Top 4 Best Hard Drive For Photo Storage 2020

Is your old drive out of order? Do you want to purchase a new hard drive? Are you looking best hard drive for photo storage? If you are confused about which hard drive is the best, then you need not worry anymore.

Read our article, and you will get an answer to all your questions. We have given a list of hard drives. Moreover, in order to save yourself from the trouble of spending hours in selecting the hard drives for photography, take the help of our buyer’s guide. You might like also the article about the best wireless external hard drive.

Is your PC slowing down due to the excess storage of photography data? Well, it is time to buy a good external hard drive. External Hard drives are meant to connect with laptops, mobile phones, and other devices. If you want to back up your stored data on your laptop or computer, then hard drives are the most affordable way to do it. All you have to do is to connect your PC or computer with the hard drive and backup your data. Your data will automatically get stored in the hard drive, and you are good to add more stuff in your PC without the risk of losing the previous one.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Hard Drive for Photo Storage

One of the most important devices that are needed for sound devices, laptops, and computers is an external hard drive. If you are not sure about which features make a hard drive the best one, then keep reading our review. You will get a complete guide and information on external Hard drives.

In the following review, we will give you a detail description of some basics of external hard drives. If you do not want to regret spending a handsome amount of money, then you have to consider some aspects of the hard drives.

Storage Capacity:

The first and the essential thing that you must keep in mind that external hard drive is is its storage capacity. There is a rule of thumb for you about the storage of hard drives. The higher the storage capacity of external hard drives, the better.

The storage capacity you need depends entirely upon your requirements. But there is nothing wrong with having a hard disk with plenty of space.

Previously these devices had storage range in megabytes. But with the increasing demand for hard drives and the use of laptops, their storage range has increased. Most external hard drives offer memory range in terabytes. 2TB memory is considered a suitable disk space for downloading and storing stuff like recitations, translations, etc. 2TB storage space is capable of storing a large number of documents and thousands of recitals, etc.

Portable and durable:

Another feature of external hard drives that you must not forget is their durability and portability. Your external hard disk must be durable enough to withstand bumps and minor falls. Moreover, the more compact and portable design is easy to store and carry. Pocket size hard drives are the best.


Storage is not the only thing that determines the quality of the external drive. There is another factor called transfer speed that can not be ignored. No one wants to wait for hours while backing up their files. People who transfer a larger number of files to their hard drives knows the importance of hard drive speed. The drives that have speed greater than 5600rmp are usually considered good ones.

4 Best External Hard drives:

Now that you have a rough idea about the hard drives, let’s jump right into the best 2TB External Hard Drives before wasting any more time.

1. The Toshiba Canvio Advance

Best Hard Drive for Photo Storage

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Toshiba is one of the best brands that have never failed to deliver quality at affordable rates.

Toshiba Canvio’s advance has topped on the list of the best portable external hard drives due to its unique features and specifications. This compact USB device has a store about 3TB of data. You will never run low on memory if you own this high-performance device.

In order to allow people to choose one according to their taste, it is available in four colors. Blue, black, red, and white. Plastic case and glossy finishing make it elegant, and decent pocket-sized hard drive.

It is not one of those devices that fail to work with gaming devices. Whether you want to connect it with your PC or your Xbox, it recognized them all.

The best this about this device is its security software. It blocks unknown or unauthorized devices to access your data until they enter the password.

Another feature that makes Toshiba Canvio unique is its automatic backup. Every external hard drive is meant for backing up the data. But only a few offer automatic backup. Just set the time interval and data limit, and you are good to go without worrying about losing data again.

The company offers two years warranty. You can get your cashback if your device fails to show expected performance.

  • Password protection and auto back up software make it unique of its quality.
  • It has a compatible and lightweight design.
  • A 2TB of Toshiba external hard drive has a speed of 5600rmp, which is pretty good at this price.
  • The device sometimes stops working after a few days use, although Toshiba gives a money-back guarantee, it can’t recover your data.
  • It has no rubber feet, due to which there is a risk of its breaking.
  • The automatic backup software sometimes fails, you can lose your data if this happens.
  • It makes a strange clicking sound that is irritating for some people.

2. Fantom Drives 2TB External Hard Drives

Best Hard Drive for Photo Storage

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Fantom is another company famous for manufacturing reliable hard drives. One of its bestselling products is Fantom Drives 2 TB external hard drive G force.

GF32000EU is pretty expensive, but when it comes to its features, they are worth spending this much money. An aluminum casing allows it to withstand bumps and makes it durable. It comes in black color. To make it noise-free, the company has installed a fan-free design. One can place it horizontally or vertically depending upon the available space.

Unlike other devices that fail to work after a particular time, this device is reliable. In order to give you an increased speed for transporting your files, it features USB 3 connection. For USB 3, its rate is 7200rmp for 2 TB external hard drives. So, no need to wait for hours while backing up your files.

It is an optimal solution to all your storage problems. It is the best design that allows connectivity with MAC, PC, and laptops. Advanced featured, and high quality makes it reliable and gives you maximum performance.

  • Aluminum casing provides extra protection to it.
  • 7200rmp speed makes it one of the fastest hard drives.
  • GF32000 is not portable. In fact, its size is large, that makes it hard to store it.
  • It is one of the expensive hard drives in the market. You will have to spend a lot of money to get it.
  • Although the company claims it to be noise-free, it does make a sound.
  • The blue LED light is really irritating for the eyes.
  • It does not work with x box and play stations.

3. Silicon Power Armour A60

Best Hard Drive for Photo Storage

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Another external hard drive that has succeeded to be in the list of the best four hard drives is Silicon power armor a60.

The best feature of this device is its ultra protection. First of all, it is water-resistant. So you need not worry about pound ring a glass of water on it, or splitting coffee accidentally. It can easily withstand such factors. It is specifically designed to withstand a great degree of torture, as it has an inner suspension framework. But when it comes to ruggedness, it meets the standards of the US military due to its silicone casing.

The company offers a complete guide about how to use and how to maintain this external device. It comes with a USB cable. No external power source or battery source is needed to run it.

  • The speed of silicon power armor A60 is comparable with that of Fantom drives. 2TB external drive can transfer files at the rate of 7200rmp.
  • It is compatible with PS4 and XBOX.
  • It was supposed to be portable, but actually, its size is more prominent than pocket-size hard drives.
  • It has a bulky design as compared to other portable devices.
  • Unlike other hard drives that offer automatic backup, it does not offer such backup options.
  • Moreover, a traditional micro 3.0 USB cable is not compatible with the device.

4. Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

Best Hard Drive for Photo Storage

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Seagate portable hard drive is one of the best-reviewed devices on the Amazon. This slim and pocket size design is available in multiple colors.

This device supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectivity. Although it is compatible with windows, mac books, etc., the same can’t be said about other devices.

Seagate portable hard drive comes with its own 18 inch USB cable.

  • These external hard drives are portable and have a pocket-size design.
  • Their transfer speed is pretty good.
  • The logo is the only thing that makes it elegant.
  • Its performance is not excellent.
  • It costs more than the other backup slim models.
  • The company hasn’t specified its speed.
  • It is only suitable for storage purpose; it fails when it comes to connectivity with other devices.