMI Wireless BarCode Scanner is another most prominent model of wireless scanners with interesting features and affordable prices. It contains a vigorous design with a high power of decoding pace. It has two modes of connections and a high recharging capacity with continuous workflow. Let’s discuss some major features and uses of this high profile using barcode scanners.

Let’s start discussing about the design of the scanner which is the first sight, prominent feature. Its outer cover is made up of very fine shock-absorbing material. After proper testing and research it is stated that if it falls from the height of 5 feet to tangible ground, it will not harm its external body. Due to this attribute, it has earned IP54 protection grade because of an ABS plastic body.

The second most important feature is the durability of the barcode scanner which is highlighted requirement in daily practices. As far as performance is concerned, it can convey scanning jobs up to 100 feet but after this limit, it won’t be able to perform scanning jobs. If anyone is interested to cover a longer distance then it might be adjusted on wired USB mode to enhance its scanning status.

It previses a wide range of barcodes such as Code 93, UPC, Code 128, INT25, EAN-13 and many more. Moreover, it can easily read and upload barcodes to software applications, Excel, Word and even different kinds of computers like Linux, Windows, and Mac. It has a long battery life of 700mAh and it can perform up to 10 hours constantly without charging repeatedly. In case of low battery indication, it will automatically detect that it can scan barcodes but not able to find any recipient computer system.

After complete researches and taking every feature into account of the Smartomi BarCode scanner, some positive decree comes out. One most prominent feature is its wireless competencies is due to the 2.4GHz transcriber. On the other hand, it also possesses some disadvantages which are contained the absence of a Bluetooth facility. It is available at a very reasonable cost and within this cost, you cannot ask for more than better usage of performance and durability. Due to its low cost, this unit is in reach of all kinds of users of cordless barcode scanners.


  • Attuned with iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac.
  • USB cable and cordless
  • More than 3500 code storage in offline mode.
  • 300 scans per second are its decoding pace.
  • Full-bodied design with shock absorbing cover.
  • USB connectivity
  • Shock absorber
  • Costly

6. NADAMOO Wireless Scanner Bur3074

NADAMOO Bur3074 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Nadamoo is basically a producer which produces holistic brands of commercial barcode scanners with all attributes of cordless scanners. Among their models, Bur3074 emerges as the trendiest version of the cordless scanner with 2 scanning models and a 2-in-1 connection design. Moreover, it possesses entire plug-and-play and two upload modes involvement as well. It is available at a very low-cost price in the market with all these appealing attributes.

Now let’s discuss some of its major and interesting features which include upload modes and connections. In cordless mode, all you have to do is to plug USB recipients in the USB port of your recipient systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac and then start scanning.

You don’t need to add hauling items in your scanners which is normally used for wired kinds of devices. This cordless scanner allows you to transfer this unit into inventory. It will help you to save your precious time, indeed it is more appropriate to exercise and operate it without getting involved in the enigma of cords. Now let’s suppose that if its battery goes down and you want to convert it into wired mode then it will be quite easy to make a connection with your system.

The two major modes are storage and instant. The instant permit you to promptly upload the barcode in your computer system and storage allows you to save maximum information even when the device is working offline. It can allow you to save around thirty thousand barcodes and then reclaim them when you need them. It also contains the stimulated mode of automatic scanning.

Its structure and feature depict its quality and usage. One disadvantage is, it has short life battery timing. It is declared among the top barcode scanners which are widely used specifically for handling large inventories.

A quick and complete guide is also available with the unit which contains step-by-step all directions to make the user familiar with the scanning process. By complete research on its features and usage, we came to the conclusion that it is the best scanner to choose if its reliability construction is ignored in comparison to competitors. If all about your preferences, if you prefer, quality and major aspects which a scanner must hold then you should have to go for it.


  • Around 30 thousand barcode can be save
  • Plug and play
  • Collection and instant upload mode.
  • 2-in-1 connection format (USB and Wireless)
  • 33 ft. indoor broadcast distance with hurdles
  • High speed
  • USB connectivity
  • Not good construction

Best Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

7. TT-BS030US Bluetooth Wired Scanner – TaoTronics

TaoTronics TT-BS030US 2-in-1 Bluetooth & Wired Barcode Scanner

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TaoTronics is another well-known production firm that made barcode scanners and various other electronic commodities. TT-BS030US is among the most important model which contains outstanding functionality features like long-life battery Bluetooth, robust construction and 32-bit processor

This Bluetooth and wired barcode scanner is a must-have if you want all-in-one connections via tablets, smartphones or any other capable device. It has strong connectivity offers which are utilized in business operations, offices and different warehouses which allow its autonomous use. It has long-range of communications as well. It can deliver work up to 23 to 33 feet away indoors. And in terms of outdoors, the communication potential reaches up to 130 feet.

As far as compatibility is concerned, you will not find any other perfect scanner, as it works with approximately all types of barcodes you desire. It is compatible with various types of barcodes like ISSN, UPC/EAN, ISBN, Code39, Coda Bar and many more. Bluetooth scanner is excellent in supporting numerous software like QuickBooks, Excel, Novell, Word, and much other specialized software. It can be easily connected with different computer systems like Linux, Windows, and Macs.

Bluetooth scanner is capable of storing more than 20 thousand entries while on inventory mode. With 16MB flash memory. All the data will be saved in the internal memory of the device so that you may check it anytime. It has a fast scanning speed of 200 scans per second and it is the main cause which makes it preferable over other scanners at the same price. It also contains a 35-bit processor.

If we discuss its reliability then it is observed that it contain shock-resistant construction which is tied with 750mAh battery and together they perform security and long-living scanning contributions. It is highly durable that if thrown from the height of 5 feet on solid ground it will resist. Its long-life battery allows you to keep working for at least 30 hours. Its recharging time is only 1.5 hours only.

Without going in further details we will move towards the conclusion of this barcode scanner. It contains all those qualities that you may demand while buying a wireless scanner but you have to ignore its cost as it is pretty high. It is highly worth able for wide budget investors.


  • Long-life battery of 750mAh.
  • USB and wireless connectivity
  • Shock-resistant body.
  • Harmonious with wide range of devices like smartphones, laptops etc.
  • 200 scan per second scanning speed
  • Reliable battery
  • Shock absorber
  • USB connectivity
  • Expensive

8. YOUTHINK USB 3.0 Wired scanner and Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 scanner

YOUTHINK Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 & USB 3.0 Wired Barcode Scanner

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Youthink is famous for handling stocks of shock resistance design, Bluetooth, long-life battery and a fast processor all in one suite. Its price and attributes of functionality highly matched with one another.

These barcode scanners are available both in wired and wireless forms for the purpose of performing operations so that one may operate it according to the choice. It is consists of a Bluetooth 4 connection which is used to convey scanned data to companionable devices. When it is operated on wired mode, it will not need any kind of software to set-up because it will work in a plug-and-play manner.

If we talk about its compatibility, this model seems able to work with computers, smartphones, and tablets. The operating system of the device never matters but only if you work it on cordless mode then you will require a Bluetooth model. You can upload data via QuickBooks, word, Novell and excel and many more alike.

It is highly durable with a break and shock absorbing body structure. Moreover, it is quite easy to handle with its luxurious designs giving a very classic outlook.

It is consists of a 750mAh battery which can easily work for 30 hours without charging. The scanning speed is noticeable that is, 200 times scans per second and contains strong flashing memory of 16MB which permits you for the storage of bundles of barcode information. It is the major attribute of the model which depicts its attractive picture.

Unluckily, it also contains some disadvantages while operations are performed. And the largest one is the difficulty due to a lack of intuitive instructions until you get the hang of the device. In spite of this, it is highly recommended due to its other positive attributes especially for those who are looking for a suitable price and features ratio but it is only for those who are quite familiar with barcode scanners, on the other hand, they are not acclaimed for beginners.


  • Compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • USB 3.0 wired and Bluetooth 4 cordless.
  • Shock absorbents.
  • 16MB memory and 32-bit processor.
  • 750 mAh battery with 30 hours for working.
  • High compatibility
  • Shock absorber
  • USB connectivity
  • Limited battery life

Here are some other interesting choices avaialble on today’s market:

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