Although there are many differences in these two terms, when we hear the word visa and green card, we mean the same thing – packing a suitcase and traveling! We could hear a lot about the American dream. It sounds like a promised land, one that everyone wants to visit, and many to live in. As America is surrounded by land with only two countries, it is easier for it to set high standards for entering the country. For many years, people have managed to come in various ways, but most of the neighbors have succeeded. Some subsequently settled for the papers and others did not. However, we advise you to go the legal route.

What are the ways to enter a foreign country?

In order to start the procedure of entering a certain country at all, you need to state what it is that you want, ie whether you are traveling for tourism, business, or your goal is relocation. For any of the reasons for entry, you will need certain documentation. These are certainly personal documents, but also the embassy may ask you for some additional ones such as a certificate of employment, proof that you own the property, and so on.

We have already mentioned the American dream. No wonder many people want to live right there, the natural beauties are amazing, the education is at a high level, and the standard of living is considered good.

If you are considering relocating to this continent, in this article, we will introduce you to the differences between a green card and a visa, specifically L1.

Although a visa and a green card can “overlap” in meaning, there is a difference. Visas apply to temporary residence in a particular country, whether it is a tourist residence, schooling, or employment. On the other hand, a green card is a document that you get after you get a permanent residence permit. This is a document you are entitled to if you marry a person who has U.S. papers. However, you have not yet been granted long-term residence for only two years. Before the time expires, it is up to you to prove and demonstrate that you deserve a permanent residence permit in this country. For anyone who wants to live in America but was not born here, the goal is a Green Card. With the Green Card, you have all the same rights as Americans, except the right to vote. After five years of decent behavior in the ownership of the Green Card, you acquire the right to obtain citizenship, and therefore an American passport. An exam is taken, where your knowledge of the history of America is tested, mostly about presidents. Preparing for a test can be arduous, but with a little effort, you will succeed.

On the other hand, we have an L1 visa that allows you to work in America. Of course, under certain conditions. What kind of visa is it? You can obtain an L1 work visa if you are employed by a company whose branch operates in the United States. This visa is usually issued for 3 years. What distinguishes it from other visas is that, after 3 years, you have a great chance to become a citizen of this country. Another positive thing is that your family also has benefits, ie they have the right to stay as long as your visa is valid. Your family will receive an L2 visa, which means that your partner will be allowed to work during their stay, and the children will have the right to education. On you can learn more about this visa.

The key difference between a green card and a visa is that you do not have to be employed for a green card, while employment is a crucial factor for your L1 visa. The green card is used in the context of a permanent resident of America and the process of obtaining it is much more complex than in the case of a visa. It is also possible to get a green card in the lottery organized by the American Embassy from time to time. Why not give it a try?

What are my options for getting a green card?

Yes, it can be obtained in several ways. In addition to the above (lottery, marriage), there are several other ways. If one of those families is an American citizen (brother, sister, parent), he has the right to apply for you. You can also achieve this through work if the company applies for you. Some other ways with a positive outcome are applying for asylum if you are already in America, or investing more than $ 100,000. Either way, you are eligible to apply for a green card.

How can I apply for a visa?

Whatever the visa, the first step towards obtaining it is to take a 2×2 inch photo. Then you need to access the embassy website and fill out the electronic form. This will take you between 10-20 minutes. In addition to personal information, you will find questions in the form such as the reason for your trip, where you are going, how long you plan to stay, and so on. From any country to apply, you fill out the application in English. The next step is to pay the fee and schedule an interview. When you arrive at the interview, bring all the necessary documents. If you have applied for an L1 visa, you will also need a letter of guarantee from a company from America to confirm that you will be working there. At the end of the interview, you will receive an answer as to whether your visa for America has been granted or not.

Final thoughts

No matter how you come to America, we advise you to inquire as soon as possible about your rights, but also your obligations. If you decide to stay, keep in mind what your preferred path is and what your goal is. If you have seen yourself in America, make an effort to see which cards you have in your hands and use all the opportunities provided to you to realize your American dream.