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Are you looking to buy a self-balancing scooter or hoverboard for your kid? Are you find the best hoverboard for the money?

Well, you have come to the right place for the best self-balancing scooters and hoverboards because they are in trend nowadays. It is one of the favorite activities of the kids and adults to spend their time with full of fun. You will be able to get the best information about the best electric scooters and the best electric skateboard in this article too.

Instead of engaging your children into other gadgets that may compel them to stay indoors, it is better to prefer the ones who are up to date and keep them engaged in outdoor activities. These activities of hoverboards and scooters keep them healthy and also helps them in interacting with different people. Just make sure to make the right choice of getting the best hoverboard and scooter for your child so they can use it for a long time.

When you look through different places for the hoverboards and scooters, I am sure you would get confused and would not be able to decide. Well, there are certain features that can help you pick the best scooter or hoverboard for your child. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Safety

You have to consider the factor of safety such as the wheels and the balancing of the wheels on the rough roads. You cannot go after your child while they are riding the hoverboard or the scooter you have to look for the high-quality material in it and how it’s made. It needs to be strong so that it does not harm the child.

2. Light in weight

The scooter and the hoverboard need to be light in weight, so the ride is smooth and without any obstacles. It will be convenient for your child to carry it anywhere and make their ride fun without worrying that they have to manage their weight along with the weight of the gadget.

3. The Speed

Measure the speed and range it covers during the ride. Sometimes the quality of the hoverboards is so good, but they are not able to catch the speed due to the wheels. When the board is on the road, it needs to be smooth and should be able to ride fast.

It is your time you pick the criteria which you want for the best hoverboard or scooter for your child and then look for those options. Check out the amazing list of self-balancing scooters and hoverboards, so you can make the right decision and make the fun time for your kid.

The Best Hoverboard For The Money Reviews

1. Self-balanced Durable Scooter by Swagton 

best hoverboard for the money

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A balance in the ride is necessary for you to enjoy the scooter and scooter by Swagton is the best scooter to select when you have to select it for your kids. The quality of the material is excellent and durable for you to depend on it no matter how far the kids may take while riding it. It is one self-adjusting bike that you can smoothly ride and works with the iOS applications as well. The application helps you measure the route and keep track of the ride where the kid may go.

The ride is 7.5 mph, and it can ride up to 8 miles. The lightweight of this scooter makes it a special feature to purchase. The maintenance of this scooter is easy as well, and you do not have to work with it a lot as well. There are long batter hours which you can work with, and easy navigation helps you in finding the way to the places where you want to go. There is self-control on the ride which helps you in tuning the scooter.

You can easily manage the high speed by keeping the scooter balanced with the UL support of the ride as well. It is affordable to purchase and does not matter if it is raining, there will be no effect on the ride, or it would never get dirty.

You have to maintain a normal weight on this scooter so that it does not go out of balance. This is the only drawback of this scooter so make sure if you are considering for a light-weighted person then consider this option.


  • 5 mph
  • 8 miles range
  • Light in weight
  • Long battery hours
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick navigation
  • Self-control
  • Tunes support
  • High speed
  • Long-range
  • Strong wheels
  • Rubber Tires
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • UL support certified
  • Can’t endure weight

2. UL Scooter by Segway

Segway MiniPro

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THE UL scooter by Segway is one of the extraordinary scooters which is customized and has alarming support as well. There is a great speed controller which lets you measure the speed and keep in control while your child is riding it. This scooter is reliable, so you can depend on it and trust that it will never hurt your child. The frame is made out of magnesium which is durable for a long time, and no matter how much your kid rides it, it will always be strong. You can adjust the speed of the tires, and also there is a space for the comfortable kneebar on which you can rest if you get tired while riding the scooter.

The UL makes it powerful to operate, and with the sensor ability, you can enjoy the great speed of this amazing scooter. The speed of 10 mph enables people to consider this scooter among others. It can ride up to 14 miles range and won’t get damaged as well. The only thing which needs to be considered is that if it is raining then prefer to stay indoor otherwise, there is a chance of the wheels getting slipped while riding. The lithium battery is capable of working for more than 6 hours, so it makes it a great choice for you to consider when you are looking for a scooter for your child. The decent features allow you to keep track of all the speed and security while they are away having fun with their friends.


  • Customization support
  • Alarm support
  • Speed controller
  • Durable
  • Magnesium frame
  • Kneebar support
  • 10 mph
  • 12-mile range
  • Endures heavy load
  • Balanced
  • Stable ride
  • Comfortable
  • Safe knee pad
  • Great speed
  • Long battery
  • Not water resistant

3. Tough EPIKGO Scooter with Self-balance

EPIKGO’s All-Terrain, Self-Balancing Scooter

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The Self-balancing scooter off-road self-adjusting bike resembles the beast truck of bikes. In spite of its late section into the marker, EPIKGO figured out how to become well known by making a top notch item that conveys something new to the table. This massive self-adjusting bike is stuffed with effective highlights advertisement strict security benchmarks that make it a result of both uncommon well being and execution.

Because of its 400W double engine and 8.5-inch composite wheels, EPIKGO’s self-adjusting bike is fit for taking care of a territory easily while giving a smooth-riding knowledge. The engine is equipped with pushing the bike with speeds up to 10 mph, which is unquestionably viewed as quick among different models.

The durable, strong elastic tires make this conceivable on a wide range of landscapes. From grass to soil, slanted streets, the EPIKGO has got you secured.

It didn’t compromise with regards to wellbeing either. This self-adjusting bike is UL-guaranteed and applies and has a portion of the most astounding security includes in the whole business. Overheating or power-related episodes are to a great degree improbable to occur with those safety efforts set up. To make riding more secure amid the night, it has front and back LED lights to give a better ride to the street and making the self-adjusting bike’s riderless demanding to spot.


  • Tough wheels
  • Durable
  • Safe ride
  • High-quality material
  • High performance
  • Dual motor
  • Smooth ride
  • Easy to ride
  • Convenient
  • Reliable ride
  • 10 mph
  • Rubber Tires
  • Self-balanced
  • LED lights front and rear
  • Good for night ride
  • Water resistant
  • Costly

4. Aluminum Hoverboard by Halo

Halo Rover Hoverboard

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The aluminum hoverboard allows you to stop looking for other hoverboards and prefer this one because of the quality and the big tires. The big tires ensure a smooth ride for you with the tuber tires along with being durable. You can easily ride it on the harsh rides with making sure that it will be fun to ride. The ride can climb hills easily without hurting the child.

If your child is trained with the hoverboards, then this is the best present to give them on this birthday as an upgrade for the hoverboards. The halo hoverboards are popular for the balance which is why the clients prefer to purchase it. The speed of this hoverboard is commendable along with managing it and keeping it stable while it comes down the slope as well. Even if the child rides it on the harsh roads, the wheels do not get old. You can easily manage and maintained the hoverboard to keep it new and safe to ride for your child.

When it comes to talking about the security of your child, then know that this is the best quality hoverboard which you can select and make sure that your child is happy. It is one of the best choices among all the other options for you as a hoverboard. The rubber tires keep it smooth, and when the kid is tired, he/she can even rest. You never have to worry even if it is raining outside because it is water-resistant and the ride will be as smooth as before. So with this hoverboard, you do not have to compel your child to stay indoor instead encourage them to go and play outside to enjoy the weather while riding the hoverboard.


  • Tough ride
  • Resistant to rough roads
  • Safe to ride
  • High capabilities
  • Balanced
  • Rubber Tires
  • Big tires
  • Good speed
  • Durable
  • Aluminum body
  • Able to climb hills
  • UL certified
  • Waterproof
  • Endures harsh roads
  • Fun to ride
  • Needs long charging

5. Solid Hoverboard by Hoverheart 

Hoverheart’s 6.5″ Hoverboard

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The solid hoverboard by hoverheart is a great choice for the people who are finding the first hoverboard for their children. It is one fine choice which has everything in it.

There is an LED light support feature that helps you see during the night time ride as well. If your kids want to ride it during the night time, then you can easily let them with the help of LED light. It will show them the way while they ride and they will know when they have to fly with the hoverboard to avoid any damage. The attractive design of this ride will help you buy this ride.

The balanced ride will compel you to purchase this hoverboard which is perfect for your child daytime and night time as well. The 10-mile range supports the twin motor, and the strong wheels help you stay composed while riding the hoverboard. The board is not waterproof so you might want to keep it indoors while it is raining outside. Or prefer to keep it from the areas of water otherwise it can affect the smoothness of the ride.


  • LED light support
  • Attractive design
  • Safe to ride
  • Long battery life
  • Long range connection
  • Affordable
  • Stable motion ride
  • Balanced ride
  • UL certified
  • Plastic resistant
  • Solid wheels
  • Rubber wheels
  • Twin motor support
  • 10 mph
  • 10-mile range with one charge
  • Not water resistant

6. Easy ride with Hoverboard by TOMOLOO

TOMOLOO 6.5″ Hoverboard

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If you are wondering to buy the best hoverboard, then TOMOLOO hoverboard is a great choice for you. It is self-balanced along with the extreme safety of the children. The hoverboards by TOMOLOO are popular due to the application and portability of the ride. The fun ride begins with this hoverboard,and you will be glad that you purchased it for your child once you see the perks of it.

The only thing about this hoverboard is that it can be costly, but it is worth your money when you will see the features associated with it. It supports customization, and you can see the innovative design of this product as well. The battery is long-lasting along with the high speed which it provides to the users. Anyone who is 13 years or older can easily have the stable ride of this hoverboard. This ride is not recommended for the younger kids because it can be dangerous when they are not able to maintain balance.

When your kids are riding this bike, you will be able to see the comfort and happiness on their face which will eventually make you happy. Anyone who does not know how to ride the hoverboard will be able to learn through this one very easily.


  • Supports customization
  • The strong connection of Bluetooth
  • Innovative design
  • Balanced scooter
  • For 13 years of age and older
  • Stable ride
  • Easy to ride
  • Comfortable
  • Strong wheels
  • Patterns selection
  • Color combination selection
  • Safe to ride
  • High speed
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Costly

7. Hoverboard Balanced Ride by Skyque

Skque X1 Hoverboard

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The Skyque ride is a great ride for you to have a quality experience if you are looking for the hoverboard. Hoverboards are children’s favorites, and they love to have experience of riding it fast, so it makes them feel as if they are flying. If you have never bought a hoverboard for your child, then it is time you think of it because of the durability and reliability it provides you. Parents are always conscious about their kid’s safety, but with this hoverboard, you never have to worry about it.

The strong material of the hoverboard is great with being light in weight. You can trust the hoverboard with the quality and its smooth ride. You will be happy after you get this hoverboard because it will leave the child with a wonderful experience.

The hoverboard provides excellent performance with reliability to be used by your kids. The strong material used in this hoverboard makes it demanding among the people. There is a gyro sensor that rides up to 12 miles, and there is a speed of 7.5 mph. It provides a quality ride to the kids with the usage of flexibility. The amazing thing about this ride is that you can fit it into tight spaces along with not stopping at any time. The hoverboard can turn up to 360 Degrees with performing high which you can ever imagine. The ride is balanced, and you can practice it all day long. Anyone who rides the hoverboard does not get harmed by it because of the secure bordering of it.

So if you are looking for an awesome ride for your child, this is the best one you should consider because it contains all the features you need to have a great hoverboard ride.


  • Excellent performance
  • Reliable to use
  • Strong material
  • High in quality
  • Gyro sensor
  • 5 MPH ride
  • 12 miles range
  • Quality ride
  • Flexible to use
  • Practical scooter hoverboard
  • Fits in tight spaces
  • Comfortable ride
  • Balanced ride
  • Can be costly

8. Stable Ride Hoverboard by EPIKGO 

EPIKGO Sport Hoverboard

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The stable ride hoverboard by EPIKGO is a great choice for the people who love to adore the innovations in the market. This ride has a self-balance along with the fast acceleration. It provides asmooth ride with the durability. You can depend upon the incredible ride,and it is also large. If you have two children, then they both can ride on the same hoverboard easily because of the large ride.

The charging time for this hoverboard is 3 hours, and it is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry if it is raining outside. You cannot neglect this awesome ride so make sure to get the EPIKGO hoverboard for your kids. This ride is energy efficient with the design which is appealing to everyone who sees it. It is one comfortable ride which your kid will surely enjoy when you buy it for him/her. The self-balance ride will make your kid love it, and you will see that every time they come back from school, they will leave instantly to ride the hoverboard.

If your kid is into sports, then this is the best option to consider because of the sporty version, and you will see that it works best for them to win the race of the hoverboards. This ride provides a smooth ride to your children, and they will surely love it. If you have been looking for a great ride, then consider getting this ride and do not give up on the wishes of your children. They will enjoy their time with your friends, and you will be happy too that you have gifted them something great.


  • Attractive design
  • Best for sports
  • Stable ride
  • Comfortable to use
  • Innovative design
  • Energy efficient
  • Water-resistant
  • 10 MPH ride
  • 3 hour charging time
  • 400w gyro engine
  • Self-balance
  • Fast acceleration
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable
  • Incredible ride
  • Large in size
  • Not for children under 13

Check out which are the best selling hoverboards on Amazon:

Bestseller No. 1
SISIGAD Hoverboard, with Bluetooth and Colorful Lights Self Balancing Scooter
  • ▶▶SHIPPED FROM US. - All SISIGAD hoverboards have passed strict electrical test and meet UL2272...
  • ▶▶UNIQUE LED & BLUETOOTH - Built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to portable devices in...
  • ▶▶SELF BALANCING CONTROL SYSTEM - Full of technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs....
  • ▶▶SMOOTH RIDES - 6.5" wheels with high quality rubber tires and comfortable footpedals, provide...
  • ▶▶PERFECT GIFT - Specially designed for beginners, amateurs, office workers, dog and cat walkers,...
Bestseller No. 2
Jetson Hoverboard with Self Balancing and Active Balance Technology, Light-Up Wheels, for ages 12+
  • Front LED lights with Light-up wheels - Sparkle as you spin on the Aero Hoverboard, these light up wheels...
  • All Terrain tires designed to handle more adventurous rides - Not just for the driveway, take it down...
  • Active Balance Technology and anti-slip grip pads keep you balanced as you ride - Easy for beginners and...
  • UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard with 100% electric power
  • Brake style: Rear Braking
Bestseller No. 3
LIEAGLE Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board for Kids Adults with UL2272 Certified, Wheels...
  • Shipped from US. - all LIEAGLE Hoverboard have passed strict electrical test and meet UL2272 standards to...
  • HOVERBAORD BUILT-IN WIRELESS SPEAKER: Built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to portable...
  • Self BALANCING control system - Full of technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs, Our...
  • SMOOTH RIDES - 6. 5" wheels with high quality rubber tires and comfortable footpedals, provide smooth...
  • Perfect gift - specially designed for beginners, amateurs, office workers, dog and cat walkers, free your...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Jetson Hoverboard - Flash Hoverboard with Off-Road All-Terrain Wheels - 10mph Hoverboard with...
  • FLASH HOVERBOARD: A sleek black profile, with high visibility front deck lights and RGB wheel LEDs. The...
  • AUDIO FIDELITY: The durable onboard bluetooth speakers can connect to smart devices and play your music...
  • HIGH VISIBILITY, HIGH STYLE: These hoverboards are safety equipped with high visibility lights from the...
  • LONG RANGE, HIGH SPEED: The Flash has has a top speed of 10mph and a range up to 12 miles on a single...
  • FOR EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: Our products are made to bring the joy of riding to people and help them...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard | 7MPH Top Speed, 4 Mile Range, 6HR Full-Charge, Built-In...
  • SMOOTH RIDING HOVERBOARD - Ride in style with Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard. 6.5" wheels, powerful...
  • FUN, EASY AND INTUITIVE RIDING – Step on one side first, the board stabilizes so you can put your other...
  • BEST SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM - With Hover-1 gyroscopes and acceleration sensors, the built-in inertia...
  • BLUETOOTH HOVERBOARD - Enjoy your favorite track or playlist with the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker....
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - IPX-4 rated for water-resistance, this hoverboard features a built-in 36V/4.0 Ah...
Bestseller No. 6
Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard Dual Motors Two Wheels Hoover Board Smart Self Balancing...
  • RIDE WITH SAFETY: Comply with US UL Safety standard. The hover board meets safety standards for quality...
  • NONE-SLIP FOOT PAD: Our None-Slip Footpad is thicker and more durable. It will give you better stability...
  • LED LIGHT: High intensity headlights and LED running lights make travel safer and more fun.
  • BUILT IN SPEAKER: The wireless built in speaker come with extraordinary sound effect.
  • SELF-BALANCING: The electric hoverboard features self-balancing technology for easy and quick learning....
SaleBestseller No. 7
Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter, Pink, 24 x 9 x 9.5 inches
  • SMOOTH RIDING HOVERBOARD - Equipped with 6.5" wheels, powerful 500W motor (250W x 2) and enough torque...
  • FUN, EASY AND INTUITIVE RIDING - Step on one side first, the board stabilizes so you can put your other...
  • BEST SELF-BALANCING SYSTEM - With Hover-1, the built-in inertia dynamic stabilization system keeps you in...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY - IPX-4 rated for water-resistance, this hoverboard features a built-in 25.2V/4.0 Ah...
  • WE TAKE SAFETY SERIOUSLY - The hoverboard sends alerts if you are speeding or riding on unsafe surfaces...
SaleBestseller No. 8
Swagtron Swagboard Warrior Hoverboard with Speaker Synced Lighting FX Powered by LiFePo Battery...
  • EXCLUSIVE: The swagBOARD Warrior uses UL-compliant LiFePo (Lithium Phosphate) battery tech. Unlike...
  • 35 MUSIC-SYNCED PARTY LIGHTS — SWAG OUT to your favorite tunes as 30 synced LED ground effects lights...
  • FLASHING LED “INFINITY” WHEELS — Large 6.5” tires encase colorful light-up “Infinity” wheels,...
  • 505 WATTS OF SWAG POWER — Riders up to 220 lb. can SWAG around the neighborhood upwards of 7.5 MPH,...
  • 5-YEAR BATTERY PROMISE — We stand by our EXCLUSIVE SWAGTRON UL-compliant LiFePo battery, backed by a...
Bestseller No. 9
XPRIT 8.5'' All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lights, UL2272 Certified
  • 8.5" All Terrain Tire and built-in speaker
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 4.0Ah 25.2V 100.8WH
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours;Distance on full charge: 9km/6miles
  • Max speed: 9km/h; 6MPH;Max Climbing Angle:15 degree
  • Supported Weight: Min 32lbs - Max 264lbs
Bestseller No. 10
Emaxusa Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12, Self Balancing Scooter with Led Lights and Built-in Bluetooth...
  • 【UL SAFETY CERTIFIED】Emaxusa hoverboards have passed strict electrical test and meet UL2272 standards...
  • 【SELF BALANCING CONTROL SYSTEM】Full of technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs....
  • 【BLUETOOTH SPEAKER&LED LIGHTS】Built-in music speaker, connecting with your smart phone to enjoy...
  • 【PERFECT GIFTS】6.5" wheels with high quality rubber tires and comfortable foot pedals, provide smooth...
  • 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】Package comes with Hoverboard x1, Charger Adapter x1 and User Manual x1. We...