Best Choice
Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register
Good Choice
Casio PCR-T280 - Cash register - 1200 PLUs
Don't Miss
Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register
Also Consider
Casio PCR-T540 Cash Register 4.5"
Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register
Casio PCR-T280 - Cash register - 1200 PLUs
Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register
Casio PCR-T540 Cash Register 4.5"
Best Choice
Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register
Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register
Good Choice
Casio PCR-T280 - Cash register - 1200 PLUs
Casio PCR-T280 - Cash register - 1200 PLUs
Don't Miss
Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register
Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register
Also Consider
Casio PCR-T540 Cash Register 4.5"
Casio PCR-T540 Cash Register 4.5"

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Best Buy Cash Register
Best Cash Register for Small Business
Best Toy Cash Register
Best Cash Register for Kids

Are you in need of Best Cash Register for Small Business? Do you need something reliable to secure your cash? Do you want something special to make your work easy?

You will get good advice from this article because we have compiled a list of top cash registers. It allows you to understand the qualities of a proper cash register. After reading this article, it will be easy for you to finalize your cash register.

Cash registers are standard in the merchandising world because these are essential for business organizations that sell services or goods and get payments. These devices can do different functions, such as preparation of sales reports and record keeping. Each register comes with a cash drawer that is a secure place to keep receipts and money after every transaction. These registers come with locking features to maintain the high level of security while your register is idle. Numerous models come with printing ability to deliver receipts to customers. Check out our post about The 8 Best Money Counter Machines.

Before you going to buy any cash register, you should consider the few things to evaluate them in a better way.

Type of Screen

Cash registers come with 2 kinds of screens, such as electronic screens or advanced LCD screens. The elementary electronic screens only display the current total and the LCD screens are easy to read. These screens are horizontal to error.

Common Purposes

A number of registers can program different PLUs or lookups that fundamentally are particular codes utilized to identify products. This specific function may be necessary for particular businesses that have items in bulk so they can rely on it. A maximum number of PLUs may be a determining factor. Another useful function is the thermal printing of cash registers that may be cost-effective in the future as compared to other methods, such as ribbon ink.

Slot for SD Card

You will need an SD card to transfer data and manage the backup of your cash register. A cash register with a lot can increase the protection level in case of power outage and malfunction that may make the stored data inaccessible. With this ability, the cash register may not need a USB cable to hook it to your computer so the SD Card slot can be a good option.

If you want to purchase the correct product, you should consider these factors. You will find lots of products on the market, so here is a list of the top cash registers. It is an effort to narrow down your choices and make your decision easy.

Best Buy Cash Register

1. XEA207 Sharp Menu Based Cash Register

Best Cash Register for Small Business

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This cash register has numerous good qualities and can be the best recommendation for everyone. The XEA207 of Sharp is a powerful unit with lots of impressive features. It can report sales and bring an 8-line professional-class operator display to the counter. If you want to get the best quality for your investment, this unit can be a good idea.

The XEA207 depends on the menu-based unique control system. It will be an excellent solution for your business. Regarding printing receipts, this cash register utilizes thermal printing that is famous for its quiet and speedy operations. It utilizes 2 & a quarter updraft paper. You have to purchase this thermal paper separately. The cash registers come with 5 compartments for coins and 4 compartments for a bill.

To increase the transparency of transactions, the cash register offers 2 displays, one for the customer and another for the operator. The cash register comes with 99 departments pre-programmed for unraveling product types and 2500 PLUs total for accurate and quick entry along with 4 programmable tax tariffs.

It offers a credit card hardwire terminal and the operator can work without typing transaction amounts. This cash register offers a software PC-link utility for the comfortable programming of cash registers. A slot for the SD card is handy to have data transfer and backup. Anyone who wants to customize his/her receipts can get the advantage of the graphic generator of sharp. This can add images and logos to the receipts of customers. It is designed for QuickBooks Pro and this cash register activates the link to account software to integrate all transactions easily.

The cash register comes with a friendly manual so that you can find the solution to your problems. They offer a technical team for your assistance. If you need the best value of your price, you can invest in XEA207 registers.

Main Features:

  • LCD 3.7-inch Screen
  • Simple to use and Learn
  • 25 clerks, 99 depts and 2,500 PLU’s
  • Spanish and English menus
  • Get activity history from electronic journal
  • Use PC-Link software to export QuickBooks Pro
  • Can be an expensive model

2. Casio Electronic PCR-T2300 Cash Register

Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register

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Casio offers a variety of quality products to improve the lives of people and their electronic cash registers are great machines. The Japanese manufacturer provides pcr-t2300 for manage functionality with style in a package.

This particular cash register comes with an LCD 10-line for an operator that works well for current transactions and avoids the possibility of errors. The machine can display five items and complete each deal with a subtotal. The cashier will always be able to review the last thing.

Customers also get a small display that contains the name of items and price along with the subtotal of the transaction. The raised keyboard has 30 department keys to preset price and retailers can get a chance to enter costs and categorize entry inputs manually. A 7,000 staggering PLU’s is right to track the sale of individual items. This feature is useful for big businesses. The cash counter comes with a cash drawer made of metal with 5 compartments for coins and 5 for bills.

A dual thermal tape printer allows you to provide receipts to clients and maintain a good record quickly. Retailers may get a hard journal tape. This cash register is programmed to customize receipts with the bottom and top messages or graphic logo with excellent details in the description.

This payment device is easy to link to a machine for the owner of the store who wants to wholly integrated gift cards, debit cards, and credit card transactions. It will decrease the time of closeout procedure. A slot for the SD card is implemented for easy reload and program back up.

The PCR-T2300 Casio is a high cash register with lots of powerful features. It comes at a reasonable price. It may be an expensive model, but you are still recommended to have it in the future.

Main Features:

  • 200 departments and 30 departments
  • LCD 2-line customer
  • Four tax rates, 5C and 5B drawer insert
  • 50 clerks and 7,00 plus numbers
  • Key lock with seven position mode
  • An SD slot for SD Card
  • Durable metal drawer for cash
  • Expensive machine

3. Casio Electronic SE-G1SC-RD Cash Register

Casio SE-G1SC-RD Electronic Cash Register

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If you don’t want a sophisticated cash register because of your limited budget, you should try SE-G1SC-RD cash register of Casio. With the compact design, convenient displays, eight physical department keys, one multi-purpose tray and other features, it can be a promising option for everyone. It is available in extra colors to suit the environment of your business.

Casio twisted an LCD and designed this cash register to offer a fantastic level of visibility for customers and staff to efficiently confirm each transaction. This register has a thermal printer that delivers an attractive and operational output. You will get a bonus of drop-in loading paper to do this work effortlessly.

This machine has an antimicrobial sanitary keyboard and one multi-purpose tray that contributed to a tidy and neat cash register area. This machine has a Tax PGM key to making this set easy for the tax rate, and a collaborating menu can help you to adjust the current time and date. The design of the Casio unit is based on the convenience of users because the design allows quick preparations of registers.

The SE-G1SC supports 999 price lookups and an excellent tool for businesses that have a variety of items. Customization of a receipt is possible because you can store names, add messages and other information. This machine is environmentally friendly and based on recycled materials. The blue, pink and red colors match up with the décor of your store, and it looks stylish.

Considering everything about cash registers, size, low weight, printing ability, and automatic functions make it an excellent choice for everyone. The SE-G1SC of Casio can be a solid choice to worth your money.

Main Features:

  • Eight clerks and 999 Plus numbers
  • LCD Display back customer with a broad front
  • Four tax rates, 5C/4B drawer insert
  • 24 departments and 8 departments
  • Keylock mode with 7 positions
  • Interactive setup
  • Not good for heavy use

Best Cash Register For Small Business

4. XEA407 Sharp Cash Register Advanced Reporting

Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register

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Some business organizations need advanced functionality of cash registers so they should try XEA407 Sharp. This powerful cash register is available with a separate journal of thermal receipt. If you need the best cash register, this can be the right model.

This cash register is great for its striking ability to report sales. This feature is designed in collaboration with the famous software of accounting, QuickBooks Pro. You can get 2 large displays, one for the customer and the other is for an operator. The customer model is a single line, and the operating model is 5-line.

An essential aspect of this machine is a double roll tape register that is capable to print 2 copies of a receipt, such as a copy for the customer and second for the operator to manage record. With separate types of products, you can use pre-programmed 99 departments for accurate and quick entry, 7,000 PLU must suffice.

Convenience is an important quality and Sharp focuses on it. The software PC-link allows convenient programming for clerks and departments via SD cards. Printing graphics and logos become a breeze so all thanks to the intuitive logo graphic generator. This register is really simple to program and set up.

The cash register offers the probability to hardwire one directly terminal credit card. The amount of transaction is automatically transported from cash register to a credit terminal and with the card approve and cash drawer unlocks. Sharp offers a backup battery for cash register so it will keep your data safe in the absence of power.

For a person who needs an advanced cash register reporting feature, this can be a great choice as compared to other models. This register performs well and works really quiet. This cash register has the potential to surpass all your expectations. It is not a cheap register, but if you want to avoid compromises, you can get this amazing cash register.

Main Features:

  • Dual receipts
  • 8-line display
  • 7000 cost lookups
  • 5 bill and 6 coin compartments
  • Thermal printer and customer 7 display digits
  • Computer connectivity 32GB card SD
  • Simplified programming
  • 40 IDs clerk
  • Journal printers and separate receipt
  • Expensive model

5. Sharp Entry Level XEA107 Cash Register LED Display

Sharp XEA107 Entry Level Cash Register with LED Display

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If you want to start a new business, you will need a cash register with more than a basic cash register. The XEA107 Sharp is a small cash register that offers excellent performance. This device is loaded with numerous handy features and has a simple procedure to use. Packed with multiple features, this can be an attractive solution for a small business. It comes at an affordable price.

This cash register has 8 departments, 80 PLU’s and 4 clerk numbers. For a comfortable programming procedure, the operation is simplified. With an exterior bill tray, the top of the keys is removable for expedient cleaning as necessary.

The front of a cash drawer comes with one media slot that is a secure place to checks and deposit banknotes without lifting coin tray. This cash register can speed up your procedure. The display is large and offers high contrast LED to increase visibility. An additional display is missing for the consumers though it may be expected for a budgeted unit. The cash drawer provides the ability to lock cash, and you will get separate compartments for coins and bills. The first compartment has 4 slots and the latter has 5 slots. You can remove the tray.

Other than advanced cash registers in this review, this one model uses a serial printing that is slower. It can be a drawback, but others may not bother this aspect.

The XEA107 Sharp is aiming toward a small sector of business. It has more than basic features and comes at a low price. It may be a champion for those who have a limited budget and want to manage their taxes and sales.

Main Features:

  • Secure to operate in key-activated mode
  • 5 coin and 4 bills compartment with locking drawer for cash
  • Safe handling of cheques and bills
  • Drawer slot for quick movement
  • Drum printer is good for heavy use
  • Large-character and bright LED display
  • Look-ups 80 price for accurate and quick entry
  • Not good for advanced users

6. Casio Electronic PCR-T500 Cash Register

Casio PCR-T500 Electronic Cash Register

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Casio is famous for innovation to improve the lives of people at home and work. Casio has an excellent reputation in the department of cash registers. The PCR-T500 can be a balanced machine as per cost and performance.

The PCR-T500 comes with an LCD 10-line screen for operators to easily see the details of the transaction and avoid errors. Almost five items along with the subtotal of each transaction and the price of the last item is displayed on the screen. An integrated 2×2 pop-up back display is for customers to confirm transactions.

You can get 3,000 PLU’s to track individual items for sale and 4 tax tables. You will get 25 department keys for raised keyboard and keys to come with one preset price, but the retailers can classify the inputs entry efficiently because the system allows manual entry for prices. The printer (thermal) has dual-use because it can deliver receipts for the customers and also act as one journal printer. Thermal printers are easy to use because papers are loaded at a fast speed.

Along with other advanced models, this model comes with an SD slot for the card to have a backup of data. The car is sold separately. A few users report complications in the programming of cash registers with the use of available instructions from Casio. You can get the advantage of YouTube videos that can be a comprehensive guide.

Considering all functions, the PCR-T500 Casio can be an excellent choice for its price. You can get the advantage of fast printing and a list of features. This cash register can fulfill all your business needs. Instead of worrying about programming, you can get advantage of its amazing customer support.

Main Features:

  • 200 departments and 25 departments
  • 40 Clerks and 3,000 PLUS numbers
  • LCD display rear built-in
  • Key lock seven positions mode
  • 4 tax rates 5C/4B drawer insert
  • A Slot for SD Card
  • Programming is complicated

Best Toy Cash Register

7. Pretend Learning Resources Cash Register Play Calculator

Learning Resources Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register

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If you need something fun teaching for your children, you can consider this model of Learning Resources. This is designed to create a unique educational experience. This machine includes creative play along with an ideal platform to teach money and math skills to children.

The cash register offers many activities to engage your young mind and comprises a drawer that hoarded with make-believe life-size bills. Children can easily understand the currency because the register provides a coin reader that differentiates between plastic and real coins.

With a big LCD screen, this cash register allows you to show the value of transactions in clear numbers. Other important features are working scale, scanner and worth mentioning for credit cards and coupons. The cash register feels really well designed despite its plastic construction.

Toy register becomes an interactive game for learning that may take kids through numerous play levels and become hard because players can grasp particular math skills. The manufacturer offers great customer service that is really responsive to offer quick solutions.

Credit goes to large buttons, the small fingers of children can conveniently total up while this cash register puts one captivating show sounds and lights. This cash counter has won a Platinum Oppenheim Portfolio Toy Award because of its amazing capabilities. It is good to develop reasoning and logic skills among children and give them coin recognition lessons and math-related skills.

Learning resources offer the ultimate fun to your children. They can practice subtraction, addition and numerous other skills. It can be an enjoyable experience for your children to play with the toy cash register. This product offers great value for money.

Main Features:

  • Interactive and talking cash register
  • 73-piece set
  • Learning activities
  • Coin slot, voice messages, sounds, lights, scale, and scanner
  • Actual size bills and coins play money, coupon card, and credit cards
  • May not work for children of all ages

Best Cash Register for Kids

8. Kids Toy Boley Cash Register

Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

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If you want to encourage your children to learn the necessary skills of math, this can be a good cash register for them. Boley offers this fun cash register with a complete set of useful goodies to enhance overall fun and teaching experience. For this cost, Boley provides a good cash register set with good features.

This unit stimulates children to grasp important money skills and provides them a great chance to enjoy imaginative play. This special set allows you to measure the weight of groceries.

They have added a complete conveyor belt in the functioning condition to actually pull the items. The microphone and calculator need solar power. These are good to take orders. The scanner indicates that if an item is processed by making a noise. The play money and retractable cash drawer are available.

This cash register is good for small children for their size and color. The patented play, durable construction, and other features make them a great device. Boley has crafted this product for children of 3+ years.

This cash register has some room for improvement. The play money is great, but it would be better to have more money. It is a durable product, but the pieces like scanner are flimsy.

Other than these small shortcomings, this cash register from Boley can be a great item to teach store manners and math to your kids. It is good to correct bills and count coins. You can involve your children in a good play session.

Main Features:

  • Colorful and durable
  • Conveyor belt is available
  • Functioning scale
  • Solar powered microphone and calculator
  • Battery and play money included
  • Should be more durable

Check out which are the best selling cash registers on Amazon this year:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Royal 89395U 520DX Electronic Cash Register
  • Makes transactions easier and stores information for future data tracking,
  • Single thermal printer for receipt printing
  • Keeps track of 24 departments and up to 4000 price look ups
  • Capable of keeping up to 10 clerk ID’s
  • Anti-bacterial keytop
Bestseller No. 2
Royal 89396T 2000ML Electronic Cash Register
  • Makes transactions easier and stores information for future data tracking
  • Single alphanumeric thermal printer for receipt printing
  • Keeps track of 200 departments and up to 7000 price look ups
  • Capable of keeping up to 40 clerk ID’s
SaleBestseller No. 3
Royal 89214G 410DX Cash Management System
  • 24 Departments
  • 2,000 Price Lookups
  • 10 Clerk Ids
  • Cash, Check, Or Charge Sales Registrations
  • 4 Automatic Tax Computations
Bestseller No. 4
Royal 69163Y Alpha 7000ml Cash Register
  • 10 line alpha, LCD Clerk display with backlight 200 department for sales analysis by category of...
  • Design that delivers High availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
  • Made in Malaysia
SaleBestseller No. 5
Royal 39285K Alpha 1100ML Cash Register
  • 200 Departments for sales analysis by category of merchandise
  • 40 Clerk ID System can program each clerk with a 24 character name or description
  • Alpha Keyboard cuts programming time in half. Department keys are labeled with the letters needed to...
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Cash Drawer with four slot bill and removable five slot coin tray
  • Automatic Tax Computation for programming 4 separate tax rates (Add-on, VAT and Canadian tax)
SaleBestseller No. 6
Volcora 13" Electronic Cash Register Drawer for Point of Sale (POS) System with 4 Bill 5 Coin Cash...
  • DURABLE POS CASH DRAWER: Volcora cash register drawer measures 13"x13.25"x4", voltage is at 24 VDC. Our...
  • 4 BILL 5 COIN SLOTS: Our small cash register has a built in cash tray that comes with a removable coin...
  • SECURED CASHIER REGISTER: Our cash box with money tray and lock is secured with 3-position key lock:...
  • CONNECTIVITY AND COMPATIBILITY: Our cash drawer suits the point of sale system for small business. Just...
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Contact us if you are not satisfied with our cash drawer tray for checkout...
Bestseller No. 7
All-in-One SmartPOS-129 Professional Cash Register for Small Business, POS System Bundle Includes:...
  • No Hidden Fees or Forced Subscriptions: The SmartPOS 129 arrives ready to use, equipped with a...
  • Professional All-in-One POS System: The SmartPOS 129 comes with a 15" cashier touchscreen, a matching 15"...
  • Over 50 Card Processor Integrations: SmartPOS offers unparalleled flexibility, integrating with a vast...
  • Free Initial Setup Call: Benefit from personalized guidance with our specialists dedicated to ensuring...
  • Free Mobile App: Experience seamless integration with SmartPOS, courtesy of the entirely free Retail360...
Bestseller No. 8
Cash Management System, Menu Based Control System Cash Register with Thermal Printer and Keys, 6...
  • 【Cashier's Assistant】This cash register drawer with money clips and compartments for bills and coins...
  • 【Large Capacity】This caja registradora casio para negocio has a built-in cash tray that comes with a...
  • 【Reporting Function】This cash register drawer has a powerful reporting function that supports users...
  • 【Easy to Use】It has powerful sales functions and multiple sales methods, supporting price change,...
  • 【Wide Application】The cash register drawer is ideal for small businesses, retailers, supermarkets,...
Bestseller No. 9
Electronic Cash Register, 48 Keys 8 Digital LED Cash Register with Cash Drawer, Removable Cash Tray...
  • 【Cashier's Assistant】Four compartments with money clips and five coin compartments let you easily...
  • 【Multi-function Cash Register】This register supports general sales, opening sales, membership sales,...
  • 【Printing Function】It small cash register supports users to print periods, daily sales, monthly...
  • 【Multiple Interfaces】The cash register has a standard RS232 barcode reader interface, two RS232...
  • 【Easy to Use】It cash register plugs into the power cord and is ready to use without complicated...
Bestseller No. 10
Nadex CR360 Cash Register, 4700 Lookups 50 Dept 50 Clerks, Quick Load Thermal Printer, Compact Size,...
  • 💵 4 Bill Slots, 8 Coin Slots: stores multiple denominations of currency, with a removable coin tray to...
  • 💵 4700 PLUS, 50 Departments, 50 Cashiers - Easy loading and quick 2-1/4" thermal printing. Easily add...
  • 💵 2 Diplays: 5 Inch LCD Operator Display and 8 Digit Customer DisplayElectronic journal and Financial,...
  • 💵 3 Custom Command Keys: SUP Clerk Key is used to turn off the cash register and preform normal...
  • 💵 Serial Port for connection to barcode scanner, kitchen printer, scale, and PC programming.