When it comes to your health nothing should be out of bounds. When it comes to food you need to take what is best for you and you also need to stay active. The reason for that is eating healthy without regular exercise and activity will not be any good.

Why You Should Take Supplements?


Most of us know what we need but, unfortunately, for some of us what we need isn’t accessible, isn’t affordable or can’t be found. This is why we have supplements and vitamins we all need to take to satisfy our daily needs for certain things that fall into the unobtainable category, for whatever reason. Thanks to places like All Natural Supplements the search for these is short and swift and with just a few clicks and a quick order, you can get whatever you need.

Now, when it comes to these you need to know one important thing and that is that these things aren’t supposed to be something that will replace your entire meal or a food source. These are what they state to be – supplements. With vitamins and supplements in this form, you need to add on to the meals you have and add those things that those meals couldn’t provide. When you start using supplements and vitamins to replace entire meals you will be doing your body and health more harm than good.

This is the reason we wanted to make this article and to tell you the ways and times you need to take these to use all the benefits they offer and not degrade your health further. Stick with us and find out the small details.

Time for Supplements and Vitamins


When it comes to the time of the day or times you should take vitamins and supplements, this is the question that is the most asked one and this is what we will tackle first.

When it comes to vitamins, they are not that difficult and they don’t need any specific time to be taken. These are left to your liking and you can take your vitamins whenever it suits you the best. Probably the best time, and what most practice, is taking vitamins with your breakfast and your lunch. The reason for this is that many nutrients are best absorbed in the presence of food. This is why most vitamins state on the packaging that you should take them on a full stomach or during a meal.

If you think about how your digestive system works you will notice that it is stimulated to absorb vitamins and minerals when it is in the presence of food. The reason for this is that this is how all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients come into our system. Taking them like this you are priming your digestive system for absorption of these nutrients. Another good reason to take them like this is the fact that most vitamin comes in a form of a tablet that is somewhat difficult to digest and absorb which is why you need to take them with food or after your meal. This way you are avoiding the possibility of this falling hard on your stomach and causing you another set of issues.

Another thing that is frequently asked is how long does it take for a vitamin and supplement to work? Well, truth be told, there isn’t a straight answer to this. The reason for that is that all of our metabolisms are different and some of us manage to get the goodies out of supplements and vitamins a lot quicker than others. It also depends on your diet, meaning what are you eating and how much of it. some vitamins and supplements are good on their own while others need, fats for instance to work quicker and to enter your system. There is also the factor of your lifestyle, the stress levels, what are you drinking the most and how much of it are you drinking. There are plenty of things that can and will impact how long a vitamin or a supplement needs to work its magic in your body.


Another thing that can impact the time needed for a vitamin or a supplement to take effect is what type of person you are. Are you one of those that is spot on and regular with everything, are you a slacker or are you one of those intermittent ones?! Those that are punctual and spot on with everything can see the difference within a day or two of taking vitamins and supplements. Those that slack and tack a few of these then forget and take two or three days later, or sometimes not at all will never feel the benefits of these. The intermittent ones that remember to take their vitamins and supplements one day and forget the other will need 3-5 days to feel any improvement at all.

Another thing that pops up is the question of what supplements and vitamins should we all be taking. Doctors suggest several of these as a bare minimum and you can take them as well but we always advise that you contact your physician and consult with them. Some people will take multivitamins some will take specific ones that they need, but the general rule to what we all need to take is:

  • Vitamin D3 is an important vitamin that we now really rarely get from regular food and we need to top it off from time to time.
  • Fish oil is another thing we all need and it comes in a form of Omega-3 pills that are easy to take and help well.
  • Time-released vitamin C is really important and this is the one vitamin we can’t manufacture in our body so it is always lacking. You can get it through some fruit and vegetables but when you feel lacking you can bump it up this way.

So, this list, as you can see, isn’t that long and these are the top three vitamins we all need, and need almost all the time. These will help with the quality of your life, and the quality of your health, with brain function and growth and bone health and regeneration. This is your bare minimum to operate normally and you can always extend this list as you pinpoint what else you need as well. This is where that visit with your physician comes in.