People often question what is a futon? There is a lot of confusion regarding the futon and the constitutes. Some consider it as a couch where others argue it as a sofa frame. However, many people think that it can be a spring-less bed. To end the confusion, the word “futon” is the Japanese name for bed. So basically, futon means a simple bed. There are different parts to it such as the mattress (shikibuton), the comforter (kakebuton) and the pillow (makura). The name “shikibuton” is known as a futon for the Americans. The futon is about three inches thick bed which is firm and best to sleep with comfort.

Know More About What is a Futon?

The common idea for a futon is the sofa turns bed when there are guests in the house. However, the futon is different than the normal mattress which you find in the stores. There are various layers to futon which are compressed and made out of latex, wool, and cotton. The stuffing keeps the layers together so it can be secure to sleep or rest which makes it long-lasting as well. You might like to read articles about The 10 Best Rated Futons and The 5 Best Futon Mattress For Sitting And Sleeping.


Maintenance for Futon

Alongside, futon needs consistent maintenance because of the latex material in it. It should be flipped the opposite side each week so it can be back in shape as new. The firm side of the futon mattress is on the downward area so if you wish to make it work for 8 to 15 years long then consider maintaining it well.

The mattress of the futon is handcrafted in the workshop at Seattle with organic filling. Natural fibers and organic cotton along with eco wool and latex are used to make the finest futon. There are no chemicals or synthetics involved in the making of the futon. Organic wool, cotton, and latex are used to keep the support and comfort of the futon.

Misconception for Futon

There are many companies that built futon out of spring cores. The springs in the futon do not last long as there is unfolding and folding involved for the setup. If there is a desire to purchasing spring in the mattress, then Soaring Heart Signature Mattress is a great recommendation. It is made out of high quality and sets high standards using natural and organic materials.

However, it is to note that futon is not a substitution for a bed or couch. So the misconception of getting futon as a piece of furniture may not be a good idea rather than believing that it is for comfortable sleep.

In Addition, you can turn it to the sofa when there are guests in the house for more space of sitting. There are more than 100 artisans who work hard to make organic futons with creating perfect couches and mattresses. They are not cheap yet worth an investment which is long-term and reliable.