One common issue every house owner comes across is plumbing issues. Most homeowners have had these problems since they bought the home or found the issue later on during house maintenance. Treating only minor plumbing issues over time can cause one to overlook bigger plumbing problems, thus causing the problem to grow. Whenever one notices such problems occurring frequently, they should contact their nearest plumbing service provider to check their plumbing network.

Plumbing Services can include cleaning, regular backflow checkups, and timely maintenance if needed. Read below to learn more about common plumbing problems that require the attention of a professional plumbing service.

Few Common Plumbing Problems


Not every house floods with sewer water and all the pipes become clogged with dirt and animal feces. While these situations happen in a few houses, they aren’t common issues everyone faces. Common plumbing problems include leaky pipes, clogged drains, low water pressure, running toilets, and water heater issues. These issues are mostly related to things being in the drainage system that shouldn’t be there.

You can handle most of these issues during regular maintenance, but many people do not do plumbing maintenance every year. Not to mention that plumbing problems that come with aging damages, if left for a long time, can destroy the walls of your house and the plumbing pipes. Also, you can never leave your plumbing problems for another day as they would only cause a waste of water and cause repercussions that would keep on increasing every day.

One should take necessary steps to curb these plumbing issues instead of leaving them half done. That is to get to the root of the problem and repair all the damages, no matter how small. It can help you get relief from most of the plumbing issues instead of changing the pipes every time and using extra accessories.

Warning Signs To Notice To Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Aftercare of the repaired regions is as necessary as looking out for the warning signs. These warning signs aren’t something that will help you avoid the problem entirely, but they will help you stop it before it costs you extra bucks. Also, these signs can be affected by the weather —for example, the peeling of the paint due to humidity.

Read below to learn more about some common warning signs you should be aware of to stop your plumbing issues from turning into a disaster.

●   Sound Of Running Water

It is natural to bear the sound of the running water whenever the tap is left open, but not otherwise. Hearing the running water, be it dropwise or in adequate amounts, is not a good sign. Whenever you hear this sound, you should check all your taps and pipes for possible leaking and breakage. If not noticed earlier, the pipelines could get corroded and damage the walls surrounding the pipes.

Worse situations possible are molds in the walls due to humid and wet conditions on the inside of the wall. Molds can later cause severe health-related issues; the affected area needs to be dried and rebuilt to remove them properly. You could avoid all of this if you were to keep track of the sound of running water and get it treated as soon as possible.

●   Gurgling Sound In The Bathroom

When the toilet or any drainage in the bathroom starts to get clogged, you can hear a gurgling sound. It might not be the same case every time, but whenever this sound is heard, it’s best to get your pipes cleaned soon. Anything can get stuck in your pipeline, which could be causing this trouble. The clogged whole area could get mold, moss, and corrode.

This issue can be resolved with the help of regular cleaning and putting guards over the drains. Covering the drains helps in catching hairs and other matter from going down the drain to avoid internal clogging.

●   Foul Odor

In everyday life, it is not normal for your house to smell; even if you don’t clean the house, the foul odor cannot accumulate on its own, which is why whenever you come across a foul odor, check all your taps and smell the water. There is a high chance that this smell is coming because of improper cleaning of the pipes, causing the sluggish matter to accumulate and release a foul smell. It is not only harmful because of the smell, but if the issue is left untreated, harmful bacteria can grow in the water and potentially cause health-related issues.

●   Low Water Pressure

At times the problem starts due to tiny issues, such as clogging of the tap washer. When clogging begins here, the water pressure starts decreasing. If the clogged matter doesn’t get cleaned, it can result in various health issues because of the use of that water. Similarly, if the pipes are internally clogged or something is stuck in between, the water pressure could suddenly decrease without any other reason.

The water doesn’t necessarily need to smell or make any noise when there is clogging or leaking. At times things such as chewing gums get stuck there, which causes the water pressure to slow down, but it does not show any other warning signs early on.

●   Pooling Of Water

When the water starts pooling in the sink, bathroom, toilet, or any place with a drainage system, it indicates that something has gotten stuck. It could be as small as hair stuck at the drainage or as big as internal clogging in pipes. In both situations, it is better to clean the drainage as soon as possible to avoid the growth of moss and algae. Handling the problem early on will not only cause you less money but less trouble and waste of time on your end as well.


You should inspect any house you want to purchase for plumbing, electrical and other issues to avoid them in the near future. But at times, some places cannot keep up with the living pattern and waste disposal system you previously had. Along with wear and tear in time, this also causes multiple issues, out of which plumbing issues are common. But once you look out for the warning mentioned above signs, you can avoid nearly all of your plumbing issues.