Finding less expensive ways to complete tasks in your establishment is part of staying profitable as a small business. One way to achieve this goal is to handle everything yourself and play smarter with technology, like 48% of all small business owners.

Current apps are sophisticated enough to support your business and help make your workload easier to handle through their tools. However, choosing the correct software is tricky. That’s why this article presents a list of the best apps for small business owners in 2024.

Let’s begin!

1. Tapeeno

Payments at your small business with a debit or credit require a POS system or other complex hardware. However, with Tapeeno, you can accept card payment via your smartphone, transforming the pitting gadget into a card reader.

Tapeeno is a “Tap on phone” software that replaces a traditional card reader, allowing you to cut costs on business equipment and serve your customers excellently. Furthermore, since these transactions are financial, the app employs the PCI-certified tapeeno service, which adheres to the latest CPoC standards (Contactless Payments on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf).

As expected of such sophisticated software, business owners can track previous financial transactions easily by logging into the platform’s cloud service. It’s effective, reliable, and a lifesaver.

Operating tapeeno requires no additional hardware and therefore needs no upfront fee, long-term contract, or fixed monthly charge.

2. QuickBooks

Accounting provides a visual representation of your company’s finances, helping you track progress or quickly identify setbacks. With QuickBooks, you can effectively manage your business’s accounting reports and maintain logs without hiring extra help.

You can track your inventory and expenses and create payrolls and profit analyses. QuickBooks can satisfy your accounting needs excellently irrespective of your business size.

The platform also offers users a variety of pricing options to unlock unique features for your establishment. Furthermore, the app works on computers and both IOS and android devices, ensuring you have no restrictions.

It’s worth mentioning that all your data is saved to the cloud, allowing you to access them from your laptop to the mobile device on your palm. It’s a must-have.

3. MailChimp

The benefits of email marketing are numerous, leading 64% of small businesses to use this method to reach customers. If you employ this marketing strategy, MailChimp is the right software.

This app presents a simple email marketing platform built primarily for small businesses, and it provides a variety of templates to customize according to your campaign strategy.

It’s worth mentioning that MailChimp provides a free plan, which is excellent for business owners new to email marketing and who want to experiment. There’s also an A/B testing feature to assess your email marketing performance, letting you know if you’re making progress.

Alongside the A/B testing feature, MailChimp offers an in-depth visualization of how much revenue you can generate from the marketing list audience. Ultimately, this app aims to see you succeed, making it worth your while.

*Note: It has a paid plan

4. Microsoft To Do

Keeping track of your business activities like meetings, inventory management, and more can be difficult for the busy business person. Fortunately, Microsoft To-Do aims to ease the trouble with its game-changing features.

This software is essentially a “to-do list” app but on steroids! It allows you and anyone in the company to create a list of projects, tasks, or assignments alongside the date the activity needs to be completed.

Such a feature makes it easier to easily and quickly delegate tasks to specific organizational groups without needing to copy-paste the same message to each individual. Additionally, you’ll be able to break these tasks into categories, with each category having its subtasks.

You can leave notes, comments, and questions anywhere on the project, making teamwork easier, faster, and more connected. It’s available on PC, Android, and IOS

5. PayPal Invoice

PayPal is often the go-to choice of most small businesses for completing online transactions, and now, it’s the recommended option for online invoicing, thanks to PayPal Invoice.

This software allows establishments to create as many online invoices as necessary using its library of templates. Additionally, PayPal Invoice is primarily free to use and only presents charges when sending and recurring online payments via the app.

The software is also compatible with other platforms like stripe to make transactions hassle-free on the platform. Lastly, the app functions on the web and virtually any device, whether an IOS or Android.

6. RescueTime

Punctuality is an essential skill for professionals, irrespective of the field, and RescueTime helps boost your performance with effective time management. The software understands factors that distract workers and tracks each employee’s activity on an app or website.

Afterward, RescueTime will compile this data and provide a breakdown of each website and application visited, plus how much time was spent daily, weekly, and monthly.

Note that the app’s basic version is free and has enough features to be worthwhile. However, the paid version costs only $10 monthly and presents more elements like the ability to track offline activities, set notifications when users spend too much time on one site, set limits on specific apps or pages, and even block sites entirely.

You can get RescueTime on your PC and Android and IOS devices. It’s bound to improve your efficiency.

7. SOS Inventory

Managing inventory as a small retailer can be tricky, especially during festive seasons when items fly off the shelf faster than ever. Fortunately, SOS inventory can reduce the hassle and help you better track your items.

This software is designed to track your inventory, manage orders, and monitor manufacturers. The powerhouse online retailers on Shopify need to take their business from point A to B.

Additionally, SOS inventory is compatible with QuickBooks and Shopify, allowing you to monitor your finances and online store. Visit the official website and equip it on your PC, Android, or IOS devices.

SOS Inventory is free, but you’ll need the $39.95 monthly subscription to access the inventory software. Afterward, you’ll be able to track your items, create tickets and packing slips, manage inventory in more than one location, and many more.


Ultimately, technology has made business easier today, and these apps embody the benefits of innovation. In addition, you’re guaranteed to get immeasurable value from pairing any of the listed options with your business if you apply it in a much-deserved category.