A limo is so much more than a car, even though it has every characteristic of a vehicle. Namely, every car can become a limo, but a limo will most probably never become just a car. People use limos for numerous reasons, but luxury, prestige, and the desire to distinguish themselves from the rest rank highest on the list of potential motives for riding in this type of vehicle. Unquestionably, one does not ride in a limo solo, so if you go through the guide below, you will find out how many people can fit in an average size live limo, even though nothing about any type of a limo should be average.

Before we continue with our story, we should clarify that giving you the exact number of persons who would fit in an average would do not do you any good. Namely, there are numerous brands of limos out there that can handle different companies, ranging from a single person to a crowd of twenty. On the other hand, customized limos might appear as if they were coming from a different reality, so giving you specs about how many passengers they can host might be pointless. Thus, instead of feeding you with numbers, we shall try to help you decide which type of luxurious vehicle would meet your wants and needs.

Mini Limos


OK, there is no such thing as a mini limo, but there are models that can still look amazing and host you and about 5-7 of your friends or family members. In a nutshell, the smallest limo can host even more guests, but the point of riding in this type of extravagant vehicle is to enjoy the journey, not to move from one point to another.

Actually, it can be used for such purposes as well, but the aforementioned are usually affiliated with businessmen and their escort, which usually accounts for less than the number we have stated above. What we should not forget to mention is that the driver is excluded from the equation, as well as the co-driver since we focus on the experience of the ones who would enjoy the ride rather than one of the crew members.

Medium Limos

More space equals more fun, as simple as that. Not only should a medium-sized limousine allow you to host a party of 10 to 15 people, but you should have the opportunity to enjoy more commodities than the case would be if you would opt for a smaller vehicle.

If you have ever been to a nightclub, we beg you to transfer the atmosphere you remember to a smaller setting typical for a medium limo, and you should get an idea of what the interior might look like. We say –might because not everybody wants to throw a party while the wheels are rolling. Anyway, since you would be paying for the pleasure, bear in mind that your wishes should be your limo service’s commands. At Torontolimorentals.com you can find additional info on what types of limos are out there and how they might be fitted to your wants and needs.

Large Limos

Unquestionably, large limos will get you noticed wherever you choose to go. Basically, any limo would achieve the desired effect, but let’s say want to make an impression by showing up at an event where everyone uses a limo as a form of transportation. The bigger the better is our motto, so you should get the point.

Not only should a large limousine potentiate your appearance and gets noticed by anyone who has eyes or ears and happens to be on your way to your destination, but you will also have the opportunity to bring as many as 20 fellow passengers with you.

Remember the nightclub atmosphere we have talked about earlier in the article? Well, we reckon the yacht parties have much more potential than a nightclub could ever offer, so imagine everything you consider luxurious and place it in a house on wheels, and you should realize what we are talking about.

Naturally, renting a large limo will probably cost you a small fortune, but the price tag on this type of service seems like nothing when you consider the experience you would probably remember for the rest of your life. Who said that coming to an event cannot be better than the event itself?

A Party Bus


We know that a bus is far from being a limo, but we cannot think of any other way to throw a party for more than 20 people without sacrificing the pleasures a customized setting can bring. Namely, party buses represent an alternative way to bring a company of up to 50 wherever you want, while having a whale of a time during the ride.

As we have already mentioned, the potential rises shoulder to shoulder with the size of a vehicle. Namely, party buses have everything you would expect from a super limousine, only on a bigger scale. Wi-Fi, cold refreshments, a quality sound system, and adequate lighting are considered to be the basics, so feel free to fantasize about your ideal setting and tell your ideas to the rental company you decide to put your trust into. Nowadays, impossible is nothing, so feel free to skip to another one if they fail to meet your demands.

Now that you have read through our guide, we should ask you to carefully assess your options before you go for the first limo service you find online. Not only should you compare what they offer, but also how much their charge for their services.


One does not ride in a limo every day unless they drive a limo for a living, so make sure you do your homework and pick the right vehicle so you and your friends can have a ride to remember. Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you realize your venture the right way. Just be warned that you might want to recreate the experience after you try it for the first time, and do not forget to ask a rental company for a discount!