Best Choice
GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display with Warranty,...
Good Choice
Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter w/ValuCount (6600UV)
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CARNATION Multi-Currency Bill Counter and Sorter with Counterfeit Detection - Money Counter Machine...
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CARNATION CR1000 Mixed Denomination Value Counter
GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display with Warranty,...
Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter w/ValuCount (6600UV)
CARNATION Multi-Currency Bill Counter and Sorter with Counterfeit Detection - Money Counter Machine...
CARNATION CR1000 Mixed Denomination Value Counter
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display with Warranty,...
GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display with Warranty,...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter w/ValuCount (6600UV)
Cassida 6600 UV Currency Counter w/ValuCount (6600UV)
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
CARNATION Multi-Currency Bill Counter and Sorter with Counterfeit Detection - Money Counter Machine...
CARNATION Multi-Currency Bill Counter and Sorter with Counterfeit Detection - Money Counter Machine...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
CARNATION CR1000 Mixed Denomination Value Counter
CARNATION CR1000 Mixed Denomination Value Counter

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Best Money Counting Machine for the Money
Best Mixed Bill Counter

Is it difficult for you to track cash? Do you want a reliable instrument to improve your job? Do you find it confusing to choose one best money counter machine for your natural needs?

The market is overwhelmed with lots of bill/money counters and it can be a difficult decision to choose one. We have solved your problem by compiling this article.

With the help of bill/money counters, you can keep the track of your money counters. These counters are great than doing manual jobs. It will not only increase your efficiency but offers more security and accuracy. You can rely on these machines to detect fake bills. With the help of a money counter, you can smoothly run your business.

If you want to buy the best bill counter to satisfy your needs, you have to consider the important aspects of good counters. See the give elements to buy reliable and high-quality machines.

1. Capacity

Money counters are available in the market offer different speeds and capacities. A quick counting procedure offers more capacity and you can operate your business in a better way. You must look for specific models that can hold almost 200 banknotes in a stacker.

2. Detection of Counterfeit Bills and Money

Each money counter comes with a special capability, such as counterfeit detection. Some devices come with special functions, such as the detection of ultraviolet and magnetic inks from bills and authentic banknotes. If you want to get the best results, you should prefer a cash/bill counter that uses both ultraviolet and magnetic detection.

3. Speed

The speed of the counter will depend on your individual needs, but you can choose a counter with high speed. Make sure to get a counter that can go above 1,000 bills in a minute for speedy and efficient counting procedures.

4. Functionality

You may need some advanced models equipped with batch utilities to simplify the job to prepare money for bank deposits and storage. You can get expensive models to sort currency on the basis of the denomination.

Each money counter comes with some unique features to offer solid performance, determining the task as per precision and speed. Considering all these important elements allow you to take the right decision. For your assistance, you can consider the list of the money counter. You can select the best money counter by analyzing the available models. You may have to invest in expensive models on the basis of your business needs. Fortunately, you can get different models as per your budget.

Best Money Counter Machine for the Money

1. Technology G-Star Money Counter with MG/UVForged Bill Detection

best money counter machine

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Equipped with some prized features, this money counter is capable to offer accurate solutions for quick money counting. The machine of G-Star is famous for its accurate solutions. The machine has some interesting capabilities that you will explore while reading this review. It can be the best money counter to increase your efficiency.

This intelligent money counter has the ability to detect forged bills. It comes with a system of Magnetic and Ultraviolet sensors to instantly spot bogus banknotes. Hence, this machine is an efficient and secure tool to use for businesses and homes.

An essential aspect to consider while purchasing a money counter is speed. For this price, the G-Star offers amazing speed. This model has the ability to count almost 1000 bills in a minute within 2 consistent hours. The counting is automatic along with accuracy and offers you lots of benefits, such as save time and increase efficiency. Counting money with hands is a time-consuming and tedious task.

This money counter is capable to count numerous bills in one stack, but it can’t figure out a financial total of all banknotes. There is no difference if it can count 100 bills of $1 or $100 because the final result will remain 100 items.

This money counter has a user-friendly LED display to increase your visibility. With automatic self-testing ability, you can use this machine for a longer duration. This fast machine works quietly and its noise level can’t exceed 60dB. Technology G-Star offers this money counter at a reasonable price because you can shift between different operating modes and it consumes 3W or even less when idle.

In short, this can be a great money counter with lots of satisfactory features. With the accurate sensor, great speed and smooth operation, this machine allow you to save time. Considering the low price, it can be a solid investment.

Highlights of Product:

  • Can count 1000 bill in a minute
  • Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors
  • Decreased level of noise
  • 1/100000 miss phony detection rate
  • LED display is convenient to read
  • Self-testing automatic ability
  • Rare chances of errors

2. Bill Money Worldwide Currency Counter UV and MG Counterfeit

Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency UV MG Counterfeit

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Without any doubt, you can get lots of advanced money counters in the market, but these are really expensive. Fortunately, you can get some good options like Bill money currency counter to avoid monotonous work of money counting by your hands. This counter can be a great option for those people who have a limited budget. Bill money currency counter can be a reliable choice for anyone.

The durable construction of this HFS counter makes it suitable for office setups. This unit has some spare parts so that you can easily replace wheels or belts as per their condition.

This currency counter is a fast option because it can count almost 900 bills in a minute. You can have this machine to increase the efficiency of your small business. It can detect a counterfeit bill immediately as you drive a stack through this machine. The device can read ultraviolet prints and comes with sensors to check magnetic ink. When this machine is unable to confirm the legitimate standards of a bill, its system stops so that you can remove this banknote.

This counter works really well with numerous common currencies, but it can’t sort the denominations of banknotes. For this price bracket, this is absolutely fine because this option is available in advanced machines.

You can get the advantage of add function and batch function to keep track of count as you move to another stack, the latter permits you to sort a stack into predefined sums. It comes with an exterior display to mirror the basic display of the unit offered by HFS so that the viewers can see similar information.

Overall, this can be an excellent counter for the price. If you have a limited budget, you should give this counter a try. It can do good jobs without disturbing your budgets.

Highlights of Product:

  • Display screen 360 degree
  • LED Screen
  • External Display
  • Can count almost 900 banknotes in a minute
  • Comes with self-diagnosing abilities during startup
  • Magnetic and ultraviolet phony detection sensors
  • Counts Euro, USD, and numerous other funds
  • Good for casual use only

3. 6600 UV Cassida Currency Counter Business Grade

Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade Currency Counter

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Cassida currency counter is specifically designed to deal with numerous counting jobs. This powerful counter has the ability to deal with numerous business counting tasks. The cost of this machine is more than others, but it is justified for its features.

Cassida offers a valuable count to calculate the value of the dollar of coinage as per the needs of users. After activating the “Add mode” function, you will be able to keep the track of total value, even if you have to count different denominations. The bill counter offers a batch mode. As per speed, this counter allows you to count on 1400 bills in a minute. It allows you to do this job accurately at a faster speed.

The machine uses cutting-edge infrared sensors, both magnetic and ultraviolet varieties, forged bills that snitch into stacks may become past things. A number of phony banknotes are easy to detect. If the machine finds a suspected bill, it simply distributes into its particular stacker for elimination. Once you resume the count, this counterfeit will be automatically deducted from its overall total.

The currency counter features a user-oriented design. The presence of a smart system for bill mass recognition can eliminate the common stops of traditional counters. It is good to save your time. Cassida offers an innovative mechanism to syndicate the expediency of one hopper of the front loader with an efficient counting of one back loading machine. To increase your convenience during carriage, this special unit has built-in handles.

A discerning user who needs durability and reliability along with some effective features to make you’re his/her counting experience effortless must consider 6600 Cassida. You can get this device in 2 versions, such as one is without magnetic sensors. For your continence, you can get a money counter with two sensors. Both units have a minimal difference in price.

Highlights of Product:

  • 1,400 bills counts
  • Hopper for top loading to hold almost 400 bills
  • Numerous operating modes
  • Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors to check authenticated bills
  • Good for businesses
  • Come in two versions
  • An expensive model

Best Mixed Bill Counter

4. Mixed Denomination Bank Grade Sorter CR1500 and Bill Counter

Bank Grade Mixed Denomination Bill Counter and Sorter CR1500

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If you have a good budget, you can spend money on this counting machine. This can be a good choice for the large business organization. CR1500 Carnation is an ideal choice with powerful functions, such as handle multiple capabilities of currency. The features of this device are justifying its features.

To avoid interruption in the counting of the banknote, the money counters have one reject pocket to drop all counterfeit and suspected bills. The money counter can capture a serial number of each counted bill and carefully store the information. You can print these details.

Authenticating the counted banknotes can be a simple procedure with this machine. It uses a complex system for detection along with image recognition sensors, ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic sensors. It can figure out the thickness and length of banknotes.

It is an ideal product with a user-friendly boundary with a crystal clear and large LCD display. Based on the software of the country, the bill counter may handle almost 4 different currencies to process banknotes in four orientations.

Along with the reject pocket, this machine has a high-capacity stacker and hopper. Numerous functions are available for advanced users, such as printing features, reporting, add and batch features. If you want to print, you have to connect this device to a printer that is not integrated. Carnation offers a special version of the money counter with an extra printer and this matter is really expensive.

Maintenance can be easy with the help of a user menu and intuitive interface for flexible operation. For software upgrades and connectivity, a USB port and SD card work really well. CR1500 is really easy to maintain to ensure reliable performance. Carnation comes with an open channel special design to fix jamming issues.

If you need a money counter to work with assorted denominations, this can be the best choice for you. This unit offers flawless features and good for heavy use.

Highlights of Product:

  • CIS, IR, MG and UV detection functions
  • Reject pocket for non-stop counting and bill sorting
  • Serial number banknote recognition
  • Printer and PC connectivity
  • Better maintenance of open channel system
  • Expensive model

5. Elite Money Counter w/ Quick Count –MG/UV/IR Phony Bill Detection

Money Counter Elite w/ Fast Count – UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection

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You can get a good device by a leading brand Teraputics. This can be a good money counter in terms of craftsmanship and quality. It features a counterfeit detection rate of almost 1/800000 so it is a secure unit to count bills. The price is good as per its features.

This money counter can count almost 1200 bills in a minute and work consistently for almost 6 hours at this particular speed. It has no differentiation between the currency values and keeps track of total bills. As per its speed, it can be a great machine. The machine delivers quiet operation with 60 decibels noise levels.

The forged detection system offers advanced functions with the use of magnetic, infrared and ultraviolet sensors to catch every fake banknote. This counter is available with an LED display and comfortable interface to easily navigate through different functions, such as preset or add counting.

The Teraputics counting machine works efficiently and consumes energy efficiently in a steadfast mode. It is essential to notice that this special machine can count money in a reliable manner. You can use it in the U.S. outlets because other voltages may damage this machine.

The organization has created a reliable and accurate machine to count bills. The design offers a premium feel and you can safely count cash without any trouble. This machine can save you time and do hard work for you. The Elite counter of Teraputics is designed to deliver speed and quality at a good price.

Highlights of Product:

  • IR (Infrared), MG (Magnetic) and UV (Ultraviolet) sensors
  • Counterfeit rate of detection is 1/800000
  • Can easily count almost 1200 bills in a minute
  • Quiet operation
  • Save energy in special mode
  • May not manage heavy use

6. Banknote and Bill CounterPyle Digital Money Counting Machine Automatic PRMC500

Pyle Banknote Bill Counter, Digital Cash Money Automatic Counting Machine PRMC500

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For convenient and accurate bill counting, you can try PRMC500 Pyle because of its good features. With numerous solid features and practical design, this machine can be the best choice for anyone. There is no need to worry about the price because it complements the qualities of this unit.

PRMC500 counter works really well with common currencies, such as Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euro besides the dollars of the United States. It is good for those people who need quick and efficient counting. It can manage 1500 bills in minutes. The machine lacks sorting abilities, but you can’t expect these features at this cost.

To verify the authenticity of money, you can get the benefits of the counterfeit detector of this money counter. It uses magnetic and infrared thread detection other than common magnetic and ultraviolet sensors. With a beeping alarm, you can learn about the detection of a suspected note.

This unit offers batch and adds functions for your convenience. The add function allows you to add bills and keep count while adding. The latter function is useful to process banknotes in a particular amount. The Pyle counting machine may work well with bills in different degradation conditions, such as bent, ripped and wrinkled.

You can adjust the bill feeding top-loading hopper to correctly fit bills and improve the experience of users. It is available with an LCD front panel and control panel with control buttons for numerous settings of this machine. A detachable external LCD screen display is also available.

Designed with durability in mind and special house with stain-resistant qualities delivers its promise in a better way. It can count money with fewer chances of errors. If you are searching for a good machine at an affordable price, this can be a good choice for its features and performance.

Highlights of Product:

  • Infrared, magnetic thread, magnetic and ultraviolet counterfeit detection
  • Good for British pounds, Euro, Canadian and U.S. banknotes
  • LCD digital front panel display
  • Good counting speed of 1500 bill in a minute
  • A housing stain-resistant
  • Not for heavy use

7. Bill Counter CARNATION CR180 with MG and UV Counterfeit Detection

CARNATION Bill Counter CR180 with UV and MG Counterfeit Detection

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CR180 of Carnation is an excellent cash counter to handle low to medium money handling needs of a business. It offers lots of features for its price; therefore, this product has this place on our list.

The money counter is packed with some good features, such as batching and adding functions. It allows you to add maximum bill stacks while tracking the general count. The batch feature enables the separation of the stack into particular amounts. For the detection of counterfeits, this machine can detect magnetic inks of U.S. currency and the infrared and ultraviolet sensors guarantee thorough checking of authenticity.

The machine can hold almost 300 bills, and the stack plays an essential role as it directly feeds into it. With a hopper, you can expand the capacity of measures to 200. To avoid jams, these money counters come with automatic play and stop features. You will get sufficient time to load and properly unload every stack. The money counter can count 1000 bills in a minute. It is a decent machine as per its features at this price. You can see the progress of counts on the onboard display.

In short, the CR180 Carnation can be an ideal choice to count money efficiently. It offers good capacity and has the ability to detect counterfeit bills. For lots of commercial settings, this machine can be a good choice. The Elite version comes with an extra display to increase your visibility.

Highlights of Product:

  • Counterfeit detection of bill via magnetic and ultraviolet sensors
  • Counting speed is 1000 bills in a minute
  • Easy plug & play design
  • Add and batch functions
  • Hopper capacity for 200 bills
  • Stacker capacity for 300 bills
  • Not good for heavy use

8. DOMENS Money Counter with IR/MG/UV/DD Forged Bill Detection

Money Counter DOMENS with UV/MG/IR/DD Counterfeit Bill Detection

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If you want a good option to count money accurately, you can choose DMS-1580T Domens. It can be an authentic choice to count old and new versions of dollars of the United States. It works well, but its performance can’t match lots of expensive models on the list. It still has some decent features for office and home use to save your time in money counting.

With a durable design, this counter comes with an impressive inner structure. It is a reliable machine that can last for a longer period. Domens offers replacements, such as a rubber silicon ring and fuse. You can notice seven rubber wheels in the procedure of pressing the banknotes to decrease jamming risks and continue counting fluently.

The machine uses infrared, magnetic and ultraviolet sensors for the detection of counterfeit bills. With its intuitive start, error cleaning and stop functions, the money counting procedure will be really simple.

The bright LCD display may count “999999” as compared to “9999”. The LCD display is visible to read results. It comes in multiple colors so that you can easily detect when the counter encounters any error. The screen turns to bright red in case of error.

This counter can be a potential candidate because of its speed because it can count almost 1050 bills in a minute. The machine can’t distinguish between different denominations and it can only count the bill numbers instead of value.

It can be a reliable counter to save time and avoid the tedious task of money counting. The accuracy level and counterfeit detection features are excellent for this cost. You can get the advantage of friendly customer service.

Highlights of Product:

  • LCD with color changing abilities
  • DD/IR/MT/MG/UV counterfeit detection
  • Manual and auto mode
  • Compact design
  • Can count 1050 bills in a minute
  • Lack denomination feature

Here is the list of the best selling money counters on Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aneken Money Counter Machine with Value Count, Dollar, Euro UV/MG/IR/DD/DBL/HLF/CHN Counterfeit...
  • 【Professional and Precise Detection】Multiple detection modes can be used individually or...
  • 【Multiple Functions】Count-Count the number of bills. Add-Multiple bill counting batches can be added...
  • 【Count Value】The money counting machine can calculate the total value of the bills. In conjunction...
  • 【Reliable & Efficient】The high efficiency motor of the bill counter can count 1000 bills per minute....
  • 【Security protection】 For your privacy and security, there is no information about the cash counting...
Bestseller No. 2
Cassida 5520 UV/MG - USA Money Counter with ValuCount, UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection, Add and Batch...
  • Counts 1,300 bills per minute,Specifications: Authenticates bills using ultraviolet (5520 UV) and...
  • Operating Modes: count, count, add, and batch Modes; add + batch mode. Infrared detectors ensure that...
  • Infrared sensors detect chain, double, and half notes,Dimensions unit: 10.9''w x 9.9''d x 6.2''h (277mm x...
  • Snap-open front cover, self-diagnostic system, and self-lubricating bearings
  • Batch presets Plus programmable 1-101.Capacity- Hopper - 100 Bills Stacker - 100 Bills .Bill Loading...
Bestseller No. 3
Aneken Money Counter with Value Count, UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection for Dollars Euros Bill Counter...
  • 【Value Count】DC002 allows you to manually set the amount of money in a pile and calculate the total....
  • 【Easy to Use】This bill counter requires no complicated selection, directly from the button. It can be...
  • 【Counterfeit Detection】When a suspect bill is checked by MG (magnetic detection), UV (ultraviolet...
  • 【Accurate and Fast】The bill counter counts up to 1,300 banknotes/minute and handles cash quickly,...
  • 【Package Contents】DC002 change counter, user manual, power cable, external display, cleaning brush,...
Bestseller No. 4
Aneken N60 Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine, Value Counting, UV/MG/IR/DD Counterfeit...
  • WORKING MODE: Mixed Denomination Counting(MDC)/Single Denomination Counting(SDC)/Count The Number(CNT)/...
  • BANK-GRADE COUNTERFEIT DETECTION: With 2 Special Infrared Detection Tubes, Ultraviolet Detection,...
  • DUAL-SCREEN DISPLAY: 3.5” TFT Screen Adopts The Latest Liquid Crystal Display Technology, With Higher...
  • EFFICIENT AND ACCURATE: The Mixed Denomination Money Counter Can Count More Than 1200 Bills/Min Smoothly,...
  • PACKAGING & GUARANTEE: 1 X AL-N60 Bill Counter, 1 X External Display, 1 X Power Cord, 1x IR Calibration...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Aneken Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine, Value Counting, Mixed Counting with 2...
  • 【Mixed denomination counting】 Without any operation, put all denominations of banknotes into the...
  • 【2CIS Technology】 Different from regular mixed denomination cash counting machines, this cash...
  • 【Support for 120 currencies】 Supports the calculation of 120 currencies worldwide, including the US...
  • 【4.5-inch touch screen】 A larger touch screen makes your work clearer and smoother. Crystal buttons...
  • 【Security protection】 For your privacy and security, there is no information about the cash counting...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Aneken Upgrade DCJ001 Money Counter Machine with 6 Counterfeit Detection Modes...
  • 【Accurate & Reliable Detection Technology】Our bill counter machine utilizes advanced MG, UV, IR, and...
  • 【Efficient, Fast, & User-Friendly】With a counting speed of 1,000 bills per minute and a capacity of...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable Design】Our bill counter machine is built with a brand-new internal structure and...
  • 【Versatile & Convenient】Supporting a wide range of currencies including USD and Euro, this portable...
  • 【Package & Warranty】This package includes the bill counter, external display, power cord, brush,...
Bestseller No. 7
KOLIBRI Money Counter Machine with Advanced Fake Detection & LCD Display | 1,500 Bills per Minute...
  • Advanced Detection Features: KOLIBRI's money counter offers versatile detection modes, which can be...
  • Versatile Functions: This money counter is equipped with multiple functions to streamline your cash...
  • Comprehensive Value Calculation: In addition to counting bills, our money counting machine calculates the...
  • Dependable & Swift Operation: Powered by a high-efficiency motor, our bill counter achieves a remarkable...
  • Enhanced Security Measures: To safeguard your privacy and financial transactions, our cash counting...
SaleBestseller No. 8
Money Counter Machine PONNOR with Value Bill Count, Dollar, Euro with UV/MG/IR/DD/DBL/HLF/CHN...
  • 💰【Precise Detection 】PONNOR USD/EUR money counter has 4 detection methods to detect all kind of...
  • 💰【3.7” Large LCD Display】With a built in 3.7” super large LCD screen, It can clearly display...
  • 💰【Innovative 12-keys design】12 keys provide a full set of numeric keyboards and 11 functions,...
  • 💰【Efficient and Accurate Counting】The upgraded version of the bill counter has upgraded and...
  • 💰【Packaging 】1 x Bill Counter, 1 x Power cord, 1 x Brush, 1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts, 4...
Bestseller No. 9
MUNBYN Bank Grade Money Counter Machine Mixed Denomination, Value Counting, Serial Number,...
  • ✅ Huge Time Saver: Bill counter machine mixed denomination counts and reports total value, clear...
  • ✅ 2 CIS Tech: ①Unlike common mixed denomination money counter, the IMC01 money counting machine with...
  • ✅ Perfect For Business: Money counter machine mixed denomination boosts your efficiency on cash...
  • ✅ Business Guard: The mixed denomination currency counter has 11 counterfeit detection methods to...
  • ✅ Powerful Services: ①Two years of quality protection, lifetime software upgrade, and 24-hour...
SaleBestseller No. 10
MUNBYN IMC51 Money Counter Machine Count Value, Add+Batch Mode Bill Counter, UV/MG/IR Detection, USD...
  • 🎖️ [Value Count] MUNBYN IMC51 money counter machine can count the value of bills in Value Mode. In...
  • 👍[Add+Batch Mode] By setting a specific batch value, this bill counter machine can stop running after...
  • 💵[Precise Detection] This currency counter uses UV/IR/MG/MT detecting technology to examine the bills...
  • ⏳[Fast and smooth] The IMC51 cash counter machine has a counting speed of 1100 bills per minute....
  • 💯[100% Satisfaction & Warranty] Committed to providing a comprehensive money-handling solution, MUNBYN...

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