Have you ever surprised someone with a cool gift box filled with their favorite chocolates? If not, now is the right time to give it a go. The humble gift basket is a fantastic present choice for many reasons. It provides an endless amount of goodies in a single place (all of which are delicious), and it can also show closeness, thought & effort that the other person will appreciate and value. Wish to spoil your girl in the near future? If that is the case, keep on reading! We have selected the best gift basket ideas for girls that most guys will know how to prepare and sort out.

When is it appropriate to gift candy box ideas?


The rule is that there are no rules. You can think of any random occasion and spoil your girlfriend, wife, mom, friend, sister, co-worker – you name it! Gift boxes have been popular in the last decade, and they usually look & work the best when paired with a personalized note, picture, flowers, or even an alcoholic beverage. Not too sure when to gift this to your loved one and when is the right timing? Most guys tend to purchase sweet candy gift boxes for:

Birthdays (everyone loves candy, despite their age)

  • For graduation purposes
  • For anniversaries or 8of March
  • When you wish to buy someone a home welcoming present
  • For valentines & mothers day
  • For periods (especially if your girl loves to eat sweets when she’s on it)

Top 6 Candy gift box ideas for your girlfriend

1. All Milka chocolates


Let’s be honest; do you know of a single person who can say no to Milka?! These chocolates with the well-known and famous purple cow on the front packaging have been around for decades. If your girl really likes all of their flavors, why not surprise her with one of each kind? You will spend around $40 on all the bars and a couple more dollars on the basket and its wrapping. Stick to the all-purple aesthetic, and throw in a personalized card. In the end, it is a unique solution, that’s for sure.

2. All white or all dark chocolates

Does your girl have a specific taste? Does she favor some chocolates more than others? Although most people like to stay in the middle and opt for milk chocolate, others may have different taste buds and can go from one extreme to the other. If your girlfriend fancies white or dark chocolates, make a basket and fill it up with only one colored chocolate. Stick to the monochrome theme and show that you also know of the aesthetically pleasing vibe of wrapping gifts by going for a black or white basket. Finish it off with a white or black rose.

3. A bit of everything for her

Some women truly love it all and can have a hard time making up their minds. Is your girl one of those? Does she always struggle with her dessert choice or McFlurry flavor? If so, say no more, and gather her a bit of everything! Go for her favorite ice cream, chocolate, candy, cookie box, lollipop & even drink. This set-up will be fancy and so colorful, filled with different options and flavors. This randomized sweets box might cost you the most out of the bunch, but it will suit her wishes + will last her for a while.

4. Add champagne to it


Does your girl love to drink champagne or possibly vine every here and there? Does she like to enjoy her meal with a bit of bubbly? If so, your sweets gift basket will need a slight upgrade. In fact, add the most luxurious box of chocolate you can find, and pair it along with some high-quality French or Italian beverages.

PS: Go for a mini bottle drink so it doesn’t break your budget + so that it can fit nicely in the basket.

5. Sour much?!

Some women don’t really like hazelnut, cream & nougat as much since they find them to be too sweet and overwhelming. If your girl is one of those people she might enjoy sour candy the most. Why not throw a bunch of different Haribo snacks into the basket to surprise her?! Go for as many as you can find. If you want you can also go for some other brands to get a cohesive look and not a plain blend. Finish off the basket with a cute teddy bear or a toy of any kind just to show her that she is still a kid at heart.

6. Your own personal bundle

Do you two have some unique memories and fun times that you will cherish forever? How about the first time you went on a date and picked out ice cream flavors for one another? Or how about your first-ever cinema visit where you shared M&Ms? If you have a good memory, go for a personal, sweet & romantic bundle. You should fill it up with your all-time favorites, just to show her that you remember how and where it all started. Girls usually appreciate little things & details such ass these, so she will love the results for sure!

Where to find a cool gift basket for your loved one?


Does all of this sound fun and appealing to you? If so, why not surprise and spoil your loved one the best you can?! The truth is that you don’t have to DIY these baskets yourself, since we all know how time-consuming and draining this can be. If you are running out of time & inspiration, find the best candy gift box right here. This site creates unique & specialized boxes for him and her, as well as for any event. Go through their father’s day, mothers day, bridesmaid, birthday, valentines, first-date ideas, and many, many more. Everyone will easily find a basket that suits them, trust us and give them a go.