Feminization is a process that ensures that a plant produces only female seeds. Normally a plant has the chance to produce both male and female seeds. Cannabis is a plant that has the possibility of producing 50% of male plants and female plants. This process allows the plant growers to produce only female plants.

The demand for female seeds is higher because they produce buds with a high amount of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. The male is used for retaining some unique features, adding a variation to the gene pool, and experimenting with new varieties of cannabis.

Cannabis is famous for delivering ecstasy and pleasure, but this plant has many medical benefits. For example, the black truffle strain is great for treating patients with ADHD, ADD, chronic pain, stress, or depression. Thus, there is so much information and scope of knowledge in the production of cannabis.

However, here are a few interesting things that you must know about feminization:

1. The feminization of seeds was not introduced exclusively from cannabis. It was introduced in the 1980s and successfully implemented in producing cannabis.

2. There are several processes of feminization of seeds. It relies on stressing the plant female plant so that it becomes hermaphroditic. It means that they will produce pollens which will then be used to fertilize other female plants.

3. Feminized seeds are not genetically engineered. Genetic breeding is a process that modifies plants to allow selective breeding to happen naturally. Genetic engineering is another process where a species’ DNA is infused with another species’ DNA. For example, a fish’s DNA is infused with a potato plant’s DNA.

4. The process of growing feminized seeds is the same as the process of growing a regular seed. There is no requirement for special weather conditions, specific nutrients, or techniques and equipment.

5. When feminized seeds were initially introduced in the market, they were very costly. They price much more than regular cannabis. But with time and the introduction of various feminization processes, the growers can offer affordable prices and good quality seeds.

6. The plants that got feminized produced feminized seeds, not “female plants.” People often get confused by the plants with female plants. Feminized plants can produce pollen that produces more female seeds than male seeds when infused with female plants.

7. The storage condition for feminized seeds is the same as normal seeds. They should be kept at a low temperature and away from darkness and moisture. A fridge door is a perfect place for storing them.



When you buy cannabis, ensure that you buy it from a repeat seller. There is an ingenuine seller who will sell unfeminized seeds and con you by charging higher rates. Some sellers also apply chemicals to the products that will give you the pleasure you seek but are extremely harmful to your health.