Natural stone is one of the most luxurious and elegant materials for kitchen floors. The term itself represents elements derived from mountain-born materials. Natural stone is very different from engineered stone products.

Natural stone floors come in various formats, such as sandstone, granite, travertine, and limestone. Each of these materials will have different properties when they appear on your kitchen floor. Regardless, natural stone may not bring out that elegant look if it’s not paired with the right finish. Here are some of the main finishes that go well with natural stone floors in your kitchen.

1.  Color and Pattern Statements

A feature wall is one of the best ways to induce a new statement in your kitchen. If you can choose the right colors, you will create a new vision statement. The same is true when you have patterned Etruscο tiles on your walls. Open shelves will also perfectly combine with natural stone walls to induce a new message and create extra warmth to your kitchen.

2.  Use Etruscο

Advances in material handling have created durable Etruscο materials. This new material blends seamlessly with granite and marble to make a bold design. Homeowners have used it to create attractive countertops and walls. If you have natural stone on your floor, durable Etruscο can be used to cover many other areas of the kitchen. Various durable patterns can be splashed on the walls to create a mirror-like pattern. This induces an elegant aspect.

3.  Introduce Trendy and Moody Cabinets

Trendy and moody cabinets are one of the perfect ways to highlight your natural stone floor. Natural stone floors and moody cabinets will bring out your kitchen’s luxurious nature while adding a touch of modern aesthetics.

Therefore, if you plan to install wood furniture or walls, you should choose soft blacks, greens, or deep blue colors. At the same time, your cabinets can adopt two-toned cabinet finishes as this will embrace the colorful nature of your natural stone floors.

4.  Countertops

Quartz and stone countertops are now appearing in matte finishes. Perhaps one of the reasons most people are going this route is that matte finishes can maintain their fresh look for many years. Additionally, it’s easy to keep matte-finished countertops. Therefore, if you have natural stone floors, you should consider matte countertops for durability.

Matte countertops will work perfectly with the natural stone of any color, pattern, or style. The combination brings out a unique mixture of light. For example, you can have natural stone floors and deep bronze countertops.

The majority of kitchens still feature white colors, but many are transitioning to matte. If you have white natural stone floors, then the natural wall finish should be a soft color, such as matte. When this combination occurs, your kitchen will get balanced lighting.

5.  Introduce New Features

When you have natural stone floors, you may need certain kitchen features to highlight the floor. For instance, buying a second dishwasher or introducing double islands can enhance your finishing. If you have an open kitchen layout, your floor will stand out.

However, introducing specific unique features can magnify elegance. Alternatively, you can create a wall finish that visitors can see from the living room. All these new features will increase focus on your floors without creating a boring kitchen.

6.  Custom Cabinetry

Apart from the floors, the cabinetry is the most conspicuous feature in your kitchen. If the cabinetry is not well designed, it will reduce the attractive nature of your natural stone floors. While it is a good idea to buy any type of cabinetry, most homeowners prefer custom cabinetry.

Choosing custom cabinetry gives you the chance to customize things the way you want. For instance, you can create a new color pattern that emphasizes and transitions from your floor to the walls.

7.  Introduce Butler’s Pantry

There is a general trend where homeowners reduce upper cabinets to create extra space in the kitchen. While this does increase the space, it inevitably creates storage problems.

Consequently, people are going for the Butler’s pantry because it can combine perfectly with other parts of the room, including the natural stone floors. It’s a good way to keep dirt and other utensils out of the way while creating a transition between the floor and the other parts of the kitchen.

If you are thinking of creating a contemporary Butler’s pantry, you need to look at its intended functionality. Do you intend it to act as a coffee bar or as a countertop? In some cases, you can even use it to store wine or wash dishes. Consequently, you will need to do a lot of customization when creating a new Butler’s pantry. Some homeowners are creating entire kitchens using the Butler’s pantry.

8.  Work on the Kitchen Lighting

The lighting is a key component of any attractive and functional kitchen. Marco from Saturnia Travertini tells us It is possible to choose lighting that complements natural stone floors. For example, you can choose task lighting to direct light to certain spots on your floor. On the other hand, chandeliers can redirect attention from your countertops to the floor. It’s also not a bad idea to introduce smart lighting features such as LED and bright designs.

Accent lighting is another popular option for kitchens with natural stone floors. You can add it anywhere on the cabinets or even inside the glass cabinets. Its purpose is to induce a warm atmosphere when you turn off the other lights. If you can select it carefully, you can create more focus on your floors.

9.  New Kitchen Appliances

It is not just your walls and lighting that can complement your natural stone floors. Even the appliances that you buy have the capacity to highlight your floor. There are many high-end kitchen appliances with smart features. Things such as coffee machines, microwave drawers, and speed ovens appear wonderful when they are placed on a natural stone floor.


You are making a wise choice when you install a natural stone floor in your kitchen. However, if you don’t do other elegant finishes in your kitchen, that investment will be wasted. Consequently, it would be best if you did this exemplary finishes to complement your natural stone floor.