Fall and slip accidents look not too harsh but can create issues in a person’s body that can last for a lifetime. They are unfortunate accidents and mostly happen when you are not careful with your surroundings. But this should not be why you neglect your rights in such cases.

If you have been a victim of such a situation, you should not delay and contact a slip and fall attorney in Miami. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of the total slip and fall accidents, 26% are related to workplace injuries. Such injuries are common in the workplace, forming the top 3 causes of preventable injury-related deaths.

Slip And Fall Uncertainties

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Even if you have hired a lawyer for slip and fall injuries or not, you will agree that these are uncalled circumstances, and you are least expecting to fall when you step out of your home in the morning. However, when such a thing happens, you tend to feel confused. Also, if you are injured because of such a fall, it can be upsetting, followed by medical expenses and many other things.

Uncertainty is the biggest red flag in such cases because you don’t know whom to blame o the steps you can take further in such a case. It is a common sight, but the liability has to be of someone because of which such an accident has happened. Further, you should see whether you are making the correct claims when planning to demand compensation for the medical bills. Further, there are additional issues against which you can seek claims, like lost wages, pain, and long-term suffering. However, it is a challenging situation, so navigation must be top-notch.

If you plan to move forward with a personal injury lawsuit, here are some legal tips to help ensure your rights.

⦁ Getting The Right Treatment

The first thing after a slip and fall accident is that you should see if you are feeling fine physically. You should not only focus on the body’s external condition but also on how you feel internally. Sometimes, such accidents can cause internal issues like back pain, swelling, and even pain in the disc. It would help if you immediately got medical treatment.

You should get records of the same and also secure the bills related to the same. It acts as evidence that you were not being ignorant.

⦁ Try To Gather Maximum Information Related To The Incident

It is obvious that when you fall, you might experience shock and pain from the incident. Hence, it would help if you looked around for proof of the possible reason behind such an incident. For example, a wet floor, any signs of movement or non-movement, and others. These will help you in decoding the real reason for the fall.

Also, you should see whether the premises in which such an incident has occurred is secured properly. If not, you should try and collect all the possible evidence.

⦁ Picture Or Video Evidence

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You know the value of good pictures or videos from daily life experiences. When you find yourself in such a situation, you should immediately help your attorneys by taking pictures and video evidence of the scene. It helps prove the liability of the doubtful parties in such accidents.

You need not have a proper video camera. You can use your smartphone’s camera, too. You can take all the possible pictures, including the things you doubt. Also, it would help if you took pictures of the injuries, be it any bruises, bone breaks, cuts, swelling etc.

These factors help in settlement of the claim and also prove the authenticity of the same.

⦁ Reach Out To The Possible Witnesses

You will remember the accident differently than anyone who has seen the accident happen. If you are a single person affected by the accident, you should look for witnesses who have seen you fall. Also, if there are 2-3 other people, you should team up and look for witnesses. If the slip has happened in a large place, you can look for CCTV evidence also.

If you can contact the possible witnesses, you should get contact details so that they can testify as and when required. You can ask your attorney to discuss the relevancy of facts and their information and whether such details can help in the settlement claim or not.

⦁ Look For Secondary Helpers

You should also contact people who can assist you in the process. For example, if an employee is trying to help you either in their official capacity or unofficial capacity, you can also seek their help in the case. Also, you can gather their details and communicate them to your attorney.

The potential witnesses should be conversed with, and you can gain their consent before your attorney speaks so that you can assure them that nothing will happen to them when they are helping the justified source.

⦁ Recording And Filing The Suit

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After you have done the base work, you can contact the nearest police station to get the case and your statement recorded. After they have done the work and the sheet is filed with the court, you can begin with the legal suit and consider all the factors while filing for the settlement.

You should not compromise and consider all lawful factors that can help you get the compensation you deserve because of the slip and fall accident. Also, it would help to cross verify with the witnesses about their presence and communicate the trial requirements beforehand so there are no last-minute confusions.


In unfortunate incidents like slip and fall, where there are major repercussions due to the lack of attention or nuisance of third parties, you can face major issues. However, with different legal provisions, you can find yourself covered. If you have the right attorney assisting you, you can see that the case will be in your favor, and you can get the compensation you deserve.
Hence, choose wisely.