Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpener Consumer Reports 2020

Are you in search of the best electric knife sharpener consumer reports? Stop doing that. We have collected the best of best. Here is all that you need to know about the top options.

Although most of the chefs use conventional sharpening tools, the demand for this product is quite booming. The basic cause why these devices get popular is that they can change the old and slow blade into the sharp one very faster as compared to the traditional manual methods.

The Best Electric Knife Sharpener Consumer Reports Evaluated

This electric-powered knife sharpener is of great importance as it is used in a variety of applications like in-home and institutional kitchens and also used in large commercial scale, so the users can get benefit from this convenience. As in this era, no one has extra hours to learn the techniques of the manual knife sharpener, and nobody is always willing to call the professional sharpening facility, so these knife sharpeners are very helping in this regard. Also read about The 8 Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating and The 8 Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers Reviews.

As there are so many devices available in the market the average user may encounter many difficulties purchasing this device. However, one must know the following properties before purchasing this device and look which is the best option available in the market.

1. Number of Blade Slots of a Knife

When a number of blade slots are present this identifies that there must be multiple sharpening processes occurring in the device. The first step is using a harsh surface to grind the blade and the next steps involve the polishing and smoothing of the blade.

Due to the multiple-step process in the electric sharpener, it is ideal to invest in this device, as it works well for sharpening different kinds of knives. Due to the availability of multiple slots knives can be sharpened at different angles as it is very important because of the different variety of the knives. If the blade of knives is not placed at a perfect angle it will not be sharpened.

2. Unit Size

Considering the available space and also the need for knife sharpening you should prefer a larger unit that contains more features and also more compact which saves the storage capacity but contain fewer features.

3. Design

All devices of this kind are available with some features which enhance the overall experience of the users. In order to use more comfortably, some electric sharpeners of knives also come with a handle and a good hold or grip on the side. A non-slippery base is also there to increase safety.

Following is the list of new devices for you if you want to cast aside the blunt blades and are interested in purchasing new ones that sharpen the knives perfectly. Here you have guaranteed to find the best knife sharpener with a perfect cost.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

1. Presto 08800 Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Consumer Reports

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Presto is the leading brand of electric sharpeners of knives in the market and it is quite easy to understand why. In terms of reliability and quality, this product is quite impressive and admired by the people who love cooking. Considering the cost Presto’s08800 model is cost-effective.

Due to Sapphirite rotating wheels, it produces edges that are razor-sharp. Its work is done in two steps, the first step is used to enable knives to be sharpened and ground and the next step used to sharpen the blade. This Sapphirite wheel is quite impressive as its price is low as compared to its quality comparable with the knife sharpeners used in professional shops.

The best angle is achieved by blade guides that hold the knife and are very precise and give the best results as both sides of a blade are treated in a special order equally. If you want to know that which electric sharpener suits best for the knives so you must know that the knives made up of alloy, stainless steel or carbon fits exactly. Sparks fly during the process of sharpening from the knives which are made of carbon but it is not dangerous.

This machine is used to sharpen Serrated knives if it is serrated from one side only. The benefit of this machine is that 3 suction cups are also present on its bottom which maintains a hold on a sharpener because of which it does not slip from the countertop or table. Due to the sharpening process metal fillings are dropped into the receptacles located below which can be easily drained.

This knife sharpener is a low budget, if you want to choose a low expectation sharpener you will be stunned by the sharpening quality. It is a kind of device that only does its work as it does not rely on overpriced or gimmicks features. For the cook who needs a good quality knife sharpener then this Presto 08800 is highly recommended as it is a very good investment.


  • Two-step sharpening process
  • Blade guides with precision
  • SharpeningSapphirite wheels
  • Sharpens most sports knives and non-serrated kitchen knives
  • 3 suction cups present on its bottom
  • 2-wau sharpening
  • High precision
  • Costly

2. Electrically Operated Knives Sharpener by LINKYO

LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

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The knife sharpener by Linkyo allows you a safe and quick knife sharpening practice more comfortably in your home. If you have to work with the knives for a long period of time, having a superior machine which keeps the edges in a correct shape is essential.

With other simplicity in this model, Linkyo undergoes two steps process for sharpening the knives. The first step is used to focus on rejuvenating the blade edges and the angle reshaping while the next step focuses on the finishing of a blade. After performing these two steps there will be a blade which is shapely polished which can be used more effectively and easily.

You don’t have to distress about the mistakes while sharpening the knives because this device is designed to facilitate all types of users, even the users without having any experience can handle this knife sharpener very easily. The position of the blade is set correctly through the auto-blade guide to avoiding any mishap.

To increase safety, this product is equipped with a non-slippery heavy-duty suction cup to ensure that the placement of this machine while using is correct. You do not have to put don’t have to put downward pressure while sharpening the knife, you just have to draw a knife slowly towards you. In case if you unconsciously apply lots of downward pressure, a built-in auto-stop feature will stop your blade from any damage by stopping the sharpener.

The clean-up system for the sharpeners by Linkyo can be completed without any hassle. You just have to empty the receptacle which captures a metal filling with time, and after every use clean the machine with the damp cloth.

Considering money, it is a great knife sharpening process for the kitchen, it just works for the blades with straight-edges but it also does a great job. The knife sharpeners which are electrically operated by Linkyo come with a lot of attractive features that satisfy the users by quickly changing their old blades into sharpening ones. Considering all of its features this product is not only reliable but also cost-effective.


  • Auto- blade locating guides
  • Two stages of Sharpening
  • Non-slippery suction cup
  • A Feature of” Stop”
  • Receptacles with are Mess-free
  • Designed for the blades which are straight-edged
  • polarized plug with 3.5 feet cord
  • auto blading
  • 2-way sharpening
  • High precision
  • Costly

3. 270 Hybrid three Step Knife Sharpener of Chef Choice

Chef’s Choice 270 Hybrid 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

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The hybrid technology of cutting-edge, this 270 sharpener of knives by Chef’s Choice has both manual and electric stages of sharpening which gives unmatched sharp edges of the razor. It works well with knives of straight edges and gives a sharpened edge to the knives which have dull edges besides many different kinds of knives. The most interesting quality of this device is the technology of Criss Cross. This device is not only appreciated by the professional chefs and also by home chiefs because it turns a dull blade into a blade with the strong ’bite’.

This 270 hybrid Chef’s Choice knife sharpener has three steps. The initial two steps are the electric ones. Due to 100% diamond mordanting, this machine sharpens the edges efficiently and quickly to gain a high level of sharpening. The last stage and the final stage is honing and polishing that arch-shaped corner which is durable and much stronger. In this step, serrated edges will be sharpened.

A huge variety of knives can be sharpened with this hybrid sharpener. With kitchen and household knives, this product also does well with pocket and sports knives. Though the parts of this machine are not localized, this is assembled and manufactured in the United States of America which means you will get a valuable product at a low cost.

Considering all the features of 270 hybrid knife sharpener which are mentioned on this device is highly positive. This model is available in two colors that are black and white making it a good bonus. It is a much more advanced device as all of its capabilities and features are balanced carefully with the price of a machine. This electric sharpener is a product that must be purchased because of its advanced features.

Taking everything that’s been said about the Chef’s Choice 270 hybrid electric knife sharpener into account, the verdict is a highly positive one. This model comes in two color variants, white and black, which is a nice bonus. After carefully balancing the features and capabilities of this machine with its price, it’s pretty clear that this is a product fully worth buying if you want an electric knife sharpener that’s a bit more advanced.


  • Sharpens pocket, kitchen, straight, sporting and serrated.
  • Hybrid Technology with advanced 3 stage
  • A Technology of Criss-cross sharpening
  • Abrasive wheels of diamond
  • Long-lasting brushed rustles steel knives guide
  • High sharpening
  • Long lasting
  • Costly

4. Electrically Operated Knife Sharpener 15 Trizor XV Edge Select by Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener

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15 Trizor XV Edge Select by Chef’s Choice is highly recommended for those who are interested in entering the race of electrically operated knife sharpeners. It is provided with a lot of features but at the same time, its cost is relatively higher. There are three steps sharpener which is able to convert serrated blades or dull edges into a sharp one.

This device is perfect for converting knife edges of 20-degree into a high performance 15 degree Trizor XV. It is also able to sharp single-bevel or double-bevel knives of 15 degrees without any problem. Another feature of this device is spring guide flexibility. Due to these spring guides, very high accuracy of sharpening angle is achieved which ensures very sharp edges not only for thin but also for thick knife blades.

An extremely good performance is provided as the blade is sharpened at an angle of 15-degrees. A long-lasting thinner blade is made by the unique technology that is a triple-bevel edge. An arch-shaped triple-bevel edge operating at 15-degree is long-lasting and will not be serrated very fast as compared to the traditional ’V-shaped’ or hollow-ground edges.

To obtain sharp blades the sharpening can be done in three steps. The first step is making an arch-shaped bevel edge with approximately an angle of 15-degrees. The next step is the formation of an arch-shape second bevel in an abrasive finer diamond shape.

The last step is to reduce metal removal in an extremely good manner which is done by elastic stropping disks that sharpen the edges. Finally, microscopically smooth sharp edges are created and an arch-shaped edge with the smallest bevel is made.

If you want to invest in your knives, then purchasing a more professional knife sharpener will be an excellent choice. Due to all the features mentioned above this Trizor XV from Chef’s Choice is really an outstanding option. This is such a good investment that at the initial state you might be hesitant but after getting used to it you will not leave it.


  • Very-sharp XV 15 technology
  • Flexible and advanced spring guides
  • 3-Steps EdgeSelect process
  • stropping disks which are flexible
  • Sharpens both serrated blades and straight edge
  • Flexible to use
  • Not too safe to use

5. Professional Electrically Operated Knife Sharpener 08810 by Presto

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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The 08810 knife sharpener by Presto gives such an outstanding result in an inexpensive way. It is so accurate and efficient that it can handle any dull knife without any difficulty. Many features are present in this device to excite you so now take a look at the qualities of the following three-step sharpener.

A worth mentioning feature of this device is the blade selector which is adjustable due to which accurate sharpening angles will be achieved. There are different kinds of knives from which many knives are comparatively thicker as hunting knives and some are considerably thinner so for every kind of knife blade the machine can be adapted. The default setting is good for kitchen knives and chef’s knives.

This product is reliable as it consists of a three-step process, it starts with a coarse-grinding wheel of Sapphirite to sharpen the blade to achieve the ideal angle. The next step also continuous the sharpening process but with the medium-grinding wheel of the Sapphirite to create an accurate edge for the blade. The last step of this process is polishing and finishing the blade with the ceramic wheel of extra-fine-grit to give the blade a sharp edge.

It is highly recommended to use it in sharpening sporting and kitchen knives by Presto. This treatment is also beneficial for dull knives. Considering the noise factor this machine is comparatively very quiet as compared to other machines.

This machine is practically easy to use and handle, the 08810 by Presto manages to obtain a position on the list as it offers the best quality at such a low price. It is very difficult to find such a low price electrically operated knife sharpener with many outstanding features. It is not suitable for the high-end knives but it is not a big deal as it can deal with commonly used knives at home without any problem.


  • 3 Step Sharpening System
  • Adjustable blade guides
  • Santoku knives can be sharpen
  • Grinding wheel of Sapphirite
  • Sharpens sport and kitchen knives
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • 3 step sharpening
  • Fast blading
  • Doesn’t handle large loads

6. 130 Knife-Sharpening Station for Professional by Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

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Another knife sharpener that gathers your eyes is 130 by Chef’s Choice, a professional tool of knife sharpening which can handle different types of knives with 20-degree very easily. It consists of three-step process and has the capacity to deliver an impressive performance forever challenging task related to cutting.

Stropping, sharpening and steeling a knife are difficult tasks to perform and everyone does not have all the skills and experience to do that. From this machine one can achieve a very fine edge and this can be achieved without much effort.

Chef’s Choice 130 sharpener is also compatible with a large variety of instruments used for cutting like the more common kitchen and household knives and also sports, santoku, and pocket knives. A large level of variety is provided to the professional cook or chef as it consists of the three-step sharpening process. A built-in accurate angle guide is also present in this device for each stage which maintains sharpness.

In the initial step, a conical rotating disk consists of diamond abrasives (100%) which sharpen the whole knife edges without any risk of damage. The blade of the knife will never be de-tempered and talking about the quality of the knife will last for a long period of time.

The second step of this process is to develop sharp edges. Due to the accurate angle guide along with hard miniature steel, the sharpening of the knife is upgraded to the next stage. Sharpness will be delivered by microscopic serrations that match with steeled edges of professionals.

In the last stage, it will use the abrasive disk process to give the final touch to sharpening and polishing the edges. This will be achieved whenever you want to maintain the additional sharpness of the blade.

The 130 by Chef’s Choice is made up of the sturdy polymer, designed to provide an incredible

sharpening to the knives without compromising on durability and safety. This device has the ability to resolve the past problem related to dull knives. This is a very recommended device for everyone who needs a premium knife sharpening tool for their knives used in the kitchen.


  • Diamond abrasives (100%)
  • Compatible with manytypes and brands of knives
  • Stropping disk flexibility
  • Foolproof sharpening through angle-guides
  • Sturdy construction
  • Stabilizing feet
  • High compatibility
  • Sturdy
  • stable
  • costly

7. 3-Step PEtec Electrically Operated Knife Sharpener by Wüsthof

Wüsthof – 3-Stage PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener

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It came due to the special partnership between Chef’s Choice and Wusthof, this electrically operated knife sharpener performs it’s work in three steps and regards to the technology of precision edge which can maintain angle for different types of blades. If you need a knife with high quality every time, then this is a good investment for you.

This design by Wusthof is mainly for dull blades, to make them look new. The sharpening process undergoes three steps which involve polishing, sharpening, and honing at an angle of 14-degrees. In the initial step, a conical rotating disk consists of diamond abrasives (100%) which sharpen the whole knife edges without any risk of damage. In second step edge refining is done through a diamond wheel of the finer grid. In the final step, finishing is done through the stropping material which finally sharpens the blade of the knife.

The technology related to this machine is Precision Edge which gives a difference because of its amazing results each time. It handles almost every knife of western-style and will convert them into a very sharp tool on which you will depend upon.

To maintain the sharpener in a good condition, it is highly recommended to clean the sharpener with a wet cloth after every use. As the dust particles gather underneath the sharpener after some months so it must be cleaned after a short interval.

German kitchen knives by Wusthof are of very high quality and the sharpener is boomed for the American market because it is made by Chef’s Choice which copes with the electrical standards of the USA.

The primary task of an electric sharpener is to give an edge to a mostly used knife of the chief. Most people claim that razor-sharp edges of knives cannot be achieved without the aid of the professional but it is proved by this knife sharpener that this is wrong. This knife is used for paper slicing and also to remove little hair from your arm. This is really a good investment but precautionary measures must be taken as one can harm himself very easily.


  • Technology with Precision Edge
  • 3-step electrically operated knife sharpener
  • Abrasive wheel of 100% diamond
  • Updated stropping material
  • Sharpening angle of 14-degree
  • 3 step sharpening
  • High precision
  • Consumes high power

8. 220 Hybrid two Step Knife Sharpener by Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

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If you need a knife sharpener that is hybrid, then the 220 Chef’s Choice is an extremely good choice which sharpens serrated and straight edge knife blades at 20-degree. All the needs of your sharpening processes are handled without any difficulty because the technology it uses is CrissCross and also because of two steps.

The initial step includes honing; the first step includes sharpening which is an electric step. A combination of both steps will result in a durable and strong edge of arch-shaped. In order to achieve the usage of only 100% diamond abrasive wheels at every step, the next step is the manual step. Because of the diamond abrasives of micron size, an extremely sharp edge is obtained. This product has very high sharpening potential as this sharpener is capable of keeping the edges in shape.

Due to the technology of the CrissCross which provides very good razor-sharpness, unlike the old dull blades which cannot even cut butter. For better and quick results, the sharpening wheel can also sharpen the edges perfectly.

The 220 hybrids can be used with a large variety of knives such as serrated and straight models as well as for pocket and sports knives. It is much safer for kind of knives and highly recommended for kitchen and household blades but it cannot go smoothly with scissors.

Justification of a large expense for the electric sharpener is not very easy when you just have to maintain or correct your knife edges and nothing else. The 220 hybrid by Chef’s Choice is a very suitable choice having different features for those who don’t want to invest too much on this device.


  • Manual and electric sharpening with hybrid technology
  • 2 steps
  • Works with serrated or straight knives
  • abrasive wheels of 100% diamond
  • Technology of Criss-Cross
  • 2-wau sharpening
  • High precision
  • Abrasive
  • costly

9. 250 Hybrid Diamond Hone Three Step Knife Sharpener by Chef’s Choice

Chef’s Choice 250 Hybrid Diamond Hone 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

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Chef’s Choice is the best choice available in a market for those who want an electrically-powered knife sharpener with good quality. It consists of three steps and it uses a hybrid technology which combines both manual and electric stages which applies a razor-sharp edge on the blades of knives very quickly.

Ideal for all types of knives of 20-degree class, this 250 knife sharpener is able to sharp the variety of blades including knives with fine and serrated edges. Household and kitchen knives can be sharpened through this device and even pocket and sports knives can get benefit through this device.

Chef’s Choice combined three steps for creating a triple-bevel edge. The first two steps are electric in which diamond abrasives are used to do the job of shaping along with sharpening the first two bevel edges. The last step is manual, the blade is polished and honed with fine diamonds which results in more durable and stronger edges compared with the hollow or V-shaped edges. Now the edge will show razor-sharpness.

The Advantage of a manual step is that you don’t need the power to use it, it will be used every time on your demand. To maintain a good shape, you need to polish the edge with time without supplying power to the machine.

To make your knife extra sharp through this machine you need to carefully follow all the instructions with patience. 250 Hybrid by Chef’s Choice is a very good choice for a different variety of knives and only a process involving three steps must be followed. Within this range, it is very difficult to purchase such a knife sharpener with so many impressive features. Forgiving life to the dull knives it is highly recommended.


  • hybrid technology involving
  • Serrated, kitchen, sporting, straight and pocket knives can be sharpening
  • Class knives with 20-degree
  • Extremely-thin diamond abrasives
  • abrasive
  • complicated to handle

10. Electrically Operated Diamond Knife Sharpener for Stainless Steel and Ceramic Knives by Shenzhen

Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Knives

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As everyone knows that slicing of vegetables, bread, and meat with the dull knife is very difficult. One solution is throwing off the old blade but you can also put new life into it. For achieving this electric sharpener by Shenzhen Knives is a very suitable choice as it sharpens efficiently and quickly.

The lifetime of the diamond wheel is not very long; it is typically not more than a year. Though it depends upon the extent by which you use it. Due to its low price, this machine is more suitable for the professional and home cooks whose needs and demands are not very high.

It sharpens the blades at two different angles of 18-degree and 20-degree, an electrically operated knife sharpener by the Shenzhen is not very much suited for professional cooks with more advance knives. A very good job is done by this sharpener for the kitchen and household knives at a very low price and it also provides reliability and high quality for the customers. This article is about the best electric knife sharpener consumer reports.


  • 2 settings for a crushing stone: fine and coarse
  • Universal Knife Guide Slot
  • Two-Step Sharpening Process
  • Detachable diamond wheel cylinder
  • Precision Sharpening Diamond Wheel
  • 2-wau sharpening
  • High precision
  • costly