Becoming a parent is said to be the most rewarding and extraordinary feeling in the world. The role of a mother and father cannot be replicated by anything else and although it comes with many struggles and challenges it is undeniably incredible and exciting. Raising your own child and caring for them is a lifelong responsibility as it hardly ever stops. Even when they are all grown up you still care for them as a parent and wish them all the best. However, it is when they are babies that they need the most attention because they are the most dependent on the parents for development and growth. This is why the first year or two are the most crucial and why it becomes easier as time goes on.

For the modern parents, things are much easier than they used to be in terms of raising a baby and allowing them to develop the right way. Considering all the technological and medical advancements over the years, there are now products and tools that can help with all the little things no matter how insignificant or small they may seem. From crucial stuff like modern cribs and walkers to feeding and hygiene equipment, parents of the 21st century truly have it as good as ever. While being a parent is always hard, the importance and benefits of modern baby equipment cannot be overlooked. It is truly easier to raise a child at least on this end.

Playtime and Development

Perhaps the most useful things they can get for their little one are development toys. Other than what is crucial for a baby to be comfy, happy, and healthy, there are also solutions for play sessions that elevate them beyond entertainment. While babies are playing they are also simultaneously learning and developing. Starting this from the youngest of age is important for quicker and more efficient development of motor and cognitive skills. If you are wondering what the best child development toys for babies are right now, wonder no more. Keep reading this article and you will learn all there is to learn about this important part of being a parent. In the following list we bring this topic closer to you by revealing the best toys to consider for your toddler to play and develop with. Make sure to get them at least a few of these so that they can thrive from an early age and develop into a smart and capable child. To find out even more about development toys for newborns and infants all the way toddlers and preschoolers, check out Quality Developmental Toys.

1. Sensory Teether Toy and Rattle

Suitable for babies from a few weeks to 24 months old, this toy is both soft and safe. It is the perfect teething toy as well as something the baby will enjoy holding. It can be clipped onto the stroller for on-the-go play as well. Toys that have more than one function like this one are the best for multiple skills. The two-handed play encourages tactile development while the teething tubes allow the child to strengthen their bite and teeth. The only downside is that it may be a bit more difficult to clean. The price for this toy is around $14.

2. Stack Up Cups

Simple, colorful, and plentiful, sometimes the more minimalist the toy the better. While it is made from a slightly thinner plastic, it is great for all sorts of fun. The baby can play with these cups and learn shapes and sizes, while the numbers on every cup will encourage early numerical recognition. The best thing about them is that you can let the toddler play with them in the bath, outside, and inside. Of course, there are no BPA, lead, or phthalates in the plastic. A set typically costs just $5.

3. Learning Walker

One look at this amazing toy is enough to tell just how many things a baby can learn with it. From shapes and colors to letters and numbers, there is a little bit of everything on it. The vTech Sit-to-Stand model is one of the best on the market and it costs around $40. It even has a telephone handle and many other things attached to it. Form sounds to rollers, it is practically an entertainment station for toddlers. Your little one will easily learn all the motor skills it can, as well as phrases and songs. And who can forget that it is actually a walker with wheels that helps with walking practice?

4. Piano Gym

From a light-up keyboard on one and to a spacious and comfy mat with animal motives, this baby piano gym has it all. There are five different toys in total, from loops and attach toys to the piano keyboard. The mat washes easily and will not give you any issues. This toy is a neat thing to have while the baby is still crawling and lying down, meaning the first year is the ideal time to get it.

5. Soft Cloth Baby Books

There is hardly a bad time to introduce a child to books, but the sooner you start the more chance there will be for them to get hooked on education and reading. Baby books are more like toys than actual books. They are soft and promote teething and have bright, colorful pages with all sorts of toys dangling around for different play sessions. Animals and numbers are the usual themes since that is what children typically learn about first. Having one or two of these is a rather good idea.

6. Dimpl Baby Toy

Colors, shapes, and touching. What more does a baby need to have fun? For the development of fine motor skills as well as color recognition, something as simple as a dimpl toy is more than enough. The silicone rubber areas can be pressed and the babies typically enjoy this feature since it is soft to the touch and fun to do. Sensory and circumstantial learning are both promoted with a toy like this. It is also a great on-the-go solution to take to walks and trips.