Inconvenience is an understatement when you lock yourself out of the car and break the door lock. As comfortable as you are while reading this, imagine what if something similar happens to you.

There is nothing you can do about it and nowhere to go, especially if this happens when you are not at your home.

Now, what is the solution to such a problem?

You will get bizarre thoughts and ideas to improve the situation. It can be like using a needle-like thing to get the key out or removing the lock. But not all the ideas will work, right?

So, let’s take the legitimate route and explore ways to help you escape such a situation.

● Cylinder Alignment

A car key is solid, and so is the car’s lock. Hence, if the key gets stuck in the lock and breaks, the fragment will be very hard to treat. Also, removing it will not be a cakewalk. So, the first thing is that you need to have patience. Now, you need to understand that when you try to remove the fragment, it is in a halfway position, and removing them is hard to do.

The easiest way of fixing this is with the help of a pair of needle nose pliers. They will reach the inner area of the cylinder and help turn it from a locked position to an unlocked one.

But, it can be tricky as if you turn the plier in the opposite direction, it can worsen the lock and lead to an enhanced breakage. But, if you hit the correct angle, you can smoothly remove it from the lock.

● Using The Oil For Smoothness

Oil is the ultimate solution to remove all the things stuck in other things. Also, it helps smooth things, which leads to easy removal. Before doing anything, you can consider applying oil like coconut oil or mustard oil. If it is not available, you can go for an oil-based lubricator and pour it inside the keyhole. It will make the process easier. But it would help if you did not keep it as it is. Instead, it would help if you waited for the oil to reach the inner area and remove the access before beginning the removal process.

● Using The Tweezers, And The Probe And Pull Method

It is not usual for you to carry the nose plier in the car wherever you go. But, there is a replica that is either a part of the kitchen or the storeroom of your home. It is usual, and you can also find it in other people’s homes. It is the tweezer that will also be of great help while removing the broken key from the lock.

But you learn a few things while applying this trick. Tweezers are small but thick. The thickness should be normal, as the over-the-top thickness of the tweezer will not suit the position of the stuck and broken key well inside the lock. Also, if you use a tweezer with more than the usual width, you will push the key inside. The whole thing will get more complicated. Hence, you should beware of such things.

So, you need to check whether they go inside the lock and if yes, you should see the depth to which it goes inside. Also, you should see whether the tweezers are wide enough to open inside and fit around the stuck key.

Now, what is the probe and pull method?

In this method, you take two pieces of thin metal and probe the keyway to pull the piece of the broken key that is stuck inside. You should place these metal pieces on the flat sides of the key and try to get a grip on the key. You need not hurry and be slow while pulling out the broken piece. If you lose the grip, the broken part will remain stuck inside the lock, and there are chances that these metal pieces will also get stuck.

But here is a tip for you to follow. You can use any metal for this process but don’t use the ones that have value to you or the ones you use. It is because the process will include their potential bending, which will alter their use. Hence, it would help if you used any of the following for this step:

  • Metal hair clips like tic tacs or long black pins are known as bobby pins.
  • You can think of using a metal paper clip or safety pin. The plastic paper pin should not be used as it will worsen the situation.
  • You can use a pocket knife, but it should be strong.
  • You can also consider using a small flathead screwdriver.

Any of these can help, but you should pay attention and be careful while doing the same.

● Seeking Professional Help

There are chances that you are not well-versed in the removal process of the broken key. The situation worsens when you are stuck in this situation at a party or while returning home late at night. The best solution in such circumstances is to look for a 24 hour locksmith who will help you out.

They are experienced in dealing with such situations and have the right equipment to solve the problem at any hour. Usually, the professionals use a dry lubricant to smooth the stuck lock’s interiors because it will not make the lock grimy over time.

However, while hiring a professional, you should tell the professional whatever you have done to take the broken key out of the lock before their arrival.


Locksmiths are expert people equipped with everything you need to get yourself out of such a situation. You can trust them with your condition and see them get to work in no time. Unfortunately, the car key gets broken and it is a huge expenditure. But locksmiths can do it efficiently and at low costs.