Today, cars and other vehicles are part of our everyday life. For some people, it’s pretty hard to imagine living without their car, so if you have it, you are probably doing everything possible to keep it in good shape. By doing that, you are preventing it from breaking in the middle of your road trip or other similar unpleasant situations. But as it’s getting older, more and more things are going wrong and some parts need to be replaced. Sometimes maintaining it can be really expensive, so most of the people with a limited budget, and probably you among them, are now reading this article, as you consider buying cheaper or used parts.

The first thing, buying cheap things, is generally a wrong idea, except when you need to replace a mirror or hubcaps, or other parts that don’t depend on the exclusive quality the expensive ones provide. Buying a used part is somehow a better idea because at least, they are original ones. Still, there are some tips you need to follow, so you can avoid different types of scams or wrong estimation on them. Some people can’t precise if the used part is good or not, and if they fall for scams, they can end up with a bag full of trash that can’t be used for anything.

In recent months, this type of purchase is available online too, and if you click here, you will see an online store full of all types of used car parts. It’s a kind of virtual junkyard, but still, everyone is able to find what they need. But, you still have to know and do these things when it comes to used parts:

1. Not all parts are worth to be bought used

Parts that tend to wear out as time goes by, like brake pads and disks, tires, spark plugs, water pumps, or belts, are better to be bought brand new. You may think they still have some “life” in them but you are risking your safety. Also, some other issues that can happen as soon as you install them. Many parts of your car have a limited life, and once they are worn out, they should end up in the trash, not on a second-hand market. It’s crucial for you to know these things, so you can be sure every repair will result in a safe and sound vehicle for you and your family.

2. Visit your local junkyard

Ordering used parts online can also be risky, so it is better to see the condition of the used part with your own eyes. Also if you are not sure you can do it by yourself, you can always bring a mechanic or friend that knows these things better. It’s always good to have someone more experienced than you, so they can give the proper advice, or even recognize if the seller is reliable or not.

3. Consider the donor car as an option

Some people who were in a crash usually sell the healthy parts for cheap money. If it happens that their car is the same model as yours, you can easily come to affordable, but still, healthy components that will be easily installed in your vehicle, fitting perfectly. By doing that, they earn some money but help you save a significant amount, while you still have the original parts for you.

4. Learn more about the compatibility

Not every part you find in the junkyard will be compatible with your vehicle. The employees there can help you find the right one if you tell the exact model you own and the series number. Just with a quick check in the database, they will find which pieces they have in stock are suitable for your car.

5. Ask them if they provide a warranty

Some services provide an additional warranty, especially if they repair and fix the used parts. Surely, once they are taken out from the original vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty immediately expires, but some services provide an agreement for some limited time, once you have their part.

6. Plagiarized parts are not a good solution

There are universal parts that fit all vehicles, brands, and models. But if a plagiarized piece is offered to you, we highly recommend not to fall for the more competitive price. Most of them are made of bad quality materials, and can even be hazardous, and cause damage to the vehicle, that can’t be repaired or fixed.

7. Be careful with the exterior parts

Sometimes we need to replace a door or two, mirrors, or windows. In this case, you have to insist on suitable parts only, without negotiating. If you have a BMW, look only for parts that are made for that particular model. Also, know the exact color of your car. It’s not enough just to know it’s red. There are many different shades of red, and even if you repaint it, there can still be a significant difference between the original shell and the old-new parts.

8. Be very specific when explaining what do you need

Every detail is important, and if you aren’t sure how all these things go, you can even take a picture with your phone from every angle of the broken part, and show it to the junkyard employee, so they can check if they have it. Some parts are pretty expensive even when they are used, and the seller should know all the details, so you can leave the junkyard satisfied with your purchase. You can’t remember every detail, so writing them down or as we suggested, taking pictures of them, will prevent any mistakes to happen.


There is nothing wrong with visiting a junkyard to find a reserve part for your car. Sometimes it’s better to take a used one that fits your vehicle and save money for a new one, instead of waiting for the old one to break and eventually damage the motor.

Anyway, keep these tricks in mind when going for this type of shopping, so you won’t end up scammed.