You must have noticed the craze around fidget spinners when they first hit the market. But the surprising thing is not only kids, but adults were too crazy behind these toy-like devices that soon became the must-have office toy in some countries. While some people love them, others loathe them. But no one can deny that they ease stress and help people with ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder) significantly in focusing.

A huge debate has been going on for a long time regarding whether fidget spinners boost our brain power. If you want to find out the answer, brace yourselves, as this article will take you through the various studies conducted by experts around the world. If we go by these studies, we’ll learn how a spinning top can help an individual.

They Enhance Concentration Power


Everyone will agree that our generation struggles with concentration. All the gadgets around us distract us from the main task. But fidget spinners are unlike those devices. Although they keep us engaged in a futile activity, i.e., spinning, it only enhances our concentration power.

Several studies have proven that kids can improve their focus and concentration by controlling or directing their movements, especially when stressed or anxious. When our movements are directed to a particular task, it keeps us engaged and enhances our focus and productivity. Movement and sensory inputs are crucial for better learning as they demand involvement from both the left and right hemispheres of our brain.

They Stimulate Our Brain Stem

Our brain becomes dull when it performs the same task for a long time. Familiarity is good but not so good if it keeps you from learning something new and challenging it. Although some people often tend to stay away from experimenting with a new task, it is good for our mind as it stimulates the brain stem responsible for controlling our body’s essential functions.

It is a stalk like portion of the brain that sends messages to the rest of our body to regulate balance, breathing, heart rate and more. It is responsible for regulating most of the automatic functions essential for life. But sudden injuries and heart conditions may affect its working.

Fortunately, a fidget spinner can help keep it working healthily for a long time by stimulating movements inside the brain. It works by triggering the brain stem, thus helping kids with poor mental focus and alertness. It might be hard for parents to believe, but fidgeting with hands sends signals from the body to the brain to awaken and be alert. So it is a helpful toy for your kid and you as well!

They are Helpful for ADHD Patients


ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder) is a serious health problem affecting a large number of children and adults around the world. This mental illness is associated with significant impairment and a high comorbidity rate. If left undiagnosed in adulthood, it can have serious consequences. People must take a heavy dosage of medications, therapy, and counseling to live a normal life. Who knows how these medications affect physical health?

So, won’t it be good if there’s anything that can help ease the struggle to some extent? If you or your kid has ADHD, there’s some good news!

Studies have proven that people with ADHD can perform their tasks better if they are given a way to distract their hands and release their energy. So, playing with a fidget spinner forces their brain to concentrate, putting more effort into eliminating any distractions.

They Help Keep a Brain Engaged

Keeping our brains engaged in productive tasks in this distracting world is not easy. But playing with a fidget spinner can help achieve it to a considerable extent. It distracts and occupies our minds in a positive manner, which helps enhance productivity and makes it easier to pay attention. In other words, it is a fun mental activity with positive effects.

Instead of encouraging your kid to pick up a smartphone during study breaks for a bit of fun, allow them to play with a fidget spinner. It is easy to use, does not affect eyesight, and positively affects overall mental health.

They Reduce Stress & Anxiety


The advancement in technology has given us everything from the comfort of our homes. It was initially meant to ease unnecessary tensions in our daily lives but failed to do so.

Technology was created to keep a person at ease, but it increased their stress and anxiety levels. More and more people today are joining yoga and meditation classes, downloading Headspace, keeping a journal, and joining dating apps. But there’s no need to do all this if you only buy a fidget spinner.

Studies have proved that most people today suffer from anxiety and stress. Although the causes vary from person to person, there is a way to reduce the restlessness, shaking, and cramping of hands and fingers. Playing with a fidget toy has proven to reduce and even eliminate these issues in a person by keeping them calm. Since it keeps the hands busy, it distracts attention from negative thoughts.

Wrapping Up

When fidget spinners were first introduced, there was a contentious debate among parents on how they cause distraction in the classrooms rather than enhancing concentration on studies. But we hope this blog has helped you learn otherwise.

Although these toys are a little distracting initially, they are far better than the ones your kid is already playing with. It might be tough to believe the benefits of playing with a fidget spinner, but you can check the results by focusing closely on your kid’s performance. If it has improved since they started playing with the spinning toy, encourage them to continue using it.

Parents must remember that playing with a fidget spinner does not distract the person who is actually using it but others around them. So, there’s no need to worry if your child has been playing with it for too long!