The use of the radio is quite common these days. No matter whether you are a college student or a driver who enjoys listening to Naats, radios find their applications everywhere. In the past, the use of radio was limited to listening only. But now they allow two way calling or communication through Wifi radio. But have you ever wondered how does Wifi Radio work?

The advancements in science and technology have introduced a large number of features, one of which is Wifi radio. The modern technology has enabled us to get advantage of Best Wifi Radio and enjoy two-way communication and live streaming on the radio all over the world.

What is Wifi Radio?

Wifi radio is a lot different from traditional radio phones. It will allow you to enjoy live streaming from all over the world and also will enable you to place an order or make communications. Unlike traditional radios which are limited to sending sound signals, wifi radio also shows pictures along with the sound. Moreover, it allows you to interact using messages. One can get education or training or advertise his business through this new form of technology.

But the question remains the same that how a Wifi radio works? How it allows you to communicate all over the word? How it sends or receives broadcasts to and from all over the world. Well, a simple answer to your question is explained below.

How does Wifi Radio work Guide

One needs a wireless router for the setup of wifi radio. A powerful and smooth internet connection is a must for operating a Wifi Radio. Wifi radio receives signals from a wireless connection. The wireless router sends similar messages to wifi radio that one needs to connect their PC or laptop with Wifi. This advanced radio type will allow you to communicate through the available internet connection to almost everywhere in the world. The built-in speakers will play live internet streams.

How Does Wifi Radio Work

The sound enters the encoding computer of the broadcaster with the help of sound cards. The sound card will convert the audio into streaming. To send the information smoothly, the encoder compresses it as it is easy to send compressed audio. Servers, with high bandwidth connectivity, receive compressed audio. The servers make sure to send the audio streaming to the computer of the listeners all over the internet. Once the computer receives compressed audio, it translates it into audio. Thus, we conclude that a wifi radio works through 3 components i.e., encoder, server, and player.

Although most of them need a computer for their set up, there is no need for connectivity to a computer for continuous functioning. But connecting your Wifi radio through computer comes handy as it will allow you to play your downloaded items instead of the radio. But there is a point to know that these radios will not play downloaded naat unless you connect them with your computer. They can only play naats from the live streams by receiving and sending signals if you are not using them with your computer. One can also get the advantage of streaming and wifi radio on our mobile phones.

How to use it?

If you are tired of complicated wiring and connections, then do not worry because the best thing about internet radio is that it is easy to use. The high speed and stable internet connection transmit signals easily without any delay or interruption. Moreover, there is no need to update your Wifi radio over and over to discover and enjoy streaming from new stations. Wifi radio features an automatic update which gives you different kind of streaming arranged in lists to save you from the trouble.


Although the cost of operation of Wifi radio is somewhat high, it is beneficial in the long run. One can enjoy live streaming, naats, Islamic videos, Islamic Channel, and free downloads without any extra charges. Moreover, the cost of its operation is also meager. They do not cost any extra fees for enjoying additional features. Thus enjoy steaming and connectivity with the world without hitting the bank using wifi radio.

Final word

Wifi radios are a revolution in the field of technology and science. The radios had a downfall due to their limited number of features. But the advancement of radios by the introduction of wifi radios is increasing their demand. While using your wifi radio, it is better to learn its mechanism and function for your understanding and knowledge. This will also allow you to figure out the problem if it is facing any.