You can’t possibly win this fight without a proper healer in your team. This advanced dungeon system was not made for newbies, and it challenges all your skills. An experienced healer in your team is a must-have to win mythic +15 carry. You can forget about your health and trust it completely to the healer in your group, focusing on the battle. Choose wisely, since all of them are unique as well as their powers. Check wowcarry for more info.

Top Rate of Healers in Mythic+

You may find that not all healers are equally good for your team. Based on the members of your group, you can pick the features you need the most. However, if you don’t have any specific preferences, you can choose anyone that you like. Curers that are currently on demand among players are:

  • Holy Paladins and Priests;
  • Restoration Shamans and Druids;
  • Discipline Priests.

Detailed Description of Characters

Read the information about healers, and based on this knowledge, decide which priest you need the most. If you want to play healer, you have to choose the class and master its skills. There are no healers that are equally good in every situation. Each of them is better in the specific case. Pay attention to details.

Holy Paladin


This spec has the greatest damage output among healers here. With every new update, it does not lose this feature. Many gamers forecast that in the second season Paladin will stay the strongest curing option for the team as well.

It is a perfect choice for the last scaling in case you provide secondary stats in the game. The character improves during the season, with the new gear of advanced level available to Paladin. Unlike many other healers, this one has the perfect damage result. Besides, how many other healers are immune to Divine Shield?

This paladin will not leave the team in despair as well. It has advanced cooldowns for the team like Blessing of Sacrifice, Aura Mastery, and Blessing of Protection. To lessen the damage Paladin also uses Devotion Aura for the whole team. Yet, it lacks the healing output in between spells. It means that Paladin is hard to restore and has a high level of damage. Except for Divine Steed, it does not show you splendid mobility skills. Since the flaws of Holy Paladin are less visible than advantages, this character is the most popular healer in Mythic+.

Discipline Priest

The priest has recently received Spheres’ Harmony power. Add here the Effusive Anima Accelerator and you get the most obvious choice for a dungeon. You don’t have to wait any longer, since the cooldown now is only 2 minutes and can provide solid damage to enemies. Since Prideful is replaced by hellish Tormented you can manage a new affix in no time.

This guy is considered to be one of the most iconic “doctors” of the quest, no matter which keystone level you want to conquer. External team cooldowns are one of the most helpful and fast since Discipline Priest uses Power Word Barrier and Pain Suppression. A priest can be useful in crucial HPS fights. It will keep DPS increased too.

There is no impressive general output, but you may enjoy the utility toolkit. If you have DPS players in the team, ask this spec to use Power Infusion and Power Word Fortitude. The priest can also reject the effect of the Bursting tricky affix, using the feature Mass Dispel.

Restoration Shaman


Shaman has an impressively wide number of toolkits to use in Shadowlands. Mix it with high HPS, and you will be unstoppable in front of affixes like Bursting and Grievous. Shaman plays aggressively, unlike peaceful Priest or Paladin. It uses increased damage output with the help of Deeptremor Stone Legendary Force. Shaman can also crush everything with the Earthquake as Earth Elemental.

The major disadvantage of Shaman is probably the lack of external defense of tank, apart from Spirit Link Totem. If you can deal with a cool down of 3 minutes and damage reduction at 10, this is your curer. While the Battle of Azeroth RS does not have an outstanding cooldown and has low damage power, Blizzard fixed the problem partly. If you need a healer for a high level of damage or the one that can support you in a critical moment, this can be your choice. Pay attention to the fact that Healing Rain and Chain Heal won’t be as precious as for other healers. This character can resurrect himself and use the Wind Shear. Damage level is still competitive, and Shaman also has impressive HPS.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid is a golden middle for any team. If you have a powerful group, it normally increases your general efforts. This spec has specific postponed in time healing abilities, which allow it to start DPSing and use passive powers of HPS at the same time. Many players consider Restoration Druid a stable and good choice for the dungeons. The utility of this character is one of the greatest, including Stampeding Roar, Soothe, Cyclone, and Ursol Vortex. Ironbark extra cooldown is considered to be the shortest among healers.

The character can stay active, fighting with enemies while keeping the team’s HPS decent. This healer is incredibly mobile and can use Rebirth for resurrection in the battle. The major flaw is the absence of competitive DPS unlike other healers.

Holy Priest

This spec has an outstanding value of HPS, solid utility, and a perfect toolkit when it comes to survival. To activate the ability to lessen the damage, Holy Priest can transform in Night Fae form. The output of damage may not be as excellent as in other healers on the table, but the spec works amazingly well with other members of the team. This character has positive healing skills during the HPS moments. The priest can use the Spirit of Redemption to “charm” the death.

The tools you can use in the battle are Holy Word Chastise with a Mass Dispel. Don’t forget about Faith Leap or Power Infusion. Mind Soothe is useful in battle if you don’t want to start the blind attack right away. It gives a beneficial cooldown to the team, named Guardian Spirit that can trick death. Use the Mass Dispel to negate the dangerous affixes like Bursting. Yet, Holy Priest does not provide you strong damage in a fight compared to other specs.

Hero to Win in Mythic

Read the list carefully and choose the most helpful if you are looking for it. If you decide to become a healer yourself, you may consider the features and the ease of performance. Make sure you can both take care of your character and help the team.