With the expansion of online platforms in recent years, proper development of websites became even more important, especially because of the high competition on almost every branch. The developers are aware of that, and they are constantly trying to add new features and make websites appear more unique. Also, the focus is on a better interface and engagement that can influence higher traffic as well.

In that matter, we expect that there will be even better improvements and new features in 2024 as well. During the last year, most businesses became interested in becoming more active online, which was largely influenced by the pandemic. Also, we can notice a great increase of online stores, which caused higher popularity of popular platforms for creating online stores, such as Shopify and Woo Commerce.


If you are planning to open a website where you can sell goods and services, the best option is to hire experts like SOFTLOFT, who can edit and improve various features on your platform to increase your chances to reach more potential customers and acquire higher revenue in the end.

Also, it is not so complicated to learn how to create a web store today, especially with these platforms and numerous tutorials that you can find online. However, you should check if some modern features could improve the visibility of your website, or its interface, appearance, and many other things. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of the best new trends related to web design in 2024.



This is still a relatively new trend, and it is related to minimalism, which is very popular in recent years. This option includes the implementation of simple elements that don’t have to resemble any real objects. The most common technique among graphic designers is to create landing pages by combining pictures of realistic objects and adding some additional features to create an authentic appearance.

The designers live this technique since they could express more freedom and creativity. You can edit every element of the website like icons, search bars, charts, and any additional parts of the website. The key feature is focusing on clear design, improved interface, and a combination of modern and retro styles.

More Comfortable Colors

We can notice many changes throughout the history of web development, and many trends that were popular for some time, but which are now part of history. The rapid development of digital technologies is influencing common changes related to trends in web design. With the fact that there is high competition in every field, you should find a way to attract people from various techniques since there are probably many websites that are selling the same items as you.

There is a technique that is quite simple but can be very effective for leaving a much better impression on visitors, and that is the proper selection of colors on the landing page. Colors can be related to mood and emotions, and you can decide which colors to choose according to those features. For example, a website that is selling toys for kids should implement a set of bright colors and animations that would seem more attractive to targeted customers.


Scrolling Transformations

This trend was already popular at one moment, but most people decided to stop using it since browsers, hardware, and the internet was not so compatible with this feature for some time. However, with fast connection and modern devices with advanced features, this trend is back, and we expect that even more people will start using this option during 2024.

However, you have to focus on the content that will remain on the page while people are scrolling and choose a proper set of animations that will keep people more engaged. You should focus on making the website more pleasant to viewers while they are scrolling through the content.

Implementation of Questionnaires

This is an excellent option for creating better communication with potential clients and make them more engaged and interested in your products or services. For example, if you are selling organic food, you can add a questionnaire related to people’s nutrition habits, their activities, potential allergies, and more. Moreover, you can use the set of questions and their related answers to provide them with relevant products.

It is proven that this method can boost sales, and people find it interesting to complete various surveys. Also, you can share these surveys over social media or offer them as a pop-up on your website, and keep the landing page available for sharing additional information, current promotions, new products, and more.

Parallax Animations


Adding various animations to your landing page can be very effective for making it more attractive. The visual features of the website can be very important today, and they represent a great way to make people more interested in your company. However, you should avoid overusing this feature since it can affect the transparency of the website. The best way is to add a couple of animations on the landing page where you can introduce some of your best products or services through moving pictures. Checkout best web designer & latest animation in this website Web Swiggy.

It depends on the branch whether this feature will be effective as you expect. A simple store should avoid investing money and effort in this feature, while people who own a book store or gallery could have the most benefits since this option allows people to express their creativity and vision.


While implementing any of these trends can be a very effective method for attracting more visitors, you should also be aware that using and combining them too much can show various side-effects. The main focus should remain on improved interface and transparency. People prefer to quickly find what they need on any website, and some of these features could affect that if not used properly.

In that matter, the best way is to research popular websites and check which solutions they were using. Also, it is essential to hire an experienced developer for this matter, especially if you are not so familiar with the whole process of web design.