Each of us has a preoccupation with which he wants to fill his time. Someone loves music, someone loves computer games, and there are those who love cars and everything related to them. Cars are a great preoccupation. They have a lot to offer as a category. You can learn a lot about their equipment, about the car brands that exist, the equipment they can contain, and the performance that a model can have. This is all information that car enthusiasts are interested in, but it is also information that can be placed when writing a blog.

A blog is a place where every creative person can show their creativity in action. Blogs are popular features that have been around for years. Blog used to be available only on specialized sites that were intended for this, but in this new modern age in which we live, you can have your own blog if you customize your Instagram profile or if you create a new dedicated profile that will be intended for this purpose. Instagram offers a great option for uploading pictures, videos, stories, and even text in the form of an image that you can upload. This option is called a personal blog, and can also be used for motoring, which is a passion of many people. Already have such a blog on Instagram? That is excellent!


When you already have a car blog on Instagram, then you must first of all take care of the content that will be part of this profile. You must schedule posts. That post schedule should include the time and day when you should post a picture, video, or do, but you also need to know the effect you want to achieve. What effect do Instagram blog owners most often want to achieve? Of course, it is crowded, ie a large attendance of these types of specialized custom profiles. Usually, to increase traffic, a good organization helps to publish and publish at a time when everyone is attached to the network, but the owners of blogs on this network say that it does not work. Does this not work with your car blog? We have a solution. Because we know how great the desire to create content is for blog owners and because we know how important and great the love of concrete preoccupation (in this case cars) we decided to explore ways you can increase your blog traffic. for cars. If you strongly want to increase the number of followers, likes, but also on profile visits, you will need to read us to the end and see our suggestions. Let’s get started!


  1. Create super creative informative content that will attract car lovers to your blog – always have something interesting that will attract readers and followers to you. Create content that will be primarily creative, but will also contain a large amount of new information that has not been encountered so far or is only available on one of the read and quality sites that inform about cars. For example, present new car models, present new ideas for arranging vehicles, and the like. This will draw readers and followers to you.
  2. Post stories as often as possible, use the poll options and use hashtags – the story option is a very useful option that everyone overlooks every time. This Instagram feature provides many benefits for all users. So on this option you can make short quizzes for followers, you can use hashtags that will take followers directly to your profile or to the post of the profile, you can share new posts, etc. You must use this option well and wisely, and especially use the hashtags that will lead the followers, but also the new potential followers to the profile or to one of the new posts on the profile.
  3. Use hashtags because they will increase your number of visits – what are hashtags? These are words or terms that lead directly to posts that are related to the interest of the person searching for hashtags. If you use them often and wisely, you can easily bring your content closer to the users, but also to attract a lot of new followers and create a fuss on your profile. If you are a little skeptical about this option, then you can also try the help offered by the experts from smm-world.com who can help you not only to get new followers and get a lot of likes and shares of your posts that will make it your Insta blog very popular and visited.
  4. You can also use some of the creative posting programs like Canva – although car lovers just want to see and read about cars, they also want interesting postings that will make them follow their profile, ie Insta blog and regularly draw information from there. So try to make interesting announcements, and a tool like Canva can easily help you with that, which will help you with its options to make real miracles and wonderful announcements that will easily bring all vehicle lovers to your profile where you will there are only beautiful and quality posts that attract more and more.
  5. Always post fresh content that is only available on some of the specialized car sites – the most important thing about an Insta blog is to extract fresh information at the same time or at about the same time as all known car and car sites. It will make you a very popular option and a popular destination to come to all Instagram users who love vehicles in general. Therefore, try to get fresh information in time, which you will skip nicely and publish in an enticing way that will attract readers to you, and thus will grow into a habit that will bring them back more and more, and your profile will be highly visited.


These are great tips that you must not miss. And now, get to work and work to solve the attendance problem and bring all the readers to your Insta blog. Good luck!