Best Choice
Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark Walnut)
Good Choice
Sangean WR-2 AM / FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio (Walnut)
Don't Miss
Sangean WR-15BK AM/FM Table Top Wooden Radio (Black)
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Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark Walnut)
Sangean WR-2 AM / FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio (Walnut)
Sangean WR-15BK AM/FM Table Top Wooden Radio (Black)
RadioShack Analog Tuning AM FM Radio - Portable Tabletop Weather Radio for Power Outages and...
Best Choice
Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark Walnut)
Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark Walnut)
Good Choice
Sangean WR-2 AM / FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio (Walnut)
Sangean WR-2 AM / FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio (Walnut)
Don't Miss
Sangean WR-15BK AM/FM Table Top Wooden Radio (Black)
Sangean WR-15BK AM/FM Table Top Wooden Radio (Black)
Also Consider
RadioShack Analog Tuning AM FM Radio - Portable Tabletop Weather Radio for Power Outages and...
RadioShack Analog Tuning AM FM Radio - Portable Tabletop Weather Radio for Power Outages and...

Are you thinking of a backpacking camp with your gang? Are you planning to go to someplace where technology is the last thing available? For instance, you may want to buy the best tabletop shortwave radios. Then you have landed in the right place as you will get all the information regarding the best models here!

Many people want to double their fun of camping by taking along their shortwave radios. Shortwave radios can help you listen to FM/AM radio stations to get to know about the headlines and international broadcasts. You can also get the soothing effects by looking at your favorite naat.  They are the ideal mode of communication when you are far away from access to technology. Whether you are going to have an extended camping trip with your friends or a hunting trip, then you need a reliable way to stay in touch with the world. You might like also other articles about The 5 Best All in One Printer for Small Office and The 5 Best Backpacks for Teenage Girl.

With a market full of varieties of shortwave radios, it became difficult to have the appropriate one. Therefore it is necessary to get help by any means to approach the right option. If you are thinking to get a shortwave radio, then there is an array of options you want to select from. Therefore, trying to narrow down the options can be challenging. To ease your difficulty, we came up with the top 5 shortwave radios to get in 2023..

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios Product Reviews

1. Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM- RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

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Sangean has been known for making good sound wave radios. The digital tuning receiver comes with black plastic cover, and its buttons and connectors are highly-responsive. The tabletop sound wave radio has FM and AM RDS stations, and it has the potential to connect with laptops, smartphones, and computers with the help of Bluetooth.

Not only this, but you can also make a connection with the radio by using USB flash drive and auxiliary inputs. The radio comes with the external antenna, which is preferably a god thing as an external antenna provides better reception of sound. You can also connect headphones and subwoofers to double the fun.

Moreover, it comes with ten stations preset which include 5 for FM and the same for AM. The display screen size of the radio is 2.5, which is not so huge, but it is enough to see the necessary operations. Best thins is that Sangean WR-22WL has dual alarms and a sleep timer. Time can be seen at the top of the screen, which can be adjusted by using FM RDS stations.

At the bottom, the frequency, station name, and other RDS related information can be seen. The backlight feature of the radio helps in lightening up the buttons and logo of the brand and also the front panel. But you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Frequency range is 522 – 1710 kHz/ 520 – 1710 kHz. Rotator knobs help in tuning and controlling the volume. The larger knob present helps in changing the frequency, whereas the smaller one helps in the adjustment of loudness. A worth thing to mention over here is that it comes with five preset buttons, which are a plus. However, for the adjustment of volume and tuning, you can also use the remote.

If you intend to use the radio at outdoor places, then you can power it via 12v DC input socket. The input socket provides a DC power supply. The radio supports a 3-inch 7W single speaker which sounds great. The best thing is it does not distract the sound when the volume is high.

  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Compact size.
  • Smaller zone for listening.
  • It’s difficult to reset the time.
  • Nearly useless remote.
  • The unnecessarily brighter LCD light.

2. Sangean WR-2 AM/FM RDBS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

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Sangean WR-2 is one of the most fantastic shortwave radios and is widely known for its amazing features. The radio comes with a compact size and is enclosed in a wooden box which makes it secure. The 3-inch front-firing speaker helps in providing excellent sound quality in a standard size room. The speakers have attached enlarged magnets.

According to its size, the radio transmits warm room-filling audio, which is a more significant plus. The acoustic bass compensation for a more productive bass response helps in delivering good quality sound within a room. The LCD has a larger size, which makes it easier for the listener to read all the instructions on the display screen easily. Moreover, alarm and clock system in the radio helps in keeping balance by continuously looking at the time. The clock and alarm have Humane Wake System which makes the person wake up by buzzer.

Not only this, but the radio comes with an adjustable sleep timer so you can adjust the sleep timing on the device accordingly. You can also enjoy the feature of snooze. Moreover, a 9-15 voltage power adaptor socket helps in supplying power to the device.

Additionally, the soundwave radio comes with DC-input, Aux-input, and REC-out so you can enjoy your favorite naats during the long journey. The best thing is radio comes with an external antenna connection, which provides an excellent connection. Moreover, you can control its functions using the remote control.

The radio comes with 10 preset memory stations. The stereo headphone output is another worth to note the function of the radio.

  • Clear sound from AM and FM bands.
  • Reception of signals is beyond perfection.
  • Difficult to reset the time.
  • Comparatively difficult to operate.
  • Randomly switches channels.
  • The antenna is not large enough.

3. Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet AM/FM Table Top Analog Radio

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

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Sangean WR-11 is fantastic to have for the ones who want to take it along on the long trip. The radio comes with AM and FM and has three knobs. The knobs help in managing the volume, band switch, and tuning of the soundwave radio. It comes in solid MDF Veneer finish or solid wood cabinet which gives it a beautifully soft and precise finish.

Not only this, but the radio has different jacks for providing additional audio input sources. The audio input sources help in connection to the MP3 player and iPod or iPad. The bass of the radio best goes with the vintage sound. The whole radio cabinet helps in enhancing the bass, which provides excellent sound quality. However, one drawback associated with it is that it does not provide support for Bluetooth connectivity.

The rear connections in which radio support are AC-In, DC-In, Aux-In, REC out, and headphones. Moreover, it provides an FM F type antenna terminal, which helps in delivering a better sound connection. Inside the case, three header-style connectors are embedded. Although the device does not come with a power supply battery, you can connect 12V wall wart.

The 3 inches 6.5 Watt full-range speaker with attached magnets helps in providing deep bass and gives high-quality sound. If you are looking for channel presets, or digital tuning, then you will be disappointed. However, radio is simple yet easy to use, which is a greater plus.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Bass could be enhanced.
  • No preset channel options.
  • May stop working sometimes.
  • Some people may get difficulty in receiving AM.
  • No support for Bluetooth connectivity.

4. Sangean WR- 15BK AM/FM Tabletop Wooden Radio

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

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If you are looking for elegance combined with the extraordinary performance, then Sangean WR – 15BK is what you may need to look for. The radio is a classic one and comes with an excellent wood finish. The high MDF cabinet with Veneer finish gives it a soft and beautiful look. Moreover, the radio comes with unique tuning modes and helps in controlling volume effectively.

The radio comes in auxiliary input jacks which help in making its connection with other devices so you can enjoy naats of your own choice. The backside of the radio has jacks for the connection of MP3 player or iPhone and iPad. Moreover, you can also connect your headphones to double the fun. Other rear links include AC-In, Aux-In, and REC Out. The FM F type antenna terminal is also present, which ensures the excellent quality of sound.

For deep bass, the radio comes in 3 Inch, 10-watt full-range speaker. The speakers help in providing pretty excellent bass. One potential drawback associated with communication is that it does not have a display screen, which makes it difficult to see the ongoing operations. The state-of-art performance of the radio makes it worth one to have.

Moreover, the radio includes switching AC Adapter 100-240V for proper power supply. Furthermore, you can see three rotatory knobs which provide various functions, including volume and channel control. The radio supports both FM and AM.

  • Beautiful Design.
  • Good Quality Sound.
  • No display screen.
  • May get the signal problem.
  • May have connectivity issues.
  • The AM and FM receiver could be better.

5. RadioShack Portable Analog Tuning AM/FM/Weather Tabletop Radio

Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

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The most notable feature of the radio is that it comes at a highly affordable price. The radio comes with both AM and FM connections. The AM comes with a frequency of 530- 1700 KHz and FM has a frequency of 88- 108 MHz, which is the best one to get high-quality sound. Additionally, radio provides the weather forecast and helps users to get frequent weather updates.

It comes in analog tuning dial. The power supply mode used in the radio includes an AC cord of 110V or 4 C batteries, which is more than enough. When it comes to design, the radio may not appeal to you as it looks a bit bulky and old fashioned. However, for the power supply, you can purchase extra batteries to use in an emergency. It picks AM stations very efficiently, which enhances the value of the radio.

The antenna helps in providing great sound reception. The dials and knobs present on the radio are easy to use, and hence a kid can also operate the radio. Ease of use makes it the choice of many users. However, a drawback of the radio is that it does not come with the digital display screen, which makes it impossible to view various operations. Not only this, but the contoured handle makes its handling easy and hence you can carry it anywhere. You can enjoy naats while working in your kitchen, or your garage or when you are going to the beach for a trip with friends. You can take it anywhere and anytime with you.

Moreover, the hidden AC cord storage compartments help in the prevention of the clutters, which allows traveling easy with the radio. When it comes to sound quality, bass, and price, this radio is the best one to go with.

  • Highly affordable.
  • Good sound quality.
  • No display screen.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Overloads too easily.
  • Weak signal strength.

Buying guide for Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios

Before getting the best tabletop shortwave radios, you need to make few considerations. Before spending the bulk of money on to best shortwave radio and then not getting the desired results is a real mess. Therefore, to get the right shortwave radio, you need to look for a few things which your shortwave radio must-have. Here are the factors which you must keep in mind.

Frequency range

The first and foremost thing to consider before getting your shortwave radio is its frequency range. The frequencies of the shortwave come with a range from 1700 kHz to 30 MHz. You must look for the radio which comes with a shortwave frequency of 540 kHz to 30 MHz.  The ideal shortwave radio is the one that has a broader frequency range.

The most widely used allocations include Long wavebands, International commercials, Coastal stations, FM bands, AM bands, and many others. Shortwave radios also come at a frequency coverage of 0.15 MHz.

Frequency display

Frequency display is essential to get to know about the frequency range. Modern shortwave radios come with digital and analog frequencies. The radio which comes with a digital readout provides extensive information and helps you in reaching out to your desired radio station. However, for analog readouts, you may need to be involved in the guessing game to approach the right frequency.

Many of the radios come with digital displays for frequency readout; these displays are excellent to find out your intended station.


Shortwave radios come in different styles. Few radios come with AM mode, some with FM and many with SSB modes. However, selecting the shortwave radio, which comes with multiple modes, provides enormous listening options. AM mode provides listening to shortwave broadcasting options whereas AM and SSB give a wide variety of listening options.

Antenna connections

Many shortwave radios come with a built-in antenna; therefore; you don’t need to install an external one. However, it is considered that the external antenna provides better reception. Consequently, it is better to look for the shortwave radio which has a jack for the installation of the antenna.


The market has an array of shortwave radio options, but not everyone is worth one to have. It is best to go for the shortwave radio which comes with sturdy construction. The high quality of shortwave radio means your radio will run for a long time. Moreover, high-quality radios will be worth one to have. You can ensure the quality of the product by comparing it with various devices present in the market. You must examine a large number of tools available in the market so to get the idea about the quality of numerous methods better.

Tuning methods

One of the most important which you must look into sound wave radios is the tuning methods. Tuning methods help provide the user with ease to operate shortwave radio. Some receivers come with buttons whereas others come with fitted knobs. Many of the users prefer to go to those with knobs because they are comparatively more comfortable to operate than other ones.

Sound quality

Radio with good signal strength provides high-quality sound. The sound quality is known as sensitivity. The sensitivity of radio means that how well a unit provides sound quality despite weaker signals. Radios which come with higher sound quality are preferred.

Selectivity options

Many radios come with different selectivity options. Many of the companies allow you to choose between narrow and wide selectivity options. However, modern radios come with almost 5 selectivity options-which is a greater plus. However, going for a narrow selectivity option will save you from much interference from adjacent stations.

Additional features

Basic shortwave radios come with AM mode stations only. However, advanced radios come with multiple modes. The advanced radios come with a bandwidth selectivity feature. The highly-priced options come with five choices for bandwidth selectivity, whereas others may only offer two options.

By going for the one with five choices, you can adjust the audio quality of the channels. Moreover, it also reduces the interference from adjacent stations.

Another must-have feature is the single sideband receiver. The receiver will allow the user to listen to everything associated with weather bulletins. Hence wherever you go, you can get information related to the weather.

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