A road trip can be a great experience for couples. It allows you to explore a foreign country together and to do it at your pace and by setting your own itinerary. It’s also a bonding experience since you get to spend a lot of time alone together and create new and lasting memories.

It’s important to do a bit of preparation for such trips just so that you’re comfortable and safe on the road. Make sure you have an international driving permit issued by the InternationalDriversAssociation since you’ll need it to drive and rent a car in a foreign country.

Route 66


Route 66 is the most famous highway in the US and there’s a reason why that’s the case. The longest road you can take is over 2400 miles and it will take you from Chicago to LA, but there are shorter and more scenic parts you can use as well.

There are countless Americana sites that you can visit along the way and each tells the story of the route and how it has shaped the history of the country. It’s a perfect trip to share with a loved one and you’ll be talking about it for years to come.

Blue Ridge Mountains Trip


This is another typically American trip that you should try at least once in a lifetime and that is best shared with a partner. The route goes along the Blue Ridge Mountains and it’s much shorter than route 66.

The road is scenic and beautiful regardless of where you visit. The scenery changes from flowers to foliage and snow depending on when you decide to take the trip. There are also countless wineries and breweries alongside the road so make sure you make plenty of stops.

Overseas Highway


The east coast has its own famous road trip route that it’s proud of and it’s a great trip to take on your honeymoon. The trip can take as little as four hours but that’s if you don’t make any stops. In reality, it’s best to set aside 3 or 4 days and enjoy both the scenery and the tourist offer.

The islands you can stop at along the way are also great destinations if you’re interested in watersports and scuba diving in particular. Seven Miles Bridge is also one of the most beautiful locations on our list, especially early in the morning.

A Trip From Vegas to Salt Lake City


This trip is perfect for couples as well, but it won’t work as well at any time of the year. It’s best to take this road trip during the winter. It can last from six hours to up to a week if you decide to make as many stops as possible.

The stops that you shouldn’t miss are the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Hoover Dam. These three alone make for a memorable trip that you’ll talk to your grandkids about.

Great River Road


A road trip alongside the Mississippi River is one of the most scenic trips you can take in the US and if you decide to visit both sides of the river, the trip is about 2000 miles long. There are wildlife resorts alongside the road and they are the perfect places to stop and camp out for the night.

There are also numerous ancient Indian burial sites that you can visit with a guided tour. Graceland is just nearby and you shouldn’t miss it even if you’re not a fan of Elvis.

I-95 Road to Boston


This is another road trip where a scenic ride alongside the coastline is the most appealing image, but you’ll end up loving the trip for all the stops that you’re going to make. The road will take you from Maine to Boston, and it’s about 200 miles long.

Make sure you stop to take pictures at one of the many lighthouses Maine is so well known for. The White Mountains are also a must-see with plenty of sites of their own. It’s also a perfect location for foodies – so don’t hesitate to explore local cuisine.

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway


This 500-mile-long road trip starts in California and goes all the way to Oregon. If you want your romantic trip to be filled with beautiful lakes and exciting waterfalls – this is the ride for you.  The California part of the trip contains more than a few volcanoes but you shouldn’t miss Mountain Shasta which is the second largest one in the country.

The ranches you’ll encounter along the way are all scenic but some of them can also be a great place to stop, ride and experience the countryside as the locals do, at least for a while.

Hill Country Road


Texas has many local hills and there are plenty of routes you can take to explore them all. The hills that we recommend are filled with wineries, lavender farms, and rugged landscapes that will make for a perfect honeymoon photo. The trip is scenic and you can stop pretty much at all times and gaze at the beauty of the region you’re visiting.

Local bed and breakfasts are the best places to stop so that you can experience how lovely and friendly the locals are. It’s also a part of the country with the most amazing food and doesn’t hesitate to indulge while on the road.

A Few More Ideas

-Kahului to Hana, Hawaii – a short trip to the lush rainforest of Hawaii filled with excitement.

-Million Dollar Highway in Colorado is a 25 miles long trip through narrow and steep roads that will bring you closer together through sheer danger.

-Dalton Highway in Alaska – a drive through the frozen wasteland of Alaska is both dangerous and beautifully calm. If you want your romantic trip to be adrenaline-fueled this is the trip for you.

-Beartooth Highway is a short road trip to Montana but it goes right through Yellowstone National Park which is why you should check it out.