Having a product or a service to sell to customers allows you to enter a certain market and become a part of that industry. Those who have their own business are of course able to provide for themselves and their families, as well as take care of their employees. However, in order to do that, the business has to thrive and the revenue needs to keep coming. Furthermore, for the money to come the company’s way, that which is being sold must be attractive to the customers. But what if the customers do not even know about the service or the product? How can they buy it or even think about buying it over what a competitor is offering if they did not even have a clue you existed? Luckily, there is something that helps businesses get their product out there into the masses and allow the people to know about it. That process is called marketing and it basically runs the world in the 21st century.

It Is All About Marketing


As the process that tries to launch what you are selling and attract the customers through your doors, marketing is as important as that which you have to offer. If you were ever wondering just how important marketing is, just look at the biggest movies of the year. Have you ever wondered why they are considered box office failures if they do not make at least double of what was paid to make it? Say a movie cost $150 million to make and it earned some $280 million in the global box office. It is considered a failure because the studios usually spend as much on marketing as they do on the movie itself. This means that the movie cost closer to $300 million, so the $280 million it earned was not enough to break even, let alone earn a lot. For a movie like this, around $500 million would be a moderate success.

You do not have to be a huge movie studio to employ marketing however, nor a huge company. Coca-Cola does spend $4 billion per year on marketing, and everyone already knows about them. When it comes to small-scale operations, the approach is the same albeit with much less funding of course. The general rule of thumb is to spend between 5% and 10% of revenue no matter the scale and the timeline. Not all of the money you make goes to the payroll or to get equipment and resources. Without marketing, nothing else matters because there is no business. If you are struggling with your marketing campaign and want to improve on it, we have you covered. Right now, in the digital world of visuals and entertainment, video marketing is king. And for good video marketing, there needs to be good video production. Read on to learn more about this and check out corporate video production for additional info.

Working with Professionals


You would hire professionals in any other field to do the job for you, right? Who would trust amateurs with serious construction work, or inexperienced lawyers with huge, life-changing cases? Nobody. So why leave your marketing in the hands of those who are not professionals in the video production sector? Unless you work with the pros towards your advertisements and promotional videos, you will be falling behind. Their experience and understanding both of the customers’ needs and the current trends in the various industries cannot be overlooked. Best of all, serious video production studios work closely on each and every aspect of the project in order to deliver exactly the content their clients have in mind. Large-scale commercials that signal the next step of your business, or simple visuals to get things off the ground, it hardly matters. Without the right production studio on your side you cannot have a good commercial for your product or service.

People are Used to Videos

The modern trend in entertainment, and even education and information, is to watch videos. People have realized that it is more engaging, fun, and effective than the written word or even pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions. The fact that everyone relies so much on high-quality videos for their daily infotainment is something businesses know how to take advantage of. Making fun commercials with all the popular things at any given moment is a sure way to get the product out there and get some customers in your corner. Video games, movies, streaming platforms, and video sharing platforms have caused this over the last 10 or so years.

Before the start of this domination, written word was way more common on the web, evident by the success of blogs. Nowadays, social media services and basically everything that exists online has incorporated more than one form of video sharing. Instagram started with just photos, not it has stories, reels, and Instagram TV. The same happened with Snap Chat which focused on very short videos only to transition to longer. Basically anyone can learn how to edit videos and become a YouTuber with well-produced and edited material, so why should you fall behind? As a matter of fact, why do it yourself and be like everyone else when you can hire a video production company that will take your content levels above the competition?

Conclusion and Takeaways


People are used to being surrounded with video content. That much is true and everyone knows it. However, pro-tier commercials and other video content will always be better and more wanted than what everyone can come up with at home. Pre-production, post-production, evaluating the market for all the right stuff your business needs… there is a lot behind the curtains that you simply cannot do on your own. Video production is crucial in the modern world as marketing does not exist without it. And it will only get bigger in the future meaning there is no time like the present to jump on board and make use of this situation. Your company will be far better off if you do so, that much is certain.