Cannabidiol has become a mainstream drug, and people are finding new ways to consume the drug. CBD oil is now present in suppository form, as a drink, capsules, and topicals. Most oil consumers don’t have high regard for suppositories, but those who do have reported positive effects.

CBD suppositories are a type of drug ingestion where the drug is inserted into the rectum or the vagina. But there is much more to this than meets the eye. Here is everything you need to know about suppositories.

Introduction to Suppositories

The main differentiating factor of CBD suppositories from other products is the delivery method. Small capsules are inserted into the vagina or rectum. The reason why this method is used is that the other methods concentrate on liquids and pills. Ingesting liquids and pills means that they will take a longer time to reach the bloodstream.

Also, they will undergo the digestion and respiratory system before they can reach the bloodstream. Using the suppository method means that the drug will reach the bloodstream in its original form faster.

Cannabis suppositories can alleviate the problems of some patients. If you have a debilitating medical condition, you may try using cannabis suppositories. The idea is that if you are using oral consumption, your chances of getting “high” will radically increase. On the other hand, according to Botanicam CBD suppositories reach the bloodstream without creating significant intoxication.

Marijuana is not the only type of drug which comes in the form of suppositories. Other common drugs such as morphine can enter the body as capsules. However, marijuana suppositories will metabolize in a unique format. Morphine metabolizes in such a way that it may cause intoxication. However, CBD suppositories may enter the bloodstream without creating any effects on your mood and behavior. Some consumers have stated that they can consume CBD capsules and go on with their work without any couch lock.

If you live in a state where non-medical marijuana is illegal, CBD suppositories may come to the rescue. The same is true for people who are afraid of getting high. Either way, CBD suppositories with work on menstrual cramps and reduce back pain.

Why Do People Take Suppositories?

Scientific studies on products are still in their infancy. The receiver and lesser scientific research on cannabis oil suppositories. The few available scientific papers paint a picture of rabid absorption for people consuming suppositories instead of oral vapors. Nevertheless, more research is needed to determine the bioavailability rates of the suppositories.

When people consume CBD through the mouth, they can expect an absorption rate of about 20%. This means that 8 in 10 elements of the CBD are lost during digestion. Those who vaporize CBD products can expect that about a third or a half of it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. However, the case is very different for suppositories. When a suppository capsule enters your rectum or vagina, your body gets to work. First, it absorbs the healing compounds through the cellular walls in the vagina and rectum. The suppositories are then introduced into nearby organs and, ultimately, the bloodstream.

Many theories have been developed to explain the general lack of intoxication from suppositories. One of them claims that CBD oil can enter the bloodstream directly from the rectum cell walls. Once it enters the bloodstream, it can travel quickly by using the vascular capillaries.

Previous studies had proven that getting high starts in the liver. Consuming this through the rectum means that the drug will start circulating in the body without passing through the liver. This is different from what happens when you inhale cannabinoids. In this case, the CBD will first go through the liver before reaching the brain. This means that the cerebral part of the brain will receive high amounts of CBD. Using suppositories bypasses this common journey.

Apothecaries have often been credited with discovering CBD suppositories. However, recent archaeological findings point to the ancient Babylonians as the first people to use CBD suppositories. Therefore, the practice of using CBD suppositories is at least 4,000 years old. Similarly, some scientists have awarded ancient Egyptians with the CBD suppositories inventor’s title. The Egyptians may have used CBD products to treat gastrointestinal medical issues.

Operation of Suppositories

CBD suppositories travel from the rectum or vagina to the spine. Once they have reached the spine, they’re dispersed throughout the body, including onto the legs. But the process starts in the colon, where scientists have discovered a huge number of CB2 and CB1 receptors. These receptors are part of the ECS system, and they respond positively to the presence of CBD.

How are Suppositories Created?

Manufacturers use several methods to create suppositories. First, they manufacture oil by extracting it from the plant. It’s also common for manufacturers to get the oil from hemp. They will then mix the CBD oil in a carrier before leaving it to dry for a while at very low temperatures. Ultimately, this oil will obtain a solid texture.

The introduction of CBD through the rectum or vagina may create an interaction with cannabinoid receptors. As a result, existing inflammation disappears. This is achieved through the disbursement of CBD using veins in the rectum.

General Benefits of Suppositories

9 in 10 women have reported experiencing PMS within the last ten years. This is a very high number when it is compared to the 1 in 4 men who have experienced erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, much resources and time has been poured into the research of erectile dysfunction. Consequently, women continue to suffer as scientists concentrate on other matters. Nevertheless, CBD suppositories can reduce the problem of PMS once and for all.

The use of vaginal suppositories is a godsend for women. If you come across vaginal suppositories made of cocoa or coconut oil, you are looking at PMS treatment. This suppository can alleviate any pain during menstruation.

Final Take

There is no doubt that a lot of research is missing in the CBD industry. While there is the real danger of consuming intoxicating drugs, there is also an opportunity to discover groundbreaking medicine solutions. CBD suppositories are the right step on the path towards achieving pain management.