Best Choice
Paint pens for Rock Painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on Almost All Surfaces Set of 15...
Good Choice
ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint...
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ARTISTRO 15 Oil Based Paint markers for Wood, Rock, Fabric, Glass - Permanent, Quick Dry, Waterproof...
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ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens, Water based Extra Fine Point, 32 vibrant colors, Opaque Ink, AP Certified,...
Paint pens for Rock Painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on Almost All Surfaces Set of 15...
ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint...
ARTISTRO 15 Oil Based Paint markers for Wood, Rock, Fabric, Glass - Permanent, Quick Dry, Waterproof...
ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens, Water based Extra Fine Point, 32 vibrant colors, Opaque Ink, AP Certified,...
Best Choice
Paint pens for Rock Painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on Almost All Surfaces Set of 15...
Paint pens for Rock Painting - Wood, Glass, Metal and Ceramic Works on Almost All Surfaces Set of 15...
Good Choice
ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint...
ARTISTRO Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint...
Don't Miss
ARTISTRO 15 Oil Based Paint markers for Wood, Rock, Fabric, Glass - Permanent, Quick Dry, Waterproof...
ARTISTRO 15 Oil Based Paint markers for Wood, Rock, Fabric, Glass - Permanent, Quick Dry, Waterproof...
Also Consider
ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens, Water based Extra Fine Point, 32 vibrant colors, Opaque Ink, AP Certified,...
ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens, Water based Extra Fine Point, 32 vibrant colors, Opaque Ink, AP Certified,...

Are you a painter and in search of some affordable paint pens? Do you want to get the best pens for drawing on rocks? Then, you have landed at the right place.

Now, you have the freedom to write anything or draw any image on any object that is around you with ease. Do you know the reason? It’s due to paint pens that help you in doing this job correctly. So, it is not essential to get your hands dirty by using liquid paints; instead, you just need to open the cap of a paint pen, and the rest of the painting will be done by it. You might like also other articles about The 5 Best 300 Dollar Laptop and The 5 Best 8 inch Tablet under 200 Dollar.

However, you might get confused about a variety of paint pens available in the market as to which one will work best. Here, we have recommended 5 Top pens for drawing on rocks. You can use paint pens on all types of surfaces such as non-porous and porous, due to their high versatility. Furthermore, the paint pens give to pop color results, which appear tempting in your painting. Now, you can review these recommended products in the section below.

Our Top Picks

1. Artistro Paint Pens Rock Painting Resistance – Best Pens for Drawing on Rocks

Best Pens for Drawing on Rocks

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Now you don’t have to worry about your paint markers which dry too soon, leak inside your bag, ruin your artwork by flooding it or get their tips jammed. ARTOQO’s Oil-Based Medium Point Paint Pen is the finest art pens with premium quality. They are weather-resistant and waterproof. So, no worries about wet patches or damp look of your art pieces. They have a smooth flow and easy to handle by kids and adults alike. You can use them to express your inner creativity to create some marvelous art pieces which can make every head turn.

The pack of fifteen permanent colors provides you with a range of bold colors. The package contains red, violet, yellow, pink, light green, orange, green, light purple, purple, yellow, light blue, brown and black. Two metallic colors silver and gold are also part of the pack which gives your paintings an extra oomph. The markers have a smooth flow, dry quickly, and have a negligible smell. People with an allergy to paint smell can use them very comfortably. You can use these colors to write, paint, or make any of your art projects more vibrant and eye-catching.

We are going to start a free ebook on Rock Painting. You are welcome to join the world of rock art and various other crafts related to it. This book contains loads of ideas, tips, and tricks to inspire your aesthetics. This book comes in handy when you experience an artist’s block. You will find it a beautiful addition to your beginner rock painting set.

  • Variety of colors.
  • Works on all surfaces.
  • Dried up after few days.
  • Some pieces while working drop ink drops.
  • Low pigment with a really irregular flow.
  • Smudged and faded over the winter season.

2. Artistro Paint Pens Ceramic Acrylic Markers

Paint Pens for Rock Painting Stone Ceramic Glass Wood Canvas

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Artistro Paint Pens are premium quality water-based color pens with elegant design. These markers contain the most excellent water-based ink which dries fast. You can give any light or dark surface a very glossy, opaque, and durable finish by using them. This bright look adds to the overall look of your artwork.

These colors are multi-purpose and you can as creatively as you want. They work well on a range of surfaces like paper, canvas, plastic, metal, pottery, fabric, rocks, treated wood, stone, terra-cotta, polymer, clay, and much more. This quality makes these colors the first choice of the novice and the veteran artists alike. You can utilize them in any art project to amaze everyone with your creativity.

The fine tips and secure grip make these paint pens ideal for detailing. You can use these acrylic paint pens to add details and beautiful line work in your DIY projects. The firm grip lets you draw as finely as you want. You can create beautiful customized gifts like mugs, photo frames, etc. for your loved ones using these colors.

Artistro Paint Pens comply with international safety standards, and kids can use them safely. But you must avoid the direct contact of the colors with the food. These colors are available in a pack of vibrant red, black, yellow, white, silver, gold, brown, violet, green and orange. Try them out to show your creativity on a range of materials and inspire the people around you.

  • Thin pointer.
  • Slim body pen for allowing a comfortable grip.
  • Not good for finer detail because of dripping of ink.
  • Dried up soon.
  • Uneven saturation of ink.
  • Take more time before drying out.

3. Artistro Ceramic Porcelain Canvas Paint Pens

Oil Paint Pens for Rock Painting

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Artistro is the original brand of paints for artists from every age group. Their oil-based paint markers give you smooth flow without drying up, jamming, or flooding. These pens are an excellent choice for creating vivid art. The glow of oil paint enlivens your artwork by adding a dash of beautiful colors. You may like to use each of these beautifully colored pens from the variety pack to unleash your creativity.

These paint pens are ideal to use on any surface of your choice. But using them on glass, ceramic, stone, porcelain, metal, plastic, paper, canvas or wood gives the best results. Artistro oil-based paint pens come in a range of beautiful colors including gold, white, black, silver, brown, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange, purple, hot pink, brilliant blue, and glowing green.  Choose any of the shades and turn any material into an aesthetically decorated piece of art.

These paint pens are the most exceptional pick if you want to paint anything hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about scratching, scuffing, fading, and water reaction while working with these colors. Just focus on your art piece with full concentration and forget about any potential damage to your artwork due to the quality of colors.

You may create innovative DIY projects, ornaments, and decoration pieces using these colors. Especially if you are fond of DIY, these colors will prove a great asset in your tool kit.

  • Crisp lines and bright colors.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Not permanent on rocks.
  • Too much dripping of ink.
  • Bended pens with ripped packing.
  • Tips come off easily.

4. Inkstar’s 18 Color Consistent Paint Pens

Extra Fine Tip Paint Pens for Rock Painting

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The INKSTAR’s super-vibrant oil-based paint markers are the most exceptional art tool available for you. They are of artist standard and come in eighteen exciting colors. The fine tip of the pens makes it the best choice so far. These colors are leakage proof, so your clothes and artwork are safe from ink blobs. You don’t have to worry about the ink marks around you anymore.

Moreover, these markers don’t dry up too fast, and their tips never jam. So, your money is not wasted if you purchase color markers from iNKSTAR. These paint pens give you a smooth flow of the color with water resistance.

These oil-based permanent markers are available in beautifully bold eighteen solid colors. The paint in these markers has a marginal odor, dries quickly and gives smooth flow. You can use these colors on any surface of your choice to write, paint, or do artwork according to your taste. You can convert a rock, a piece of metal, wood log or pottery into a decoration piece by using these permanent markers. Enjoy unlimited freedom to choose any medium for your artwork because you have the best tool to color and beautify any material.

If painting is your hobby and you want to enjoy it with your family and friends or alone, iNKSTAR pens are the best choice. You get extra precision, perfect symmetry, smoother lines, and sharper details using these pens on even rough surfaces as well. The quality of your end product rises when you use these color pens.

This paint set comes in a quality velvet pouch. The pouch is elegant and durable, and you may use it as a gift item for any of your loved ones who incline artwork. This gift is sure to earn you compliments on your choice and aesthetics.

  • Smooth strokes.
  • Endless variety of colors.
  • Pens are too small.
  • Pens are mostly dried in packing.
  • Tip of the pen comes out easily and split the ink.
  • Need to bake the painting for drying it.

5. Zeyar Acrylic Surfaces Professional Paint Markers

ZEYAR Acrylic Paint Pens

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ZEYAR is an expert art and craft producing company. They provide a range of beautiful and unique colors in paint markers. The ink of their pens is of the most excellent quality, can be scraped with a little effort and dissolves in water. Moreover, their ink is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Children may use these pens freely because they contain water-based colors rather than odorous oil paints. It does not give any water resistance and provides better results on lighter surfaces. The darker surfaces are out of range for these paint markers.

The leading quality of their colors is the variety of shades. Their markers come in a pack of thirty-two colors, and some of them are unique. These pens by ZEYAR are one of the top pens for drawing on rocks if you intend to add intricate details and outlining to your artwork because of their size. The acrylic tip I durable and provides you with the precision you require for your elegant art pieces.

You may experiment with creative use of different shades of color by using white, blue, black, red, yellow, light green, dark green, violet, pink, orange, brown, grey, light brown, pastel green, pastel blue, pastel pink, and pastel yellow from the pack. The pack contains a range of metallic colors like metal blue, silver, gold, metal green, metal violet, metal pink, metal turquoise, metal orange, dark metal grey, metal brown, metal bronze, and metal dark green.

These colors are safe to use because they are xylene free and are checked against international safety standards like ASTM D-4236 certificate. But even then, don’t try to eat or contact your food directly to the colors. The ZEYAR colors are suitable for any smooth surface like plastic, glass, wood, rubber, stone, ceramics, or paper. These colors do not give good results on rough and porous surfaces because they are water-based.

These color pens have a valve-action structures so shake well before use every time. The water-based color may get their solid particle suspended, so giving a shake before use is a good idea. Re-cap the markers tightly after using so that they don’t dry up too soon.

  • Beautiful colors.
  • Best for rocks.
  • They stop flowing after use.
  • Too much spilling and leaking of ink.
  • Not best for highlighting because of dripping of ink and minimal coverage.

What to Consider While Buying Best Pens for Drawing on Rocks?

There are a few factors that you must take into account before making the decision for buying the paint pens for your art projects. These considerations include:

Application versatility

First of all, select the art painting projects in which you are interested. Then ask yourself a few questions: On what surface, do you want to draw that art piece, on paper or a hard surface? Do you want to draw pictures on rocks and woods? Or are you planning to put some identifying marks on different metal objects? Well, all these questions are necessary before buying the painting pens as every marker has unusual versatility. One painting pen might work best for porous surfaces, but that won’t be suitable for other porous or non-porous surfaces.

Marker Tip

The next thing to consider is the type of painting you are planning to draw. If you are trying to paint small pictures or doing art on small objects, then you should go for buying painting pens that have excellent tips. In the meantime, if you are going to draw on broader objects, then you need more coverage and for that medium to thick markers with fine tips are necessary.

Color options

Every pack of paint pens comes with different and attractive color options. So, you are required to make sure that the packages available color options will be enough for you to complete your painting projects or do you need to buy more than one pack for receiving a variety of colors. There are some marker brands that are offering paint pens with 5 to 10 color options, whereas, some other kits give 18 or 32 color options.

Ink-based formula

Usually, the paint pens or markers for painting purposes are made up of oil or water-based inks. Those pens that contain water-based ink will dry more quickly as compared to those that contain oil-based ink. If you are planning to draw paintings on porous surfaces such as fabric, wood, or paper, then the best option is to buy water-based ink pens. However, those paint pens that contain oil-based ink gives a high resistance to water as compared to water-based ink pens. So, oil-based ink pens are best for moist surfaces and outdoor projects.


Always remember to buy those pens which are made up of non-toxic formula. Always read the package to find if the pens are made up of acid-free, xylene-free and non-toxic formula or not. So, you can comfortably work without worrying that your kids are around while you are doing paintings.


Although low price painting pens attract most of the customers, these make you feel good at the start only. With the passage of time, all your happiness will go away when you see the painting is getting fade, and all your hard work has vanished. So, it is highly recommended to go for the best quality markers or pens which have a reasonable price, because such high-quality pens will serve you for the long-term. If painting on rocks glows for long, then only you can showcase them as art pieces.


Paints or colors are available in different forms such as acrylic, powder, water, oil, and so on. Along with forms, these are sold in a range of different packaging styles. The easiest way for using the colors or paints for rocks is to use them in the form of a marker pen. In this way, you don’t need to carry a bundle of brushes or paint containers for mixing different colors. You have the freedom to start painting rocks anytime and anyplace without requiring many tools and space. You can create masterpieces within a short span of time.

As suggested above, Instead of buying paints and brushes, the best option is to go for purchasing paint pens as these offer clean work results. You will also feel at ease to hold paint pen markers while painting instead of holding the paintbrush. The 5 best paint pens for rocks will aid you in selecting the best possible product. With the help of these markers, you can complete the painting on rocks quite quickly in a colorful and fun way. You can also consider some other paint pen products available online at Amazon for enjoying better results while painting on rocks. So, are you ready to buy the markers set for drawing on rocks now?

Check out which are the best selling pens for drawing on rocks:

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Shuttle Art Metallic Marker Pens, 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers Fine Point for DIY Card,...
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Pecosso Double Line Metallic Markers, Outline Metal Marker Pens,12 Colors Paint Permanent Pen for...
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PSLER 100 Sheets Carbon Paper Sheets, Carbon Transfer Paper with 3PCS Embossing Stylus for DIY...
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Black Acrylic Paint Pens - Black Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Fabric,...
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  • 【Multi-Purpose】The water based paint Black markers are great for rock painting, Stone, Tire marker,...
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  • 【Great for detailing】Use our black acrylic markers for drawing, fine line work & detailed DIY...
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Acrylic Paint Pens for Rock Painting Set of 12 Paint Markers Extra Fine Tip for Wood, Canvas,...
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JR.WHITE Acrylic Paint Pens Paint Markers Set of 24: Extra Fine Point Acrylic Markers For Rock...
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Posca Markers Color Tones Set, Acrylic Paint Pens with Reversible Tips for Coloring and Drawing on...
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