Free spin helps slot players to get another opportunity to win real money. Casino players know the importance of getting a free spin, so they continue to look for ways to get this opportunity. Some couples play casino games together, it is no longer a new trend. Since these couples are also casino players, they also seek those ways which they can exploit to get free spins and try their luck one more time to try and win more cash. Even beginners in the slot games are told of this opportunity that they can check out and couples are no exception.

Free Spins is just like getting another chance to play to get money if you are lucky. The truth is that free spins are mostly prevalent in quality casinos that know the importance of their customers. If you want to know the best casinos that can give you free spins, head over to and checkout the casino there. If you have a partner and you want to know how to get free spins as a couple, you can get it through the following ways:

1. Through Their Emails

Couples can get free spins from casinos through their emails. Sometimes one of the criteria that online casinos use to know who to give free spins is through the emails that have stayed long in their database. So if you and your partner have had your email addresses in their database for a stipulated time, it will make you guys qualify for the free spins that they will give out.

This method of getting free spins as partner’s works only if you have registered on the casino platform and you may not get after you have just registered for maybe some months. Online casinos sometimes go through their email list and check out for emails that have been on there for like 5 years, depending, and send them mail of free spins. This is not the most common method of getting free spins as couples in a casino and sometimes it even comes unexpectedly.

2. Through Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are one of the ways that online casinos use to reward couples with free spins. If a couple has been playing casino games in a particular casino for a long time, they will be among those that would be rewarded when a casino platform decides to reward those players that have been playing on their platform for a while. Couples can only qualify for these if they did not just join the casino platform. Sometimes the time criteria that casinos give is between 2-5 years. Registering and not playing may not allow a couple to qualify for this type of free spins reward.

Know that this way of getting free spin will soon come knocking at your door as a couple, you guys have registered and have been playing at a particular casino for some time. Casinos do this to encourage their customers to keep patronizing them especially in a game of slots.

3. As a Welcome Bonus

Most times, this is the way you and your partner can consistently get free spins in slot games. When you and your partner register on a casino platform, some of them will give you free spins as a welcome bonus to the casino platform. This is the most common way that many people including couples who play casino games get free spins. Because of how people want free spins, some of them go ahead and register at as many casinos as possible so that when these casinos give them a welcome bonus, free spins can be among them, increasing their chance of winning at slot games.

The major reason why casinos give free spins as part of their welcome bonus is other casino platforms don’t do this, so they try and entice couples who are searching for casinos that offer free spins into their platform. Before couples can get free spins through this means, they must first make a financial commitment in the form of a deposit.

4. When Casinos Promote a New Game

Another means that couples can get free spins which is pretty easier and more fun to get is when casinos are promoting a new game. Sometimes when a casino is creating awareness to their customers that they have introduced a new game to their platform, they do this by giving them free spins to play that game and win real money if they are lucky. Therefore, couples can participate in this promotion and try their luck to play these games with the free spins that were given to them by the casino.

But for couples to be able to get this type of free spins, they must keep an eye on the casino platform that they usually play at to know when they are promoting a new game.

5. A No Deposit Bonus:

Although getting free spins through a no deposit bonus as a couple, there are times it occurs. Casinos just give out free spins to their customers without needing them to make a financial commitment. You don’t need to pay money to be able to be among those that will give this bonus.

As couples, when you are given this type of free spin maybe they sent you an email that you have been given a no deposit free spin, you can alert your partner to join you go through the process that the casino may want you to go through so that the two of you can get this free spin at the same time.

Everyone who plays slots knows how important a free spin is and they will do anything within their reach to get them because free spin is an opportunity to make free cash without having to pay for the opportunity. With the methods that have been mentioned above, couples can equally get free spins.

Casinos like GoldenSlot do this to encourage their customers to keep patronizing them, especially in a game of slots.