There are many unusual jobs that are well paid. In fact, some of them you might never have even heard of! If you’re looking for a career change and want to explore some high-paying options, read on! We will discuss several unusual jobs that offer competitive salaries and interesting work environments. So whether you’re a musician looking for a new gig or an athlete looking for a new challenge, there’s definitely something out there for you.

1. Online dating ghostwriter

Do you have a knack for writing? If so, you may want to consider becoming an online dating ghostwriter. As an online dating ghostwriter, you would be responsible for writing profiles for people on popular dating websites. This is a great job if you have the writing skills to create witty dating profiles. You can do this job as a part time or full time job. Average salary: 50 000 €´per year.

2. OnlyFans model

OnlyFans is a platform where you can publish some of your creative work, such as photos, for which people pay you a monthly subscription fee. The most common people on this platform are models. However, on the other hand, you can also find a lot of talented artists, who only post exclusive content on this platform for their most loyal fans. You can then further promote your profile through various external services such as onlyfans account finder. Most of these models are very popular and have a lot of followers. If you want to get some new followers to start with, but you are just starting out on onlyfans, a good solution is to offer a free onlyfans trial to your followers. Onlyfans modelling is a slightly more controversial job, but the top onlyfans creators can make a nice chunk of money in a relatively short time. The average salary cannot be quantified in this case, as there is no average hourly wage and each creator generates government pricing for monthly subscriptions.

3. Face Feeler

Have you ever heard of this strange profession? If not, we’ll explain it to you. This job is perfect for those who are passionate about skincare and enjoy giving feedback. As a face feeler, you would be responsible for assessing the texture, smoothness and hydration of testers’ skin. This information would then be used to improve the formulation of products. If you’re looking for an unusual job that allows you to use your senses, this could be the perfect role for you. Average salary for this job is 70 000€ per year. Someone’s dream job for good money.

4. Voice-over artist

If you have a voice that people seem to like, you may have considered a career in voice-over work. It is an unusual job, but it can be very rewarding. A voice-over artist is a specialist voice-talented guy, who reads from a script to narrate text for radio, television, film, theatre and other productions. A voice-over artist’s work is pre-recorded, and this work is usually done in a studio. Having a distinctive voice is a good predisposition to your voice-over career, but you should also practice reading things out loud and recording your voice so that you can listen to yourself and improve your skills. Average salary in this industry is 60 000€ per year. And that’s not bad money.

Here we’ve listed a few tips for unusual jobs that can either earn you a bit of money towards your salary, or become a full-time job. Some of them, like the onlyfans model, are a bit more controversial, but it is paid better. For example, you can also publish some of your artistic creations on this platform and not even ask for money.