The main issue related to tap water around the world is that many places have problems with its quality. In some countries, it is not even allowed to drink tap water since it contains impurities and can be toxic to people. The whole world is having problems with the ecology and emission of toxic materials which directly affects the quality and sources of freshwater.

According to some predictions, there will be even bigger issues in the future if we don’t find the proper solution to save the existing water resources. The best way to improve the quality of tap water in your home is to use a filtration system. This device is popular for a long time, and we can find various models. If you are interested in efficient and affordable water filter, visit

There are many benefits of using this device, such as the cost-effectiveness since you don’t have to buy bottled water, which is also connected with the ecological features and less plastic waste. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about some ingredients in the water that might cause health issues since the filter will remove them. Also, this device is simple for installation and maintenance.

However, you have to know that filter has a limited lifespan, which means that you will have to replace it after some time. If you leave the filter for too long, it will lose its main features, and even negatively affect the quality of water. Therefore, it is important to learn about the main indications that can show you that it is time to replace the water filter. Here are the main ways for that.

1.  Appearance of Mold

It is crucial to remove the filter on the first notice of mold on the filter or in the water since it can create serious health issues. In this case, it is not enough to simply replace the filter, but also to clean the whole tank and each part of the system to be sure that everything is sanitized and cleaned from the mold. Moreover, keep your hands clean during the replacement to be sure that the new filter will stay clean for a longer time.

2. Taste of Metal

The most common situation that will show you that the filter is ready for a replacement is when you notice the metal taste. The reason for that is related to large deposits of minerals like magnesium and calcium that could alter the flavor. Besides the worsened taste, you should know that it is not healthy to drink this water. Therefore, use bottled one until you get a roper replacement.

3. High Consumption

As we already mentioned, every filter has a lifespan which means that you have to be prepared on time and get a proper replacement before the existing one loses its main features. This is also related to the amount of water spent in your home. If you have a big family, the consumption will be much higher, which means that you will have to deal with this process more often.

4. Lower Pressure

Another sign is related to the suddenly lower pressure in the pipes. This is usually an indication that the system might be clogged by a large deposit of minerals and other sediments. The best way is to immediately change the filters that are preventing the sediments in the water and save those made of carbon to last for a longer time. You should never avoid dealing with maintenance on time since there could be more expensive processes in the end, as the complete change of the whole system.

5. Date of Expiration

Even if there are no issues with the system you have to know that there is an expiration date for the filters. The best thing is to never wait for too long after expiration and change the filters to avoid any potential problems with the taste and proper functioning. Also, we have to mention that this product also removes the bacteria and toxic materials from the water but it can lose those features after expiration. In that matter, replace it even if it seems that everything is ok.

6. Unpleasant

Another common indication is related to unpleasant smells that can appear due to deposits of mold and chlorine. Since it is collecting the toxic ingredients, there might be larger deposits of them in the filter, which is the main reason for the bad smell.

7. Slow Speed of Filtration

If you notice that the speed of the system is becoming lower over time, it is probably related to large deposits of materials in the filter that is causing the whole system to become clogged. You should deal with this situation on the first notice to prevent even bigger issues, especially with advanced models of filtration systems like reverse osmosis.

8. Compare It with Regular Water

Another important thing that you should do from time to time is to compare the quality of filtered water with the standard one. that way, you can check if the current installment is efficient in removing toxic substances, metals, and bacteria. Experts are suggesting that you should replace the filter after it is not capable of removing over 80% of substances from the tap water.

9. Visible Damage

You have to pay attention during installation and cleaning to avoid damage. Too hot or too cold temperatures can also cause various issues with it. You should be more gentle with the main parts inside of it. It is a standard process to remove the filters after some time, but other parts can last for a long time.

Lasts Words

The maintenance of water filtration is not so complicated, and the best way to keep it in good condition is to learn more about the proper maintenance and never avoid dealing with any potential issue on the first notice. There are various models available on the market and you should select the right option according to the quality of water in your area.