There are parts of each space that are more exposed and frequent than others. It is generally known that these are floors. It does not matter whether they are in private houses, apartments or in office buildings, hospitals, airports, also the material they are covered with is also not crucial. The floors get dirty the most and that is why they require frequent and special treatment.

It is easier to maintain smooth, rubberized floors, such as we can find in public places (airports, subways, business premises …) than wooden ones (which require specialized care) and those that have such grout by themselves. Also, certain specialized buildings, such as hospitals, must have tiles on the walls. The whole environment must be superbly cleaned, with as few bacteria and potential dangers for patients and employees.

Floors, made of various types of tiles, always have tile grout. Tile grout is made of sand, water and cement and serves to level and beautify the space between the joined slabs. They are also known to easily stain dirty cysts. That is why regular maintenance is necessary.

How often do you need to clean tile grout?

Depending on several factors, the decision to clean will vary. Environment and many other factors have huge influence. Tile grout between wall tiles gets dirty. Kitchens and bathrooms are tiled places, where top-notch maintenance is imperative. In a humid environment, mold is created, which is dangerous and irritating to the respiratory organs, and also looks very ugly and witnesses of poor hygiene and poor maintenance.

In public places, in large office buildings, where the frequency is constant and high, professional cleaning 2-3 times a year is recommended. Cleaners, permanently employed in such places, clean and wash the floors every day, but professional cleaning still requires a more detailed and intensive approach.


Grout cleaning is performed by professionals, with their specialized machines and special detergents and solutions. When you call the service that deals with this, they bring their machines, which have parts made of special fibers, which rotate, are wetted with cleaning agents and very effectively clean all surfaces, including tile grout.

They penetrate even the smallest places, removing impurities and leaving a shiny and radiant trail behind. After deep cleaning, some floors are, once again, covered with gloss and thoroughly polished.


If the areas are not too large, and there is a sufficient number of employees, it is possible to clean the tile grout, both in your own home and in office buildings.

There are various types of detergents, spray solutions, dirt, grease, scale and mold removers. Then, vinegar and baking soda are an effective duo in solving this problem. They are not toxic, neither to humans, nor to the environment, but their application on large surfaces is difficult. It is necessary to spread tile grout, leave it to stand and then wash it with a sponge and water.


The general problem, which concerns the tile grout and generally the surface in public places, is best treated by professionals. They have machines, resources and humanity. Thoroughly, efficiently and relatively quickly make a mirror-like surface from the floor. Their prices are affordable, and the effect of their work is immeasurable.

It is important to note that the hygiene of tiled floors and walls with a lot of tile grout, is not neglected, but to act in a timely manner. Then everything is simpler, more effective, and often cheaper.