So, you have mastered the missionary style and done it a zillion times already. But it’s time to spice things up and go absolutely crazy in sex. Remember, discovery and experimentation are integral components of a healthy and enjoyable sex life – whether it is about dating a professional escort or trying new sex positions.

If trying the same positions feels monotonous, try out these unconventional postures that can bring a new type of pleasure – and even a new kind of orgasm.

The Plough


Whether it is your girlfriend or an escort, giving them intense G-spot stimulation can lead the way to an amazing sexual experience. Kick off with the Plough position where she lies on her back, lifting her legs and curling up her knees on the chest. You get your dick in from behind, adjusting the position with your knees and hands. The posture is challenging, but ensures deep penetration and great orgasms.

The Helicopter

This is the ultimate sex position for bad girls and horny Daftsex escorts! It is an exotic one, but also weird and challenging. Before you try this position, make sure your male organ is flexible enough. Have your partner lie down on their stomach, with the legs open wide and straight. Now you lie down in the same posture, but in the opposite direction.

Next, reverse back towards your partner until you position your thighs over hers. Pull your penis in a way that it points towards the vagina. Now slowly enter her in this position. The woman needs to stay until your comfortable thrusting your penis in and out. Once you are, she can twirl her hips gently to spruce up the fun.

This is a unique sex position and is not optimal for men with small penis. It does not allow for deep penetration. So, you can try this posture only for some weird sexual experiences – not for ultimate pleasure.

The Lotus


This isn’t a crazy or weird sex position, but you will love the deep intimacy and emotional connection you build in the Lotus posture. It is often connected with Tantra, offering incredible pleasure to both partners. To achieve this position, you sit cross-legged and she will sit on your lap directly facing you and wrapping her legs around your waist.

Now, gently move together in a rhythmic motion and embrace each other. You can kiss each other and make eye contact to enhance the emotional quotient and get a happy ending.

The Chairman

The Chairman sex position is both comfy and pleasurable – but isn’t boring. Experiment with the reverse cowgirl position, where you do not have to do much of the bouncing. To get this posture, sit on a chair and lean back with your legs spread apart and in a bent position. Have your girlfriend or escort sit on your lap, but facing away.

The person on top has full control of the speed and rhythm of sex. She can gradually bend herself down to have slow and shallow penetration. For deeper penetrations, she can stand up on her feet as you thrust her hard. This will maximize the pleasure as you get along with the ride.

To make things hotter, you can try this sex position in front of the mirror. This will give you something to feast on and increase the level of stimulation. For clitoral stimulation, you can use a vibrator or any sex toy like a penis ring.

The Wheelbarrow


If you really want something fun and weird to spice things up in your bedroom, try the Wheelbarrow sex position, However, it requires a test of strength for both partners. To get this position, the woman will sit facing towards the ground. Much of the body weight will be on her hands, and her arms extended.

You will stand between her legs and hold them as you walk forward. It is like holding the handle of the wheelbarrow as you penetrate her from the back in this position. Depending on the kind of penetration she wants, you can move your body forward or backward as you thrust.

Final Thoughts

This is just a glimpse of how you can make sex crazy and fun by trying unconventional sex positions. Remember, just because these postures are uncommon and odd, it does not necessarily mean they will provide you more pleasure compared to positions you usually try. You should definitely experiment, but find what is more pleasing and enjoyable.