Cryptocurrencies have been a major part of our technological society over the past decade. Their introduction and working principles such as the blockchain system that they operate on are a wonderful example of innovation and future progression.

Not only that, but cryptocurrencies have also managed to rise to prominence in mainstream media, which has made them quite the popular investment. Due to this popularity, many companies and service providers have started to accept cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as an alternative payment method for their goods or services. Here are 5 examples of things that you can purchase with Bitcoin online.

1. Groceries

Food and other supplies are essential when it comes to our everyday lives. Because of this, it is unsurprising that some supermarket and store chains have started to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for their goods.

2. Traveling arrangements

Traveling is another thing that we regularly do. Whether we go to work, travel back home or go on a holiday to a far away destination, commuting is a must for most. However, this largely applies to anyone who does not have a personal way of transport to reach their destination.

Taxi companies, buses, airlines and other transport providers have started to accept Bitcoin as an alternative due to how simple it is to just scan your wallet and complete the transaction. Some have even started using the Lightning Network, which significantly speeds up the process by reducing wait time and carrying the transaction in real time, ultimately saving a lot of the time that you would otherwise need to spend.

3. Hosting

This is quite a weird one, but hosting providers have also picked up on the trend of allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrencies. VPSBG’s Bitcoin VPS service is a prime example of early adoption of this payment method as the company has been accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method for their servers since 2014!

But why is this important in the field of hosting? Well, there are some users that are really concerned with their privacy and preserving their anonymity when purchasing a server. Bitcoin is the perfect alternative for these users as they can pay anonymously and have their transaction information securely stored inside of the blockchain.

4. NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, for short have been quite the controversial topic as of recently, causing a phenomenal stir in not only the technological world, but in society as well. While we are not going to go into detail about the nature and principles behind the world of NFTs, we are going to mention that you can purchase them using cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Some might look at them as art pieces and collectible tokens, while others could just identify them as a worthwhile investment, but the only thing that matters in our case is that they are purchasable with crypto.

5. Individual services

There has been an increasing number of people who are willing to offer their services and work for Bitcoin instead of traditional banknotes. These people come from different occupations and offer divergent services including artists, software developers, even house cleaners, babysitters and dog walkers!