Best Choice
Quartet Non-Magnetic Glass Dry Erase White Board, 8' x 4' Whiteboard, Infinity Frameless Mounting,...
Good Choice
Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories (Includes Whiteboard Pen &...
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Magnetic Small White Board Dry Erase 11’’x14’’ - Mini Dry Erase Board Magnetic with 6...
Quartet Non-Magnetic Glass Dry Erase White Board, 8' x 4' Whiteboard, Infinity Frameless Mounting,...
Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories (Includes Whiteboard Pen &...
Magnetic Small White Board Dry Erase 11’’x14’’ - Mini Dry Erase Board Magnetic with 6...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Quartet Non-Magnetic Glass Dry Erase White Board, 8' x 4' Whiteboard, Infinity Frameless Mounting,...
Quartet Non-Magnetic Glass Dry Erase White Board, 8' x 4' Whiteboard, Infinity Frameless Mounting,...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories (Includes Whiteboard Pen &...
Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board & Accessories (Includes Whiteboard Pen &...
Also Consider
Magnetic Small White Board Dry Erase 11’’x14’’ - Mini Dry Erase Board Magnetic with 6...
Magnetic Small White Board Dry Erase 11’’x14’’ - Mini Dry Erase Board Magnetic with 6...
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Do you want to have the best whiteboard for a home for having excellent advertisement platforms and enjoying the amazing technologies?

Gone are the days when people used to write on paper but with the advancements in technology, luckily there is a new gadget with the name of Whiteboard or Dry Erase Board. It provides the facility of writing without paper as this product helps to manage and save your ideas and thoughts with the facility of editing.

You can edit your text by erasing or adding something or another to the written text. Many individuals find it easy to use Whiteboard rather than papers for writing their compositions, articles, and scripts. In this way, a lot of paper is saved which is usually used by the students or teachers for writing notes or designing course schedules which is the most important in the department of education and learning. In short, it is a total solution of educational, business and management demands in a small package. Following is the best guide for improving the work on the whiteboard.

The easy to use and unparalleled excellence of these whiteboards and erase board has proved their worldwide need. These erase board not only provide you with a perfect platform for writing but also comes with a variety of fonts and designs which enhances the output of your desired work. This product provides a great benefit to pupils, instructors, and officers. Due to this, they can do their work in a very good way with awesome effects.

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Here are the names of the most cost-effective and result-oriented erase board offering multiple benefits for beginners as well as professionals.

Best Whiteboard For Home Reviews

1. Quartet Glass Erase Board & Whiteboard with Frosted Surface and Non-Magnetic Frameless

best whiteboard for home

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Business circles use the word Quartet for Whiteboards that helps the partners to communicate their ideas in a better way through new and effective gadgets. Dry Erase Board also offers the same purpose but with some difference.

For smooth and clear writing frost glass is used as the top layer on Glass Quartet Whiteboard which is further secured by high-quality tempered glass with edge design. These quality glass components increase the durability of Whiteboards along with the long and scratch-free life of glass Quartet whiteboard. It seems that without frames Quartet Whiteboard has become an integral part of every modern official building as these are easily available in many sizes.

These special qualities are sufficient enough to convince everyone to purchase Quartet Whiteboard or an ideal erase board for office decoration or home décor.


  • Dry-erase marker board with tempered glass
  • Stain, scratch and dent proof
  • Adjustable Marker tray
  • One Quartet dry-erase marker with a marker tray and pass-through mounting hardware
  • Warranty of 15 years
  • Board without frame
  • Range of sizes 2 x 1.5 to 8 x 4
  • Vertical or horizontal hanging
  • For best results and long life thorough dusting of the frost glass surface and other components is necessary otherwise the warranty is of 15 years.
  • For better management of things, an adjustable box is fitted with the Whiteboard.
  • In spite of its extra weight it can be hanged against the wall in horizontal or vertical position as per requirement.
  • Tough texture

2. Office Slim Magnetic Whiteboard

OfficePro Slimline Magnetic Whiteboard

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Since 2003 there has been no noticeable in the growth in the supply of Office accessories. The suppliers only considered the fundamental needs of the Office. 24×36 Inch smart dry erase board is an ideal solution to all the problems relating to present the material on board.

It is designed as a scratch-proof version of a whiteboard. This very reason makes it the most popular whiteboard. After so many erasing, its surface remains as white as snow. So he written words are crystal clear.

Its name “Slimline” is due to its sleek structure. Much work has been done on its firm shape, still, it is very much light in weight. The company is very much conscious about the safe delivery of the product so it is encased within a box of multi-layers of protective material.

Each and everything related to its hanging against the wall is included in the kit. All related accessories like pen marker, marker tray, magnetic eraser, and three magnets are present in the box. A non-technical person can easily install it with no complications.

An excellent feature of this gadget is its amazing life-long exchange offer which is free of cost. You have the true worth of your spent money if you buy Office Pro Slim Line Magnetic Whiteboard. Your office technicities can be fully aided with the help of this multi-functional board.


  • 24×36 inch in size
  • Light in weight with hanging accessories
  • Scratch Proof
  • Lifelong warranty
  • life-long exchange offer which is free of cost.
  • Hanging kit
  • Magnets don’t work on it

3. Quartet Erase Board and Whiteboard Magnetic

Quartet Dry Erase Board Whiteboard Magnetic

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In the name of Office product supplies Quartet is a renowned business tycoon. In addition to this it has also hands in products needed for visual communication which help the users to transform their thinking into visual art.

It also manufactures bulletin boards for the general public as the magnetic writing surface does not allow repeated erasing, so it is not suitable for official usage. The erasable marker helps the user to write important things and to-dos. A user can make it like a bulletin board or whiteboard with mounting accessories. Its wooden, black or white frame makes it the user’s first choice if it is used within homes as it goes excellent with the color theme.

It can be hanged horizontally or vertical according to the furniture’s setting. No compromises on durability, quality and user’s writing preferences. This excellent product enhances personal skills without spending much money.


  • Size 17 x 23 inches.
  • Vertical or horizontal hanging
  • Designed with white frame
  • Frictionless work area
  • Magnetic board
  • Kit with all the magnetic accessories, mounting hardware and dry-erase marker
  • Durable
  • Hanging kit
  • Lighting can impede your writing
  • Cleaning process is not that good

4. U Brand Magnetic Dry Board with White Frame

U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board White Frame

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No one else can best understand the official needs of users other than U Brands.Two sizes are available (8.5 x 11 Inches & 11 x 14 Inches) for U Brands Contempo Magnetic Erase Board White Frame.

The durability of this whiteboard’s surface is of unparalleled quality in the market. Pin the cork magnet can be placed at any desired position on board.

As every person has his own writing preferences so to fulfill all the fundamental needs, U Brands offers a dry-erase marking board and an eraser, so a user can use this board without any worries. The special contoured design of the marker’s cap does not allow it to roll inside the adjustable tray or on the floor. Easy to use mounting kit helps the user to fix it on any smooth area. Double-sided Velcro mounting strips help the users to mount it in the desired place.

Writing reminders and studying for hours has never been an easy task but U Brand board has turned this boring task into an exciting venture. As the user never gets bored or frustrated while using this Whiteboard. You will experience only one drawback related to the functionality of the eraser which is included in the tool kit, as it does not suit the quality of the dry-erase board. Other than this demerit this dry-erase board is the best in quality and service.


  • Ghost and stain proof
  • Long lasting
  • Kit with Pin-It magnet, dry erase marking board and eraser
  • Bulletin board
  • Mounting system
  • Available in 8.5 x 11 to 11 x 14 In
  • Easy to fix on any surface
  • Easy hanging kit
  • light weighted
  • small in size
  • expensive

5. Viz-Pro Erase Board with Melamine Al Frame 

Viz-Pro Dry Erase Board Melamine Aluminum Frame

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Viz-Pro has earned a good name in office, home and education sector by supplying quality products. Including erase board, all the products are excellently designed and equipped with all the modern facilities, so a user feels more than happy after the purchase and remains satisfied with the passage of time.

The whiteboards are supplied with different measurements. They are manufactured with aluminum frames. Plastic edges of excellently finished silver frames have fixings for screws. The work surfaces of these boards are extremely frictionless, which can be cleaned with dry erasers and all types of dry-erase marking boards can excellently work on these surfaces.

Markers can be kept nearer in the pen tray, which is an excellent manufacturing feature. All possible tools are provided in the hardware kit which is used to mount and fix the whiteboards in vertical or horizontal positions. This non-magnetic dry erase whiteboard has a scratch-proof crystal clear surface which becomes its quality after multiple erasing.

As there is a large variety of whiteboards and erase board is available in the market to fulfill your writing needs, but Viz-Pro offers you a complete package of your writing solutions with all its engineered accessories as many of the available brands have one or another issue with the long term usage of the product. If there is a quality conscious being then Viz-Pro is the best solution of your home, office or educational writing problems, so make the right decision at the right time and invest your valuable money in Viz-Pro whiteboard products.


  • Available in 24 x 18 to 60 x 36 Inches
  • Pen tray and mounting tools
  • Horizontal or vertical fixation
  • Aluminum frame with silver finishing
  • Dry erase marking boards with dry wipes
  • Long lasting scratch less work surface
  • ABS plastic corner with screw-fixing in corners
  • Reliable melamine writing surface
  • Kit includes magnetic marker and eraser
  • Light in weight
  • Small in size
  • Expensive material for cleaning

6. Smart Multi-Purpose Dry Erase board Magnetic Refrigerator

Smart Planner Weekly Multi-Purpose Magnetic Refrigerator Dry Erase Board

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Enjoy the blessings of science and technology as Smart Planner board introduces a very unique device in the world of magnetic dry-erase board which is easily attached with the fridge. This innovation has advanced features of user friendly functions.

This dry erase board excellently complements your kitchen or lounge with its silver finished frame. As it can easily fit on the fridge so a user can take the full benefit of dry erase board with the fridge. Don’t worry about the size of your fridge because it can be well fitted with small, medium or large refrigerators. 30 Mils thickness of the magnetic sheet gives a very beautiful glossy touch which is further protected by durable “Clear Dry Erase Laminate.” This writing surface is best for attaching reminders, calls to action lists and notes.

You can make use full use of your Smart Planner Weekly Multi-Purpose Magnetic Refrigerator Dry Erase Board by writing your to-do lists. When you are extremely busy with your daily chores, you must have your reminders and to-do lists nearby so the refrigerator is the best place to mount your whiteboard. Be creative enough to draw something very special and interesting, so along with you and others can also enjoy your innovative ideas. Markers don’t have the best quality still they work better but in case of any inconvenience, markers of some good brand can do better.

Go ahead and purchase erase board or Whiteboards and manage your haphazard ideas in a more organized and workable way… use your creativity while writing your weekly plans on the whiteboard and impress other family members. In this way, you can get the full return of your invested money.


  • Sleek and smart
  • Color: Multi-Purpose 11.75 x 16
  • Adjustable on small or full fridge
  • Clear dry erase laminate increases the durability
  • Magnetic sheet of 30 Mils thickness
  • Dry erase over laminate and premium magnet
  • Large surface area
  • Easy to be cleaned
  • Doesn’t include staining and blotching while cleaning the board

7. Universal Melamine Erase Board

Universal Dry Erase Board Melamine

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Universal whiteboard is your first choice if you are not in much need of whiteboards. Universal whiteboard has all essential functions but its exceptional cost and extraordinary manufacturing makes it your first choice.

Your office settings can be best complemented with 36×24 inches whiteboard because its medium size can easily be adjusted in the surroundings. This board is provided with the black corners which help the board to stay scratch-free and a very beautiful aluminum frame. The aluminum frame protects the melamine surface of the whiteboard. The solid structure of the board cannot be bent or wrapped easily. Still, it stays sleek and smart. All these manufacturing features confirm the durability of the whiteboard.

This whiteboard can be adjusted according to the setting of your office as vertical or horizontal. Marker and eraser tray is somewhat with extended width, so you can pick and drop the marker or eraser easily. During a long time, usage, you may notice some writing leftovers which can be cleaned easily with a partially wet wipe. If you are quality conscious you can use good quality eraser fluids which can enhance the durability and quality of the writing service.

High-quality engineering is involved while the manufacturing of erase board. No special care or deep knowledge of mounting is required for the fixation of the board. But you have to be extremely careful while handling. If you drop it accidentally there is a risk of bending or de shaping. If you have successfully installed it at a suitable place, then use it for a long time without any maintenance issues. Its low price is its main advantage. No one is going to think again after buying it. It suits best to students, teachers, businessmen and staff who have to write a lot of work, in very less time with perfect results.


  • 4.2 pounds in weight
  • Contouring with aluminum frame having black corners made of plastic
  • Available in 1.3 x 24 inches
  • Melamine surface
  •  2′ – 4′ in size
  • Works well while erasing different colors
  • Sturdy hangers

8. Magnetic Erase Board Markers with 6-Pack Colors

Magnetic Dry Erase Board with Markers 6-Pack Assorted Colors

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Kedudes is another name in the manufacturing of erase board which offers 11 x 14 inch measurements. This large size suits best for home and classroom purpose. A large number of good qualities of this white board offers an excellent interactive environment. It is very convenient for a user to get how-to-use knowledge without any difficulty.

Whiteboard is an ideal gift to any near and dear one as it includes six dry-erase marking boards of different colors fitted with magnetic tapes to keep you free of displacement memories. Attractive drawings and the note-taking process can be easily made with these colorful markers. These markers have magnetic qualities so you will not lose them. Caps of the markers are fitted with eraser tips so you can correct a word whenever you want. You feel good after touching the magnetic surface.

The two-sided tape makes the adjustment process very easy and tension free. These double-sided tapes can easily fix the whiteboard even on the fridge. The powerful magnets keep the mounted whiteboard on its place for a longer period of time without any need to fix it again. In case of falling off, super glue is the solution to fix it again. Pointed corners of the Chrome frame can give you a tough time while mounting so stay vigilant enough to avoid any sort of mishap.

In short, if you are a man of good managerial skills then buy Magnetic Erase Board with 6 pack assorted colors at a very cheap price. This will help you in organizing your to-do lists, notes with reminders. Its attractive frame and high-quality surface with markers and mounting tool kit make it your first choice when it comes to buying a whiteboard. Don’t feel reluctant to verify the quality of this whiteboard. You will definitely feel satisfied after a try.


  • 4 ounces in weight
  • Double sided tapes and magnets included
  • Can be mounted easily
  • A black marker with Chrome pen clip and two chrome magnets
  • Includes a set of assorted 6 magnetic markers with low-odor slim point
  • Wide, high quality and durable writing surface
  • Available in 11 x 14 inches
  • Works well for different sizes
  • Strong magnets
  • Durable pads
  • Fine tips
  • Pads get easily dirty
  • Pads are hard to be moved

9. Magnetic dry White Board and Erase Board which are Excellent for the Office use

Magnetic White Board Dry Erase Board Excellent for Office and Home

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Conscious customers can fulfil and satisfy their writing needs from the products of Master of the Boards. This company is very much famous because of their precise design and highly intricate manufacturing techniques that allow the products to satisfy their customers with their quality, durability and competency.

Any sophisticated office can enhance its productivity with these magnetic whiteboards due to these reasons. It offers the facility of writing with dry-erase marking boards along with the putting of important papers and pictures with the help of magnetic pins on the writing surface.  This whiteboard comes with a removable tray of the pen that fulfills many of your needs.

Master of the Boards Company has specially designed the whiteboards for its general customers. The fixation process is so easy that a layman can easily mount it in a vertical or a horizontal position with the help of provided mounting tool kit. Anodized aluminum frames are of high quality and provide long-lasting quality without any damage. The good quality of the metal is used on the backside of the frame. This feature ensures the proper fixation of the board. Lacquered surface not only protects the board but allows repeated erasing. Still the company advises the users to apply specified erasing fluids to get a clean surface of the whiteboard. These fluids keep the surface in good health.

As the market is teeming with excellent whiteboards so finding a whiteboard suitable for your requirements is a hard nut to crack. In the long list of whiteboards and erase board Master of the Boards is a company that is the most reliable one that offers excellent products with a rich history of five-star ratings, reviews and comments. Now you have all valid reasons to purchase dry erase or whiteboards from Master of the Boards for your classroom, home or office.


  • Available in 24x 36/ 32 x 44 inches
  • Aluminum frame of excellent quality
  • Landscape or portrait mounting
  • Pen tray and mounting screws included
  • Scratchwith stain proof, high quality and sustainable writing surface
  • Cheap in price
  • Great color
  • Refills not available
  • Might be smelly

10. XBoard Magnetic Dry Erase Aluminum Framed Whiteboard

XBoard Magnetic Dry Erase Aluminum Framed Whiteboard

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When it comes to the high quality manufacturing of whiteboards or erase board no one can deny the importance of XBoard. They manufacture both magnetic and melamine boards. XBoard is widely trusted because of the perfect functionality, high quality material and super excellent results. The customer feels excited while choosing the right one among the three available sizes. Its detachable marker tray, mounting tool kit, and metal frame are the features you really desire. It also fulfils your need to remove and readjust the marker tray.

These features make XBoard your basic need. ABS plastic edges of XBoard with super quality metal frame make the XBoard your first choice. Its curved edges make the XBoard easy to handle and eliminate the risk of injuries. The magnetic surface of XBoard wins the trust of customers due to its scratch-resistant quality. It can also function as a bulletin board. Services of an expert are needed to mount the dry erase board; the provided hardware kit helps the person while fixing it horizontally or vertically.

No compromise can be made on the quality, durability, and functionality of the whiteboards manufactured by XBoard due to the salient features of the product. All satisfied customers feel happy as they have the best return of their hard-earned money in the form of this board.


  • Silver anodized aluminum frame
  • ABS plastic corners
  • Coated steel surface
  • Non-reversible
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Available in 36×24 / 40×30 / 48×36 Inch
  • Solid frame
  • Easy erasing
  • Packaging issues
  • Might have few scratches

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VIZ-PRO Dry Erase White Board/Magnetic Foldable Whiteboard, 48 X 36 Inches, Silver Aluminium Frame
  • [What You Get ] Oversized Magnetic whiteboard with Overall size 47.2" x 35.4" ( frame included); Writing...
  • [High Quality Details] Smooth & durable magnetic writing surface, easily dry wipe with all dry-erase...
  • [Multi-Use] It is a good choice for home, school, office, small group instruction, kitchen, stores,...
  • [Easy To Install & Stable] Easy installation with fixing kits, flexible mounting and free of space.
  • [Warmly Remind] Please Remove the clear plastic film from the whiteboard surface before use. If you have...
SaleBestseller No. 2
VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board, 36 X 24 Inches, Silver Aluminium Frame
  • 【Smooth Writing and Easy to Wipe】Magnetic whiteboard, overall size: 35.4" x 23.6" ( frame included);...
  • 【Premium Quality】Specially lacquered surface, anti-scratch silver finished aluminium frame, ABS...
  • 【Versatile Installation】Flexible mounting allows you to install your whiteboard either horizontally...
  • 【Multiple Uses】It is a good choice for home, school, office, small group instruction, kitchen,...
  • 【Warmly Remind】Please remove the clear plastic film from the whiteboard surface before use. If you...
Bestseller No. 3
WALGLASS Double-Sided White Board, 24" x 18" Dry Erase Board Magnetic Whiteboard for Wall, Hanging...
  • 【Double-sided Whiteboard】- WALGLASS Whiteboard made of smooth and scratch-resistant surface, easy to...
  • 【Durable & Lightweight】: WALGLASS Magnetic white board with aluminum frame is solidly builted,...
  • 【Smooth Writing & Easy to Clean】: You'll love how easy it is to write on our smooth and durable...
  • 【Multiple Uses】: Package include 4 magnetic dry erase markers (include 4 color), 6 magnets, 1 movable...
  • 【High Quality Assurance】: WALGLASS aims to create an emotional connection with our customers. Our...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Easel Whiteboard - Magnetic Portable Dry Erase 36 x 24 Tripod Height Adjustable, 3' x 2' Flipchart...
  • Tripod Stands Stable & No Wobble: maxtek easel white board comes with a steel pipe tripod with rubber...
  • Humanized Design of Adjustable Height: There are scales markings on the tripod legs of maxtek flipchart...
  • Ease to Write & Wipe: maxtek easel white board is finished with a beautiful smooth & durable surface....
  • Great in Value: maxtek 24 × 36 inches stand white board is finished with a solid and stable construction...
  • 100% Satisfaction: To prevent shipping and handling damages, the whiteboards are shipped in a reinforced...
Bestseller No. 5
Mr. Pen- Dry Erase Board, 14” x 11” with a Black Dry Erase Marker, Small Mini White Board for...
  • This Package Includes 14 x 11 Dry-Erase Board With A Black Dry Erase Marker
  • Easy Mounting System, No Drill Required on even clean surfaces.
  • Premium Magnetic Steel Dry Erase Surface
  • This White Framed Dry Erase Board Provides A Compact, Easy-To-Use Writing Surface For Planning,...
  • The One-Sided Dry Erase Board Is An Environmentally And Friendly Way To Learn, As You Just Write, Wipe...