Top 5 Cheap Leather Sectional Sofas Under 500 in 2020

Does your wife want to redesign your home? Are you looking for a budget-friendly option to accommodate guests? Are you looking for the cheap leather sectional sofas under 500?

Well, there is no need to panic because you are in the right place. A large number of couches are available in the market due to their increasing demand. But it is rather strenuous to find the best couch or sofa at an affordable price. The prices of most of these sets are hitting the sky. So one faces a lot of trouble while choosing the couch as it is quite challenging to get quality in an affordable range. You might like also to read articles about The 5 Best Backpacks for Teenage Girl and The 5 Best Tabletop Shortwave Radios.

But don’t worry, continue reading, and you will get an answer to all your questions. We have listed the best couches to help you. But the choice is yours. Do not forget to go through our buying guide to get a head start before spending a handsome amount of money.

Cheap Leather Sectional Sofas Under 500 – Reviews

1. Case Andrea Milano Leather Double Recliner Couch

cheap leather sectional sofas under 500

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If you are one of those people who welcome visitors and guests frequently, then Leather Double Decliner couch is what you want. The adjustable sofa can be adjusted according to your demands with its unique and extraordinary features. The liver action of the sofa will allow you to control and customize it easily. One can lift the back and lower areas to stretch your complete body while reading your favorite Islamic book.

This sofa is specifically designed to give you maximum comfort while occupying minimum space. One can use its back tilting option in the hour of need. The comfort level of the sofa is simply amazing. Not only the seats are well padded, but also there is high-density foam stuffed in the back. The arms are also appropriately padded to give you maximum rest during your free time. If you are looking for an ideal couch to take rest, then go for it with your eyes closed.

The three-seated Case Andrea Leather Recliner Sofa comes in black and brown color. Unlike other sofa sets that use low quality or hardened leather, this sofa uses soft and smooth leather that does not give you any

uncomfortable feeling. The leather neither makes any disturbing noise while sitting nor act as a hurdle in complete relaxation and stretching. The stitching and the material of leather will last for years. Thus, this sofa is a lifetime investment.

The seats of the sofa are wide (i.e., 20″ wide) and give you more room than other sofas of the same quality. The couch also comes with its manual that will help you to use the liver action easily. Make sure to save 74″ long and 31″ ample space for the sofa in your lounge or home.

Couch Features

Color Brown/Black
Stuff leather
Weight 30 pounds
Number of Seats 3
Return policy Within 30 days
Lever action reclining mechanism Yes
  • The lever action of the sofa will give you maximum comfort.
  • The couch is quite affordable.
  • It comes in black and brown colors.
  • The padded arms are not at all comfortable. They are made of hard foam.
  • Although the company claims that it is long-lasting, it is not.
  • One has to take really good care of it to use it for a longer period.
  • The sofa is comfortable at the start, but after a few months of use, the cushions become uneven.
  • The leather will lose its shine and quality very quickly.

2. Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa

Best Couch Under 500

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If you are tired of the bulky and heavy designs of the couches, they go for Faux Leather futon sofa. This sofa is one of the best solutions for limited and compact spaces. In addition to occupying minimum space, it also has high-quality foam to give you maximum comfort. Moreover, one will get all these qualities at an affordable price.

The best thing about this sofa is its foldable design. No matter whether you want to use it for watching TV, or stretching your body in office or home after days of hours of work this futon sofa covers it all. One can convert it into a straight back, or lower back sofa depending upon the needs. This sofa is mostly preferred for office use. One can turn it into a bed during your lunch or coffee break.

Unlike over gaudy and brassy couches, this sofa is crafted decently with faux leather. Moreover, four metal legs give support to its upper framework. The arm sets are also removable to allow you to use it very comfortably like a sofa-chair or sofa-bed whenever you want. Those people who have to deal with guests more frequently and are looking for a compact solution to their problems should buy it immediately. No other company is offering all the comfort and cool features at this price.

Moreover, do not worry about wasting hours converting it to a sofa or bed, as it is quite convenient to use. A zip compartment is present in the base region to store the legs and accessories. You can also store hardware in this compartment to save yourself from any future trouble.

Couch Features

Weight 61 pounds
Adjustable Design Yes
Compact Yes
Color Grey
Foldable Yes
Material Pu Leather and Metals
  • The sofa has a sleek and compact design.
  • It is foldable.
  • The couch is affordable.
  • The padding is limited due to which the comfort level is low.
  • One can feel the springs while using it.
  • One has to take care of it else it will collapse.
  • The seats are too low, and sitting on them for hours can give you back pain.
  • Unlike the claims of the company, the sofa is good for kids but not for adults.
  • The legs are of poor quality; they can collapse easily.
  • One has to use an additional mattress or comforters to use it.

3. The Best Choice Convertible Futon

Best Couch Under 500

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This is a different and unique type of convertible sofa that can hold two positions at a time. The sofa is divided into two halves; one half can be bent down while the other can stay elevated. One can also bend both of the halves at a time. Thus this couch has a sofa come bed design.

Do not worry about the durability of the sofa as it is made up of a sturdy wooden frame. The six metal legs are there for the support of the sofa. The sofa offers two additional pillows to give you extra comfort. Tufted upholstery filling with allows you to stretch your body on the couch.

The good thing about this sofa is that it comes in different colors. Thus you can choose one according to your priority.

Couch Features

Weight 97 pounds
Adjustable Design Yes
Fabric Linen
Color Blue, Black, Brown, Dark Grey, Grey, Red, Beige
Foldable Yes
Split back Yes
  • The couch has a split back.
  • One can convert it into bed in the hour of need.
  • The sofa is inexpensive.
  • The fabric is not of good quality.
  • The mattress is of bad quality; one can feel the wood while sitting on it.
  • The sofa is not comfortable.
  • One has to take complete care of it to use it for the long term.

4. L Shaped Sectional Sofa by Best Living Furniture

Best Couch Under 500

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Larger living rooms require large sofa sets to fill up all the space. But it is quite expensive to get a large sofa set. But we have a solution to your problem. L shaped sectional sofa is one of the best sleepers available in the market at affordable rates. The L shaped sofa comes in two pieces, which can be separated depending upon your priority and needs.

The fine finishing, stable structure and long-lasting design make it popular in the furnishing market. The sofa is built specifically to give comfort to its users. The comfortable cushions in the seats and back will take away all the tension in your body within a few minutes. Not only the design is durable, but it will also give you excellent feeling while watching Madani Channel.

The company offers complete assurance of its durability and high quality. You will never face the need to replace this sofa set as the wood used in its framework is of excellent quality. The robust design and wooden legs can stand all kind of pumps. The company offers a 1-year warranty to satisfy its customers. Moreover, one can contact their services at any time in case of any trouble.

Unlike other sofas that are way too difficult for washing, this L shaped sofa is quite a wonder in itself. The fabric used on this sofa is removable. One can take it out easily without wasting much time to wash it. Moreover, no extra tools or accessories are required. Although the design is durable, it is not at all bulky. One can move it around in the house quickly due to compact wooden legs. It comes in blue and grey in color. Both of them look classy and elegant.

Couch Features

Weight 99 pounds
Convertible Yes, can be converted to L shape
Washable Yes
Color Blue and Grey
Durability Yes
Warranty One Year
  • The sofa is affordable.
  • You will not get such high quality and durability at this price.
  • The couch is not suitable compact places.
  • One has to be careful while using it as the fabric can lose its quality.
  • Although the material is washable, it is difficult to get rid of ink, tea, oil stains.
  • The back support of the sofa is too low.
  • Although it is quite elegant, the overall structure is hard.

5. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

Best Couch Under 500

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly option to save you from the trouble of buying an extra bed and sofa to accommodate guests and visitors? Well, you are in the right place. HONBAY is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to sofa sets and chairs. The L shaped sectional sofa will not only give you comfort but also last for several years. The back of the couch is overstuffed with foam to provide a rest for your back.

The structure and design are durable. High-quality wood and foams are used in its construction. Unlike other sofas whose seats sink after few months of use, the seats of the sofa will remain intact even after several years of use. Moreover, one can replace cushion in a meager budget and use this sofa for their entire lives. This L shaped sofa can also be used in small apartments.

Although it looks bulky, it is quite easy to use it. One can detach and wash the covers within a few minutes. One can transform the L shaped sofa to its other form within a few minutes. So you can adjust it according to the layout of your lounge or room. There is a plus point in this convertible sofa that one does not need any extra tool for converting it.

The company offers this sofa in three colors, i.e., light Grey, Dark Grey, and Beige. Go for the one that complements the theme of your lounge. One can change the finishing of the sofa at a very affordable price. Thus, you can upgrade it whenever you want, without spending much.

Couch Features

Weight 104 pounds
Adjustable Design Yes, can be converted to L shape
Washable Yes
Color Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Beige
Material Used Fabric and Wood
Warranty One Year
  • The design is durable and long-lasting.
  • It is quite comfortable.
  • The couch is quite affordable.
  • There is no space at the bottom for storing accessories.
  • The sofa has a heavyweight.
  • It is not easy to move it into the house.
  • The couch is not compact.
  • It is difficult to wash away stains from the fabric of the sofa.
  • One has to be careful while handling tea, ink, etc. as the fabric is more likely to get dirty.

Best Couch under 500 Dollar – Buying Guide

Everyone has its priorities about buying couches and sofas. But there are certain things that one must keep in mind to avoid trouble in the future. If you are looking for specific tips to get a head start for purchasing the best couch under 500, then you are in the right place. All the necessary plus points that a sofa must have are listed below.


The first thing that everyone must keep in mind is its durability. Although some couches look very classy and stylish, the internal structure I made of weak material. These couches fail after a few months, i.e., either their leather wore out, or padded cushions lose their volume. Make sure that the leather or covering of your couch is made up of top-notch material. Moreover, the wood used on the sofa must be of high quality. Therefore, try to shop from a trusted brand.


Some companies are selling expensive products. One should be aware of such frauds as some companies are marketing the best quality at affordable rates. All you have to do is do a little research and pinpoint such companies. But never compromise even if you have to pa a few extra bucks to get your desired quality. Purchasing the right quality sofa is a lifetime investment.


Stylish design and classic structure is another vital point that one must keep in mind. Gaudy designs and excessively embellished couches never look good. Therefore. Go for a simple and elegant design with a blend of style.


The size of the couch that you want must correspond with the number of members in your family and the space for the sofa. The sofa will ruin the look of your lounge if it is too big for it. So, measure the empty area before leaving to avoid trouble in the future. Make sure your couch is small enough to pass through the doorways.


Some couches do not use springs. Instead, they are only made from cushions. Well, such pillows lose their quality in a short time. A few jumps will be enough to cross the limit of pillows. Go for an option that uses high-quality springs to hold cushions even if you have to spend some extra money on them.


Sit on the sofa for a few minutes to make sure that no unpadded or empty spaces are present in the seats of the couch. Only a few minutes to test will give you an idea about the comfort level of the couch.


Some couches offer a built-in mechanical system like massager or built-in radios. Well, make sure to test them beforehand.

Color of the Sofa

Do not buy a sofa only because you love its design and color. Make a picture of your home and keep its theme in mind before paying a handsome amount of money. Choose the color and style according to your theme. Neither go for too much bling nor go out of style.