Top 5 Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio 2020

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Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio
Best Headset Microphone for Speaking
Best Headset for Recording Youtube Videos

Do you want to buy the best headset microphone for recording audio? Do you want it for personal purposes or recording naat for your youtube channel? If you’re going to have the best microphone for recording, then you are in the right place.

Whenever the matter is for selecting microphones, every beginner thinks about the best possible options available in the market. Well, the truth is that the best microphones cost more than $3000. And this price is too ridiculous for basic recordings. But, the good news for vocalists is that there are plenty of different cheaper alternatives as well. You might like also other articles about The 5 Best Meat Grinder for Venison and The 5 Best Pens for Drawing on Rocks.

Not all the microphone for recording audio is good. While searching for the best microphone for recording audio, you need to spend some time figuring out your preferences as well as your budget. For preferences, keep in mind the feel, sound, and energy of vocal audio recordings. In this post, we have listed 5 best microphones for recording audios, scroll down to read more!

Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio

1. Oneodio Adapter-Free professional DJ Headphones

Best Headset Microphone for Recording Audio

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If you are looking for professional DJ headphones with high definition and balanced sound, then oneodio Adapter free headphones should be your first choice. It has a large, 50 mm speaker unit which works in combination with neodymium magnets. This speaker unit is responsible for reproducing the dynamics of your sound and delivers controlled and powerful bass. Clear vocals and high balanced tones lead to perfect sound demanded by professional audiophiles and DJs.

These headphones are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during use. The ear pads have necessary cushioning for giving maximum support to ears. Their comfortable and stable design makes them suitable for extended sessions and long term use. Unlike low-quality headphones, Oneodio headphones have a slider to allow you to adjust and stretch the headphones according to your needs.

In addition to the slider, the ear cups are designed to tilt left and right to cover the ears entirely. The best thing about these headphones is that they are travel-friendly. One can fold them into a compact design and carry them easily when on the move. Thus, no matter whether you are a teenager or an adult, these headphones are suitable for everyone.

The best thing about these headphones is that they are adapter free. A 6.3mm and 3.5mm plugs are present on a 9.8-foot long cord. One can connect them with any mixer. Moreover, one does not need to stay bound with their mixer; one can detach them whenever one wants.

The stylish look of these headphones does not cause any problem to the durability and stability of the headphones. Their matte plastic and glossy finishing make them suitable for long term use. In addition to the plastic casing, they have a rubbery finishing. One can use them in the professional DJ booth for years.

These headphones can connect with any device. Whether it is an iPhone device or android, they work with all of them.

  • Extra comfortable ear pads.
  • Compact design with folding feature.
  • The sound quality of not perfect.
  • Speakers sometimes fail after using a few weeks.
  • Heavy design, especially base.
  • Flat design.
  • Do not work correctly with mobile phones.

Best Headset Microphone for Speaking

2. Behringer HPX2000 Headphones

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones

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If you are looking for the best studio headphones at an affordable price, then Behringer HPX3000 headphones are the best choice you have. No other headphones are offering quality like Behringer HPX2000 in this price range. Those people that have a small studio budget can go for these headphones without a second thought.

The first notable feature of these headphones is their comfortable ad sleek design. The ear cups and headband are adjustable o fit any sized head. Oval shaped padding covers the earcups to fit over the head. These headphones have silver finishing, which makes them unique. The headband is also padded to give maximum comfort. Whether you are looking for quality sound for your studio or affordable headphones for your home use, HPX2000 Is the best.

The highly efficient cobalt capsules are responsible for giving super bright high tones and HD bass. In addition to the high transparent tones, cobalt capsules also offer a high dynamic range, which makes sure to give rich and distortion-free sound. The bass is clear and accurate even for low frequencies.

The small-sized 40mm drivers are mounted in the ear cups, which have comfortable cushioning. Although they are not super durable, they will not fall apart if you keep them with care. Most people who have reviewed these headphones say that they are pretty durable.

A single-sided cord is attached to one of the two ear cups. The cord is not detachable, so the headphones come with an adapter. The length of this cable is pretty considerable i.e., 6 feet, but its thickness is pretty low. Due to the thin cable, one has to be extra careful while using these headphones.

  • These headphones are no expensive.
  • The sound quality is pretty good.
  • Earcups are not in an oval shape.
  • The cord is not detachable instead it is fixed.
  • Plastic casing makes them look cheap.
  • Sometimes sound gets distorted.
  • The design of the headphones is not comfortable.

Best Headset for Recording Youtube Videos

3. Audio Technica ATH M20x Headset

Audio Technica ATH M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

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M series is a well-known series of Audio Technica due to the massive success of M50 and M40. But M20x is one of the most affordable headsets of ATH M20x. It has a classic design which makes its overall look decent. The black color and plastic casing make them look like high-end headphones.

The design of M20x is pretty lightweight as compared to the other models of M series. It weighs about 190g. Although 180 gram is not super light, it still succeeds in maintaining the comfort of the headphone. The padded headband is enough to support the weight without causing any fatigue to its user. The padded ears make them suitable for hourly working sessions, without any discomfort. In addition to the padding and lightweight, the earcups are oval-shaped, which helps them to fit the ears entirely. The isolation is also acceptable.

Although the comfort level is pretty good, they are not portable. The ear cups can neither be folded nor can rotate more than 15 degrees. One needs to take good care of them. So one needs excess space to carry them as they are not travel-friendly.

It does not have any enhanced sound or bass performance, but it gives a soft and muffled sound. But the sound quality meets the basic needs of cheap studio headphones. So we can say the sound quality is pretty good, the bass is clear and audible. No other headset is offering this sound quality in this price range.

The cable is not detachable, but it is also not inconvenient. It is attached at one side of the ear cup and is pretty long.

The sound quality automatically increases if you attach them with powerful audio devices e.g., your pc instead of androids. This is because smartphones and androids have low-powered amplifiers.

  • ATH M20x are affordable headphones.
  • They have excellent sound quality.
  • The design of headphones is neither compact nor portable.
  • They fail to work with smartphones.
  • The bass quality is not at all enhanced.
  • The cable passes through the headset. So, one needs to take care of the headset to keep the cord intact.
  • The headband has slider adjustments.

4. Sony MDR7506 Headset Microphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

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When it comes to electronics or headphones, Sony is one of the most well known and trusted brands. Sony MDR7905 is the first choice of professional artists and recording engineers. It is one of the oldest and reliable headphones. Although it was designed for pro-market, it gains its popularity in the consumer market.

The best thing about these headsets is excellent sound quality at an affordable price. Same as any high-end headphones, they use neodymium magnets to produce a clear and distortion-free sound. The closed-back design will protect its listener from external noises. So, these features make them suitable for studio use.

These headphones come with a non-detachable cord, which is 9.8 feet long. The cable is spiral so that it will cause less discomfort than other wires. The best thing about these headphones is their portable and compact design. These headphones are designed specifically to fit in everywhere. They are foldable, which allows them to be travel-friendly.

The earcups are padded and are covered on the back to provide maximum durability. Although they are not the most compact headphones, they will fit in your bag easily without occupying much space. The padding of the earcup is not long-lasting. But it is replaceable and will not cost you a massive amount.

  • Good sound quality.
  • Portable and compact design.
  • The quality of these headphones is not the best.
  • The cord is not detachable.
  • They do not work on mobile phones.
  • An online remote or microphone is absent.
  • They do not show a flat frequency response.

5. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone

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Sennheiser HD280PRO are famous for their durable and comfortable design. The earcups are padded excessively to give extra cushioning. The leather headband gives a sleek and modern look to the headphones. In order to provide additional flexibility, the headband is attached with the ear cups to form a hinge and swivel design. The unique and adjustable design makes them able to cover all heads properly. The extra padding not only gives comfort but also blocks noise isolation and additional sounds.

These headphones have excellent sound quality, both high and low notes are pretty audible and clear.

Due to their unique designs and features, they are perfect for listening in loud environments. Moreover, one does not need to care about fatigue or discomfort because the extra padding and swivel design make sure to get rid of both of them.

Another notable feature of these headphones is that they come with a long and coiled cable. The cable can attach to any of the two ear cups. The company offers two years warranty for these headsets. So, you can always get your money back if they fail to work correctly.

  • Excellent noise isolation.
  • High-quality design.
  • Coiled cables sometimes strain connectors.
  • If you move your head a lot while using them, then this is not the best thing for you.
  • These headphones are not affordable.
  • The cable is not detachable.

Things to Consider When Buying Headphones For Recording Audio


When you are focusing on tracking, which means that recording a new naat at the time of listening to a mix in headphones, then the best choice is to opt for closed-back headphones. These have the best isolation of sound and stops the spilling over of the mix you are listening to at the time of recording through microphones.


Although according to professionals, open-back headphones are the perfect choice for mixing and monitoring at times when you are not using studio monitors, advancements in the technology of headphones and microphones in the past few years show that many closed-back headphones can perform quite well for this role. It means that you can use single closed-back headphones for both monitoring and tracking. It will be a viable choice if you have a tight budget.


It’s a highly subjective topic. If you are making use of your headphones for only an hour, then you need not worry much. But if your work requires wearing headphones for long hours a day without a break, then you should take into account the comfortability level of headphones. In the majority of the cases, microphones or headphones manufacturers give information regarding how much pressure will be exerted by the ear cups. But this resulting pressure is not the same for all heads and ears because the pressure is the result of both the force and the surface area of the cups on your ears or head.

If there is a specific design or brand which worked well in the past, then go for buying something similar to that, otherwise, always read feedback of customers on new products. Or another option is to try to wear the headset on ears before buying.

Breaking In

It’s a little bit controversial topic. Most headphones experts such as some audiophiles and audio engineers said that the professional headphones don’t sound or perform at their best immediately after taking out of the package. Generally, you need to use them for up to 24 hours so that the drivers can loosen up to optimum usage levels. According to experts, if you are not following this, then the recording voice may sound harsh during the initial using hours while many people don’t have an agreement to this view. It is still recommended to follow this viewpoint, but it is not compulsory anymore as they might become ‘broke-in’ after using them for so many hours consistently.

Types of Recording Headset Microphones

Apart from the budget, choosing the best headset for recording audio will be the primary key here. We have narrowed it down to some of the best types for vocal recording microphones. 

Condenser microphones:

Condenser microphones are the famous kinds of microphones for recording audios as they can alone record everything. The reason behind this functionality is their internal builds which are optimal for their detail and sensitivity, that is, of course, helpful at the time of recording vocals for naat. They are built correctly and contain polar patterns that assist in isolating sound for recording only what is in front of the microphone, contrary to microphones which are developed for other kinds of uses.

Tube microphones:

Technically, still, the condenser microphone or tube mics are sometimes lined with old age days. To most of us, “old” recording may sound even better than super-mastered, digital-based sounds in this age. Tube microphones have distinct internal builds as compared to usual condensers, and if you are aware of this, these contain tubes that handle audio while in other mics it is done through transistors. The resulting sound is different, though really depending and subjective on the recorder and listener. It is recommended to try the microphones by recording and listening to voice and decide whether or not these tube mics suits you best or not as compared to the regular condenser.

USB microphones:

Though not regarded as a separated type, since these are also technically condensers, we still keeping these in a separate category for some reason. For one, these are much easier to use, especially for beginner vocalists as you need to plug them in your system or laptop only and these get power, and then you can use them that way. In terms of price, these are much affordable as compared to professional condenser mics. However, in terms of quality, these are not that good as compared to condenser mics. You will also be unable to hook them up to an audio or preamp interface for bringing flexibility in the recording. It all depends on what you need and want at this stage of your recording career.


Selecting the right headset mic that matches your requirements boils down to finding the features which make them unique than others. It is easier said than done, taking into account that the majority of the terms utilized for explaining these products are self-explanatory and are challenging to understand. Luckily, this buying guide was created to save you from this hassle of thorough googling just for finding the top headset microphone for recording audio. No matter, whatever your choice is; if you select any of these products, then you will be purchasing a mic that actually worth your money in terms of versatility and quality sound.

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