It’s been more than a decade when the first version of WoW saw the daylight, inviting millions of players to start their journey through Azeroth. Tons of expansions have been released since, countless changes have been introduced to the game, but one thing remains the same – the community is still loyal as it was from day one. Moreover, it’s on the rise, with the release of the new expansions.

So, how can a beginner cope with what seems like a complicated and requiring game?

It might have been a problem before, to get started in such a vast world, but not anymore. Developers have taken on the task of explaining to new players what the game is, how to buy it, how to install it before the release of the new expansion. As we already mentioned, it’s an old game that has meanwhile received a bunch of additional content, new mechanics, and other novelties.

Old players and connoisseurs of the MMO genre generally find it easy to handle all of this, but if someone decides to run the game for the first time, chances are they will feel a bit lost.

Blizzard is aware of this, as well as the fact that the game needs “fresh blood”, or in other words new audience. They have already made an important change in this regard because they have eliminated the payment for the basic game and older expansions, now only the subscription is required to be paid.

Another useful thing they have also started with is a series of videos in which they will explain everything a player needs to know about the game. It literally goes baby steps through the whole procedure, such as what is the game, how to buy it and how to install it, and so on… It’s all packed up in about eight minutes to thoroughly explain this, and only after that will they start explaining how the game is played. You can only imagine how long this explanation takes… However, it is useful to go through it if you’re a beginner.

As you may already know, from the explanation of the game, or some other source, after finishing the initial game, where you undergo a series of quests to build up your character of choice and level up, you finally get to choose whether to play PvP or PvE. PvP is all about combat, as your character starts to experience what’s it like on the real battleground. The Horde goes against the Alliance in a series of exciting attacks. As the outcome of the battle will partly be influenced by the gear, it is in your best interest to find out all the tips and tricks to gear up as a beginner. Read what we suggest, below.

1. Go for the boosting service


Gearing sometimes depends on how much time you can allocate for playing. Is it a couple of hours every day, or just on weekends, when you’re off work or school? Since the game is about quests, raids, and tons of other missions, your progress will depend on how much time you will spend playing. And if that time is not much, it can be really frustrating to be behind others all the time. That’s why the first thing you should be aware of as a beginner is that boosting services are your shortcut to progress. Why feel frustrated when you can get the best gear just by visiting

2. Choose your class wisely, right at the start

As you may have noticed, certain classes have more advantages in the game than others. It’s true that each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you may feel particularly drawn to play a certain race and class, but the gearing may be easier once you get to play PvP mode, if, for example, you chose to play as a Hunter. According to most gamers, this is by far the best class to choose, for numerous reasons. One of them is the ability to tame wild beasts, and use them in the battlegrounds.  Survival is also one of the key abilities this class has as an advantage over others in PvP.

Another class that can also be of great help for beginners, is the Rogue. They’re extremely good at handling one on one fights and have the ability to inflict quite damage to their opponents by using poison.

If you prefer starting of by playing in a group, then choose classes that have the ability to heal. In addition, you can dig through all the classes available to see how gearing will be influenced.

3. Don’t take valor points for granted

Beginner or not, you’ll be delighted to find out valor points are back in the newest patch. With some additions and changes, though.

There are two ways of earning them – finishing daily tasks and doing dungeons. However, you should know they come with a limit. Each week you will have 750 valor points as a limit, if you miss a week or do not reach the maximum, you can earn twice as much next week. This means you will be able to upgrade one or two items per week one rank depending on the slot. The system works almost as well as the current PvP Conquest system. Finally, these valor points are a great way to upgrade your gear.

This new WoW fever hit the world with the new content and story that became available to players on November 23, last year. It was a symbolic release date, the original was released on the same one 17 years ago. It remained the most popular game in the genre after all these years. How popular? So much that, the sales record was broken.

The publisher boasted that more than 3.7 million copies were sold on the first day, breaking the record for the fastest-selling game. What does the future hold for WoW? The time will tell.